This Was Naya Rivera’s Last TV Appearance on 'Sugar Rush’

Naya Rivera's last TV appearance as a guest judge on the baking show "Sugar Rush," has been released on Netflix. "I have a 4 year old son, so you are kind of required to know how to bake," Rivera said on the show. It's been three weeks since the "Glee" star drowned in a tragic boating accident on Lake Piru outside Los Angeles. Her son Josey was found alone on the boat napping around 4 p.m. and told authorities his mom went swimming but never came back to the boat.

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R.I.P Naya Rivera. She seemed like a great mom. She knew how to put her son first.
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores:
I'm so sad she's gone and I didn't even know her, I can't imagine how her family must feel
she was also laid to rest today. she was so beautiful on the inside and out. may god watch her child and may she rest in peace.
Jewel J.
Jewel J.:
May she rest in peace 💜
Kaelin_ Harlow
Kaelin_ Harlow:
Her death just breaks my heart. I grew up with Glee always playing on the television and seeing that her last moments was helping someone else is so heart warming and heart breaking at the same time.
Grace Dennis
Grace Dennis:
Feels like yesterday glee came out! I’m so sad about her passing. What an amazing mother! She saved her babies life. Rest In Peace beautiful
She was an amazing actor and person in general for putting her life on the line so her son can still live
Bisexual Bitch
Bisexual Bitch:
I want her back 😭
rip naya marie rivera 💝
Edit: omg thanks for the likes
Sassy Cassy
Sassy Cassy:
shes so beautiful🥺
Mira'z WRLD
Mira'z WRLD:
We All Will Miss Her💕
R.I.P Naya💗
Autumn B.
Autumn B.:
I was thinking about this while I was watching the new season I was so sad but it felt like she was still alive . Rest In Peace naya
Tiona St.Hilaire
Tiona St.Hilaire:
Sometimes I wish that I can go back in time to tell her don’t go on the boat but that not how the real world works sadly
GamingWithDestiny YT
GamingWithDestiny YT:
Tell me how I just watched that and I was like omg😭😭This is 😞
A U:
I literally was just watching this now.It felt really sad watching someone who is now dead😔.RIP Naya
Nasty Nigger007
Nasty Nigger007:
Why hasn't the media stressed the importance of wearing a life jacket. I havn't
heard not one person mention anything about a life jacket which could have saved her life. Especially when she was out there bye herself and child with no other adult around
I was just watching sugar rush the start of this episode and I was like wait what!!! I got so sad 😭😭😭😢😵😷 rip Naya 😔😟😢😭
Nneka's World
Nneka's World:
I watched this episode this morning 😭😭
Ariel Heart
Ariel Heart:
I was just watching it like 1 minute ago than I was like I think that’s nya and I looked on YouTube and it was her 🙁🙁 R.I.P
Darrel Hintz
Darrel Hintz:
0:38 strange detail to know when the only witness is a 4 year old boy
We lost Cory Monteith that was lost Naya Rivera.. lives gone to soon.
sashabanks number 1 fan
sashabanks number 1 fan:
She also wore that outfit in one of her post on insta with her son, I just hate to know that she died in such a brutal way. I mean I couldn't imagine what she was thinking as she was trying to swim back up to her aon not knowing if that was going to be the last time she saw him. I just think this women deserves a whole movie made im honor of her, she deserves more than a little dedication at the beginning of an eposide
K i t t e n
K i t t e n:
Rip beautiful 😔❤️
Kenzi Blais
Kenzi Blais:
Oh my gosh I love her on glee I just found out my goodness I’m gonna cry
Jocelyn Sbrogio
Jocelyn Sbrogio:
We lost so much this 2020 please we can't lose anymore.
Keldymoney 26
Keldymoney 26:
Beauty On A Budget
Beauty On A Budget:
When I saw this episode I didn’t expect to see her and it broke my heart watching it 😔
God she looks so beautiful, happy and radiant in this! My 💔
Alondra Mendoza
Alondra Mendoza:
It’s been 3 weeks since her death and it’s still hard to accept it 😢
Summer Rose
Summer Rose:
Rest in peace sweet Naya. We love and miss you.🙏❤😭
El. C.
El. C.:
absolutely loved her, rest easy angel🤍
Maureen Dennise
Maureen Dennise:
gone too soon my love, naya 💔 i'm still mourning
Anaiya Thurston
Anaiya Thurston:
I posted about this on my Snapchat story like 3 days ago💙🤞... Love and miss you Naya Rivera😘💙
Mika Nagano
Mika Nagano:
Ellie Hunter
Ellie Hunter:
I didn’t know she was on Sugar Rush. Going to watch now ❤️
Karla Perez
Karla Perez:
I just watch how sad. Rest In Peace 🙏🏼
Lauren D
Lauren D:
Rest In Peace ❤️❤️
RIP Naya. This made me so sad 😭😭
Wear Your Sunlight
Wear Your Sunlight:
Petagaye Green
Petagaye Green:
She is pretty gone too soon sleep in peace Naya
D o g g o
D o g g o:
Rip :(
Angel Squad
Angel Squad:
Griselda Tirado Gonzalez
Griselda Tirado Gonzalez:
i seen sugar rush ts my favorite show
She sounds so sweet and kind 😫😥
Luna Melody
Luna Melody:
Haven't gotten to this ep yet but when I do will be sad.
Nana Asare
Nana Asare:
RIP 😢😢😣😭😭
Andy D
Andy D:
Its been weeks and im still SHOOK. A true talent lost.
So Tragic!!!!
Alfonso Saenz
Alfonso Saenz:
Naya Rivera very beautiful and femenine young lady
Qattz Vizrh
Qattz Vizrh:
I eat raw fish
I eat raw fish:
Shes so beatiful
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez:
Rip beautiful angel
_WoOmY the W017_
_WoOmY the W017_:

Dead as hell
Bob bob
Bob bob:
She drowned...but like every other death COVID-19 was listed on the death certificate. 😂
Ben Radcliffe
Ben Radcliffe:
😂😂😂😂 n0gud
Scarzie1 O’Hara
Scarzie1 O’Hara:
The world lost an angel on July 8th. #RipNayaRivera 💔🙏
Ariel Alfaro
Ariel Alfaro:
Angelina Ho
Angelina Ho:
Sadia Akram
Sadia Akram:
Sadia Akram
Sadia Akram:
MC x YURI fan
MC x YURI fan:
Meredith Arndt
Meredith Arndt:
Rest in peace
ña na
ña na:
Kismet Raju
Kismet Raju:
I wish I could ask her why she did not anchor the boat, wear a life jacket or go out alone . I am hurt and little angry in a respectful way at her.What did she know or not know?? 😭😭
Ari A
Ari A:
What episode?
Beatriz Bio
Beatriz Bio:
Vintage Girl
Vintage Girl:
Christian Kesto
Christian Kesto:
Fly high queen
L.J. Russ
L.J. Russ:
Beautiful woman. Rest In Peace. Sacrificing her life for her child. So sad
this makes me SICK to my stomach..... like I could punch somebody.... :(
The SD Railfan
The SD Railfan:
She pretty
Ronald Lin
Ronald Lin:
too Dq 1% oF peiplE whO Cees dis Have A GOod day
Breakdown TV
Breakdown TV:
Xiahne Wright
Xiahne Wright:
RIP Naya Rivera
Rafael Alvarado
Rafael Alvarado:
I did not even know who she was
Bad Drivers of Video Games
Bad Drivers of Video Games:
Can't believe she's gone!
Luke’s Gaming
Luke’s Gaming:
No User Found
No User Found:
Rip Naya
D. Hull
D. Hull:
Sketchy death. I believe more news will come about this death one day, perhaps from her son when he grows up. The sons story changed from the initial report, to the second one. Inconsistent and also insensible details were reported.
Mimi LaChe'
Mimi LaChe':
Shad Gaspard died in similar circumstances! Rest to the both of them. Hate the fact that these children lost their parents!! 😩
Fortnite_Clipz 101
Fortnite_Clipz 101:
you yes you who’s reading this i don’t know you you don’t know me but i wish/hope your having a great day if not i’m sorry i’m like you just scrolling through comments and watching people doing funny stuff and here i am giving some hope to other hope you stay safe ❤️
Sticky Moantain
Sticky Moantain:
May she rest with Jesus Christ I will see you one day in heaven just know naya u died as a hero and everybody will remember that and your son
Blue Shirt Handyman
Blue Shirt Handyman:
So she used her last bit of strength to get her son on the boat but she couldn't hang on there's something foul going on
KingDin TV
KingDin TV:
truly a horrible tragedy. she was an inspiration for so many. I miss her, i love her, and think about her everyday. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. RIP
Gaming dum
Gaming dum:
one like = a ooof for naya one comment for rip naya
Prabhakara rao Gurram
Prabhakara rao Gurram:
To pay
Brenda miller
Brenda miller:
I dislike this video because I dont a reminder that she dead when I heard the new that she was dead I literally cried so hard and I love glee and I liked her she was beautiful and nice even though I didn't know her I loved her R.I.P naya
Christopher Ortega
Christopher Ortega:
How did she lift him up? And drown? Sounds shady
Karwan Mohammed
Karwan Mohammed:
Jev Rango
Jev Rango:
R.I.P Naya Rivera , She Was Last Seen On Her TV Apperience On Sugar Rush....
She is in heaven now dont worry, Rest Well, Rip Naya Rivera
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10k Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge:
*who else went straight to the comments?*
Kha Truong
Kha Truong:
my mom would of let me drown
Om Patel
Om Patel: