Tom Cruise Goes Undercover To See ‘Tenet’ At Movie Theater

Tom Cruise is having some fun across the pond. The actor shared a video on Twitter where he attends a screening of Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” in London. The star rocked a mask and looked pumped to be back at the movie theater. “Big movie. Big screen. Loved it,” he wrote.

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Tom Cruise Goes Undercover To See ‘Tenet’ At Movie Theater


100+ komentarze:

Did she just call the movie Tenay...
Knax Productions
Knax Productions:
He went to watch Tenay , Now he is going back to make Missay Impossibay
Imagine Tom Cruise in Nolan's film who is all about practical effect
Influential Beats
Influential Beats:
The narrator just called Tenet “TEN-AY” *sighs*
“Christopher Nolan’s Tennay”
Jesus lady stop trying to sound fancy it’s just tenet for god sake
David Bubar
David Bubar:
No one:
Not a single person in the history of ever:

Access: TENAY

Entire World: Facepalms
Val R
Val R:
The way you pronounced “Tenet” 😬😂
Mandeep Ray
Mandeep Ray:
I need a Tom cruise and Christopher Nolan movie.
Sujith Kumar
Sujith Kumar:
Want Tom cruise to act in a Christopher nolan movie in future
Ben Ar
Ben Ar:
no one:
that chick: Tenay
me: so you've chosen death
It’s called “Tenet” not “Tenay” it’s ok we all make mistakes but come on😂😂
Bryce Roberts
Bryce Roberts:
Ok but hmmmmmm Nolan+Zimmer+Tom Cruise sounds like a dream movie, don’t care what it would be about
Philip Godsworth
Philip Godsworth:
Damn, there’s a French version of tenet?
Chris Aguilera
Chris Aguilera:
Did she really call TENET Tenay? LOL that's hilarious. She no clue what this movie is and never heard of it and yet works for Access.
They are desperate for any movie news.
egg ?
egg ?:
“Tom is a fan of film” never would have guessed, that’s crazy.
LIVERPOOL angielski dla każdego
LIVERPOOL angielski dla każdego:
next film: Tom Cruise in a Nolan film flying a jet fighter backwards in space, while his future self rides a motorcycle in a dream 10 minutes ago.
*DUDE imagine Christopher nolan directing a mission impossible film. Holy shit the score would be amazing.*
Tom watching Tenay stunts: phhh, I can do better
Dorito Chip Gamer
Dorito Chip Gamer:
No one:

The narrator. tENeY
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf:
"Tom is really a fan of films"
Ah! You noticed. Smart!!
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
Mutaz Muhanad Hammad:
"Everyone cared who I was until I put on the mask."
Andrew Renner
Andrew Renner:
Fire this lady for calling the movie “Tenay.” That say it with a hard ‘T’ in EVERY SINGLE TRAILER. Someone doesn’t do their research...
B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel
B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel:
I’m surprised Tom Cruise hasn’t been cast in a Nolan movie.
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez:
I swear he looked like winter soldier with his mask on for a second lol
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker
Paula Dixon Insurance Broker:
Say what you will about Tom Cruise he is serious about what he does, he gives his all. Plus he loves what he does. Wow!!
Sydney Faye
Sydney Faye:
Thats so cool didnt even know he was in london😲😂
Mustlord - Guitar-based Ambient
Mustlord - Guitar-based Ambient:
Person of average intelligence: Tenet
Me, an intellectual: Tenay
Alright! Now i want a Chris Nolan directed Mission Impossible with music by Hans Zimmer! (Or Ludwig, he's amazing too).
Jason aced
Jason aced:
This man is 58 years old it’s one of the few things I can’t wrap my head around it
K A:
If I saw Tom Cruise in a movie theatre, I wouldn't be watching the movie. I'd be watching him watching the movie.
Hunter Cheun
Hunter Cheun:
It's like calling Target, Tarjay lol Tanay? jesus christ people don't overcomplicate words.
David Harrison
David Harrison:
I think this is Hollywood's equivalent to a job interview. He just wants to be in a Nolan movie xD
Gregory Harvard
Gregory Harvard:
He don't even look like he aged much!
KK A hidden gem
KK A hidden gem:
Audience watch Tom movie
Tom watches Christopher Nolan Movie😂😂
Tina Belair
Tina Belair:
I wish I could go see movie with him
Black dot
Black dot:
Incestion, Innersellar, The Dark Knife and Moment are the best Nolan's movies
Solidus Pingus
Solidus Pingus:
I think the fact that Tom went to see that movie isn't a coincidence. He must be doing his homework on a future project with nolan.
So basically Tom cruise makes movies to practice his stunts and flying skills for future movies.... Got it 👍🏽
Aby Alappat
Aby Alappat:
If I was there, I would have recognized him.
OZ jamin
OZ jamin:
“Christopher Nolan’s Te-nay”!!!!!! Yeah the new Christopher Nolan x Luc Besson blockbuster collaboration. What an idiot. 🤣

Someone send the host back to high school to get re-educated
Jeff Scherdell
Jeff Scherdell:
Ahmed Ghazwan
Ahmed Ghazwan:
Christopher Nolan's *Tenay* sounds like the Rom-Com he always wanted to make!
Broccoli Doritos
Broccoli Doritos:
That narrator voice is so incredibly annoying.
Hugo Maravilla Ortiz
Hugo Maravilla Ortiz:
I can't to see Tenay this weekend.
Philip Gichaaga
Philip Gichaaga:
I'm sorry tennay😂😂😂
LadiesMan 217
LadiesMan 217:
She’s like me giving a presentation the day it’s due and calling it...TenAye
alesha huhuhuhu
alesha huhuhuhu:
58 years old... amazing!
Shaun Herda
Shaun Herda:
Hahahaha.... Tenay!!! Great journalism work!!
Palmer Eldritch
Palmer Eldritch:
"How does that happend? I´m wearing a mask"
Well, Cameron Diaz and you had an accident, remember?
"Tenay" - my new stripper name
Hi I’m the comment section and yes, she did just pronounce it „Tenay“
Judgy Judgerton
Judgy Judgerton:
“How’s that happens? I’m wearing a mask”

Um, Tom, we’ve seen you in that kind of mask in 80% of your movies since Top Gun....the cats out of the bag buddy
Anup H.
Anup H.:
ok everyone probably pointing it out but how? how do u say it that way like it has an accent like it is a French word, hasn't she heard anyone ever pronounce it before?
The Watcher
The Watcher:
on one hand this gets me exited on the other, I remember I'm not Tom Cruise with a high end mask, private transportation, and I don't live anywhere near London....
Jerret Cain
Jerret Cain:
Tom: "How does that happen?...Im wearing a mask."

Film crew, 2 feet away:......Nothing.
Tom & Chris Nolan both are fans of practical effect and big screen movie experience. I want them to make a action-scifi movie together.
cant believe tom cruise wearing a mask, always thought he was a god
Connie Crawford
Connie Crawford:
Tom going to a regular theater!
Friendly Pup
Friendly Pup:
I have such a strange fascination and love with Tom cruise
DaVinci 3
DaVinci 3:
Are we just going to ignore the beautiful fact that Tom Cruise and the Director of the mission impossible movies hang out together casually and go to see movies together
Tom: "how does that happen I'm wearing mask"
Me: "Tom you can be identified just by your single strand of hair."😎
Vernon Hardapple
Vernon Hardapple:
"Save me, Allah
Save me, Jewish g-d,
Save me, Tom Cruise !!!"
Mark Reed
Mark Reed:
That was Christopher McQuarrie sat beside him, so must be on a break from filming MI7.
Nylon Purple
Nylon Purple:
I just searched up the pronunciation of tenet to make sure it wasn't actually Tenay
He just sent a message to Nolan. "I'm ready."
“ I’m talking scorched earth MF “ Tom cruise
meme youyou
meme youyou:
0:08 "tenay" LOL get your pronunciation right
Der Prokurist
Der Prokurist:
When you realise, Tom Cruise is wearing the same mask as you... xD
Leshaun Jenkins
Leshaun Jenkins:
Tom Cruise thank you for the years of tears and joy! he truly an Hollywood icon!!
he does look like he's cosplaying as a character from that would be in that movie
0:10 Tenay? I haven`t heard of that movie before. Is it some kind of sequel to Tenet I`m not aware of?
Man I really thought I was saying Tenet wrong.. I had to second guess myself for a min there..
Neon Light
Neon Light:
Where can I get that mask? Don't say Amazon because those are fake and I highly doubt Cruise would wear those $20 masks.
"Look everyone. The rich are doing fine, therefore everything's great!"
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown:
Heard so many alternate pronunciations of this film now: Tenant, Tennit, Tennay...
Panzer Meyer
Panzer Meyer:
I thought “Tenée” was pretty cool
Annette Diaco
Annette Diaco:
Tom curise sill gorgeous wow seeing tom in the theater
Rommel Domingo
Rommel Domingo:
Christopher Nolan's "Ten-ay". I wonder if it's short for "ten-ay-cious"
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui:
Person Siting Behind Him When he watches this Video
*My Eyes, My Eyes...*
maribel orozco
maribel orozco:
Such handsome man, I love him so much, it's a great actor, and his Colleague , Henrry Cavil, mmmmm..ahhhhh so much
Sarah B
Sarah B:
Omg I would have died with excitement if I'd of been in that cinema with Tom cruise. He's been my favourite actor ever since the 1980's. Lucky cinema goers im so jealous x
Hilarious how she couldn’t pronounce Tenet properly
José Beltrán
José Beltrán:
First Look: New Tenet Title Card. Spoiler Alert!
Thomas Joseph
Thomas Joseph:
Who else stopped watching the moment she said “Tenay”
Logan Crannell
Logan Crannell:
Pretty sure the fact that 'TENET' is a palindrome, pronounced the same in both directions, is integral to the storyline, thematically.
Me: Writing the same damn blooper comment as 90 other people
Aadil Farooqui
Aadil Farooqui:
How's that Happen, I was wearing a Mark?
*Should've Covered those Hairs of yours too*
Why is it every time I watch a video that in London, it’s gloomy dark and always raining
D. D.
D. D.:
The reporter should go bact to primary school:

Learn to pronounce
Dapo IbrahimTV
Dapo IbrahimTV:
I'd love to go see Tenaiy!❤
Apurv Kukreti
Apurv Kukreti:
That was his most dangerous action scene 🔥
This editing feels like the video is from the early 2000's
Caŷve M
Caŷve M:
for a 58 y/o he looks amazing !!
Omar Mufti
Omar Mufti:
Probably scouting his next project possibly with Chris Nolan.....
Jordan S
Jordan S:
Tenet was such a great movie but damn did some parts need a moment to understand