"This Is Getting Dangerous, We're Not Ready For It" | Elon Musk (2021)

"This Is Getting Dangerous, We're Not Ready For It" | Elon Musk (2021)
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Elon Musk gives his final warning about many things that people are doing wrong. Elon Musk also talks about the spiral of AI and the direction it's heading. Elon Musk further explains that this is only the beginning, the intelligence explosion of AI is expanding widely, and can take any route it chooses. This is a Motivational and educational video which will give you different perspective about many things, You will listen to incredible advice that is very important. Check it out!

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Special thanks to speaker: Elon Musk

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Inner Vision
Inner Vision:
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The Algorithm
The Algorithm:
The way Elon talks is like he’s from the future and he’s trying not to say something that might disrupt the space and time continuum.
Anna R
Anna R:
If simulation is hard to distinguish from reality, then it is like schizophrenia - it's hell. I love my conscious mind. Thank you Elon. Make hell to your life, not mine.
B Good
B Good:
As if humans were not in enough danger! Damn it! Stop making things worse!
Christine Davis
Christine Davis:
This guy talks a lot but doesn't really say anything. No conclusions.
Eric Bolton
Eric Bolton:
Man! Simulation theory is so valid. Look at the state of gaming, as it stands, today. Many, modern games require updates because they are so complex, the developers couldn't put out a finished product at launch, so they have to submit patches to the base software to make it more stable and playable. These worlds they create feel so real, who's to say we aren't already in a simulation?
fred houpt
fred houpt:
So, let's make it simple. After watching movies like "I robot" and the "Matrix" trilogy, let's not go and build AI for robots. OK? Let's not do it.
Pieter-Jan Notebaart
Pieter-Jan Notebaart:
Too much in love with your own creation.
Daniel Miles
Daniel Miles:
With the new advanced technology of virtual reality it only took 200 years for the human race to evolve into batteries
onuoha richard
onuoha richard:
Loatedcyber made me the happiest person ever.
onuoha richard
onuoha richard:
Loatedcyber made me the happiest person ever.
onuoha richard
onuoha richard:
Loatedcyber made me the happiest person ever.
✨ Your Unknown Friend
✨ Your Unknown Friend:
Dear person that's reading this, we don't know each others but I wish you all the best in life ❤️ don't ever blame yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious and a key for happy life.

*I believe in you, Love from a small YouTuber!* 🖤....
Almas Kousar Bhatti
Almas Kousar Bhatti:
God Bless you Mr Elon Musk 🇵🇰👀🇵🇰
Taylor Shropshire
Taylor Shropshire:
He is such a visionary and we will look back on these videos some day with amazement at how he was able to think outside the confines of what most of us spend our day thinking about. Just 5O years ago people would have thought you were not in touch with reality if you told them of an idea to connect humans around he world instantly... the internet. I am a huge supporter of his goals for the future.
Almas Kousar Bhatti
Almas Kousar Bhatti:
Beautiful adventure 🇵🇰🚀🇵🇰
John Hopson
John Hopson:
You are a prime example of ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth. Case and point. If we go one hundred or 200 or a thousand years what will our video games be like. You cannot be intelligent as you are without understanding that God's timeline will complete long before that,and intelligent space traveling empires have turned back to sand many times on this island we call Earth... Why, the wages of sin is death...
"tunnel is a hole in the ground, how hard can it really be?" Well I think you should have an idea after wasting 50 million of tax payers money on the las vegas loop which was a complete flop.
Lil Suga
Lil Suga:
We can totaly fly right through the thermosphere, 🤣🤣🤣
Crypto Info
Crypto Info:
What is the actual native resolution of reality?
mart f
mart f:
What happend to the tesla car sent in space a couple years ago?!..
Is it still up there?
I hope not, we dont need more trash orbiting.
I hope he brought it back down, like he does with his rockets
Yeshuya -
Yeshuya -:
A trip to Mars is the most absolutely most depressing thing I can imagine. And to be on Mars is a pure nightmare.
nathon wade
nathon wade:
i Love this man
Times Face in Energy
Times Face in Energy:
Tic Tac TOE
Onelove lights 3690 the power of our mind vibration frequency in charge of light color and sound...
Creates all gravity creates all mass creates all Consciousness creates everything we see ...TIMES signature of ORDER through every wavelength in particle of matter is 3
Dalene Groenewald
Dalene Groenewald:
No idea what his talking about. Sounds like .... I would rather get on my little grass tractor and cut the lawn!!!! Let the geniuses play with their billions.
ROMANIAN Driver in UK:
I am from Romania! I am not that schooled. But I really understand what Elon Musk try to explain here. This warning what tried to explain to you!👍 It's about the Robots getting to much intelligence than humans,and if they will realise there is opportunity to build more robots. The entire world will be finished. Because this robots can make their own decisions. So I hope you enjoy my ROMANIAN OPINION.😁💪💪💪😎👍
David Wright
David Wright:
Main reson , choices should always be allowed good or bad , just remember every one is accountable with privacy of course if no major crimes.
Pamela white
Pamela white:
They can make these but not cure cancer... ??? Think all that money could be used for better things
Ilya Peteka
Ilya Peteka:
Of course China is very enthusiastic so soon they can clone his technology with cheaper clones and drive him Of the market not just in China but world wide👍🤣
Eliminate people except elites. Are you still an elite still?
Geno Canabicea
Geno Canabicea:
All it would take to wipe out AI is a major EM pluse. A solar flare.
Jordan Bell
Jordan Bell:
DATME: https://ok.me/ehOj

#1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)
#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾
Greg Ward
Greg Ward:
These dreamers are living in southern cali., Most pleasant weather on earth. If they don't like unpleasant weather here on earth they sure don't want to experience the hellish weather on Mars.
Richard Sargent Sr.
Richard Sargent Sr.:
Dammit man, people are starving, while you play with billio ns of dollars on space toys, open your eyes you spoiled child.
Julià Arcau
Julià Arcau:
04:48 - That's how we think of non-human animals: (re)usable resources, until no longer usable. But, are they? Doesn't a horse value his very own life, regardless of how much we value it for the utility it has for us? Are other animals mere things? Or are they individuals? Why do we hunt, trap, eat, wear and confine animals?

We tell ourselves and those who encourage us to question these assumptions: _We are superior, it's (or it was) survival, we like it, we benefit from it, we enjoy it, we are used to it, traditions, we are even more superior, that's how it has always been, and will be..._ Excuses? Myths? Distractions? ;)

Whites used to think this way about blacks, not that long ago. And believed in _"laws"_ that regulated how whites had to correctly buy, sell, own, use, exploit and even punish blacks. Not that long ago we believed blacks belonged to whites. The phrase "things are this way" was so convincing... Ah, and so profitable, and so convenient, and so enjoyable, and so unquestionable...What would a high developed neutral A.I. think about slavery, if that A.I. wasn't biased towards whites (racist), or a specific sex (sexist), or us, its creators, humans (speciesist)? Is considering _someone_ a _property_ wrong, regardless of how gentle or unkind is the usage? What constitutes a 'someone'? Who is _a who,_ and what is _a what_ ?

I think that a civilized civilization, a _"Light-of-the-Consciousness"_ civilization, worth of propagating itself to interact with (and _not_ use) more Universe, will dawn when we *_stop using conscious beings_* as commodities. Enslavement should not be exported to other planets. It should be ended here, now, on Earth. First individually, then collectively. Animals are some-body's, not some-things. Animals do not belong to humans. Please, go vegan 🍀
Gregory Head
Gregory Head:
A multidimensional wave space function exists in subatomic dimensions for the electron mass × quanta, c & c^2, for qubit.
Thurso Berwick
Thurso Berwick:
He's part of the problem.
I would terrifies if there were flying cars. Just look at how they drive on roads. If it were not controlled by a human then I'd feel better.
RobertoDano Donthaveone
RobertoDano Donthaveone:
Olan Douglas Webb
Olan Douglas Webb:
He might have some good ideas but he thinks he's smarter than he really is.
Gloccoin Crypto Series vs Safemoon
Project: W.A.A.P.F.T.A.D
Project: W.A.A.P.F.T.A.D:
I bet we're extremely close to super A.I. but it's not public, government always stays years ahead.
IT Tech Support (Don)
IT Tech Support (Don):
Elon needs to freeze all but ten grand of his money, go work on a farm for a year, and GET IN TOUCH WITH REAL REALITY.

We are NOT going to Mars!
I want to move to Mars too!
Not so pretty princess Maria
Not so pretty princess Maria:
Multiplanetary really means polygamy so ppl should should know
Stevie T
Stevie T:
Should be more concerned, where you will go when you die. It is appointed for man to die once and then the Judgement. Are you prepared to meet your maker?
These robots will build life for us on mars because the wealthy is bored of planet earth😝
Kernel Mars
Kernel Mars:
Kernel Mars 894 327 007 (Advanced Civilization 2&5)
Marec Huber
Marec Huber:
Spot on.
Improving Humanity's behavior overall towards Unity,not in disunity is of greatest need in our evolution now.
Fred Roger
Fred Roger:
Good then I won't need to even wipe my own butt in the future
Suzanne McDonald
Suzanne McDonald:
Then Don’t go Mr. Musk.
You’re too important.
Send me. 🇺🇸👍☠️👀
Jes gasper
Jes gasper:
The problem with AI is it states info as fact, learned info,sure, but sourced from who knows where,soul-less.. it shouldn't be given any control in any situation instead of any human
Stephanie Samra
Stephanie Samra:
Treat your first wife with respect and dignity and the world can respect you. - karma coming for you -nobody escapes it
I now know how the Neanderthals felt.😪
Joe Moore
Joe Moore:
As oddko says the digital gods are here and demand our sacrifice
Cynthia Srednicki
Cynthia Srednicki:
Tunnels are smart for so many reasons.
Bubba Fatas
Bubba Fatas:
Oh this scammer and thief is babbling again!
WehttaM RekaB
WehttaM RekaB:
Each one get one ready 💯🙇🏼‍♂️
Don’t get ready by watching these videos. Get ready by getting right with the Lord
7:16 6th Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska b-roll footage.
Luis Zambito
Luis Zambito:
Very interesting
Shiva Shankar
Shiva Shankar:
Still we have lot of work lot more development and investment required everyone now taking rest due to havey work already did
This is a warning to everyone, don’t listen to these types of videos. I hope you understand, you are endangering yourself by watching these videos.

I wholeheartedly hope that if you read this comment, stop watching this type of video.
poi qwerty
poi qwerty:
Are you going to have a technocracy on mars teraforming a planet is a monumental task we need nuclear desalination on earth
Chris Jansson
Chris Jansson:
Where are you in this world..incredible video, amazing
Visuals to think about. How are we going to survive..this is the thinkers for the future..the stuff I think about are analytic in nature because of human nature WHO goes forward?
In this world of diseases,collective
Consumerism complete.
Angela Angela
Angela Angela:
There's Miles Dyson in the background 😁
poi qwerty
poi qwerty:
Put some plastic explosive in it those who design can destroy LIKE GOD THE CREATOR the soul is not immortal the ONE who created it can consume it
Lew Speedwagon
Lew Speedwagon:
...Would colonization of Mars ultimately lead to inter global war...?
Our Fathers Child
Our Fathers Child:
why to snow from dm?...missing something?does this link to hpb paper in 1877?electromagnetism is key,stealing forces from nature 🤮?big quest 2 user,twd made me think i had to grip button to grab soda next morning in real world.im sure it does mess with internal programming.tech yes this is sim,but most advanced sim,once ppl realise the true eternal body is energy,it can manifest into matter and vice versa,energy can sustain itself,quantum lazers prove this and laws of thermodynamics helps.we were born of energy to matter,we are all unique data,truely.we eperience physical life so we can appreciate the next form eben more with no fear of degridation,but even with the right application of knowledge the physical body can reverse engineer the same process and use energy to manefest more physical matter,how our cells refurbrish through turning matter into energy through consuming. arcane arts of repitition of a dance on silicon chips through electricity manefest pitures and words on digital screens,all of this is poison to the mind,and im sure effects our ability to function at full cognative ability.how is technology and the plan work out for us in the electric bridge?if one was born in the 1300s under a black star in bavaria with one eye,then what would he think about the rotation of the sun around as a w hole.imagine how a two eyed man from 1919 would imagine this concept?we are all sheep in a twist thinking we are wolves
Peter Milburn
Peter Milburn:
Thoughts are forming in this guys head so fast he cant formulate his thoughts when he's talking.
Jessica Printke
Jessica Printke:
That's right and now you know
First Last
First Last:
At least 9 engineers have already been killed by AI robots...
RobertoDano Donthaveone
RobertoDano Donthaveone:
2:21 thats the main goal of all of these
and i share that idea
Angela Angela
Angela Angela:
Remember "Red Planet" with Val Kilmer 🌆🚀📡
Oscar Santiago
Oscar Santiago:
Is it true elon was messing around with amber while she was dating johnny? 👀👀👀
His Mars mission is bc of the solar polar reversal being calculated to occur by 2047 ish. give or take a couple years. Diehold Foundation.
Gemma Louise Rowledge
Gemma Louise Rowledge:
We are like the living dead we always want more and more what happens when there's nothing left to offer give help people they hunger to the point you can understand a calendar detonation for earth's . We devouring basic emoshions feelings senses I can understand some but what happens when you can't feed people's hunger anymore and other basic forms of life have to pay for one species I'm not running humans down . But one day things will run out .
Linda Diaz
Linda Diaz:
Snap !! I can't believe I'm actually seeing this, if your awake, ... Not woke, you know what this is
Bobby Moore
Bobby Moore:
Elon can you explain where the dead batteries will be going or maybe most people wont have to worry because they have just been poisoned ,then you van live with mr microsoft on mars ,yeh that would work imo...just leave the earth in safer hands
jamie turnage
jamie turnage:
well when we have a data then we have something special for human kind
What a load of cods wallop. Not sure what he puts in his coffee in the morning but I guess you can’t get it in a supermarket. Cyber Man anyone!
🌬️🌏 L.D.G.
🌬️🌏 L.D.G.:
Oh boy.bon voyage.good luck kids.
Gregory G. Martz
Gregory G. Martz:
It's flat folks and you ain't leaving it any time soon. really? Can't get through the van allen belt so solve that little problem. You aren't getting away, AI will make sure of that.
Mister Omega
Mister Omega:
When one of the greatest minds og our time is given a warning.
So, more overweight people with even less need for physical movement.
Scott Christensen
Scott Christensen:
COOL 🤜⚡️🤛
I told my wife that I think all our electronics are spying on us.

“Nonsense” she said.

I laughed. She laughed. Siri laughed. Alexa laughed. The toaster laughed. 😵‍💫
R. Glenn Cooper
R. Glenn Cooper:
And is this not the Doctrine of Demons? Almighty God created all things in accordance to His Will...Not ours. He's Loves us, and sent His only Son to save our eternal souls...Man can only destroy himself because he goes against God....He will make foolishness out of man's wisdom....Please read the Bible, and know True Peace, and Live thru God's word.
Smith Andrew
Smith Andrew:
Baby moon wolf is the new doge!! We are pumping fast, don't miss out. 100x very soon with or without you :) @babywolf_token
Denise Caparn
Denise Caparn:
Elon are you part of the 1 percent
Gemma Louise Rowledge
Gemma Louise Rowledge:
Life will be like an on off switch . Why not try to learn to reconnect to basics for them to value intelligence even more with out damaging a purity essence .what would happen to other species on earth and other living intelligence . There's clearly got to be more then us to exist are we gonna be respectful to different intelligence races . To us things maybe nurmul but abnormal . sorry people should talk like others matter besides are hunger for life pleasure .
Ray Keller
Ray Keller:
Right jerk. Jusr keep making (escape) stuff
Rebuilding Babel Tower?
Reri Montgomery
Reri Montgomery:
I think that Musk wants to Push all the other of the stage.
john mirbach
john mirbach:
Gina Dimitrova
Gina Dimitrova:
*Nobody is ready! Nobody except Jesus Christ!*
Ruben O.
Ruben O.:
Elon Musk is like Thomas Edison.... he takes credit for the work of others
BERNHARD Supernova8:27
BERNHARD Supernova8:27:
I know I'm dreaming but I wish I worked for you guys. I woulda been good car crash it's ok...I was bored stuck on couch I hate doing nothing this gonna be shite for me I won't fit in with these morons