Tom Cruise has a sense of humor

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100+ komentarze:

Gary King
Gary King:
He is the nicest cultist you’ll ever meet
The Abcool
The Abcool:
Just think about it he’s stayed relevant for 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s and now 2020s when Tom Gun Maverick releases.
Lea Shimanek
Lea Shimanek:
This is more like “Tom Cruise being a good guest on talk shows.”
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones:
I want to hate Tom Cruise so much....but damn, that guy is charming
can't believe he's gonna be 60 in 2 years
Was he joking about his sisters friends?? Kinda sounds like he was sexually abused by his older sisters friends jesus
You say “movie star” and I think Harrison Ford, Leo DiCaprio, and Tom Cruise
Like him or hate him, he makes the best movies
It is possible to be “crazy” and really nice at the same time. I dunno why I just think that Tom Cruise is a genuinely nice guy who just happens to has a unique belief system.
I swear to you... No matter how he dresses this guy is so cool to hang out and talk or act!
Nishant Singh
Nishant Singh:
Tom Cruise the legend. They don't make movie stars like him anymore.
Maria lionn
Maria lionn:
TOOOOM CRRRRUISE ! I’ve been literally watching all of his movies.
Not a lot of people comment huh
Claire Venghaus
Claire Venghaus:
We all have to admit the man doesn't age. It's incredible.
A.S. Photography
A.S. Photography:
I love Tom Cruise. HIs movies have ALWAYS entertained me and he seems like a pretty cool dude.
Michael Goldie
Michael Goldie:
Please do not start the video with those sweater adverts. So annoying
I've enjoyed Tom Cruise's acting since Interview with the Vampire.
Max Nelson
Max Nelson:
What a casual jokester! Almost makes you forget he has an army of religious zealots catering to his every need.
aeon lincoln
aeon lincoln:
He's a superhero, and his name is Movie-man. Because that's all he thinks and talks about, movies movies movies....
Cheevo Smith
Cheevo Smith:
Imagine owning Tom Cruise's "middle tooth" when hes finished with it.
Linus Bakoi
Linus Bakoi:
i have no idea why people hate him, he's like

marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo:
i watched the mission impossible movies in two days during quarantine since i have never seen the movies. i don't know what i would do without this guy.
Of course he can throw a football, what can’t he do
Julieann Hawley
Julieann Hawley:
He would be a lovely person to meet. He seems humble and kind. I also have to add... I’m looking forward to his latest flick Top Gun: Maverick.
Thabo Rametsi
Thabo Rametsi:
I really admire this guy. He is truly an incredible artist and an extremely hard worker
Trigger/Strider 1
Trigger/Strider 1:
This is Maverick Request A Flyby.
Angus Mcgyver
Angus Mcgyver:
OMG i love him. Can't imagine my quarantine without his movies
Certified coolest dude ever
Boba Fett
Boba Fett:
I’ve heard that Tom is a lot smaller than he seems in movies, but man he looked like a little person next to Kimmel and Letterman. Those chairs were nearly swallowing him alive. 🤣
Is this secretly Tom cruises YouTube channel?
Man Kind
Man Kind:
He's the 2nd most realistic cartoon character after Jay Leno.
Tegan Wilkinson
Tegan Wilkinson:
he has such a memeable smile
4:35 that black man in the background, he looks like he just realised he might not straight
I love how genuinely terrified Jimmy looked at 4:36 😂😂
Yanthungbemo Ezong
Yanthungbemo Ezong:
I feel like we've never seen the REAL Tom Cruise
The Abcool
The Abcool:
Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey are the best actors of this generation.
Vishal Mishra
Vishal Mishra:
Who else watching this video on his birthday today 3 july.
Luca Palmieri
Luca Palmieri:
feel like his agent askd a editor to prepare this for his psycho reputation. he came off a funny likable guy here!
brahim touré
brahim touré:
wonderful actor, and also a great guy.Tom cruise is one of best actor, of action movie of all time.😉
3:00 "You look weird!" "I know. I look like Tig Notaro."
Salt n Peppa
Salt n Peppa:
Oh my God, he's so fine.
Johnny cade
Johnny cade:
i want tom cruise to personally step on may face....thank you!
Gus Rivera
Gus Rivera:
4:35 me when I found out the KFC 20$ fill up is actually 20.57$
Nate Hanna
Nate Hanna:
“I feel the need for speed.” Maverick Top Gun
Anaïs Alexander
Anaïs Alexander:
jimmy at 4:35 I’m WHEEZING 🤣
When Tom Cruise tells you to join the cult, the only thing you have to ask him is "Where to sign?"
People are brainwashed by the media. And that´s a FACT.
elleh corrs
elleh corrs:
getting old but still handsome!
4:08 just wonderful director.....🤣🤣
Gracie Felichio
Gracie Felichio:
0:45 i was going to say that was quit odd which it still is but now the girls can say they kissed tom cruise😂
Chloe Louise
Chloe Louise:
He was going to say CaR pOrN!!! God this man is sExY
Tom should always have long hair, he looks the best that way. Mission Impossible 2 and 4 style
george collins
george collins:
Hey Tom, well done for out-creating all the stuff that gets shoveled your way!
Penny Wise
Penny Wise:
Anybody still remember when Tom had his infamous "Billy Bob" teeth.....I do...When I want a good laugh I'll crack out "The Outsiders" and laugh my ass off......His name should really be Billy Bob Cruise.
Sara Angeline Fox
Sara Angeline Fox:
What a great guy!! Could have stopped filming but he just keeps going it really is inspirational to everyone who wants to enter the entertaining business.
I’m trying my best
I’m trying my best:
He seems really chill but every time he laughs particularly hard I always get a *little* uneasy
Can you blame Tom Cruise?😂😂😂

Evan Ray Roberts
Evan Ray Roberts:
When you run this through the editor, equalize all the audio.
Anthony Woodhouse
Anthony Woodhouse:
The problem is Tom shouldn’t do so many of these kinda fast food interviews and instead build up a bit more mystery around himself like Brando or Redford etc. never complain, never explain
Sponge Girl
Sponge Girl:
More tom cruise pleaseee😭💘
merliah rocher
merliah rocher:
God i love this man
Haseeb Ahmed
Haseeb Ahmed:
Jimmy at 4:35: "Oh no, He's Hot"
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
I love Tom Cruise, he's still my favourite actor.
matteo carbini
matteo carbini:
my dad has told me stories about him and, my father said he was a complete ass to him. My dad is a waiter and only talked down to him.
Mr Who
Mr Who:
Haha imagine beeing stupid enough to believe in scientology.

I might be dead in the next couple of hours.
Water Niger
Water Niger:
*_6:08_**_ why does this look like Modern Family 2?_*
SuperNova 22
SuperNova 22:
1:19 whoa look at them ladies lucky Tom
Rodolfo Suarez
Rodolfo Suarez:
honestly he should just become a spokesperson for Keystone Light bc he's "So Smooth"
Nuryanty Lie
Nuryanty Lie:
Tom Cruise good action and handsome lucky men
David Berko
David Berko:
his PR department have a sense of humour you mean.
Darshnik Deep
Darshnik Deep:
He watches his own darn movies that why Nicole left
Alpha Angelo
Alpha Angelo:
So TC initiates premiere in different countries? Wow the GOAT. Your energy is...idk(cruise thing LOL)
Jim Papa
Jim Papa:
he's living the life man
Carrie Elizabeth Johnson
Carrie Elizabeth Johnson:
Yeah I am old school. The real actor that I grew up watching 🤣
Bandaid Baby
Bandaid Baby:
If starring in The Firm isn’t irony I don’t know what it is
awww, he's so little!
DenHaag Coronatime
DenHaag Coronatime:
Love him when he wears “the mask”...
Nina S.
Nina S.:
he’s my favorite cultist 🥵🥵
Eylül Türker
Eylül Türker:
4:32 i think somebody got pregnant
Ivan Racine
Ivan Racine:
One of all times best actor in the world and very good and humble man god bless 👍☝️
Jerry Mcguire
Jerry Mcguire:
Scientology city of cult a brainwashed freak he is a billion year contract on a body for transplant parts operations
I remember someone else too commented the same about that black couch.
At 80 he'll still look in his 40s
Aidai Sevigny
Aidai Sevigny:
Why am I so I uncomfortably comfortable?
lmao great actor
Tina Belair
Tina Belair:
We should see more of this way is nice to see
Oliver Dubsky
Oliver Dubsky:
He reminds me of Joe
lol i just realized that my cousin's husband looks like him or has the same energy as tom cruise (voice too and THE LAUGH)
He might be in a crazy ass cult but damn I can't help but like the guy. And most of his movies are fantastic.
No one laughs the way this man does :)
Mar Lekka
Mar Lekka:
Ok I’ve been a fan since I was six so yeh I’m happy to be here
T R E A C H:
He's the the missing brotha of elon
ty tiw
ty tiw:
I love the scene with Cameron Diaz. Cool movies 😅
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
4:24 scared the shit out of me
Such a funny person!!!!! Nothing cooler than serious when needed and super happy, playful, hilarious the rest of the time. I love this guy so much!!!! 😍
Tenzing Yuthok
Tenzing Yuthok:
What a character!!! Great person!
KaidaFly Studios
KaidaFly Studios:
4:27 what one was this from (Jimmy Fallon I know that much) but like what were they doing 😂😂
Saifuddin Ahmed
Saifuddin Ahmed:
Tom cruise is one actor Im 100% sure, I would get nervous infront off. For no reasons whatsoever.
Its like thats dudes something else lol.
Sarah Margaret Crawford
Sarah Margaret Crawford:
The Emmy leopard sees the camera right away...
Indubala Rathore
Indubala Rathore:
He is a legend