Thor Awakens His Power - Thor Ragnarok

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Nioh Arcadia
Nioh Arcadia:
Fun Fact the Lightning effects aren't CGI Chris Hemsworth can just do that
Yash Bhatter - Personal Mastery
Yash Bhatter - Personal Mastery:
He lost his hammer, hair, eye, girlfriend, sister, father and home in a single movie yet this is the funniest MCU movie ever
Fye Elessarndra
Fye Elessarndra:
That little smirk Loki had on his face when Thor's lightning crashed, so I'm assuming that he knew all along how strong Thor is and can be, but he just never bothered to tell Thor because it's such a Loki-thing to do..and I love these brothers for that..
Regain Turner
Regain Turner:
Thor in the his first two movies felt like he was pretending to be Thor the mythology. In this movie, it truly felt that Thor became his own version of Thor.
CtheBeast Art
CtheBeast Art:
“You’re late”
“You’re missing an eye”
Sad we didn’t see them acting like actual brothers for long
TruLyy Lunar
TruLyy Lunar:
This is one of the most bad ass entrances in the MCU
SilentWolf 655
SilentWolf 655:
Thor: we need to stop her here and now
Valkyrie: So what do we do?
Loki: I’m not doing get help
Literally everyone:🤣
Salvatore DeBella
Salvatore DeBella:
The best use of a Led Zeppelin song ever in the history of ever!
Sean Skehan
Sean Skehan:
I love Loki’s smile when he sees Thor’s true power unleashed. His smiles literally says it all like “y’all are about to get fried and your asses f***ed up
Marie Louis
Marie Louis:
We should talk more about Loki's look of pride when he sees his brother kicking ass
Am I the only one who is still sad that Asgard got destroyed? It was so beautiful :(
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
Hulk: **literally suplexes a giant mythical wolf**
Also Hulk: **gets knocked out by Thanos in 2 minutes**
Rien est eternel
Rien est eternel:
No, you're stronger

Odin is actually right. Thor is just holding back his powers. His powers are incalculable. After all with all the knowledge, wisdom, experience and age, he does become the Rune King Thor. I would love to see Rune King Thor in the movie.
“She Will Hunt Us Down”
“So What Do We Do”
“iM nOt dOiNg gEt hElP”
Seoung Lee
Seoung Lee:
- Thor kicking ass to the Immigrant Song
- Valkyrie's sexy walk in slo-mo
- The Hulk suplexing a giant wolf
- Loki doing fighting like a ninja
This scene is a comic book fan's Wet Dream
Daria Azarova
Daria Azarova:
3:07 the part when he flips his hair in slomo..ugh gets me everytime 😭😭
Robert Busek
Robert Busek:
“You’re late.”
“You’re missing an eye.”
The Odinson brothers, gods of understatement...
Cap - "What are you scared of a little bit of thunder? Loki - I'm not particularly fond of what comes next" 2:15
Martín López Ruiz
Martín López Ruiz:
Thor with Led Zeppelin is just the most epic thing ever
SweeTY PIe
SweeTY PIe:
When you see Hela and Loki, Thor does look like the adopted one
Lindsey Clark
Lindsey Clark:
Loki: **uses helmet as weapon**

Me: **cry's** *so beautiful*
daniela mendoza
daniela mendoza:
I think when Loki casually says: “Hit it with a lightning blast” is super underrated, he says it as it’s nothing.

(I think it was hilarious)
Lyrical Gohan
Lyrical Gohan:
Loki: Hit her with a lightning blast.
Thor: I just hit her with the biggest lightning blast in the history of lightning It did nothing!
Thor was at his peak in Ragnarok, just wish he had this much power in his endgame
Miguel Arceo
Miguel Arceo:
I hate when people say Thor: Ragnarok made too many jokes and messed up emotional scenes. This scene with Thor and Odin is such a good moment of self realization for Thor
James parks
James parks:
When Loki says I’m not doing get help😂😂😂
2:15 - Loki: 😎 (Oh, my big brother is going to kick *ALL* your asses!)
Ancient Devil
Ancient Devil:
God I love how loki says
" I'm not doing get help"
On 4:50🤣🤣🤣
Pyro Head
Pyro Head:
2:15 Loki's like "THERE'S THE BROTHER I KNOW!!!"
Sergio victoria
Sergio victoria:
It's sad to know they went through all this trouble only to be slaughtered by thanos right after
I’m stupider than the Guy I’m replying to, but
I’m stupider than the Guy I’m replying to, but:
Me doing side quests after maxing out my character: 2:36
Alcina Wick
Alcina Wick:
I love how loki just says "we are not doing get help" at the end 🤣🤣🤣
Dweam 2.0# Supreme2662 on Xbox
Dweam 2.0# Supreme2662 on Xbox:
Thor in a nutshell:
Thor: gets electrocuted
Loki: gets tricked
Goddess of death: dies
അറയ്ക്കൽ അതുൽ
അറയ്ക്കൽ അതുൽ:
Thor and Loki are badass brothers 🔥
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974:
Awakens his powers, and then forgets them again and gets his ass handed to him by Thanos 5 minutes later.
Wheat Thins
Wheat Thins:
1:09 “It was never your source of strength”

Captain America: “I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move”
Aubrey Henry
Aubrey Henry:
I loved when Loki said I'm not doing get help
Brayden Coots
Brayden Coots:
"Are you Thor, the god of hammers?"Will always be a great line that i love
Emma Ariyajasingam
Emma Ariyajasingam:
Loki’s smile when Thor unlocked his power.😊
Abdulhaleem Domado
Abdulhaleem Domado:
People who have max level and returning to the lvl 1 map be like: 2:20
I love how Thor doesn't even have to touch them but he just wanted to kick ass
Carnage Prime
Carnage Prime:
Seeing that smile on Loki’s face just makes me think he’s thinking “That’s my brother.” as he thinks this with love and pride for Thor
"even with two eyes u still see half of the picture.." damn-
Sebastien Von Doom
Sebastien Von Doom:
"Without my shield I can't. He's too strong."

"Are you Steve? Captain of Shields?"
Lwadlala Usiba Sessions
Lwadlala Usiba Sessions:
"You are missing an eye"that was funny 😂😂😂
That momment when some guys username just made you waste a little bit of your time
That momment when some guys username just made you waste a little bit of your time:
Loki: I'm not doing "get help" 😂
Shadow Henchmen
Shadow Henchmen:
Trying to get something out of your dogs mouth be like: 3:02
Thor: *The longer the goddess of death stays on Asgard ,the stronger she will become*
The Science Man
The Science Man:
Ragnorok has to be my top three best MCU movies of all time so far.
Loki 2012: "I'm not overly fond of what follows."

Loki 2018: 2:14
Natalie Moravek
Natalie Moravek:
2:13 - The drums start.
2:17 - That second where all you hear is the lightning crackling! ⚡
2:20 - The music starts!!
2:51 - Valkyrie in slow-mo!
3:07 - I'm laughing so hard! It looks like Loki breathes on the guy to make him finish falling over. 😂🖤💚
4:25 - After all that fighting...he comes to that conclusion. 😂
4:51 - "I'm not doing 'Get Help' ". 😂🖤💚

Speed it up at 2:13 for a laugh! 😂

OMW! Do NOT slow this down at 2:20! Your ears will DIE! 😂⚡
Jade Yang
Jade Yang:
When your brother sister fights get out of hand and your parents are out having dinner-
"Tell me brother, What are you God of?"

_Thor Proceeds to become Azula_
This and the Captain America elevator scene are the most bad ass scenes in the MCU
'Hit her with a lightning blast"
"I just hit her with the biggest lightning blast in the history of lightning, it did NOTHING"
Odin:Are you thor god of hammers?
Also Odin:Whoever holds this hammer shall posses the power of Thor
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake:
2:17 and the slow motion at 2:20 are two of my personal favorite movie scenes of all time. It's so bad ass 😂
Sergeant MacNuggets
Sergeant MacNuggets:
I love how sakaarians doesn't even know what they're fighting or fighting for they just started killing.
Loki's little smirk at 2:15 is a great brotherly pride moment, even if their relationship has always been...tense, to say the least.
Alex Jordan
Alex Jordan:
Loki : Hit her with a lightning blast
He's talking like he's playing a video game or something 😂
Virtual Insanity Official
Virtual Insanity Official:
Loki should've watched this footage at the TVA 😂
ɐsɥʍ!n bɐbn
ɐsɥʍ!n bɐbn:
Odin really pulled off a "Maybe the real Asgard is the friends we made along the way"...
Yggdrasil_ Hugger
Yggdrasil_ Hugger:
Playing a Tempest Domain cleric in D&D like
Bram Zwaan
Bram Zwaan:
4:23 look at their capes: every primary colour! Beautiful!👌
Invincible ?
Invincible ?:
This movie did hulk the justice he deserved in endgame. Still stings...
i’m so glad we all agree that loki’s smirk was the best part of this scene
“Summer you got 50 gold stars!” -Mr. S.
Hessatje Productions
Hessatje Productions:
“Are you Thor. God of hammers” lol XD
Loki was like: "I knew you had it in you"
Min Snuggles
Min Snuggles:
Let's talk about how great Loki fighting is, tho
Honestly. the best Thor movie in my opinion. I watched this when it first came out, and nothing can top it. Comedic af, and literally the story, and soundtrack was top tier. Ion wanna expose to much, but this movie is worth it.

Mad respect to this legend as well:

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Korg. I'm kind of like the leader in here. I'm made of rocks, as you can see. But don't let that intimidate you. You don't need to be afraid unless you're made of scissors. Just a little rock-paper-scissor joke for you." ―Korg"

This scene was literally the best scene in the movie.
S m h S m h
S m h S m h:
It’s funny how he got electrocuted even tho he is the god of thunder
Wilbur Francois
Wilbur Francois:
"No, you're stronger" thanks Odin , I think i can make it thru my day now!
Jyotishyam Ghosh
Jyotishyam Ghosh:
Valkyrie : "So what do we do?"
Loki : "I'm not doing GET HELP!"

Bénédicte Duhaupand
Bénédicte Duhaupand:
Everyone's talking about his arrival in Wakanda but for me THIS moment is unforgettable. With the music and everything around I'm a fan
raquel nazaire
raquel nazaire:
Love how loki uses his helmet as a wepon lol
Alexander Wong
Alexander Wong:
That look on Loki's face: pride with fear
Diane C. Ramírez
Diane C. Ramírez:
The princesses from the Shrek movie could've taken them all.
“Tell me brother, what are you the god of again”
*lightning storm commences*
Captain America: “you had to ask”
Jhansi Ghanta
Jhansi Ghanta:
Heal falls down Thor comes Loki is just chilling 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅
Keira Rees
Keira Rees:
Loki’s smile gets me every time! Plus Chris is just to damn sexy with the lightning.
Yoo Wat
Yoo Wat:
Marvel let this be a lesson that all you need is Thor and Led Zeppelin
this scene gives me goosebumps every time i watch it
Phyllis Hall
Phyllis Hall:
I swear, the entrance of Thor on lightning has GOT to be one of the most EPIC entrances EVER.
1K subs with no vids
1K subs with no vids:
Fun fact: Thor is so mad he dosent even care about life.
Ismail Abdel Aal
Ismail Abdel Aal:
I love thor he is trully the strongest avenger even if he is fat in endgame
Robin Schenk
Robin Schenk:
Tell me whatever you want, how epic Endgame's finale is (which indeed is) but for me, this is the best scene of the whole MCU. The whole movie is building up to this moment of release and Immigrant song is just perfectly epic for that. I remember seeing it in the theater for the first time and being completely overwhelmed but the sheer awesomeness.
Char the god Saintelus
Char the god Saintelus:
This song make me feel like thor
kiiro tenshi
kiiro tenshi:
“What? Are you scared of a little lightning?”
*”I am not overly fond of what follows”*
Loki's expression said he knew about thor's true power😟
The Freaking TEA
The Freaking TEA:
I felt so bad during the end credits when he said “I feel like everything’s gonna turn out fine” and then thanos kills all his people
When Odin says "You are Stronger" Thor rises again.

Whenever my father tells me, "you're doing good kid" that part, that little part of my life is called Happyness. A father's appreciation is more than anything.
2:16 Look at how smug Loki is. He's prob thinking something like,"Hah, y'all are SO screwed now"
People always commend Taika Waititi for the humor of this film, but not nearly enough for the imagery. This scene of Thor coming down on a wave of lightning as the soldiers pile up to reach him, and the scene of the Valkyrie attacking Hela are some of the most spectacular images in the entire mcu. They look like renaissance paintings!
Nik Houlette
Nik Houlette:
"I'm not doing get help" yeah, like that was gonna work against hela 🤣🤣
How I feel when playing with Thor in Marvel's Avengers
prasanna joshi
prasanna joshi:
Some may call him god of thunder, some may call him lord of thunder, even odin can call him god of hammer,
But we all know he is “god of entrance”
Mykayla Ward
Mykayla Ward:
Love Loki’s face at 2:15
He’s just there like ahah yesss finally freakin lee little brother
Edward Moua
Edward Moua:
“If you’re nothing without your Hammer then you shouldn’t have it”

-Homecoming Reference
Director went nuts.. Such a powerful scene when he sees his father one last time 💖