Timothee Chalamet Shares Why It's "Tough to Be Alive" | E! News

"Bones and All" star Timothee Chalamet opens up about social media and why he feels the world is on the brink of "societal collapse."

Full Story: https://www.eonline.com/news/1344701/timothee-chalamet-says-its-tough-to-be-alive-now-during-discussion-on-social-media

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Timothee Chalamet Shares Why It's "Tough to Be Alive" | E! News

34 komentarze:

Ajaypal Singh
Ajaypal Singh:
1000000% agree, life is sooooo hard and difficuilt in this world, financiall problems, health problems, society problems everything.
Tashi Amaichigh
Tashi Amaichigh:
I agree with him 100%, it's incredibly difficult to come off age these days with the pressures of social media. But, it's a necessary evil, we've all just got to learn how to unplug when necessary, maybe grow thicker skins... idk if anyone has the answers to the social nedia dilemma, but it would be nice if we all at least addressed how unhealthy it is overall for mental health. I hope a balance is learned in society for everyone's sake
D Deeze
D Deeze:
He’s Sucha precious ! One of the few in this world and he’s 100% spot on the pulse - scary times indeed - I feel for the youth and the ones to follow coming through this world
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
Timothe is amazing love him he isn't wrong social media is toxic.
Dane Peplinski
Dane Peplinski:
Timothee is absolutely right about the societal collapse as well. It’s not just social media though. It’s also the major political divide with the fascists and anti fascists too. So many of us are at each others throats today.
sheila garcia
sheila garcia:
Timothee is so gorgeous. And he isn't wrong social media sucks.
Lauren Schenck
Lauren Schenck:
Poor Timothee hope he is okay I understand how feels social media can be horrible for mental health 💙
Debbie Zatterberg
Debbie Zatterberg:
I really feel for this kid..I grew up in late 50s so lucky..social media needs to rake a break.
Breanne Smith
Breanne Smith:
I'm also 26 and I've learned these last few years to not be on social media so much and I barely post anything except when I really want to share something. I think it's great to have apps like instagram to see how old friends are doing but the bad side of it is that if you stay on it too long or you follow certain accounts you'll begin to tear yourself apart and begin to hate yourself. Any type of media can do harm but social media seems to be the worst of it.
Black Jesus
Black Jesus:
I think if I didn't find my supposed "tribe" on social I wouldn't have the hope that sometimes keeps me moving. You guys are literally my tribe rn, I have no one around me that can relate or enjoy celeb news. I love that we are the most connected young generation that has ever lived. We'll do bigger thing that y'all degrade us to
He speaks truth!
Savannah Camacho PalaFox
Savannah Camacho PalaFox:
God he is just the Perfect Guy. So smart and genuine and not foolish❤❤
Kathleen Weinberg
Kathleen Weinberg:
Congratulations Timothee on your journey of your new movie 🎥🍿 I'm sure it will have lots of ratings
Verónica Cortés
Verónica Cortés:
Forget the pandemic, the climate crisis, the economy collapsing, wars; social media is what makes being alive tough! Just close your accounts and open your eyes to reality.
IYKYK 2022
IYKYK 2022:
He’s right and the sad thing is these apps main purpose is mass surveillance and marketing. What happens to young minds is just a by-product that they’re taking no accountability for.
Ella Scott
Ella Scott:
He is sweet and smart too ❤️
I don’t think society’s on the verge of collapse due to social media per-say, I mean, maybe people’s self esteem and self image, but I definitely think that the economy and how divided the country is right now-which social media has certainly played a factor in, will b the cause..
Lisa Me
Lisa Me:
Really smart boy ❣️🕊🙏
Teresa Aust
Teresa Aust:
poor kid. hope you're doing well. it's been So hard for you! feel so sorry for all that trouble 😞. being famous and rich is a heavy burden. 🕊
Bri Terry
Bri Terry:
Are we really supposed to believe it's a coincidence that Luca the same director of Call Me By Your Name was making a cannibal movie while all these allegations against Armie Hammer came out and he and Timmy had no idea? What if they're all just secretly eating people... 😫
Cristina Hualpa
Cristina Hualpa:
Timothee Chalamet is a king
Joy I
Joy I:
Timothee looks so good- his face has matured a bit and he looks very sexy. I just love this guy❤️🥰 Damn I guess I just miss him after not seeing him for some time 😆 I call Timmy the 🐐 of red carpet fashion. He ceases to disappoint me with his red carpet attire. I’m in awe always.
Linda Aposto
Linda Aposto:
Over reliance of social media is a bad way to come of age in an already complicated world. As an early 2000s kid, I long for the days of being able to play outside without feeling the temptation to update your status or checkup on other people. Parenting barely seems to exist anymore. You want your child to be quiet and get off your back? Just hand them a phone. They'll be glued for hours if you allow it. INSTAGRAM FOR KIDS? What are we doing?
Shah Decorday
Shah Decorday:
To do a movie with that content had to be hard.
D C:
WAIT. He has a movie coming out about a cannibal in 1980s…his BFF Armie Hammer is a cannibal now who’s been ruined by the socials…I see what’s happening here 👀
Lena Soreil
Lena Soreil:
Just like with anything it is up to you as adult to moderately use it
He’s a cannibal in the damn film? 💀
He seems like one of the more decent celebrities. But with that being said he then proceeds to use social media to promote his new movie after criticizing it? how interesting....
Bria Barrows
Bria Barrows:
Exactly why I just took the app off my phone
Vimbai Mamvuto
Vimbai Mamvuto:
It's funny how people slam these apps but still use them
Thee Sovreign Shannon Nicole Page
Thee Sovreign Shannon Nicole Page:
Victoria Liang Mitchell
Victoria Liang Mitchell: