"This guy is a dirtbag!" Dustin Poirier on Conor McGregor UFC 264 injury

Dustin Poirier talks to Joe Rogan about Conor McGregor, the trash talk between the two and his win at UFC 264.

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Rob Schaeffer
Rob Schaeffer:
The fact that he mocked Connor with his walk is priceless.
Summer Runner
Summer Runner:
Gotta love how people are saying "Conor finally crossed the line for insulting a man's wife". As if disrespecting Khabib's religion, attacking a bus full of people, and assaulting an old man at a pub weren't enough. And that's just to name a few.
Random Ashe
Random Ashe:
Dustin is a real class act, and he utterly humiliated Conor by pointing out how immature and disrespectful he was being and then wishing him well anyway.
Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre:
"He thinks whiskey is gonna help him ?"
-Khabib Nurmagomedov
Jamie W
Jamie W:
What a beautiful thing to say about the guy in the audience whos battling cancer. A gentleman.
Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
Conor looked so bad here. I doubt he can come back from the lost the same.
Person Reanimation
Person Reanimation:
Dustin shouts out a cancer patient, Connor would have made it all about himself.

The better man won.
Dr Trilogy
Dr Trilogy:
Poirier: "I hope this guy gets back to his beautiful family."

McGregor: "YOUR WIFE IS IN MY DM'S!!!"
Sir Stan
Sir Stan:
finally everyones seeing him for what he is.
Merry Weather
Merry Weather:
I'm happy for this young man, he is an honest fighter. Plus he raises money for a good cause. His parents must be proud.
serdy ximi
serdy ximi:
Conor never had no honor. I'm glad folks starting to see him for who he is.
Red Siberian
Red Siberian:
If that had been a street fight Connor would have lost his life.
Dustin is a all round very good person. He deserves this victory.
Conor's lucky he broke his leg cause the fight was not going in his favor.. Easier for him to claim it on a "Freak accident" than to explain why he got beat legitimately!
Dustin is a role model, has Conor saying all what he has said and still states he wants him to go home to his beautiful family, adrenaline pumping and tries to help people in Uganda and gives a shout out to a lad with cancer.....this is who people should be aspiring to be, absolute gem.
Dawid van Straaten
Dawid van Straaten:
Respect to Dustin. 100 times the man Conor "Dirtbag" McGregor is.
I like how Conor sits there making sure everyone knows it was a "doctor stoppage" ...........as if Dustin wasn't easily handling him before the leg break lol
Conor has lost 3 of the last 4. He can't hang with the top 155ers. FACT!
Jonmars789 chicnstu
Jonmars789 chicnstu:
Too strong for Conor. He was pressuring him so bad that he broke his own leg. Happy for him.
Overhyped and disrespectful Conor was gonna lose anyways. Surprised Herb didn’t stop it on the ground, but he did the same thing when Khabib was mauling him. Anything to help the poster boy. Hopefully Conor recovers quick so Poirier can collect another bag and send him straight to the WWE
Brannan Burdette
Brannan Burdette:
Honestly I’ve never really cared for poirier as I thought he was a boring fighter but after this he HAS ALL MY RESPECT ✊! Dude can definitely fight and on top of that he’s got love and humbleness that I could only hope to have! Great guy and great fighter. Glad he won!
Mark Sealy
Mark Sealy:
This was just a way for the good lord to show a bitter little loud mouth who is really in control,and a way for the world to see how being humble and patient is the winning way. Congrats DP
Dustin is a Class Act
The Hairy Snot
The Hairy Snot:
Let's get one thing straight for people, Connor has his little fanboy club who follow him everywhere, but 90% of Ireland are ashamed of him
Fluffy Bunny
Fluffy Bunny:
Conor before the fight: “I can’t stand poirier”
Conor after the fight: “I can’t stand, poirier”
Respect for this man he could of took it to a different level but he didn’t, he was the bigger man and kept it civil, the best man won.
Asif Dutchmaster
Asif Dutchmaster:
Conor always fights dirty, he still loses
fenrisian wolf
fenrisian wolf:
What a man Dustin is. Now people like that deserve attention and prizes. :)
Philip Temidara
Philip Temidara:
Conor never had no honor. I'm glad folks starting to see him for who he is.
Conor was done long time ago... This was the last nail to his coffin ⚰️
Shaolin Zen Dragon
Shaolin Zen Dragon:
Dustin... Mad Respect.

That's a good dude right there. 💯
Axmed Bahjad
Axmed Bahjad:
Congratulations to Dustin for being a gentleman throughout the entire fight while the BT was immoral.
Derek Henderson
Derek Henderson:
Dustin is a real gent, good guy who loves his family and cares about others. McGregor is done ! Karma has caught up to him.
Conor said more than 5 times that Dustin was going out on a “Stretcher” after the fight 🤭
mike yates
mike yates:
A gentleman and great personality 🙏🏻
Jason Eyermann
Jason Eyermann:
After that interview I’m so happy Dustin won. Now my feeling is Conor is a dirtbag. He should be showing respect after losing. That’s the unwritten rule
Joe Argueta
Joe Argueta:
Much respect to Dustin✊
Respect for Dustin. I love how he is toying with him during the fight :)
Sajjad Anwari
Sajjad Anwari:
Poirier’s best line and also a true statement “This guy is a dirtbag”.
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson:
That last bit was really wholesome ❤️
C7 PO:
1:39 Dustin's response is awesome here.
Rob Langada
Rob Langada:
"I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family". Keeping it classy while also saying something he knows Conor will absolutely hate.
Dustin is a gentlemen, a real man, allways humble and kind, even as he was fighting with Khabib, i was for Khabib but i loved this guy, hes so humble and full of respect💪
Conor was lowkey getting tossed around 😂
Hemant Sarkar
Hemant Sarkar:
Conor got humbled 3 times in a row... He does not deserve one more fight against poirier
socialpirate keyboard warrior
socialpirate keyboard warrior:
Love this guy proper manners and respect ✊
Nandeesh V
Nandeesh V:
Dustin looked very much confident on the third fight 👌
Mason Hardy
Mason Hardy:
At one time I loved Conor McGregor. But, the way he handled himself with Khabib and Poirier is very distasteful.
Ar Ze
Ar Ze:
Conor is sitting there totally destroyed and he is still talking about Dustin's wife from the corner. Disgusting.
Unread_ Virus
Unread_ Virus:
He a Real Professional sportsmanship
Lee Weston
Lee Weston:
The billy strut had me dead 💀
The Walking Dad
The Walking Dad:
Imagine how embarrassing and humbling this must be for Connor,sat there on the floor incapacitated, listening to every word.
Mike Wright
Mike Wright:
Class act from Dustin , didn't forget the little guy fighting cancer ❤️
katung hill
katung hill:
Dustin is a great ambassador for MMA sports for that matter he's a great great champion and deserve all the success that he has achieved he's a wonderful human being and I hope he continue to have success in every and anything that he does. It's not often that the good guys win but it sure is refreshing to see that the good guy won this time
Francisco Lima
Francisco Lima:
Conor broke his leg because he was low kicking Dustin hard and his legs were not conditioned to do that, watch the fight and see how many low kicks Conor threw with his left leg
Always good to see Connor get what he deserves 😂
u m
u m:
Conor sitting on the floor gritting his teeth. Hilarious.
A ton of y'all hating on Dustin here for having no class when the man just literally wished for Connor's safety back to his family. Granted, he still called him a dirtbag, because that's what he is.
Glenn Gamboa
Glenn Gamboa:
Respect to Dustin Stay Humble 👌
Bruce File
Bruce File:
Wow! What a classy dude....all the respect to him!
How was Connor still talking with a broken leg? Boy these guys are tough!
Adam Ashmori
Adam Ashmori:
when conor lost and mentioned dustins wife dming him was the moment his career was over
Adam Macias
Adam Macias:
Dying laughing at Dustin mocking Conor's walk 😂 give him a bonus for that.
Jae KiDd N His 508Cents
Jae KiDd N His 508Cents:
This guy is the definition of sportsmanship
M G:
Dustin: "I hope this guy gets home safe to his beautiful family."
Also Dustin: Jumps on a man laying on the ground with a broken leg and proceeds to land punches on him with 5 seconds left in the round.
0:07 Epic Mcgregor walk.
April Kraft
April Kraft:
The fact that Dustin Poirier thought he won from knocking Connor that was mest up.
The irony of McGregor leaving on a stretcher....
Ragner Louthbrok
Ragner Louthbrok:
3 months already!! I remember this like yesterday lol, how time flies...
John Smith
John Smith:
Dustin I’m now officially a fan
H Garza
H Garza:
A true fighter. The people's champ!
magic man
magic man:
My respect to Dustin !
My god DP imitating Conor’s walk with his shoulders shrugged up like a leprechaun is the funniest thing I’ve seen all year
That walk though😂🤣😂🤣
Ben Crabtree
Ben Crabtree:
What a true gentleman Dustin is.
Erin Biggers
Erin Biggers:
Now he CAN do the wheelchair fight for charity 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Team Banchamek
Team Banchamek:
Conor is so emotional engaged at this point he can never beat Dustin now
M H94
M H94:
Conor being humbled infront of the world yet again. A great sight to see.
What an incredibly decent interview
Wow they cut out so much of what he said, what great journalism
cool kid kyle
cool kid kyle:
I like how Dustin kept punching him after snapping Conors leg in half
Oyin Tasing
Oyin Tasing:
I love Conor he is definitely a fighter beast but for sure an incomplete fighter. That left hand power and accuracy is to gg but his leg contribute less.
A B:
Whilst Mcgregor abandoned the sport that made him, Poirier was training and fighting and surpassed McGregor. He's the better fighter these days, simple as that.
Calla CTM
Calla CTM:
Connor before the fight: " i cant stand poirier "
Connor after the fight : " i cant stand "
Skello Bero
Skello Bero:
dustin is a man with class 💪
cas786 a
cas786 a:
Well done dustin well deserved 💯💯🔥🔥
England getting beat and mcgregor breaking his ankle, perfect weekend and im irish. The man is an embarrassment to ireland
Dustin looking straight at Connor and copying his walk was hilarious 😂
Claudio Viana
Claudio Viana:
Que imagem linda ver a cara do derrotado
AnaMarie Moore
AnaMarie Moore:
Everybody booing 😂😂. Good response!! Keep up with helping others. That’s real talk Dustin 🤩
Joey Vargas
Joey Vargas:
I lost so much respect for Conor and my views towards him are totally different he showed his true colors he is a selfish bitter man who lets his ego destroy him
I haven’t really been following this fight but that interview was pretty classy.
Conor: I predict a masterpiece
Conor: *pulls guard* *eats elbows for 4 minutes* *breaks ankle*
Le Mat
Le Mat:
Poirier seems like a nice guy. Keep fighting!
Gareth Ferguson
Gareth Ferguson:
funny how they had so much respect for eachother in the last fight and it somehow turned into this
Joe Lirag
Joe Lirag:
My favorite MMA fighter. May his reign be long and successful.
John Snow
John Snow:
0:07 funniest thing ever 😂
J K:
My respect for Dustin just keeps increasing. Loved his comeback before #2, really loved the KO in #2 and #3 was epic. The man has taken his losses and used them to become a true champion
Misbah Uddin
Misbah Uddin:
Why people still follow Connor I’ll never understand. Mad respect to Pourier. Very class act!!
James Rosales
James Rosales:
Nail in the coffin. Thanks Dustin ! For not selling your soul to the devil. Good defeats Evil. Karma is a mirror.