This is Barcelona's biggest test by FAR - Craig Burley previews Barca vs. Bayern Munich | ESPN FC

ESPN FC previews Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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Basanta Pant
Basanta Pant:
I was not a big fan of Robert Lewandowski. I mean I knew he was amazing striker but was not following his game in Germany. After he moved to Barcelona I might be the biggest fan of RL. Not because he scored goals. We had legends like Suarez who were goal monsters. RL plays like he has been with Barca for years. He suggests every single players and gives them advice. He is literally a leader. And it's not even mid of the league. What a player. I am so happy and proud that Barca got player like him. Man with a talent as well as class. Just Mind Blowing!!
I have a feeling that if barca wins some ppl/media will say bayerns been in a rut, drew 3 games in a row. But if Bayern wins then barca sucks 🙄
Juan Olmos
Juan Olmos:
Fanboys of Barca never learn. They were so humble last season because of their state, they went right back to talking smack early this season cause Barca started strong. Now look, another loss to Bayern and they’ll go back to hiding. Smh.
Kabale Ndaye
Kabale Ndaye:
I am a bit confused to understand when can we say the team is in form, Barcelona when beating teams people would say those teams are just not good enough when they beat Barcelona the same people would rubbish Barcelona. Bayern played draw in their three previous bundesliga games but still people praise them. This current Barcelona team is completely different from the one Bayern humiliated lastly, this Barcelona have Dembele, Lewandowski, and Raphinha in attack, plenty of very exciting Midfielders such as Kessie, De Jong, Pedri, Gavi, Pablo torre for Xavi to choose from, defense: Araujo, Kounde, Christensen, and Balde. Barcelona have what it takes to kill bayern. The speed of Dembele and Raphinha will give davies and pavard hard time, Araujo and Kounde and Christensen have a work to do in keeping le Roy sane, and mane quiet. Gavi or kessie to fight kemmich since he is their play maker. No busquet in this game he can't deal with intensity. Ter stergen in between the stick. If Bayern win I expect them to leave their skin on the pitch. Barcelona will fight to get a positive result in this game they are here to send a clear message to the world about their presence at the summit. Viva Laporta, viva Alemany, viva Xaviball, and Viva Barcelona.
Animesh Pati
Animesh Pati:
While it's true we haven't beaten Bayern in like forever, Xavi was the starter in that 3-0 and 4-1 both in our treble winning season so he knows what he's doing, I as a culer and a Mia San Mia supporter am conflicted which team to support as i love both
Jack S
Jack S:
I have been Lewandowskis fan since the days in Lech Poznan !!! He’s amazing 🤩. I want him to be first with barca to beat them at home !!!!!
Acts 2 Pentecostal
Acts 2 Pentecostal:
"I wouldn't say its' a house of horror, Its Bayern Munich" loool you gotta love Xavi for that, the boldness and his fearless spirit is what will take us far. He knows that we're Barca and can take on anyone and should be able to take on anyone. Bring on Bayern, we're ready for you and we're gonna end your unbeaten run at your own ground.
Hander Alex Jules
Hander Alex Jules:
As a Barcelona fan, the real test is for the defense, I know the others will perform, the defense gotta stay strong and keep a clean sheet against Bayern, only here I will be proud. I want us to concede less, so even if we don’t score we don’t lose. That’s how you win trophies.
Nyaake Webo
Nyaake Webo:
I will give Barca an edge because of what they have in attacking talent, and depth.
Stoneyboy Lero
Stoneyboy Lero:
I like both teams but Barcelona is in good form lately I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow
sugar green
sugar green:
This Barca is n the best version since 2018 in terms of depth, intensity, energy, spirit. Bayern remains one of the top dogs in Europe. expect a balanced match. Good luck to Barca
My Mind's Eye
My Mind's Eye:
Barca have nothing to worry about in terms of their record against Bayern. Barca have a completely revamped team with a world class player and coach now. Plus, Barca are in form at the moment.
Suprakash Roy
Suprakash Roy:
As a Bayern fan, I shall congratulate Lewy for coming home.
Dr.Swapnil Bhoyar
Dr.Swapnil Bhoyar:
Just to make sure even if we lose today you should not lose faith in our team, it's a building process, players are not jelled together well but still they show outstanding workrate whenever they play together so frankly am not worried about the result am just here to support my beloved team ❤️ Visca Barca forever 🔵🔴
Concerned Citizens
Concerned Citizens:
Bayern and Barcelona are both teams in massive transition and they are literally undergo a massive changes in their squad. Both coaches would need the win on this match to cement their position and prove and eradicate doubts on the supporters regarding their ability.
It’s not going to be a draw . They both will fight for a win .
Mueller and Lewandowski. I love them both. I expect a good game and that's all. Good Luck for Bayern and Barcelona <3
*I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*
Dj Bhenlino
Dj Bhenlino:
That’s what Barcelona needs right now big test
millicent ongoma
millicent ongoma:
Craig is right a big test for barca, counter attacking press vs possession but I don't think they will draw .midfield and defence will tell good luck to both
As a long time follower of ESPN I know, if all four of the panel predict a draw, they all have Bayern as their clear favorite.
Reabetswe MOLEELE
Reabetswe MOLEELE:
What i know espn fc is waiting for barca to loose just so they can say they're still the same team that's weak

It's their job to bash these non English teams especially Barcelona
Marchel Sugi
Marchel Sugi:
As a Cule before they even won their first UCL, I kind of worry about the OVERCONFIDENCE showed by some younger fans. We are not back yet. The great end result we had so far does not fully reflect what is on the pitch. Just look at the last game against Cadiz, we don't have any dangerous attack up until De Jong scored in 55th. Busquet is prone to lose the ball and slower to react nowadays. Gavi have tendency to get baited to commit a foul since he is a hot headed player. Balde have to coop with Kimmich-Sane. Only Ter Stegen and Dembele were above expectations in term of performance so far this season, the others were at their expected level or even below. In short, judging the team based on results alone can be deceiving.
R K:
I think this was a fair analysis. We’ll see tomorrow if Barca has what it takes to be up there. This will be their first real test.
Barça did what was expected against small teams. We will come back to this tomorrow.
Edwin Salgado
Edwin Salgado:
Let's go Barcelona ❤️💙
eve roarke
eve roarke:
My fav team is Bayern, but my fav player is Lewandoski, so I i would be happy with draw. And then, Bayern wins the group and Lewy is top scorer, with Barca 2nd. They meet again in final. What a beautiful dream
I hope JAMAL plays !!
people need to see what a magnificent talent he is ~
If Xavi fields Pique or Garcia in the starting defence lines, well, I'm afraid he's going to have to bear certain consequences.
When push comes to shove, the former doesn't have the legs anymore and the latter never really had legs ever.
Kumar Chandresh
Kumar Chandresh:
An an arsenal fan im actually excited to see the match with barcas rejuvenation I can see this match being 50-50
4ugust SoL
4ugust SoL:
It's a test, (that'll more or less giv us an idea how far we've come) but it's not a make or break situation even though it's Bayern
Jo Nightwing
Jo Nightwing:
Look at how they all underestimated Bayern Munich 🤣🤣🤣
*I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*
Howayne Pryce
Howayne Pryce:
Craig you haven’t heard about Araujo?
You’ll see him tomorrow
Garcia Pedro
Garcia Pedro:
As a Madrid fan I think this is the worst time for Barca to face bayern, it will give them the confidence they needed as I feel like they will outplay Bayern
ahmed mugala
ahmed mugala:
I just want Barcelona to give in 200 percent.. whatever the outcome we know Bayern is home..let's bring much desire n don't bow to them..lets push... forc'a Barca❤💙
Suhan Sharma
Suhan Sharma:
I don't know and I'm not a Barca fan but my gut feeling saying from Cadiz game that this time barcelona will break the taboo and beat Bayern atleast with 2 goals lead but let's see what will happen.
John Lukonde
John Lukonde:
You did well to correct him about his mistake I noticed it first time I heard it. Your show is so neutral been watching y'all for years.
Did i miss anything, Didn't Real Sociedad beat MAN U on their home ground and Barca beat team (RS) 4 to 1
So are these wannabes pundits saying that MAN U cant even be considered a big team
DHOOM- z7:
Well to be fair to xavi they have won against us few times in history, and the most recent was in 2015.
Florian Rubsamen
Florian Rubsamen:
as a Bayern fan for me is very important how starts at the back, if Nagelsmann starts upamecano is done for Bayern. the lack of defensive skills,balance and his postion game is so bad. de ligt is a much better Defender and him and herandez as a duo is so good. De ligt tas unlucky last time and gave away only one pentaly but upamenco cost us the game against Gladbach and nearly against union.
Tough game tomorrow that’s for sure. Bayern doesn’t lose many games at home in CL. It’s. Great test tomorrow. Even a loss for Barca can be a foundation for future for the team. Winners are as motivated by loses as they are by winning.
obvious troll
obvious troll:
they wont beat bayern at home, but they wont also be battered as bad as their last games against bayern , it will be a close game
key buckley
key buckley:
Dembele's the man at the moment
Ivan Yao
Ivan Yao:
You all be talking about a big test for Barca, it’s a bigger test for Bayern if you ask me 😂😂
Funny how craig talk about us not having played against any good teams this season. Real madrid havent either, but thats not something you mention for them when they scrape wins against teams
Seb Chi
Seb Chi:
He said we're playing Barca 😂😂
kartik kantheti
kartik kantheti:
I have a long meeting on EST and will miss most of this match. Thank you champions league for playing on a weekday 😔
Mad Lyrics Music
Mad Lyrics Music:
I swear, Craig just have something Personal against Barca 💀 he’s never impressed by Barca no matter who they sign and how they play 😂😭😂
Thabang Mashiloane
Thabang Mashiloane:
Are we overlooking how good Lewondolski understands Bayern
I love how much delusional people are regarding Barca.. would love to see results.
Diadié Cissé
Diadié Cissé:
Why are people saying we haven’t played any big team this season yet? We almost won against Man City couple weeks ago. Yes it was a friendly. Yes both teams were probably taking it easy. But it’s still freaking Manchester City. All their big players played. And we were still the better side in my opinion. Bayern’s game will be a much more direct one though in my opinion. They will try to kill the game very early. Hopefully they do just that and leave tons of space. If Dembele could be known for losing his cool and messing up things he normally does for fun, I am confident Raphinah and Lewy won’t. This is anyone’s game to be honest. I feel Bayern is better at pressing and staying compact. And Barça is better in small spaces. Whichever team is hungrier will win tomorrow’s match.
It'll be so disappointing if it ends up 0-0
Shantam Pandey
Shantam Pandey:
And they lost 😹😹😹
ujjwal chauhan
ujjwal chauhan:
Why are you not confident Craig that Bayern will win? Back your words with your prediction.. Going for both sides 🤣🤣🤣
Barcelona fanatic
Barcelona fanatic:
Graig -barca haven't really got their matche despite wins
But still graig isn't explaining Bayern drawing against small teams
Edwin S
Edwin S:
Based on recent performance on paper barca should be able to beat munchen.
But this is soccer, so shall see...hope to see a great match above all tho
Toothless anaconda
Toothless anaconda:
I read somewhere every team wants to avoid Bayern Munich in UCL. 2-0 😃
Gab, can never say anything good about Barca. Even if heaven comes down!
Let the better team win!
encik Pul
encik Pul:
I expect a draw perhaps since bayern beat inter in previous match
Josh Chudeba
Josh Chudeba:
This game is the final before the “final” 😝
What a great predictions once again.
mess meg
mess meg:
3-2 for Barca (2 by Lewy)
Bayern is know for though pressing and Barca defence is weak.
But Barca attack is top level, they will take what they will lose.
Go LewanGoalski!
It's true, this match would be Barca's test.
Daniel Aguilar
Daniel Aguilar:
This game is not a game, it's a real FINAL
Sean Barnes
Sean Barnes:
So how come when Barca wins they win against not good opponents but when arsenal do the same they get so many praises anyone seeing double standards here
Ismail Islam
Ismail Islam:
For Craig, It's never Barca played well but the other teams were bad. Just hope Barca somehow manages a win or even a well played draw. I am curious to see his take on it.
Gab on Bayern Form: "Bayern didn't start their strongest eleven so their draws don't count."
Yes it does and it adds up to 3 points 😅😅😅
tokollo seleka
tokollo seleka:
We all heard Craig right?Even with his prediction, I thinks he thinks Bayern are going to crash us
*I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!*
unknown unknown_person
unknown unknown_person:
In my hometown,the match kick off at 3 am😅🥲 and have to go to work at 7 am...never mind,still waiting for this
I still think maximum we can get is a draw man.Idk Bayern is just our bogey team
Emil Cioran
Emil Cioran:
Aaaaaand they failed :)

Why o why would a star like Lewandowski leave a better club like Bayern to join a mediocre Barcelona?

And this comes from a Barca fan.
Neo Monenyane
Neo Monenyane:
Lol 😁, visca el Barca 💙♥️. Every voodoo gets broken.
Biggest test for Barca - not for Bayern.
It's unbelievable how poorly barcelona is performing, all the foreign money wasn't enough.
From big club to joke figure. Too bad they didn't go into their super league. Barca has nothing to do with football anymore.
Gary Williams
Gary Williams:
Craig 0h Craig not giving Barca any credit. Imagine Barca lost any game .
Have Trust Issue
Have Trust Issue:
For me Bayern win by 2 - 1. Because I think Barca will not be able to cope with Bayern speed and intensity. In few occasion against Victor plazen Barca defence wide open and Bayern will utilize those chances and they will surely create more chances.
And early stage of the season a test like this will push Barca squad to improve further hopefully.
Barca are getting way to much praise for beating teams like Cadiz and Plzen, they are yet to face a team like Bayern who are unbeaten in 5 years in the group stages
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez:
This game gets me excited!!
kamran khan
kamran khan:
For Barcelona it would have been better to keep aubamayang and sell depay
Delyan Panteleev
Delyan Panteleev:
What a ridiculous XI Bayern has...and now imagine having lewandowski in it as well. .... this is Barca's game to take though, since this will be the game to show the others... they are back.
Phera Makhele
Phera Makhele:
It's a test for both Clubs
Jay just
Jay just:
A win or drAw for them dont see them loosing
Garry Galloway
Garry Galloway:
It's Bayern vs Barcelona not what is shown on the title. Home advantage will make a difference.
Gazi Haziraj
Gazi Haziraj:
2-1 for Bayern,my prediction!
Samin Singh
Samin Singh:
"Barcelona have a horrible record against Barcelona of late."??? That confused the heck out of me.
Daniel Moyo
Daniel Moyo:
Barca haven’t been tested???? We beat Real Sociedad 4-1 a couple of weeks ago, Real Sociedad just recently beat ManU at home, ManU just recently beat Arsenal and Liverpool.
Brayen need a proper number 9
Filip Kogut
Filip Kogut:
Lol, Bayern "was dominating" the matches they've drawn and Barcelona "wasn't tested yet" winning 3:0, 4:0 in La Liga. ESPN in its essence.
it's Jim
it's Jim:
"IS THERE A PARROT IN HERE?!" speaks volumes. Pun intended.
Curtis Charles
Curtis Charles:
I will show you all how BIAS these guys are . They say " barcelona haven't got a test like bayern" ..ok yes true.. have bayern got a test like barcelona ? How come it only works one way? Are they ready for an assault on real madrid ? Well you should have watched the last el classico when we strengthen the team after the winter transfer window . And now this team is miles ahead of that one.... And if some want to talk about Bayern beating us the last time, Then you should look at the 6 under 21 players we had on that team . I'm not saying bayern is a push over but for sure barca is not the barca they last met in NO WAY.
Re Mo
Re Mo:
Champs league today…Lewy is the other side…suerte Barca 🫡😎
fa elger
fa elger:
So little respect to bayern munich AS ALWAYS! -.-
Ishwar Roopnarine
Ishwar Roopnarine:
Wow Gab comparing Barca to Union Berlin and Stuttgart, okay 👍 🙂
Arun gupta
Arun gupta:
At least barca should give a good fight considering its an away game
I think we bayern would win this game, but we will lose because of nagelsmann, he will sure play upamecano,and leave musiala out, as soon as that happens this game is lost for us.
i FreezY
i FreezY:
2-1 for barca,mark my word😁
Christian WAG
Christian WAG:
LEWA; "Its time for my sweet revenge for this unappreciative deluded Bayern" 😆😆
Barca wont settle for a draw for sure
Gaming With Gilo
Gaming With Gilo:
VISCA BARCA!!!!! ❤️💙❤️💙❤️❤️
Angry Roy Keane part-2
Angry Roy Keane part-2:
Heyy ESPN !!
Great Video
But.... Your Opinion Doesnt matter🙂
Thank you and have a good day