Ticketmaster's secret scalper program exposed

CBC went undercover at a Las Vegas ticket scalper conference to learn more about Ticketmaster's secret scalper program. Read more about the investigation here: https://www.cbc.ca/1.4828535

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39 komentarze:

CBC News
CBC News:
Ticketmaster has since responded to the CBC News investigation. You can get the details here: https://youtu.be/NqLQqrVyZbc ^cb
Stella Bar
Stella Bar:
I always thought there was something fishy with ticketmaster. It’s like a mob organization now.
Kevin Mas
Kevin Mas:
Ticketmaster is an illegal monopoly
What a shame!!! They should investigate and punish. How can Ticketmaster use legal cover up to scam people????
Ashley P
Ashley P:
Those are some pretty sketchy business practices.
David Ellis
David Ellis:
Since I was a teenager in Los Angeles in the 70's this has gone on. Front row center? Or centre! Forget about it. The scam goes on. You lose.
Scalping will continue as long as people are willing to pay the inflated prices.
Kimberley Tran
Kimberley Tran:
I know this isnt marketplace but it's a whole lot like it. I live for this stuff. Thank you!!
Liz and Dave’s Adventures
Liz and Dave’s Adventures:
And this is why I don’t go to concerts anymore.
This is the very reason I don't get to any concerts, and I sure as heck am not paying a huge resale price no matter how badly I would want to go to a show.
That said there is more than enough folks that simply can and will pay the price regardless of the obvious scam.
banana aya playa
banana aya playa:
11 slimy​ greedy scalpers disliked this video lmao
Scott Parr
Scott Parr:
I don't understand why the artists who would tout their love for fans would ever allow this company to sell tickets for them. It is they who have the power to put a stop to this. Why don't they? A selec few used to do so but that has generally stopped. I suspect they make bucks off it in some way also.
Ticketmaster categorically denies these allegations! Take their word for it. They wouldn't hurt a fly. And they wouldn't help scalpers obtain tickets before you have a chance to, thus making you pay double what you otherwise would have had to pay and then take their commission fee/service charge again, thus doubling their gross commissions. No, they'd never do that!
Stick the hall of shame guy on them
Wow finally something interesting from the CBC.
If ticketmaster can’t win against the scalp war, join em, and get a cut of the business. Seems pretty sketchy...
Richard Upyurass
Richard Upyurass:
95% of tickets should be only useable by original buyer. I've been to shows that you had to have the credit card that was used and it worked fine
Steph anie
Steph anie:
Winter Tarzan Jagrup
Winter Tarzan Jagrup:
It's a good thing that i don't care about concerts or sporting events .
Tequila D'killa
Tequila D'killa:
Why do we have top legislate morality these days?
Brandon from Kentucky
Brandon from Kentucky:
There is one guy in Lexington KY that has a lot of employees that are all scalpers and work for him for the Kentucky basketball and football games.
it's the premium seats too
Luis Calvo
Luis Calvo:
do you know how to use the phone to buy tickets in ticketmaster before internet ?
My first Concert was in 2001 my last concert was in 2013 I've gone to concerts in Toronto, Ohio, Quebec and I've gone to a small one in Fort Lauderdale I have noticed a huge increase in ticket sales sine my first concert. I paid $150 and my last real concert that I went to was in Vegas actually, we paid $300 for the show each of us which was 3 people. Not only do I feel ripped off by Ticketmaster anytime I want to go and see a concert like Pink or Kelly Clarkson, the prices are just unreal even for Lady Gaga my friend paid over $1,000 for two tickets on the floor and they weren't even front row. I once paid $80 plus tax for a show in Montreal in 2007 and I didn't get it from a scalper. I got it from a fan club but even that you have to sign up to be a fan club member on the band's website plus pay the ticket price, your accommodations for travel, merchandise that you want to buy and also many Hotel expenses. Then there's VIP if you want to meet the band which is an extra 300 to 500 bucks. How fair is that? Talk to BSB or nkotb fans about being ripped off by Ticketmaster.
In Canada, before Ticketmaster we had Select-a-Seat, and before that we had ATO (Eaton's Attraction Ticket Office) and CBO (Canadian (Hudson's) Bay Office. In other words, there WAS competition in the 1980s. 1990s was Select-a-Seat.

Ticketmaster is high level organized criminal organization. No government sends 'em to jail time because I'll bet that Ticketmaster pays off our politicians with FREE tickets.
Point Aveugle
Point Aveugle:
I'd rather have no ability to resell my tickets than pay quadruple to centuple the asking price. Sites that resell tickets should be fined and penalized heavily to stop this abuse.
Brent G
Brent G:
It's simple. Stop buying tickets to all events.
Within a year, Ticketmaster, celebrities, athletes, sports owners, etc. Will be shitting bricks.
Luis Calvo
Luis Calvo:
the cofece already investigate ocesa ticketmaster mexico
Dave Rivers
Dave Rivers:
There will always be people gaming every system. Hanging out at the edges, pushing unenforced laws. Cops can't cover every angle: the money isn't there to stop this, and once you jump jurisdictions, you're Scott free.
Point Aveugle
Point Aveugle:
Ticketmaster only cares about helping scalpers and getting service fees. They listed an event that was cancelled and offered no compensation when a resale ticket was bought. Should of never supported a scalper, but this band is never in America so I felt like I had to. Never using them again, rude and avaricious.
Luis Calvo
Luis Calvo:
inxs tickets in ticketmaster mexico ocesa
Peak capitalism. Beat the competition. Monopolised and destroy any new upstarts. Is that wrong?
why would entertainer use ticketmaster
Joseph Neville
Joseph Neville:
why would ticketmaster get rid of the accounts doesnt make any financial sense the scalpers help them get double the amount of fees that they otherwise wouldnt have gotten
Funny. Pretty sure every single event ticket I ever bought had the words "non-transferrable" on it. So how is it that Ticketmaster is willing to host a "ticket reselling" feature on its website...?
Adam Romero
Adam Romero:
The bigger crime is Bruno Mars
Leif Harmsen
Leif Harmsen:
Every other commodity on Earth can be sold at the highest price the market will bear, including necessities like food and basic housing. What's the big deal buying and selling tickets vs. say stocks, options, tomatoes or anything else? Anti scalping laws ultimately protect the richest people against artists they "love".
just don't buy their ticket, see what will happen to them.