Tito Ortiz Talks Jenna Jameson & His Drug-Addicted Parents (Highlight)

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In this episode highlight of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson interviews UFC fighter Tito Ortiz.

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100+ komentarze:

Jeff Haskins
Jeff Haskins:
I've got a lot more respect for Tito now. Great interview.
Critical Tweaker
Critical Tweaker:
I'm rooting for you Tito. My dad raised both my sister and I. My mom was an unfit mother as well and just like you my dad got custody of us. You can do this. Be well!😎👍
ChefG Romano
ChefG Romano:
My brother went to high school with Tito and I met him a few times. He’s super nice in person. I wish him all the best!!!
Great interview. From one dad to another, much respect Tito. Always keep the kids as your primary focus and things will work out.
Good seeing this side of him, glad he's doing well.
Logan Green
Logan Green:
This is easily Tito’s best interview. He comes off as a likeable guy...
Positive and inspirational interview with a real human being, unlike the majority you bring in who appears to have been picked from the asylum.
I'm happy for Tito. He was so much fun to watch in the UFC and to see him now succeeding and being happy is awesome.
D MaK:
This gave me a completely different sense of who Tito is. Went through what he went through and became a true man, much respect my guy.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Didn't like him back in the day, but he is a great father, so much respect for him.
A day in the life
A day in the life:
I really feel a brotherly love for Tito. Ex gladiators know whats up in the world.
nothing sacred but the benjies anymore.
nothing sacred but the benjies anymore. :
A guy like Tito deserves all the happiness that life has to offer. A great guy.
Tito Ortiz is amazing, a good example of what a famous person should be
Rama Lama
Rama Lama:
This is a very interesting man.......never judge a book by the cover........great interview, great questions........even better answers by Tito........peace and love to the Ortiz family!
Mark Hamrick
Mark Hamrick:
Always thought Tito was the best coach on UFC's 'Ultimate Fighter'. Really seemed to care and work w/them at his own place. Great interview!👍🙏
Exit Wound
Exit Wound:
OMG I love this interviewer! Not shy, diplomatic, or PC at all in his questioning...just blunt and to the point. And Tito is surprising coherent here.
Yuri Petrov
Yuri Petrov:
A tough early life but he persevered. Great interview
Who would ever have thought that a meeting between Tito and Jesse could have been so genuine, successful and enjoyable ?! Dibs to both men.
Moved 2 Bitchute
Moved 2 Bitchute:
Unlike the silver spoon SJW's, Tito actually had a rough ass childhood, made some mistakes, but still came out of it a great man.
“Sooo... you were lookin at porn”

“NO! I wasn’t!”

🙄 sure Tito
Rene Morales
Rene Morales:
Great interview, Tito is a UFC legend .
Kenny Mars
Kenny Mars:
Good for Tito, I dumped my psychopath ex and I'm paying big for it for 8.5 years but it's still worth it. So many psychotic women out there, I'll stay alone.
Jack Flexington
Jack Flexington:
Man, respect for Tito, I didn't know any of that stuff about him.
The thing about Tito's story is that he is grateful to his mom for saving his life, yeah I get that but I mean she was the one who created your life and raised you in the environment she did with the father she did and allowed you to be in a gang to begin with.
Harvey Freebird
Harvey Freebird:
This changed how I thought of Tito for the better...good interview
Central Avenue
Central Avenue:
And this is why we LOVE TITO - all man all humble - great interview
Great interview! I tend to wanna fix the problem, learning how to let go and let God! I mean really! Especially difficult when it’s someone close to you a kid or a spouse, someone you love as you are watching them destroy themselves! I’ve played to role of the enabler it doesn’t help them or you. My mother was an enabler totally I guess I learned it from her but I believe she helped my siblings destroy themselves with that. She would swear up and down yelling it’s my son, daughter I’m not gonna turn my back on them as long as I live as the police and fire department had been called to some incident involving one of us and drugs or alcohol! The joke between me and my younger brother was that mom would give my sister money and say to her here sweetie that’s so you can go get a 40 oz of beer and a rock of crack! How sweet! Even if she didn’t say that mom would give her the money knowing what it was for! You gotta have balls sometimes if you really want to help them!! My brother and I and one sister made it out thanks to The Lord! God bless you all!!
Nobody wants to credit him with this, but he's the first UFC superstar that became a household name and did a lot toward popularizing the sport. I met him twice and he's always seemed like a decent guy. He was even one of the refs for my first fight.
Patricia Hicks
Patricia Hicks:
Wow! Must respect for Tito! Thank God you saved tour children!
Brian Mcwilliams
Brian Mcwilliams:
Im not a big Tito fan. But I respect the father that he is. He loves his kids and you can see it.

Good for you Tito
Anna Lexi
Anna Lexi:
*_I love ❤️ Jenna, but I love ❤️ Tito a lot too.. He’s a really good guy inside & out!!_*
Great Interview my opinion of Tito has Completely changed after hearing is life story I'm sure many of us can Relate to his Life God Bless you All Stay Safe and close to God
Paul D
Paul D:
I never knew that Tito was such a good dude. Solid interview.
Marvin Pitman
Marvin Pitman:
Great interview. Jesse and Tito, thank you!
Mis Fit
Mis Fit:
Respect to Tito. On my prayer list
Thank you Reverend Jesse, you signed my book, From Rage to Responsibility at a Christian conference with Dr. Larry Bates in Denver.
Cuban Jorge
Cuban Jorge:
I find it incredible that Tito never judged JJ - seems like a good man.
Canned Nolan
Canned Nolan:
Good for Tito. Liked this interview.
Sean Belknap
Sean Belknap:
Totally respect any man that steps up and takes care of there kids ..all other stuff aside tito earned respect for that
D'yer Maker
D'yer Maker:
He's a good dude. I hope Jenna is doing great now.
Vince Garza
Vince Garza:
Damn poor guy paid so much monthly in nannies that he can't even afford a pair of socks..
A Ramos
A Ramos:
I became a Tito fan after this interview!
Sam Coon
Sam Coon:
Love or hate him, he is human. We've all made mistakes and none of us are perfect. So when all of you that are wondering why he made the choices that he has, maybe this is news to you but that's what an adult does. They make choices and decisions. I'd really like to meet any of you that has always made the right decision.
Davey Cloutier
Davey Cloutier:
Jesse you use to be going straight to the good question! :) I love you man
fred smith
fred smith:
Tito`s a Topman, much respect Sir.
Marcus Compton
Marcus Compton:
People always put Tito down and I'm not really sure why. The man has done so much with his life!!
Gibran Saliba
Gibran Saliba:
Phenomenal and beautiful interview.
The Inventions of Megsy
The Inventions of Megsy :
WOW thank you for your honesty Tito
Beki T
Beki T:
He’s so handsome, charming & well spoken. Wow he’s had a rough life.
I have a lots of respect for Mr. Ortiz. wow.
Aleksandar Mesarovic
Aleksandar Mesarovic:
WOW I was always imagining him as total idiot. Now I see that he is a great person. All respect!
Yiargman The wholeshot
Yiargman The wholeshot:
Tito is a stand up dude!
Tito seems to be a nice guy.  he's a great dad
h uber
h uber:
I hope Tito Ortiz has learned his lesson ! Never buy a used up car who has had too many owners, because a car that has many previous owners is a bad investment!
I have respect for Tito for taking custody of his kids. Jameson has gone completely off the rails. That woman is nuts.
joey marteenez
joey marteenez:
This guy is a good interviewer. Asks good questions , knows when to listen and not talk. Listens and not interrupts, but...... he really needs speech and grammar lessons. Im not talking shit or making fun.. im just saying...Hes got a talent . Just needs to fine tune his speech .. thats all
ZeketheFreaKk 21Savage
ZeketheFreaKk 21Savage:
8:39 tito says his friend getting carried away in a body bag interviewer says amazing 😂😂😂
Shadow Artist
Shadow Artist:
$20,000 a month for a nanny job? I've been in the wrong field.
I feel happy for Tito but would've love to see the Wordsmith Tito in this interview.
Funny how he bashes the ex for being a drug addict, yet he was dui and an alcoholic...
Jenna is 6 years clean and doing great it seems. I hope they can come to an agreement in the future because the boys do have a half sister they've never met. Tito I commend him for being a great dad and solid dude. 💜
Adam Boyle
Adam Boyle:
Tito is a real stand up guy
God told me. I heard that you should not judge other's from their past. I tried to get an girlfriend off from drug's because I knew it would hurt them. The only problem is that they don't see it. Gotta let them go suffer.
testicular oxide
testicular oxide:
Tough brother there... Inside and out... Badass asf! Thank you for sharing, JLP!
Mike 67
Mike 67:
Good for you tito I too am a single father raised two girls big props I hunt and fish with a couple of guys you went to school with they say your are a stand up guy I believe it good luck
Jenna perhaps reminded him of his dysfunctional childhood life.
Cainon X
Cainon X:
People can talk shit about Tito but the guy grinded his ass off to get where he's at.
Jimi Jam
Jimi Jam:
Ya now when your hitting rock bottom when you go on a show like this
A P:
Tito: I feel like wearing 2 different socks today.
Chael: Ok great
Luis Flores
Luis Flores:
This guy does better interviews and the patient gets better results than Dr. Phil.
Miss Pipeliner
Miss Pipeliner:
So much love and respect from Ohio for Tito!
Bartek Rutkowski
Bartek Rutkowski:
He's a great guy.
Raichu Raichu
Raichu Raichu:
This dude got punched in the face for a living and fought some straight killers, and can still talk like a well spoken gentleman. That is impressive on it's own.

Nate can barely be understood anymore, yes hes is basically indestructible but your brain can only take so much
Villa Drifft
Villa Drifft:
Tito is word smithing to the highest of levels
Justin Draeger
Justin Draeger:
I love the way Jesse Peterson comes off as a little condescending or insulting but it's in such a way, he seems like he doesn't know any better so the person he is interviewing just goes along with it. Lol
bill myke
bill myke:
Now why would a man who has the power of choice go with a woman like that I'll never understand. He has Jimi Hendrix level of choice for all intents and purposes yet he chose her...
Can't say I enjoyed watching Tito fights but the guys speaks quite well "for a fighter".
Marie Lollini
Marie Lollini:
Tito seems like an awesome, dad! What could Jenna have done for him to say she should be in prison?
Good for you Tito.
Jim Kimpton
Jim Kimpton:
Uhmazin! So good seeing Tito away from mma speaking about lifes issues. He needs to ask Chuck Liddel for forgivness, for that beating he put on him last my year!
this is pure comedy gold lmfao
Jebus Jenkins
Jebus Jenkins:
Great father great fighter!!
I think I would like to be embarrassed by dating Jenna Jameson,...please forgive me father.
Caesar Caesar
Caesar Caesar:
Great interview, but I like laughing at him for not being a wordsmith.
Eddie Maldonado
Eddie Maldonado:
Tito is the man!!
Craig Goldie
Craig Goldie:
Tito such a switched on guy was one my favourite fighters
AJ Was
AJ Was:
Tito seems like a cool ass dude
SlimJay Dizzle
SlimJay Dizzle:
Tito!!! Respect brother!!!
Great Interview Tito , GOOD LUCK‼️👍👍. Vinny 🇺🇸
Mike Donley
Mike Donley:
Was it the sex or the intelligence ?”oh the intelligence “ yah right .
Great interview.
Joe Heitz
Joe Heitz:
Jesse Lee makes me laugh!
james hilldrup
james hilldrup:
Respect Tito
Carmen Delabellemotte
Carmen Delabellemotte:
Having full custody is one thing...not letting a mother to see her children is another one...very disputable...it is so easy to put the blame on her when he did have a poor judgment in choosing a wife to start with
captain howdy
captain howdy:
You the man, Tito!
Maximus ZoroCel
Maximus ZoroCel:
Good on you Tito, You should have left that broad long time ago man. I am happy your kids are in a better place!!!
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson:
Grew up watching tedo fight. Always knew there was a reason. Ant got nothing but love for tedo and Jessie
Matthew Monsour
Matthew Monsour:
Hold your kids tight Tito! Good man!
D Ha
D Ha:
Great interview.
Playground Of Sound
Playground Of Sound:
Wow tito that is inspiring thanks for sharing friend