Ticketmaster Tips & Tricks | How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Cheap

Some of the tips and tricks I've learned recently for getting the best concert seats for the cheapest prices including how you should prepare for purchasing tickets on release day, and how the waiting room and queue work.

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T R:
Thank you for sharing your ticketmaster tricks! I haven’t bought concert tickets since 2015 so I didn’t realize how much has changed since and it will really help me out in the future. It’s crazy how some concerts are really over priced, I remember when concerts used to be decently priced in 2012, 2013, 2014 and nowadays it’s really pricey.
Mia Rivera
Mia Rivera:
i’m preparing just in case one direction announces a tour for their 10 years
Great video! How do you check the ticket prices for each seating section prior to the on sale date? My show goes on sale in a few days and TM is not showing any prices yet…
Naddadi TV
Naddadi TV:
That doesn't apply really for BTS tickets cause it's like a war. You should be on the ticketmaster page waiting at least 2 or 3 jours before or you will be from the last ones To get there and wont have your tickets
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy:
That was awesome. As a fellow Ticketmaster nerd, I agree with just about everything you say! Thanks!
35 minutes before Shawn tickets go on sale. Thank you so much for your tips!!❤️
Damali Asase
Damali Asase:
So much of your info put my heart at ease! Thank you!
Pablo Mollá
Pablo Mollá:
3:45 > Habla de la cola virtual o 'waiting room'. Se abre unos 10 minutos antes de que se pongan a la venta las entradas y te asigna aleatoriamente un turno, sin importar tu hora de ingreso, pero tengo que estar 10 minutos antes con todos los dispositivos posibles y con la cuenta y la tarjeta metida en ellos.
Hannah Lotus
Hannah Lotus:
Jessica you are very sweet and smart and helpful, thanks for taking the time to make a video like this 🌷
sammie Woodworth
sammie Woodworth:
Do you have any tips on how to get closer seats if you are up way high?
Mrtza P. V. O
Mrtza P. V. O:
me watching this before bad bunny tickets come out
A G:
You know more about Ticketmaster than Ticketmaster does
Evelyn Cee
Evelyn Cee:
Have you done flex pay? If so, can you explain . Please and thanks
T Duron
T Duron:
Hi! In the thumbnail, you showed the tickets you purchased, and I would like to know how do you get tickets like that from ticketmaster. Will I have to request the mail option in order to have pretty tickets like those or do they give them to you when you arrive at the event?
Aziz El Ruler
Aziz El Ruler:
Thank you your information was so helpful
Daniel Mercado
Daniel Mercado:
Thank you that was very helpful ☺️
Cultural Decadence and Ethical Pestilence
Cultural Decadence and Ethical Pestilence:
The best way to get free tickets is to have your step father as the founder of Ticketmaster. My cousin milked this situation for everything it was worth during the 1980's when he got several dozen free front row tickets for him and his friends.
Damali Asase
Damali Asase:
How much is the service fee/tax for tix on ticketmaster usually? Is it normally kind of expensive? How much have you paid for a tax/service fee if you don't mind my asking? 🙈
Robert Pires
Robert Pires:
hi would you say the ticketmaster website on phone or app is better to get high demand tickets on?
Amara Woolery
Amara Woolery:
I bought tickets for Shawn Mendes and literally 2 days after, the tix went on sale for half of what I paid.
Trying to go to MCRMK, sale is in 2 days
Wish me luck! 😬😬

Edit: also this video was really helpful, thanks!🖤
Valerie C
Valerie C:
thank you for this video!
Emma Hirsch
Emma Hirsch:
If Ticketmaster crashes should I stay on the error page or refresh?
literally thank you for this
Yuliet Pineda
Yuliet Pineda:
How are standard tickets shipped and how long did it take for yours to be shipped??:))
Adelaide Mills
Adelaide Mills:
Now I have good tickets for Harry Styles!!
v_emily 91
v_emily 91:
Ahhh I’m using this video for the Louis Tomlinson tour!!!! I’m going to buy the tickets tomorrow!!!
Veronica Morales
Veronica Morales:
Me wanting to get bad bunny tickets on presale 🥺
Solo LEF
Solo LEF:
how do you know when the tickets will be on sale ?
Christian C
Christian C:
Do you know if ticket master sells tickets like a month before a concert comes or like it says it’s sold out but it surprisingly comes out with more tickets
Antonio Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez:
Trying to get Los Bukis tickets on presale in Oakland 👍🏼
Katie 🇮🇪
Katie 🇮🇪:
How do you get an idea of the prices? It won't let me into the presales and I'm under 16 so my mom is buying them and she kinda wants a rough idea of the prices its for a Harry concert btw
My barcode won’t come up on my tickets what do I do?😭
Kimberly Lopez
Kimberly Lopez:
So you can be on multiple devices but you can only be signed into one ?
Say I’m feeling light headed and just need some air, would I be able to leave and come back or no? I plan on buying the assigned seat option and just wanna make sure
Alejandra Chávez
Alejandra Chávez:
I bought 5sos tickets and choose the cheapest because I didn’t have money at the time that I bought them, but know I have enough money for good tickets and now I don’t know what to do because I want to upgrade them but don’t want to loose the other ones
Sarah O'Connor
Sarah O'Connor:
Hi quick question, I am planning on purchasing two tickets on ticketmaster but I'm just wondering if I buy two are they both in my name?
degan pattison
degan pattison:
Do you know if Rogers Centre releases tickets for the day of the event?
Literally every other comment here is for Louis or Harry lmao. And I'm just watching this for fun because I didn't get tickets for this tour. Now I'mma prepare myself for the tour of their next albums haha
Princess Nebres
Princess Nebres:
I have one question how do you get your ticket do ticket master deliver it?
watching for the weeknd's tickets!
thomas baltus
thomas baltus:
i’m preparing just in case one direction announces a tour for their 10 years
Hi do you know the best seats in Scotiabank arena in the 300's?
jairo avila
jairo avila:
I bought tickets for the camellia cabello tour for 2020 and it says your tickets will be ready in like a good amount of days. plus the concert is in August
Hey, idk if you will read this, but I am unsure about some things:
I want to buy tickets for a London show and it says that the presale is happening through Ticketmaster. Will I be ok to only make an account for the .com website? I tried creating an account on the .uk website, but because I am from Italy I of course can not type in my italian adress. They want me to have an adress in England. So will the .com site be ok?
thanks for all the tips in your video! :)
Watching for twice in Atlanta!!!
Watching this before tickets for the Weeknd go on sale
I’m heat after seeing the prices for HSLOT 😫
me being here hoping that one day, i'll be able to buy tickets to a concert of hailee steinfeld. Does anyone knows when and where hailee has a concert, goes on tour or has like a fan meeting? Like where does she announce it? Where can I buy tickets for concert of her?
I am so stressed, it's the first time I want to buy tickets and I'm so scared I don't get any
It's for louis tomlinson btw
alice isobel smith
alice isobel smith:
Preparing for Louis tickets tomorrow!!
Alexia Zarai
Alexia Zarai:
Hey, so I bought tickets for section 104, row 13, seat 13 but I have no idea if this is a good seat? Can anyone help? I heard it’s the back of the stage 😭
Alena Blanco
Alena Blanco:
Hey quick question! How many tickets can you buy?
Mia Carter
Mia Carter:
I just want that little man to walk faster through that queue! Thats the worst part~!
can i print the tickets or do they have to deliver them to me
I’m here because finally Monsta X is coming to Toronto
The Rolling Stones 2020 VANCOUVER! I am going to make this happen!
Preparing for Eric Nam tickets 😭
maddi chamberlin
maddi chamberlin:
how long did it take for your tickets to arrive to your house?
ally marie
ally marie:
Thank you
get into it
get into it:
do the tickets come with the artist visible on the envelope? im buying tix for my mom and dont want her to see
Me watching this the day twice tickets go live
I got general pre sale for bts’ concert in Dallas but like it’s my first time and I’m so confused 🤧😔
Senate Transportation Services DC
Senate Transportation Services DC:
Book your round trip car service to your upcoming concert with Senate Transportation Service in your local city.
I want Melanie Martinex Tickets and there aren't many left and on melanies site there all sold out and my mom only trust ticketmaster soo and the concerts in 7-8 days

The reason i didnt get it earlier is because I thought it was Sold Out
how do you get the physical tickets?
Cynthia Calle
Cynthia Calle:
Do prices go up after presale ?
this came into my recommendations after the tickets for mcr sold out ;(
jette liv
jette liv:
do i have to join the waiting room? what happens if i don´t?
Preston Plummer
Preston Plummer:
me watching this to prepare for when taylor swift release tour dates 👁👄👁
here preparing for the sour tour
Maria Equine
Maria Equine:
Don’t mind me just watching this for the Harry styles tickets tomorrow
Mr Minerduck
Mr Minerduck:
Preparing for Olivia Rodrigo Sour tour
mina banana
mina banana:
la onces dont get twice tix those r for me thanks! <3
Mike Arcuri
Mike Arcuri:
Presale tickets are never the best available. It is a scam. Wait til after presale and better tickets will be available.
Can't wait for Ariana's!!!!
adriana rubio
adriana rubio:
anyone getting tickets for DPR????
tickets go on sale on the 15th 😭😭 i’m sooo nervous!! IM TRYING TO GET VIP!! fingers crossed i get the tickets i want ❤️❤️❤️ tysm for the tips!
Kadiatou Diallo
Kadiatou Diallo:
Is there an age restriction for GA PIT in the US?
Watching this for joji tickets 🥹
me watching a bunch of these videos after seeing that mcr is going on tour
b r o o k l y n
b r o o k l y n:
here for harry tickets!!
Avery Snyder
Avery Snyder:
Not me watching this for billies concert 🎵
yes im watching this for madisons tour
jasmijn verburg
jasmijn verburg:
Preparing for Billie eilish tickets tomorrow
Mary Burke
Mary Burke:
Who’s here for billie eilish 2022?
Edit: I got tickets 🥺❤️🙏
Giselle Huaman
Giselle Huaman:
who else is here for bad bunny tickets 🤝
Harmonee Atcheson
Harmonee Atcheson:
@Jessica Kehlani how can I win tickets
babymochi lachimolala
babymochi lachimolala:
I'm watching this because justin bieber is having a world tour next and it's going to be my first concert ahhhhhhhh
Rachel Blancarte
Rachel Blancarte:
me watching this before Olivia Rodrigo tickets come out
Gracie 🦋
Gracie 🦋:
Here for Harry styles tickets 😭🕯
Midwest Friday
Midwest Friday:
Watching this for girl in red 👀❤️
Poke World4all
Poke World4all:
Guys after buying the tickets will they deliver it to us or wat shld we do pls reply
Naomi Davila
Naomi Davila:
Me trying to get Billie eilish 2022
im here for the billie eilish tour YALL AKBAKFNWKSN 2022 GON BE AMAZING
Citlalli Alfaro
Citlalli Alfaro:
I need to get bad bunny tickets.
it's the night before tyler the creator tickets go on sale to public and here i am watching this video at 1am
me watching this before harry styles tickets go on sale
don’t mind me just watching this before BTS tix go on sale
Gabriela Alavuk
Gabriela Alavuk:
me hoping ill get louis tomlinson tickets for his 2022 tour
trying to get christina aguilera tickets for scarborough