Tom Felton Spills The Tea On "Harry Potter" And More

Tom Felton ("Harry Potter", "The Flash", "Origin") stops by to spill some tea about his time at Hogwarts, the whereabouts of his character on "The Flash," his musical aspirations and more.



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100+ komentarze:

Jiminie’s heart
Jiminie’s heart:
I love how he just says ‘young Longbottom’ instead of Neville 😂😂😂 once a Malfoy, always a malfoy
“Hello I’m Tom Felton from Origin”

No you’re Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter.
everyone: harry potter was fun but it’s time to move onto other things

tom: i love draco he’s the best yay
Sophie Hamilton-Mills
Sophie Hamilton-Mills:
The amount of times you said "bloody" - jeez you'll be getting red hair and a hand me down robe at this point.
Sarah Canfield
Sarah Canfield:
Me: "He really looks like his dad now."
Also me (about two minutes later): "Oh, wait. Jason Isaacs isn't actually his dad."
Nala L
Nala L:
It’s actually incredible how much he ended up looking like Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy
Riley Hanger
Riley Hanger:
Tom *gets Gryffindor*

My father will hear about this
Elsa Labouret
Elsa Labouret:
"He's a petty drug dealer so I had to do some petty drug dealing just to get into character" freaking killed me
*"you're actually much better than most interviewers."*

Tom your Draco is showing.
Neville, Draco and Ginny ended up being neighbours😂
Jodi Macarilay
Jodi Macarilay:
Me: waiting for him to say POTTAH
Noemi Sanchez
Noemi Sanchez:
Tom: *ABSOLUTELY NOT, hE sHouLd hAvE KiLLeD eVeRyOnE aNd rUn oFf iNtO tHe sUnSeT.*
Me: *Seems reasonable*
Emma Smith
Emma Smith:
Paper: was the crush mutual?

Tom: Lets move on now, come on.

Me: you didn’t answer the question!
Phimploy Reuanglit
Phimploy Reuanglit:
Even though draco was mean in Harry Potter, he was hiding candy in his cape
Addy Miranda
Addy Miranda:
If they make a remake of Harry Potter in the future I hope Tom Felton plays Lucius Malfoy.
Natasha Lee
Natasha Lee:
I love how he folds the paper and putting them under the cups so they won't fly away, cuz it could've been easier for the workers to clean the set! =) it's the little details guyssss
Remember "The Half Blood Prince" when he looked stunning in that black suit and with the light blonde/ white hair... he was my crush when I was 12
Deleted User
Deleted User:
“Does a text thread with the rest of the Harry Potter cast exist?”

*”I think there is, I got in trouble with Emma once for never paying any contribution to that”*
Scarlett Boyt
Scarlett Boyt:
I Like How He Says 'Bloody' A lot, Maybe Tom Should've Been Weasley.
trashmouth tozier
trashmouth tozier:
This man means everything to me and my Harry Potter obsession.
Clout Elfin
Clout Elfin:
“Of course not. He should’ve killed everyone and ran off into the sunset.”
YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel:
His hair has fallen off from all the bleaching
Me laughing around my crush: 2:52
“our dogs hang out sometimes.” how wholesome is that
Everyone would be havin’ a crush on Draco Malfoy back at the times, but I had this HuGe crush on Harry Potter before he cut his hair short (I mean, just look back at that messy hair. It was so cute)
Did anyone else have a crush on Draco Malfoy??😂
Mek. EECM.
Mek. EECM.:
Tom: Hi, I’m Tom...
Me: no, you look like Lucius Malfoy
Tom: I stuff sweets and chocolate into the robes...
Me: OK, you are Tom
Chaminata Playz Roblox
Chaminata Playz Roblox:
Me : Draco Is Frickin Good Lookin Irl

Aqua Slayer
Aqua Slayer:
"He should kill everyone and run onto the sunset" lmao I'm dead 😂😂😂
No one:
Me: crying about what happened to Draco Malfoy hair-
Akutagawa's Bitch
Akutagawa's Bitch:
"You're actually much better than most interviews" oh yes, Malfoy throwing shades!
Jade Madden
Jade Madden:
“I thought Gary was one of the cleaners” 😂
"He should've killed everyone and ran off into the sunsets" IM DYING
• 【N o r a_ E c h o】 •
• 【N o r a_ E c h o】 •:
He looks like his father-

*Lucius Malfoy noises*
“He should of killed everyone and ran off into the sunset!”
True, true.
Madiha Salman
Madiha Salman:
At 5:09 he was about to say Pottah but then realized that its simpsons !😂❤️

Draco Malfoy is really good at being Tom Felton
Lønely Gacha
Lønely Gacha:
"Im definitely A slytherdor"

Me, a slytherdor myself: yESSSSS-
Lucia Magdalena Dominguez
Lucia Magdalena Dominguez:
They banned sweets from set because of Tom.
Such a Draco am i right
Breezy Raptor_XD
Breezy Raptor_XD:
Tom: *”Emma Watson admitted you as her crush-“*
Tom: *Oh come on we don’t have time for this!*
Tom: Thinking: ‘She punched me in the face thooo’
Joselyne Celis
Joselyne Celis:
“Absolutely not, he should have killed everyone and run off into the sunset”

That killed me
Hey_ Itz_Oreoz_ Milkshake
Hey_ Itz_Oreoz_ Milkshake:
I was waiting for him to say "PoTtAh!" or "wAiT tiLl My FaThEr HeArS aBoUt ThIs"
Amelia P
Amelia P:
the older Tom gets, the more he looks like non other than Lucius Malfoy
Riley Morgan
Riley Morgan:
million talent
million talent:
I love how the kids who acted in HP were all afraid of alan Rickman 😂
Darshayata Deka
Darshayata Deka:
2:18 "He's a petty drug I had to do some petty drug dealing" LIKE, MALFOY, WHAT?? YOU DEALT IN DRUGS??!!! 50 POINTS FROM SLYTHERIN AND REMOVAL FROM THE PREFECT POSITION!!!
Alley Farley
Alley Farley:
“And they got sweets band from set because of me...”
Kinda Krazy Fangirl
Kinda Krazy Fangirl:
"Absolutely not! He should have killed everyone and run off into the sunset!"
Isabelle Mc Cabe
Isabelle Mc Cabe:
Tom: the only person I was really scared of was
Me:Alan Rickman
Tom: Alan Rickman
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy:
I just can’t picture him as Draco, they look so different-
Lucia Magdalena Dominguez
Lucia Magdalena Dominguez:
Did you take anything from the Harry Potter set?
TEchnicAlly no
I'm glad to hear Tom wants to reprise his role as Draco Malfoy *Ahem* Warner Bros are you listening? Like make it happen please? We need more Draco Malfoy
Hecking Ally
Hecking Ally:
“Draco should’ve killed everyone and run off into the sunset”
I’m wheezing omg I can’t-
Am i the only one who thinks Tom Felton looks like lucious malfoy
Yushi Hu
Yushi Hu:
Tom in this one actually looks a bit alike Lucious
Harry James Potter
Harry James Potter:
Who’s this Tom Felton?
I only know Draco Malfoy
micuko vicious
micuko vicious:
"You're actually much better than most interviewers" oh snap. 😂
karencitita Hernandez
karencitita Hernandez:
Tom: “Hello, I’m Tom Felton from origin.
Almost all questions: DRACO this, DRACO that
trash the trashmouth
trash the trashmouth:
Finally I found someone who says 'darncing' instead of 'danceing'
I thought I was the only kne
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy:
Who's this handsome "Tom Felton"
Hey Samara
Hey Samara:
It must get annoying to be in Harry Potter. Imagine doing an interview that’s the furthest thing from Harry Potter, and someone comments “OmG iT’s [name]” even though everyone knows they’re trying to break away from that
Is he becoming to look like his dad ( Lucius Malfoy )?
Holly ludlow
Holly ludlow:
He seems to be happy to talk about Harry Potter again
L. Manashirova
L. Manashirova:
Okay but the fact that he lied in the Pottermore quiz to be slytherin is the most Slytherin move. Talk about getting what you want regardless of the means. THAT is ambition and determination
Ruby Knowles
Ruby Knowles:
Everyone be talking about Draco/Tom.
Me be like
"Why is there a hole in the bottom of the cup"🧐what sorcery is this...
Egnore me people
Eva Pavlicu
Eva Pavlicu:
I’m just imagining young Malfoy being afraid of Snape...
And now I’m imagining Malfoy now being scared of Snape...
levi pop
levi pop:
"I was terrified of Alan Rickman"
Tbh we all are rip Alan
_Marijana _
_Marijana _:
Tom:"I'm acctualy gryfinndor"

Michaela The Bass Clarinetist
Michaela The Bass Clarinetist:
“He should have killed everyone and run off into the sunset!” I’m dead 😂
"so i had to do some petty drug dealing to get into character" Tom no-
Anshitha Chirumamilla
Anshitha Chirumamilla:
“I was TERRIFIED of Alan Rickman”- Tom
Draco! He is your favorite teacher HOW in the world are you AFRAID of SNAPE!
Pastel Kitty chan
Pastel Kitty chan:
Is it just me who thought he was holding a pregnancy test In the thumbnail 😂🤣
Mona Lu
Mona Lu:
Tom: "I'm actually Gryffindor."

Sanatastic !!
Sanatastic !!:
There should've been a question asking him to say POTTAH😂(Potter)
Ayla Kay
Ayla Kay:
I love how every one else from the harry potter movies and Tom's over here. Like "I love to talk about harry potter" he even knows all about the ships he is the SHIP GOD
Evie Grace
Evie Grace:
me: gets distracted
subtitles: blows kiss
goes back
tom: muah
me: LMAO
GloriousPotato 3
GloriousPotato 3:
Tom talking about how Cape Town is beautiful:

Cape Town: The drought.
Hufflepuff Princess
Hufflepuff Princess:
"Emma and I are really good friends....let's leave it at that"

Lowkey almost broke my heart :'<<<<
ella gbm
ella gbm:
No one:
Not a single soul:
Tom: "AbSolUtElY nOt hE sHoUld HaVe KilLeD eVeRyOnE aNd rUn oFf iNtO tHe sUnSeT"
Kristin Vagula
Kristin Vagula:
"I'm a Slytherdor"
Karie Mueller
Karie Mueller:
I love how he said, “Tom is quite the opposite” he refers to himself in third person. ❤️ 💜 ❤️
Scheving ‘s
Scheving ‘s:
Tom: “Hello, I’m Tom Felton from youtube’s new show, origin”

Me: Dude, NO! You’re Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter!
Tom-These are some bloody good questions

yashi srivastava
yashi srivastava:
My father will hear about this.
Sneha Choudhuy
Sneha Choudhuy:
"Other than being mean to Harry I also steal Candies and Chocolates." — Draco Malfoy at some point of the film.
Sukhmani Manku
Sukhmani Manku:
The amount of times you said "bloody" - jeez you'll be getting red hair and a hand me down robe at this point. lol
Toni Holz
Toni Holz:
I love how everyone else is like, "Oh I hate how everyone only knows me from my Harry Potter character", but Toms like "I loved being Draco Malfoy!!".
alex chen
alex chen:
Lying to the Sorting Hat is definitely very Slytherin of him
Kylee Walthall
Kylee Walthall:
me realizing that u played in THE FLASH!?!?!?! I'm gonna rewatch that to find you UwU damn I've been obsessed with drarry and didn't even know u played in a movie I've already watch
Dark side Pride
Dark side Pride:
He was scared of Alan Rickman but then he had to be really close to him throughout the film... that sound hilarious when you say it 😂
Kristine Darkrider
Kristine Darkrider:
“Did draco Malfoy Get the ending you think he deserved in the deathly hallows?”
“Absolutely not he should’ve killed everyone and run into the sunset!”

......this. This is it.
Ethereal Crystal
Ethereal Crystal:
Question- Did Draco get the ending he deserved?
Tom- No, absolutely not, (dramatically) he should've killed everyone and run off in the sunset.
😂 He definitely is a true Draco Malfoy.
I’m in love with his laugh at 2:52😍😍
Robyn Patterson
Robyn Patterson:
He genuinely could play lucius now, he looks more like him than draco 😂
Shadow Malfoypotter_Year7
Shadow Malfoypotter_Year7:
when one question was like "Did Draco malfoy get the ending he wanted?" tom over here be like "No he did not he should of killed everyone and run off into the sunset" Im over here like laughing my but off XD
But why does he actually look like lucius tho ..

Allura Of Altaea
Allura Of Altaea:
yo this guy aged well, and he looks exactly like Lucius Malfoy. creepy.
Alya Severus LeStraGe
Alya Severus LeStraGe:
“I’ve never danced since it’s rather tragic.” Hahahahahahhaha im dead this is hilarious 🤣 “GoOd MOrnIng AlAn.” Tom Felton is officially my spirit animal
Time sucks..
Seeing him now and how he was is painful
when he said young longbottom i went “all might!?”
Shïrsak Majumder
Shïrsak Majumder:
1:52 to 1:55
Tom: Intense armpit scratching!
😂😂 Love him for being so cool