This is America's M270 MLRS

Since the first M270s were delivered to the U.S. Army in 1983, the MLRS has been adopted by several NATO countries. Some 1,300 M270 systems have been manufactured in the United States and in Europe, along with more than 700,000 rockets.

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Actually, the UK and US both used multiple rocket launch systems during WWII. The UK had what they called the "Landmattress" which was similar to the Katyusha, but it was just set up on the ground. It was not attached to a truck. The US mounted them on large landing ships in the Pacific and used them to bombard Japanese defenses. The US also had some mounted on Jeeps and Sherman tanks (called Calliopes).
Allen .Berge
Allen .Berge:
I was in an 8 inch Howitzer Battalion back in the 80's and we had a single MLRS battery. By the end of my tour, they deactivated the other batteries and the rest were to become MLRS.
David Wolf
David Wolf:
This has always been such an impressive weapons system.
Hilton Turner
Hilton Turner:
There's no adrenaline rush like the one's I experienced as a gunner in a US Army M-270. Flipping those two toggle switches. "Arm", and "Fire". Hearing that muffled shotgun blast. WOW!!! I'll never forget that feeling.
The British army has a two regiments of these bad boys, at least one is in the territorial army (now called army reserve), the reason so is that these are such awesomely powerful their deployment requires a significant war hence they don't really need to be all in the regular army - its hard to do peacekeeping with a MLRS :)
Tom Lastname
Tom Lastname:
I was the Driver and Gunner for this for 3.5 years and did 15 months in Iraq with over 2 dozen fire missions and I can tell you, its more awesome than it looks!
I’m from Ukraine , and I’m thankful USA for this weapon
Mister Dee Jay
Mister Dee Jay:
I was a 88M in a FSB in 41st Fires Brigade and I loved watch the MLRS fire. Awesome sight to see in person.
Mohono Batbuyan
Mohono Batbuyan:
imagine using that in medieval times. You could conqure entire world with 100 of these.
The Game Archiver
The Game Archiver:
Primarily used as an offensive tool but could also be utilized to temporary halt or stall an enemy advance (on land).
Monogamous Bonobo
Monogamous Bonobo:
I was a medic in the first gulf War & I had the honor of being assigned to one of these units. To witness in aw the power of each rocket leaving the tube then going down range and seeing the destruction. The Iraqi's have us the nick name steel rain.
Mr. douchebag
Mr. douchebag:
GOD bless America!! And are brave troops
See, this is how it's done. Rockets which are GPS guided along with a tremendous range, while carrying a ridiculously large number of cluster munitions as a general anti-personnel or soft target attack, along with multiple other variants of missile if the intended target needs something larger on a single point. Also, take note that they aren't 1940's era trucks which fire their rockets as if they're trying to create a "spray and pray" rocket-based machine gun; putting the same platform on both 6x6 trucks and tracked vehicles expands the capabilities too. Accurate and slower firing of about one every four seconds will combine with the other aspects mentioned, and result in a larger area of effect landing precisely within the grid square covered as intended. Not just a bunch of rockets which land several hundred meters apart in regards to both distance fired and left-to-right spread.
Black Cadillac
Black Cadillac:
Rocket arty is and always will be the coolest weapon system with one of the most devastating psychological and physical effects.
Joe Kurtz
Joe Kurtz:
Worked for a Plant that made the MLRS Rocket motor case & aluminum warhead skins. When used in first Gulf war , it was worth the effort of many to deliver devastating gifts for our enemies.
The Canadian (NI Ind.)factory made the cluster submunition. Honeycomb stamped inner surface for shrapnel effect × 144 per warhead,= bad day for recipient. The rocket has been upgraded since my short early production run employment , and very effective. Enjoying end user comments.
Ralph Johnson
Ralph Johnson:
This is what I did, this was my MOS. I had the opportunity to see live fire exercises in person from both the launch and impact sites. It was possible to watch the cluster deploy as the rocket came in. It was fascinating. Just dummy clusters but the splash they made on the ground was scary without the high ex. Devastating weapon.
patrick kelly
patrick kelly:
a unit is capable of saturation bombing of 27 square kilometers! Thats insane.
Danny Nyman
Danny Nyman:
I spent some time at ft sill and this was one of the coolest things to see firing, especially at night.
This is probably the coolest
And deadly weapon in war

Lucky to those countries who had this kind of weapon
Can be used in long range battles
Danger close are words you never want to utter when calling fire for these things. I was a cav scout during storm/shield and saw first hand the business end of these things.
I am so happy these are being sent to Ukraine at last.
I served 4 years during peacetime. Only got to participate in one live fire and my chief launched the rockets. However, I did get to help scrub the rocket exhaust off all three launchers in our platoon.
Just Some Cool Praying Mantis Drinking A Brewski
Just Some Cool Praying Mantis Drinking A Brewski:
The sounds of those Russian rockets were haunting, considering which war they was used in
Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb:
I saw a unit of these deploy in Iraq in 03 and I was scared shitless seeing the amount of rockets launched.
i was a 13M for 5 years, 2007-2012 loved every moment of it
Sachmo 01
Sachmo 01:
For those that don't know: Rockets are dumb (fire in general location). Missles are smart (do what you want them to do...and think by themselves). If the munition has a device that individually can "distinguish/change course"'s a missle, i.e, Heat, radar etc... Newer gen's have both and are refered to as "MARK's" (semi-missle and rocket). Almost an "oop's" weap. Not exactly dumb, but knows basically what to do.
Thank you 🇺🇸 USA & UK 🇬🇧 Government and People of US and UK (I assume M270 to Ukraine came from UK) for helping 🇺🇦 with M270. Together with Himars - great combo . 🕊️ 🇺🇦 .
I'm curious to know what this one can do with Russian front linea
Fishing Barracudas
Fishing Barracudas:
Watching those rockets ignite, blasting out of those tubes, and flying through the sky at incredible speed is such an awesome sight to see! M270 MLRS is fucking badass!!
Imagine the cluster one, but instead it releases 400 switchblade-like seekers that communicate with each other to maximize target coverage. I bet they are working on that right now.
Gumboot Zone
Gumboot Zone:
Watching the Soviet launches, I'm sure if I was in the German army and saw these launching in my direction, my bowels would instantly activate.
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton:
Had some set up a mile or two in front of us near the Wadi al Batin in '91, got to see some fire missions. Awesome!
Could you imagine being on the other end of any of these barrages
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues:
The sound is awesome, the little (big) click it makes, just like a gun firing when the rocket goes off, very satisfying
Something Something Something
Something Something Something:
What's most impressive is that they somehow only fit 12 launchers on there 🤔
Santy Clause
Santy Clause:
They could be just as accurate as a rifle with vernier sights tryna shoot really far down range. Kind of like a cannon or artillery piece. A rocket is just a self-propelled projectile, after all, until it is not. Thats a long way from a scatter-shot classical chinese black powder rocket in ancient times.
Marcial C
Marcial C:
I proudly served as a 13P Fire Direction Specialist for this Beast of a system for 6 years. The best time of my life. Then we completely switched to a HIMARS BN, and I served with that system for 3 years.
Just the speed alone when the rockets leave the tube, Its terrifying... Could only imagine the damage it could cause. 🙈
Long Dragon
Long Dragon:
The Russians claim to have a better system but I believe that with software upgrades and improved missiles, the M270 will not only remain effective but continue to be the superior MLRS system for decades to come.
God Bless USA!
William Kolzen
William Kolzen:
I was gunner for 6 years, t.c. for 2. Did desert storm and I miss my spll. Damn it.
The problem with this weapon is that it is extremely expensive!
I'm from Ukraine
I'm from Ukraine:
Right now this is beautiful and strong machine in Ukraine destroy russian military objects, thank you bro🇺🇦🇺🇲
alex k
alex k:
Hearing and seeing these in person is mesmerizing
Duane Ronan
Duane Ronan:
The bombs can only damage armored vehicles upon direct contact, a rare happenstance. There must be "discerning" or "discriminating" bomblets by now. The ability to target & guide each bomblet to prioritized vehicles.
Wyatt Miller
Wyatt Miller:
I'm a driver for this track in korea currently, can say it's definitely one of the coolest vehicles
The British used rocket units in the Napoleonic wars in the early 1800s- the Congreve rocket. I think they were used in India by Tipu Sultan also just slightly before this is late 1700s as well
Red John
Red John:
Ukraine gonna love launching these to Moscow and St Petersburg
Trusty Stream
Trusty Stream:
I was going into do this but they wouldn't let me in because I was allergic to codeine this was 2008 scored a 78 on test go figure and it looks awesome
Ozzy 7 7
Ozzy 7 7:
I miss that boom with each launch. Video and microphone does not do it justice. You can feel it deep in your chest.
David Partridge
David Partridge:
Ukraine need 100 MLRS rocket 🚀 artillery ➕ 50,000 rounds...and spare parts...
Vital Kost
Vital Kost:
Thank you for your video. Ukraine needs heavy weapons ! 💛💙
Ultra Man
Ultra Man:
Steel Rain! A138, Camp Stanley, Korea, 1998. Some of the hardest working Soldiers I have came to know and respect.
that looks awesome bet its better in person
but one question, are there anti air vehicles like mobile SAM (surface to air missiles) vehicles nearby just in case a enemy attack jet equipped with ATGMS (air to ground missiles) is nearby?
4:12 Not US MLRS.
This is explosions of Russian shells MLRS "Solntsepёk"
Emi WSS:
RESPECT pt armata SUA 🇧🇪👍
question here, how can they hit a designated area/ by changing the angle of launch?, can wind deviate the rockets from their targets?
Manny Bruce
Manny Bruce:
Yep...these rockets are to be launched far from enemy lines because of the amount of smoke it creates the enemy will instantly know its location .
Just another Artillery Guy
Just another Artillery Guy:
Love my MLRS. But I’ll be an ammo dog forever. The second part of being a 13M is actually moving the pods
Bad Wolf Media
Bad Wolf Media:
The addition of computers to coordinate TOT (time on target) attacks should be one of the most terrifying concepts to anyone on the receiving end of a barrage.
gary pease
gary pease:
An idea for attacking ships with phalanx defensive systems would be to use large rockets with sensors that detect multiple barreled gun usage, and split into 10-20 smaller shape charge rockets to guarantee at least 1 hit per rocket fired.
YurY Korol
YurY Korol:
4:11 - Russian ТОС1 "Солнцепек" in action, but not M270.
We really really missed out naming them LRMS.
the first stationary MRL Was invented in Korea along side a pre-industrial armored warship called a turtle boat.
both were used to defend against an invading japan and 40 of the hwacha, MRL, were used to repel around 30,000 japanese troops.
the Turtle Boat tho, is more well known, as a Badass named Yi-sunshin used the boats to absolutely destroy japanese boats. in one battle he had 13 ships to go against 120 to 330 ships. He won without losing a single ship. a total of 30 ships were sunk by him in that battle
kobe mop
kobe mop:
honestly i was expecting it to fire a barrage of rockets like russia's version, but I guess not
Taiwan is buying a significant number of HIMARS and land based Harpoon missile systems.
Unfortunately, the ink is barely dry on the deal, and they need them essentially "right now".
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia:
This is Heavy duty and bad ass 💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👊
Looks cool but when you look at the version version they look small
I got to see a platoon of mlrs fire at ntc it was epic!!!
Denu 187
Denu 187:
Visually the Russians mass rocket volley looks leathal and cool to watch! However the US MRLS, is by far more capable weapon. Once you realise the rockets it fires are much bigger and capable of dessimating an entire area with cluster bombs. The MLRS is capable or reloading faster and able to relocate, aim and fire effectively in combat.
Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance
Hugo Desrosiers-Plaisance:
Can those have any sort of nuclear capability? Say for smaller yield tactical weapons, maybe?
Brony Guy
Brony Guy:
Thank you for your service
i’d bet a single batch costs more than my house
Eru Shi
Eru Shi:
Imagine a CIWS defense struggling shooting down hundreds of rockets
Best weapon in ArmA2 🥰
Alex Taylor
Alex Taylor:
Ive been driving this MRLs. In Command & Conquer.
Brad Rio
Brad Rio:
Rockets have not been a staple in land warfare "for centuries." Only since WWII
I got the lucky experience to watch the truck based one fire of its 6 as a demonstration at ANG Alpena in Michigan at their range. Even let me sit inside it before they sent it out to prep. Awesome system
Garon Elliott
Garon Elliott:
It's just so beautiful...
Andy Guss
Andy Guss:
God bless America 🙏
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow:
Thats uh... some serious firepower.
Shah Sojib
Shah Sojib:
I want to watch much more missile system of the USA.
Viggen Gaming
Viggen Gaming:
You know...I love rocket artillery
retired, updated, or held in storage, and kept clean just in-case.
Two Seven Left
Two Seven Left:
I've seen Danish M270's and Polish BM-21's firing. 💪🏻🇩🇰🇵🇱
That was freaking awesome! 💥💥💥💥
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker:
Got just one word for this system......AWESOME.....Thanks
Jayson Black
Jayson Black:
A Staple for Centuries? Rockets have been used for Centuries, but I would hardly call them a staple :/
Thomas Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson:
I was close to finishing School in Germany in the late 90s and would have been mustered for a compulsory service time if it weren't for my scoliosis. But I at least got the opportunity to make a weekend visit to a rocket artillery battalion as a preliminary for people that wanted to enlist after their "Wehrdienst" for a certain time. They were equipped with the same machines designated MARS.
D G:
The Soviet killer
Edward Schmitt
Edward Schmitt:
must be nice sitting in that cloud of smoke after firing!
Haha! "Soviet BM13 lacked accuracy" - boy.... with that stuff you don't need accuracy!I don't understand why American M270 has such a fat box around the charge.
So much waste of space, where you could place like dozen more charges. Check out Russian TOS-M1. What's unusual about them is their ammunition is not High Exposive, but hyperbaric.
Michael Wittmann
Michael Wittmann:
the Congreve rocket system was being used in Napoleonic wars and even Zulu wars, well before the Russians in WW2
Karlheinz vonKroemann
Karlheinz vonKroemann:
Whether a German Nebelwerfer, our M270's or the Soviet Katyusha. The same old problem is the smoke. There's way too much of it.
John Walsh
John Walsh:
Yep more effective than the Russian equivalents due to the dual purpose munitions
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen:
do these rockets have guidance? how accurate are these?
Fourt got me
Fourt got me:
Can MLRS be used in urban warfare?
K Harmanen
K Harmanen:
Basically if and when you make a rocket smart it becomes a missile, so its then a "MLMS"
Ari Lehtiniemi
Ari Lehtiniemi:
I'm glad Finland has these.
So good I watched it twice without realizing it.
Lance Schaerer
Lance Schaerer:
Damn fine piece of machinery. But the US is lacking in quantity of launch systems as compared to the Russians.