This Is Why Bayern Munich Paid 50€ Millions For Leroy Sane

Leroy Sane Welcome to Bayern München ?
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100+ komentarze:

*One of my favorite players to watch, Leeeeeeeeeroy Sané* ;)
And Bayern got him for less than 50mio rn. These mfers know how to do business.
Nuno Miguel
Nuno Miguel:
Amazing dribllibg but he needs to improve his finishing and last pass...excellent player
bassam albassam
bassam albassam:
Who is here after bayern bought him for 55m£😂😂😂😂
Marcus De Villiers
Marcus De Villiers:
Personally I think.him.And sterling are too underrated. These guys are elite. Incredible forwards
Sam Good
Sam Good:
Sane is basically raheem sterling’s pokemon evolution. City are fools for letting him go.
Franco Acuña
Franco Acuña:
Sané + Davies! Holy shit!!
xtraclass football analyst
xtraclass football analyst:
Him and Kingsley Coman would be the most dangerous winger duo i can imagine. Both are fast as hell and unstoppable
pablo kendall
pablo kendall:
And now we are getting him for 45mill lmao that’s the Bavarian way
Eyobed Rezene
Eyobed Rezene:
Play him on the right pep.
So he could cut in and shoot with his left like Robben, Messi etc.
If he was 18yo brazilian Perez would pay 200M
J B:
Can u imagine him and Davies on the FCB left :D Enemies could only watch
Shan -E-Rehman
Shan -E-Rehman:
worth 135M and bayern bought him for 45M :D
I dont want him to go, please dont leave. City loves you,. You are a champion, dont go..
All of this bollocks needs to end. Day after day, week after week, he's in, he' out, Sané has agreed terms, Sané has done nothing of the sort, the Mancs want €135 million, the Mancs want €145 million, Bayern has submitted a bid, the Mancs have heard nothing, Bayern offers Nürnberg, Bayreuth, Greuther Fürth, and 1860 München, the Mancs demand half of Bavaria and free Paulaner. F'ing Hell!
Heinz-Peter Wolfgang Marcel Gerhard-Baumgüttler
Heinz-Peter Wolfgang Marcel Gerhard-Baumgüttler:
Er hat Spielwitz. das ist entscheidend, wenn man Ribery hinterher trauert
I can't Believe we finally bought him😍
king kun
king kun:
There's a reason he's a fan favourite at city. He is a unique talent and a joy to watch. Just hope he stays at city.
Leo Benjamin Ellersiek
Leo Benjamin Ellersiek:
Leroy is my favorite I have a big picture of him in my room. He has my huge respect.
Adam S. Timung
Adam S. Timung:
You seriously can't complain about the price tag with this guy, he's the real deal and he's only 23. Will be the ideal replacement for Ribéry.
shaun emmanuel
shaun emmanuel:
He has inSANE dribbling skills...
Peter Ngamau Gatumbu
Peter Ngamau Gatumbu:
Leroy Sane.. We shall really miss you in the premier league... Am an Arsenal fan BTW
Bayern would be serious contestant for CL if they take him, it will be really intresting next season
Justin Preuß
Justin Preuß:
Welcome to Bayern München! 🔴⚪️
All Out Attack HD
All Out Attack HD:
Great player, the perfect replacement after Ribery and Robben left, he seemed to had some discipline issues this year with lew in Germany and Pep in City so i hope he will put this aside
Rian Anjos
Rian Anjos:
Leroy INSane 🔥💥😏
Sane > Sterling 😀👍
Pengendali Pikiran
Pengendali Pikiran:
Young, strong, skillful
Anonymous #333
Anonymous #333:
Who's here after he signed for bayern
Georgio Docteur
Georgio Docteur:
Leroy Sane> Ousmane Dembele
Franco Acuña
Franco Acuña:
Get well soon please Sané. You became quickly my favorite player!
Mia san Mia Sane you're welcome in the bayernfamily 👪
slope dude
slope dude:
I miss him 😭
Sedeeq Mohammed
Sedeeq Mohammed:
How city sold him that easily can’t believe
Scenes when he scores in the first game of the PL and kisses the city badge
Sané is a epic player and has big opportunities for the future❤️Germany is proud of you!
Alizeh LuvsZayn
Alizeh LuvsZayn:
Tbh Bayern already scary with likes of Davies, Gnarby, Coman adding Sane is just too overpowered.
Bolzano WeierStraß
Bolzano WeierStraß:
sane and gnabry will be the best striker duo in the european championship.
Welcome to bayern ❤️🔴⚪🔴⚪
Schweinwinder 31
Schweinwinder 31:
sane and davies overlapping each other is going to be deadly!
Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant:
Leroy Sane a baller. He likes playing football
Paul McCann
Paul McCann:
The perfect replacement for Robben: fast, with an almost non-existent right foot. The number of defenders who get sucked into his feint to the right is astonishing. Hat's off to the man!
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas:
as i have watched in this clip he was playing more an individual game than a team game and in the same clip he has ruined more scoring chances than scoring any as he was not passing the ball when the players were clear and in a good position
Cameron B
Cameron B:
They got a bargain an a half, he will be missed 😭😪💙💙
Leon der Profi
Leon der Profi:
Die he change the title?😂👍
Aijel Anaz
Aijel Anaz:
Messi also wanted to buy leroy sane then now barsa missed this attacking midfielder
Miftah Arifki
Miftah Arifki:
1:01 keep calm and boom

rip MrT
rip MrT:
Brazzo Masterclass is watching as we speak. I cant wait to see him in red once summer hits
Roshi Roshi
Roshi Roshi:
He keeps the ball to much but at Bayern Munich he will understand the importance of being a team and will be a great player in the future. Mia San Mia 💪💪💪💪💪 💪
K Ahmed
K Ahmed:
I know City would never sell to us, but I'd take him at United in a heartbeat.
salvatore di stravola10
salvatore di stravola10:
Il mio idolo leroy Sanè19💙⚽
Simon Ng'etich
Simon Ng'etich:
How did you not include his goals against liverpool?💀
Balam Q Mena Estrada
Balam Q Mena Estrada:
God damn this hurts to watch as a city fan lol !

Best of luck to him !! And thank you for everything!!
Alb Rexhepi
Alb Rexhepi:
Gnabry Lewandowski Sane
Deadly trio
We need u back 😭
Natanael Lopes12
Natanael Lopes12:
What is the name of music ?
And Bayern bought him for £45M
M Lee1989
M Lee1989:
He literally looks like the future in real time 🔥
deutscher türke
deutscher türke:
Welcome to The best Club of The world!!#miasanmia# mit sane putzen wir alles weg,das fehlende Glied zur absoluten fussballweltmacht.....
Jorge Land117
Jorge Land117:
10 months ago 135 million, now 60 million, what a great business Bayern did.
Andrin Tobler
Andrin Tobler:
Is my favorite Player😍😍😍
Jonooo574 G
Jonooo574 G:
I wish Pep played him more!!! Dont leeeaaavveeee :'(
Best winger in the Prem. I dont care who you like best (Salah, Mane, Sterling) this guy has that talent you can't coach.
Sane: I’m looking for 150 million
Bayern: yes
Welcome to Man City.
Charbel Hanna
Charbel Hanna:
He more happier at bayern playing along his friends and all the fans there are waiting for his arrival and he will have more playtime than he did at city's
It is a brilliant cut, to take him up in the field`s position from scene to scene, changing between `club` and `national team`. I like documentations in a real substance like this, based on long night-researches.
Thank you, Sir Ibra Alliance: Top job !
Because you create this character out of his deeds, not by making media-blabla about abstract transfer-millions... Thank you so much for that, Sir !
bando living
bando living:
I miss him man😭
He could be the best in the world if he started to score more goals.
NicolasJS 10
NicolasJS 10:
He is a different level to some wingers one of my favorite players
Emanuel Houliver
Emanuel Houliver:
Daniel Alves - Welcome To São Paulo - Defensive Skills 2019
Different Boy Suraj
Different Boy Suraj:
Best dribbler in Germany
I C U:
he has a special style, something new
Not my first Time
Not my first Time:
I wonder if the german national coach watched this before the last world cup and thought, nar he has too much potential..lets not get out of the group stages..and lose to korea hahaha
Josh Dolan
Josh Dolan:
If sane goes( which i hope he doesnt ) couldn't we resign sancho with the buyback clause?
As city fan I like him he is good player pep should start him on right wing and on the left wing sterling and in Central augreo best front 3 in my opinion love you sane come back soon 💕💕❤
Lxyyll 30
Lxyyll 30:
Leroy sane 💙💙💙
anb Kw
anb Kw:
Great game, reminds me of the way he played Neymar🔥🔥
andpc andpc
andpc andpc:
Well, Bayern got him for 50mio now ;)
Magical like this π
Magical like this π:
Gonna miss this beas t in the prem good luck In Bayern and thanks for everything in man city.
Not my first Time
Not my first Time:
I wonder if the german national coach watched this before the last world cup and thought, nar he has too much potential..lets not get out of the group stages..and lose to korea hahaha
Lewis Diamond
Lewis Diamond:
I have this bloke in my dream league team
Titus Maluleka
Titus Maluleka:
Did you just change the title to this video? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kyle Dimetri
Kyle Dimetri:
If jao Felix and ousmane dembele could have been bought for over 100 million then 100 million nowadays is nothing
psy GangmanStyle
psy GangmanStyle:
Sane and Donny van de beek. Dream couple
John Lo
John Lo:
so no one gonna talk abt the goal line clearance at 4:17
HOW COULD PEP BE SO STupid ????????? he has a player like this and dosnt start him like what more do u want him to do?
Gaurav Neupane
Gaurav Neupane:
Bayern munich : You sure bro :V ?
Come play at a stadium where we don't have 20,000 empty seats
Torben Zühr
Torben Zühr:
He will come to Bayern❤
Bxnjx 18
Bxnjx 18:
135? He will join Bayern for max 100
Afolabi Ayantayo
Afolabi Ayantayo:
Why TF does he not play right wing? Imagine how devastating he will be
Germanischer Krieger
Germanischer Krieger:
A Bench Player from City is also worth more than 100 Million €? Aha a Player is too Bad to be a starter aggainst Sterling and Silva... A good Player but no more
Shirsh Agrawal
Shirsh Agrawal:
10 months later... 60 mill 😂
Aidin Ekic
Aidin Ekic:
Guys i really miss InSane 😓😓😓
Christian Klmnt
Christian Klmnt:
Sané, Gnabry, Coman, Batista-Meier, Musiala 🔴 Future looks bright! #miasanmia
S Damu
S Damu:
He isn't going no where. He loves city. A winning team
I'm sorry, but I do not think he is worth 135 million. no way hosay
Sane is entertaining to watch even with a empty stadium with no players
wisdom maduakolam
wisdom maduakolam:
He needs to work on his shooting ability