Ticketmaster Tips & Tricks | How to Get the Best Concert Tickets Cheap

Some of the tips and tricks I've learned recently for getting the best concert seats for the cheapest prices including how you should prepare for purchasing tickets on release day, and how the waiting room and queue work.

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Shayla Vo
Shayla Vo:
2020 bts tour
Naddadi TV
Naddadi TV:
That doesn't apply really for BTS tickets cause it's like a war. You should be on the ticketmaster page waiting at least 2 or 3 jours before or you will be from the last ones To get there and wont have your tickets
El Acido
El Acido:
You know more about Ticketmaster than Ticketmaster does
when you have school and mcr tickets are going on sale
Amara Woolery
Amara Woolery:
I bought tickets for Shawn Mendes and literally 2 days after, the tix went on sale for half of what I paid.
im mbb
im mbb:
I’m here because finally Monsta X is coming to Toronto
Trying to go to MCRMK, sale is in 2 days
Wish me luck! 😬😬

Edit: also this video was really helpful, thanks!🖤
Watching this before tickets for the Weeknd go on sale
Esmy YT
Esmy YT:
My Chemical Romance here I come 👊
Adelaide Mills
Adelaide Mills:
Now I have good tickets for Harry Styles!!
Happy DisneyParks
Happy DisneyParks:
Thank you for sharing your ticketmaster tricks! I haven’t bought concert tickets since 2015 so I didn’t realize how much has changed since and it will really help me out in the future. It’s crazy how some concerts are really over priced, I remember when concerts used to be decently priced in 2012, 2013, 2014 and nowadays it’s really pricey.
hi would you say the ticketmaster website on phone or app is better to get high demand tickets on?
angel can0
angel can0:
this came into my recommendations after the tickets for mcr sold out ;(
kiara moonlights
kiara moonlights:
Here for BTS in Rotterdam
Ruby X
Ruby X:
Anyone here for one direction possible reunioonnn...;)
Samantha Woodworth
Samantha Woodworth:
Do you have any tips on how to get closer seats if you are up way high?
me watching a bunch of these videos after seeing that mcr is going on tour
Princess Nebres
Princess Nebres:
I have one question how do you get your ticket do ticket master deliver it?
BillieGrande Com
BillieGrande Com:
I want Melanie Martinex Tickets and there aren't many left and on melanies site there all sold out and my mom only trust ticketmaster soo and the concerts in 7-8 days

The reason i didnt get it earlier is because I thought it was Sold Out
literally thank you for this
Hannah Vaughn
Hannah Vaughn:
Jessica you are very sweet and smart and helpful, thanks for taking the time to make a video like this 🌷
Valerie Chagoya
Valerie Chagoya:
thank you for this video!
Jimin! Jimin! Jiminie!
Jimin! Jimin! Jiminie!:
My barcode won’t come up on my tickets what do I do?😭
Dayanne Rosales
Dayanne Rosales:
I got general pre sale for bts’ concert in Dallas but like it’s my first time and I’m so confused 🤧😔
The Rolling Stones 2020 VANCOUVER! I am going to make this happen!
Kimmy L
Kimmy L:
So you can be on multiple devices but you can only be signed into one ?
Evelyn Cee
Evelyn Cee:
Have you done flex pay? If so, can you explain . Please and thanks
Mia Carter
Mia Carter:
I just want that little man to walk faster through that queue! Thats the worst part~!
jairo avila
jairo avila:
I bought tickets for the camellia cabello tour for 2020 and it says your tickets will be ready in like a good amount of days. plus the concert is in August
Say I’m feeling light headed and just need some air, would I be able to leave and come back or no? I plan on buying the assigned seat option and just wanna make sure
Brandon Costas
Brandon Costas:
guns n roses take my money
Tea Duron
Tea Duron:
Hi! In the thumbnail, you showed the tickets you purchased, and I would like to know how do you get tickets like that from ticketmaster. Will I have to request the mail option in order to have pretty tickets like those or do they give them to you when you arrive at the event?
Is there an age restriction for GA PIT in the US?
Christian C
Christian C:
Do you know if ticket master sells tickets like a month before a concert comes or like it says it’s sold out but it surprisingly comes out with more tickets
k v
k v:
do the tickets come with the artist visible on the envelope? im buying tix for my mom and dont want her to see
jette liv
jette liv:
do i have to join the waiting room? what happens if i don´t?
RJ Alexander
RJ Alexander:
Ticketcrusader will give all password free . Been broker 20 yrs . And buying day of concert is best bet for great seats.
Floral Maddi
Floral Maddi:
how long did it take for your tickets to arrive to your house?
Samantha Muro
Samantha Muro:
Harry Stylessss
How do you get an idea of the prices? It won't let me into the presales and I'm under 16 so my mom is buying them and she kinda wants a rough idea of the prices its for a Harry concert btw
Who else here for Billie eilish tickets
Ari Cherry
Ari Cherry:
Harryween 2020
how do you get the physical tickets?
Hey, idk if you will read this, but I am unsure about some things:
I want to buy tickets for a London show and it says that the presale is happening through Ticketmaster. Will I be ok to only make an account for the .com website? I tried creating an account on the .uk website, but because I am from Italy I of course can not type in my italian adress. They want me to have an adress in England. So will the .com site be ok?
thanks for all the tips in your video! :)
can i print the tickets or do they have to deliver them to me
Shibin_ Zehan
Shibin_ Zehan:
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