Thomas Tuchel Live Press Conference: Atletico Madrid v Chelsea | Champions League

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Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

100+ komentarze:

sean miles
sean miles:
4:08 is when it starts.
Him laughing at the start is infectious
Evan Rogers
Evan Rogers:
The way he talks about a goal scorer, really makes me think that he would be interested in signing a player like haaland for Chelsea
Ayman Z
Ayman Z:
At least havertz and pulisic are ready now.
So sad about Thiago though😭 COYB.
Yerpz Jr
Yerpz Jr:
Someone make sure Suarez is well fed before the game tomorrow 😭
Zenn Labs
Zenn Labs:
I like that he talked to callum in front of all the players. This team has bad habits from lampard era, they are overly competitive and individualistic instead of supporting eachother in practice and helping eachother out on the pitch
Chathura Munasinghe
Chathura Munasinghe:
Need a result in Bucharest, especially considering the loss of home advantage for Atletico. Tomorrow night is massive. Hopefully Thiago Silva will be back for the second leg and we can get through to the next round!
The energy in him and the way he speaks so confidently is giving me hope for having that win vs Atletico!
Jeff Nanah
Jeff Nanah:
He talks with passion and I like the fact that he is a straight forward person....
Vivek Villa
Vivek Villa:
We have beaten a strong Atleti side in their new home. So we can believe.
watch saurez bite one of our Chelsea players XD
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman:
I hope Suarez doesn't bite one of our defenders like he did in 2013
O O:
Tuchel seriously wants Chelsea to be a team other teams are scared to play. I love it
Frieza 223
Frieza 223:
If we're gonna keep playing 3 Cb we might aswell bring back David Luiz 😂
Utibe Young
Utibe Young:
9:58 "I'm totally into Chelsea"💙💯💙
Kadrun Cebong
Kadrun Cebong:
"I am fine, and now I am excited about your question."
Karin Molund
Karin Molund:
We miss Thiago and Pulisic🥺🥺😔💙💙💙
Hey journalist, next time ask about if Thomas Tuchel is going to work on the players shooting!
Irfan Mehmeti
Irfan Mehmeti:
Let's win tomorrow, in Tuchel we trust!
Asit Mohan Baghel
Asit Mohan Baghel:
Can't wait for the moment when we see Kai playing what he is capable off 🔥🔥🔥
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
The Atletico game is a must win. Let's hope we can get the all important away goal. Then comes United Liverpool and Everton games. These are the games that will determine what Tuchel and his tactics are made off. We also need Ziyech Chilwell Pulisic and Havertz back in the team. COME ON CHELSEA
Nick Parker
Nick Parker:
I love this. Love Tuchel a lot, but also love that there are two bottles of Gatorade with labels proudly facing forwards, and that he keeps reaching off camera to grab his unmarked water.
Bernardo Mireal Updates
Bernardo Mireal Updates:
All we need is good results so help us God
Andre Edu chime
Andre Edu chime:
The player is Azpilicueta. He is doing the player press conference.
Delwar Hossain
Delwar Hossain:
Best wishes for Chelsea from psg fan.
I don't expect chelsea to win UCL but they need to win this to gain confidence
James Codd
James Codd:
that tracksuit is so nice
Hemanth S
Hemanth S:
A big test for us against a well organised team💙🤞.
Miura Is a goat
Miura Is a goat:
His laugh is contagious 😭🤣
Purple Patch
Purple Patch:
I really hope we play Oliver Giroud, his 4 goals against Sevilla makes us trust him as a tally man for this year's champions league.
Nezioo Araujoo
Nezioo Araujoo:
I guess the decision to go with Tuchel was the right one no?
Tyrone Codner
Tyrone Codner:
Chelsea needs ruthless players. Most players are "too nice". They lack killing instincts. Despite this I see a 4-0 win
his laughter has only one reason to hide his nervousness.
El. Rinho
El. Rinho:
I pray Tuchel never loses the good vibes here in Chelsea
Sulley Saad
Sulley Saad:
I 100% support the manager on his decisions!!! He need to stamp his authority and those players should grow up and stop acting like spoiled kids!!!
Young Bale
Young Bale:
i love this coach , he knows what he wants
Syrgak Omuraliev
Syrgak Omuraliev:
With every interview his English improves haha
Godfred Asamoah
Godfred Asamoah:
No Silva??🙆
Samuel Igbokwe
Samuel Igbokwe:
ioakk ioak
ioakk ioak:
4:50 Tuchel is really the ideal coach
Stanleymaxzi Stanley
Stanleymaxzi Stanley:
Let him play Giroud so that we can win athletico Madrid unlike what we did to Sevilla.. I support Giroud starting game 💯🇦🇪
Shittu Mohammed
Shittu Mohammed:
We need to win this match, I really love the new coach approach to game.
Nrhidayu 23
Nrhidayu 23:
chelsea give new era for this season please . ameen . from malaysia 😘 ilovechelsea forever even lose and win . sorry if my english not good 🙏
Vishnu J
Vishnu J:
The top selection criteria for hiring managers at Chelsea is that they should be late for press conferences.
Rajan Aggarwal
Rajan Aggarwal:
I hope we are able to put up a fight against Atletico since our performance vs Southampton wasn't very convincing. Pulisic Mount and giroud starting would be the ideal attack for me if we continue employing the 3-4-2-1 Formation
anthony bravot
anthony bravot:
"This is the challenge that we are looking up to"... Nice one from Tuchel
My priority is always the GAME WE PLAY 💙💙💙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Uwe Saunders
Uwe Saunders:
All we want is to see that hunger to play everyday.
willians okoth
willians okoth:
hope for the best
Dexter McCarthy
Dexter McCarthy:
I am from 🇹🇹 and sends best wishes to you guys ,go well 🙏🏿
Hammady Kebe
Hammady Kebe:
In my old parisian coach Tuchel, we trust , my pleasure to see him differently . GO CHELSEA 🔵⚪🔵🔴
Dopehead Gad
Dopehead Gad:
The focus is on us 🙌💙💙💙
Zino Djezzy
Zino Djezzy:
Big UP to U Thomas for the Victory vs ATHLETICO MADRID, you 're in a Big club, now, All my congratulation to U and your Team
Andiswa Dennis Sifunda
Andiswa Dennis Sifunda:
Thank you for your views coach as always. It's a pleasure listening in.
Arjun Ghone
Arjun Ghone:
good luck 🔵🔵💙💙
Nego Master
Nego Master:
Silver tongue this one lol I love it
Bimo Saputro
Bimo Saputro:
I still afraid looking chelsea defence 😢 Im chelesa fans but I look atletico is more prepare than us 😞
Nilanjan Sarkar
Nilanjan Sarkar:
Love the way you deal with media 💙
Ayodeji Olumose
Ayodeji Olumose:
This guy talks like a Russian lord! Love him!
Abdel Rhani
Abdel Rhani:
Honeymoon is done Mr TT ;)
Ankit Chatterjee
Ankit Chatterjee:
I'm happy Thiago is not traveling with the squad for the first leg against Atleti. He's very crucial to whatever 🏆 ambitions we have this season. He had a scary injury precisely because of his age. So we must be careful, and not rush him in regardless of how much we need him in our 3-man centre defence.
Hopefully by a week or another, we can expect him to be back 😌 COYB 💙💙💙
Samuel Yahanns Kwaku Sekyi
Samuel Yahanns Kwaku Sekyi:
Thank you chelsea boots and you strength and wisdom teeth
Delwar Hossain
Delwar Hossain:
Best wishes for Chelsea from psg fan.
4:12 😂😂
konner helms
konner helms:
comeback KEPA!!!
Michael Onwuegbuchulam
Michael Onwuegbuchulam:
This is the coach who should get time i feel due to the experience
Touchel looks very confident. That keep us hopeful as Chelsea. We are going to win against Athletico Madrid.
Richard Howard
Richard Howard:
Fully Gaza..... Haaland is a must straight blue 💙💙💙 😀😀😀 🏆 👏👏👏
Prediction is a 2-1 win to Us I think He will start Giroud and Mount Both will bag goals
Kobe Campbell
Kobe Campbell:
zipho vena
zipho vena:
I'm worried about Christensen He can be a baby and we know how Suarez is like
Muôn màu V-league
Muôn màu V-league:
Good luck ⚽️
Dimitri Passade
Dimitri Passade:
Tammy needs to utilize his body structure properly , he should bulk up and develop the desire to score goals . He should be offended by the way he isn't one of the top strikers in the EPL cause of his relaxed mentality .
Richard Howard
Richard Howard:
Fully Gaza..... Blues need to come 2-4 EPL in order for us to get haaland and I know we can do it I believe in the blues 💙💙💙 😀😀😀
ian jimmy
ian jimmy:
chelsea players must understand Tuchel and follow his direction.. he can make them champions league winner.. he is capable of that
fahmi azhari
fahmi azhari:
without thiago, Christensen must play..Azpi-Christensen-Rudi will be enough 🙏🏻
Wayne Stewart
Wayne Stewart:
Really the first big test for TT. Be very interesting to see how he sets up the team tomorrow night. But just the manner and way of approaching a game and the way he comes across should give every Chelsea player and fans a positive outlook. The challenge is to get world class players playing like world class players and the start of that journey is to get the players believing they are that good and playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.
Adam Loune
Adam Loune:
There is not strange about its called European champions league teams represent diffrent countries.
dusty rhodes
dusty rhodes:
Tuchel has elite mentality.
Liam Wilkinson
Liam Wilkinson:
I prefer other formations to the 343 such as 433 or 4321. I think we get to the corner of the opponents half then always pass it back in the 343 and the attack dies and it’s frustrating
Edwin Oteba
Edwin Oteba:
Hope for more trophy next season
Jams Maty
Jams Maty:
The next 4 matches will reveal if tuchel is manager next season or not
Anthony Alvelo
Anthony Alvelo:
We've only beat them once in the last 5 matches against athletico. For sure it's gonna be a dogfight tomorrow night
Arya Prediksi
Arya Prediksi:
Paswan Petr
Paswan Petr:
I think Kai,Mason and Werner are a great combination so they will score a goal in the At Madrid match.
Muhtar Salkadin
Muhtar Salkadin:
Ничего не понял но очень интересно
Paul Roddy
Paul Roddy:
Looks like a good coach and hopefully we didn't see an eratic side to his management personality in the last game,especially after its fairy evident the particular player was doing fine.
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington:
Stephanie says Aaron Kevin kiss your neck 😂
If I were Tammy Abraham I'd feel low key embarassed every time I see players like Haaland or Lukaku absolutely dominate games considering they are just as tall but got twice the physique than me which proves that it's very much possible to be a world class CF at that height.
Kandang Pitek
Kandang Pitek:
Terjemahannya mana ? 😌
Tapiwa James
Tapiwa James:
This guy has the most attacking team in Europe but is playing the most defensive way
alinomvo 92
alinomvo 92:
I'm nervous about our back 3.
Christensen, Azpi & Rudigar, thesame back 3 that lost against Barca in 2017
Badou Me
Badou Me:
TTT Trust Tomas Tuchel
Mohamed Abdullah
Mohamed Abdullah:
i hope ziyech plays cuz hees so good in cl matches
Asa Arnold
Asa Arnold:
I was confident coming to this game thinking T. Silva will be leading to the defense. Now I can only hope, fingers crossed, that we give an account worthy of Chelsea.