Tina Turner - Tonight (With David Bowie)

Official video of Tina Turner With David Bowie performing Tonight from the album Tina: Live In Europe.
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Agata Stus
Agata Stus:
Cokolwiek by mnie nie wkurwilo Na tym swiecie - Tina and David sa w stanie mnie doprowadzic do porzadku :-)
Gevania Aquina
Gevania Aquina:
A musica linda . Tina perfeita...mais o david tava lindooooooooooooo demais .apaixonada ❤❤
Rodrigo Lima
Rodrigo Lima:
I fully understand that fan who jumped on the stage.
Catalina LM
Catalina LM:
when David appeared I cried a little he looks like a angel and then thE SMILE OHMYGOD I LOVE THIS MAN SO MUCH UGH
Jon Orlando
Jon Orlando:
I remember bringing home the "Tina Live: Private Dancer Tour" VHS video for the VCR my mother had recently purchased at my insistence. After she saw this segment, she said, "They are having sex!" Elle and Debbie, I'm thinking of you, I miss you and hope you are well. Love, J.
Чернов Александр
Чернов Александр:
Нет слов! Стильно, красиво!
Jude Victoria
Jude Victoria:
WOW! Tina and David, the chemistry between them on that stage was electrifying!
Barbara Rafa
Barbara Rafa:
I love this moment when they look at each other and smile😊
Bravo! What a lady! What a gentleman! What a performance! What a song!
Take care brothers and sisters!!!
Pied Piper
Pied Piper:
That elegant multitasking s.o.b. Kissed his fan back and didn't miss a beat. Good God he was a legend.
Audrey Sullivan
Audrey Sullivan:
Tina Turner she is such an Inspiration to a lot a tower of strength to get back up with that amazing voice love her what a woman amazing 💕💕
Christina Vines
Christina Vines:
Absolutely amazing to see let's dance from Private Dancer tour is very nice is awesome thank you Tina Turner I enjoyed Your song What's love got to do with it music video is incredible and there is the movie of that song at least I sing with Carla in school so far is marvelous day ever but is fun and interesting part though is sounds 😄 at least is enjoyable reason
I've seen David Bowie live and I've seen Tina live ( 4 times ) and I feel really privileged ... Tim :)
Linda S
Linda S:
Two legends, on the stage together. How mind blowing was that!
marcos antonio dos reis
marcos antonio dos reis:
Duas vozes extremamente belas ,musica linda.
V Dotkog
V Dotkog:
I can't believe I have watched this many times and yet I didn't realise that the lady who got on to the stage KISSED David Bowie many, many times before she was removed. That's got to be the most 'Worth It' moment of that woman's life.
Joshua Stephens
Joshua Stephens:
I never ever EVER thought I would hear Tina Turner cover an Iggy Pop song. Gotta love life sometimes.
Craig Furlow
Craig Furlow:
Jeanie Snowden
Jeanie Snowden:
You could clearly see the respect and love for each other . Friends to the end .
Tonny Pomiklo
Tonny Pomiklo:
RIP Bowie and thank you for sharing this song with the most amazing coupple in Rock´'n Roll
Ali Akka
Ali Akka:
Those legs are hot love her voice
Jamie Marsland
Jamie Marsland:
I dont care about how old tina Turner is I just think she is an amazing woman and singer and a vary beautiful woman who has spent her whole life singer around the world what a career she's had
Barbara Pelletier
Barbara Pelletier:
One of my few regrets in life is never seeing either Tina or Bowie in concert.
Justyna Hachuła
Justyna Hachuła:
It’s the most insane moments ever that he turns up Ever in history of all this ❤️💪💪
Enjie Garcia
Enjie Garcia:
Wooo! Se miran con admiración uno a otro 👏👏. Me encanta la canción, cuando ellos bailan y la fan que sube al escenario 😍
Maciej Szkudlarek
Maciej Szkudlarek:
What a dou! I remember her performance in Poland What a Power . That Energy! and David what a lovely duo!
A Jego Imię Jest Czterdzieści i Cztery=44.
Caitlin Frawley
Caitlin Frawley:
Gosh I love those 2 much! :)
This collaboration is beyond perfect, this performance is so sweet and adorable! :)
S Burnette
S Burnette:
2 of my "HERO'S"
Damn, that camera man got a little too friendly with the saxophone player here!
neven manojlovic
neven manojlovic:
Тина волим те царице <3
The bit where the fan jumps on stage, Bowie is like "haha a crazed fan"
Tina is like "SECURITY!!"
Kit Carr
Kit Carr:
Unforgettable .. The Essence of Nostalgia eh people :-)
Heather Pratt
Heather Pratt:
I love Tina Turner she reminds me of an essence of beauty and intimidation and respect all the same time for the love and respect that I have for my husband's grandchildren
dean b
dean b:
Imagine seeing such legends at the top of their game
My heart flutters every time!!
Oneta Hammond
Oneta Hammond:
Tina and David has such wonderful vocals and they look so good together.
I love it the way they are dancing together and talking to each other and laughing with each other, it's so wonderful. I would have loved to seen them together more often. David Bowie I miss you, Rest In Peace David.
steiner66 hans
steiner66 hans:
cant find words for this amazing music, so....wonderfull...and....
Anna La Barbera
Anna La Barbera:
The Duke and the Queen of Rock, are amazing
Iman was one lucky lady! But then again, so was he. I'm glad they found each other.
Eliza Bowie
Eliza Bowie:
Tina didn’t like at all when the fan appeared and hugged to David, her tina expression’s face 😂
Veronica Hislop
Veronica Hislop:
They both didn't miss a beat with the crazy fan coming up on stage
wieczny odpoczynek
wieczny odpoczynek:
Tina Turner Is my Alter ego
This energy she sends is AMAZING
I don't know whether they ever slept together, but they were close friends and had wonderful chemistry.
he is so sexy and the way he reacts to the fan who kisses him. What a legend and just so adorable.
Stephen Velez
Stephen Velez:
I love it when everything comes together just right🥰
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor:
Who else is watching this in 2019 ?
Happy BDay, Miss Tina 80 years old , What a Beautiful Blessing From Above! ❤️
David Bowie & Tina Turner had a Wonderful Friendship... ❤️
Hugo Bastos
Hugo Bastos:
Had never seen this before. Magical! ✨✨🖤🖤
natia targamadze
natia targamadze:
Emotions that they express are , I don’t know so deep and it melts my hurt
Brad Hill
Brad Hill:
Two mega stars doin it right....
Andy Edge
Andy Edge:
Different era, different class! Can you imagine that happening now?🤔
Elr James
Elr James:
Heartfelt interplay with Tina in the lead (with her powerful mezzo soprano) and David complimenting her in a gentle extra effort but still agreeably subordinate Baritone.
Rebecca Verbeeten
Rebecca Verbeeten:
I was just watching this with my 2 year old sister, and when she saw Tina's dress, guess what she said, "I like Tina dress, but where's 'Belly'?"😄
I needed this! Love them both.
alberto benelli
alberto benelli:
I never saw tina to be so happy. she has the look of love
i was crying a few minutes ago but now i can't stop smiling... this is so wonderful
Helena Hanson
Helena Hanson:
David - that voice and that smile! Unforgettable!
Two freakin huge legends !!!
TheGrape Ape
TheGrape Ape:
I dedicate this song but not the thrusting pelvis, to the entire world tonight.
Elizabeth Piper Wade
Elizabeth Piper Wade:
That's so sweet , he kissed that Fan, it was worth being dragged off i guess. WOwww
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez:
Magical chemistry !
Emma Peel
Emma Peel:
Me too! Need a little Tina & David to cheer up in this post election whatever it is.
Giancarlo Bertetti
Giancarlo Bertetti:
David Bowie!! What a gentleman!!!’ I adore you Bowie!!
David Dunderdale
David Dunderdale:
There is so much happiness between them it's really sweet!!
gustavo algusto do nascimento
gustavo algusto do nascimento:
Grande tina Turner maravilhosa linda música perfeita saudades desse tempo que não volta mais saudades
Gouwe Ouwe Muziek
Gouwe Ouwe Muziek:
You can find this song and many others at www.GouweOuweMuziek.nl!
Adrian D.
Adrian D.:
Every time when I watch this I smile
Donald Kitching
Donald Kitching:
Phenomenal, out of this world performance and musical composition which I could listen to tonight and every night.
With Bowie gone and Turner retired I always think of that Stevie Nicks' line..."there are so very few stars left..."
sandra del valle
sandra del valle:
Que hermoso, los dos, dos grande de la música, y quedará como un bello recuerdo de ambos.
Love the love between these two remarkable talents x
Sophie Louise Roberts
Sophie Louise Roberts:
Omg when David got tackled by a fan IM CRYING
John Kraken
John Kraken:
This is so dam emotional..tears 😭 for all
Love it, but still prefer Iggy Pops rough version of this romantic spooky drug-song.
Nuwan Silva
Nuwan Silva:
What a duet...chemistry perfect
Love this song, these 2 are an amazing duo bless them both 🙏🌷💖
This was when music was singng
Lucas Meijer
Lucas Meijer:
Everything will be alright,I will see you in the sky Tonight!Rest in peace David.
💕❤💕😘😘😘😘🎺🎷🎸 من اجمل واروع اغاني الزمن الجميل والفن الراقي والصوت المميز والجيل الذهبي عمالقة الفن الجميل تينا ترنر
I'd a gone absofu****apeshit if I'd been in that audience. What a freaking treat!!!
ok I want a time machine ...and I want it now!!!!
VKY 20 🛩 TNTA 🎼 👍
william vilarins
william vilarins:
I do not get tired of seeing , charm , elegance , love much love... RIP David
Still the best male/female duet....so much chemistry!!
Michał Giedrojć
Michał Giedrojć:
Sing and dance with Tina Turner and everybody likes it just imagine:)
Jp JeePee
Jp JeePee:
iggi .... count me in im 39 and still enjoy 2 great artists
Helena Hanson
Helena Hanson:
Iggi, I am watching it in 2020. The regal voice of David and incredible Tina. I miss this kind of performance in 2020. yah...
Oh God, the look of horror on Tina´s face at 3:04, like "Help!" ...and David is just keeping his cool and does the perfect thing giving that fan a kiss before she gets dragged off stage.
Jadwiga Chudzicka
Jadwiga Chudzicka:
The biggest classic of the best edition what I ever heard in our history
EightyOne SkillZ
EightyOne SkillZ:
Tina in her 70's rocks more than any one of the girls today !!! Tina is the Queen of Rock & Roll and David is awesome R.I.P
Damaris González
Damaris González:
Maravillosos, amo esta canción y el dueto.
Justyna Ładysz
Justyna Ładysz:
Tak, 2020. I love them, still nad again.
dixie doos
dixie doos:
Tina and David wow such chemistry
Teresa G.Barrajón
Teresa G.Barrajón:
I loved so much their little dancing together during the saxo impro. Oh, Tina and David... two big big big bigs!
Brigitte Grimm
Brigitte Grimm:
David with the one million dollar smile - amazing
Mapi Cortés
Mapi Cortés:
Qué buenooop lo miro siempre bendiciones gracias Tina Turner y a Vos David BoWi qué artista está en el cielo Se lo ganó porque era y sigue siendo el mismo Arriba en el cielo y aquí lo vemos siempre Namaste abrazo bendiciones gracias
Clara Patricia Poblete
Clara Patricia Poblete:
Que voz de esta Mujer....maravillosa!!
Patry Perez
Patry Perez:
Bellísimos y supertalentosos!!!🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏👏👏
The Flash Reformas
The Flash Reformas:
A mulher invadindo o palco foi engraçado 😁