Tom Hanks On Recovering From Covid-19, 'Greyhound' & More

Actor Tom Hanks will next be seen in 'Greyhound', a film inspired by true events from the Battle of the Atlantic. In an exclusive interview with NDTV's Rohit Khilnani, the actor spoke about the film, recovering from Covid-19, and lots more.

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100+ komentarze:

No lost Gloves , Bunnies or Walnut sauce to show us today? Huh, Hanx?
Now do an interview with Tom holding TODAY’S newspaper ....
Throw tomatoes at him the next time he is seen at a premier
Is this an old interview? The way they are talking about Covid makes me think this was recorded in April
Angela Laskodi
Angela Laskodi:
The interviewer said that he has been following Tom Hanks Instagram. Tom Hanks Instagram is comments disabled and he hasn't posted anything since May 22nd except for some typed postings that anyone could have done. This interview must have been done a while back.
Mark Davison
Mark Davison:
Back to the future... starring Tom Peedo Hanks!
Austin Krueger
Austin Krueger:
He’s Incarcerated
shari siegfried
shari siegfried:
So if this is supposedly new footage.....why is he wearing a sweatshirt???? Wouldnt a sweatshirt be worn in earlier months of the year?
Wits End
Wits End:
He has been executed. Old recording.
Michael Eivaz
Michael Eivaz:
Hey are they standing in front of a WAYFAIR Industrial grade cabinet???
He got arrested for Epstein case... everyone who was on the flight list has been and they are make in out they got the virus for a cover
Wendy Lu
Wendy Lu:
What a fancy backdrop Tom. Kind of looks like prison?
Have a nice Dave
Have a nice Dave:
he must be in prison, that's why he's sucking up to BLM so when he drops the bar of soap
Tom Hanks has sexy with little kids, He May kill them. Tom Hanks is on Epstein’s flight logs.
John Hubbard
John Hubbard:
This is him. He looks depressed.
Surfview Gardens
Surfview Gardens:
Many thought that T.H. was "Tucked Away" in New Hampshire - responding to his internal fight or flight voice saying, "Hide in the Forest, hide!"
Anthony Mabe
Anthony Mabe:
Always plain backgrounds? Hmmmm🤔🤔🤔
True Traveling Moor
True Traveling Moor:
R.I.Hell.... Tom Hanks is DOA
SuprChickn 77
SuprChickn 77:
In the middle of the summer, Conan's podcast gets a sudden A-list interview with Tom Hanks. For the past few weeks it's just been Sona and his producer, Matt Gourley. Weird!
Hanks is a very strange individual.
James Oddy
James Oddy:
Watch his collar doesn’t more when his chin hits it...... 🤔
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson:
Tom:wash your hands🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jose Villasenor
Jose Villasenor:
Hanks in prison..
Galadima Lugs
Galadima Lugs:
Alan, where are my cherries?!!!
melissa luciani
melissa luciani:
This is so weird...always in front of a green screen or some concrete wall. And omg its been so long since he supposably had this and they still are making him out to be a if this doesnt add up. More to be revealed with the maxwell arrest. Cant wait until the truth comes out. This is a very lame attempt to cover something up. Not convinced hes dead but hes def not free.
Show how Joe Blow recovered. Tom Hanks looking for publicity as his garbage movie is coming out. Tired of looking at you Mr. Hanky.
Ache Brasil
Ache Brasil:
He is in Greece now.
Joshua Husted
Joshua Husted:
Hanks is dead nice try though 🤙🏼
Jodi Purssell
Jodi Purssell:
Red Dragon
Red Dragon:
He in a jail cell?
Is this at Gitmo ?
mauricio soares de oliveira
mauricio soares de oliveira:
Um sósia? Acho que sim!
Mathew Davis
Mathew Davis:
never knew even indian media is also on it! sad!!
David Liptrot
David Liptrot:
Is Tom still with us. Lots of speculation. He never mentions any present events on any videos released in last couple, days. What's with the blank wall behind.
Time will tell.
W4 0
W4 0:
Good for nothing.
Tatyana Kostova
Tatyana Kostova:
This is old video or this is not Hanx,sorry you cannot deceive us,nah
christina payne
christina payne:
Dark to communicate what's going on !!! Come on !?!!!!
Amit Nale
Amit Nale:
I think grayhound will release on 10 july... Then how he saw it???
Walter White
Walter White:
Tom hanks going threw andrenachrome withdrawal
Be Happy
Be Happy:
Kya Actor hai Yar yeh Banda 😘😘😘
Laazwaab 🙏🙏
Deborah Howell
Deborah Howell:
I heard his movie is only on Netflix so where is it
gidon kaye
gidon kaye:
I keep hearing tom is dead. How do yall know?
Lejon Brames
Lejon Brames:
Its interesting how he talks about a wolf being at the door and people being "blind" to the mystery thats going on out there. Could be he is referring to his own situation.
Tom Hanks head recovering from coronavirus he needs to be more concerned about the Maxwell arrest and recovering from being on the flightless down to the island how's it going to recover from that we need to find out where the truth is right Tom
Arya Shrestha
Arya Shrestha:
Best news channel ndtv
mike smith
mike smith:
Sravan tinku
Sravan tinku:
Eager to see ,a place on earth which i like most _the sea voyage
jdp 90five
jdp 90five:
In prison?
mauricio soares de oliveira
mauricio soares de oliveira:
Será que é Tom Hanks? Parece um cloNe!
Steven Trigs
Steven Trigs:
Ryan Gage
Ryan Gage:
his clone is malfunctioning can’t you tell Tom is and has been executed he’s stuttering this isn’t Tom it’s his clone
Rama Yama
Rama Yama:
Old Video! Very suspicious indeed....and why the blank wall? Shot at an angle? Ghosting on his collar? looks like he was in some kind of facility? I think he is in jail!
yo mama
yo mama:
Yep, he sure is recovering COVID from Gitmo. Mark my word!
Glenn Blaine
Glenn Blaine:
You are insane. Have a nice scavenger hunt!
Matt Guitar
Matt Guitar:
Despicable creature.
Lets ask more hard hitting questions that the world wants to know. Mr. Hanks can you explain your fetish on social media for dedicating your page to creepy snap shots of little children shoes being found by yourself all over town?
christina payne
christina payne:
2:34 he throws up the Illuminati pyramid symbol. Than the next thing he says . The wolf .. nay the whole pack is at the door . Going down at nighttime.
Captain James Cook
Captain James Cook:
Why is he standing next to a blank wall.
Steve Landy
Steve Landy:
Michael Rockefeller Tom hanks is dead?
Commander Aatmnirbhar
Commander Aatmnirbhar:
Congrats 🥳
shaikh ashraf
shaikh ashraf:
Captain Philip
run forest run
Daniell Watson
Daniell Watson:
We all know Mr. Hanks is incarcerated. The question is why this show is perpetuating the lie. Btw nice prison glasses
Ted Sheckler
Ted Sheckler:
Interesting there's absolutely no delay in this "live" exchange.
Abdul razack Syed
Abdul razack Syed:
Healthy information , thank you so much
Looks alive to me
David Cunningham
David Cunningham:
Pizza 🍕 🍕 🍕
wise johnny
wise johnny:
Mr Hanks can still play cap Miller same to same. Still great voice quality
He showed his hand on purpose.
blk jet
blk jet:
This is real old. Has Tom Hanks already been tried and executed?
Pamela Baker
Pamela Baker:
That’s his brother
Ben Sims
Ben Sims:
cynthia caldwell
cynthia caldwell:
paul ryan
paul ryan:
fact checker
fact checker:
Welcome to india mr gump
Sravan tinku
Sravan tinku:
The real and smart actor of "the davinci code" and" the angels and demons"
Marie Ward
Marie Ward:
Been pre-recorded because he is actually already in HELL
Bbri nana
Bbri nana:
It s not him
alpesh patil
alpesh patil:
sagar rathod
sagar rathod:
Great news
Wait.... so the new footage of him is not him and old footage? He’s really in custody? I dont get why the secrecy for Tom, Ellen, Oprah etc. , they already got caught, why would they keep the charade going for the public to wonder about them?
yug kaushik
yug kaushik:
D C:
Well they put his wedding ring back on at least.
al jbug
al jbug:
Ask Tom Hanks why he was on JEFFREY EPSTEIN jet ?
Temp U
Temp U:
Fake or pre-recorded.
B M:
Yeah and it was ahh such ahh struggle ahh to ahh get through ahh the tough times but ahh I was ahhh thinking ahhh of the time I ahhh was ahhh doing ahhh the movie ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh ahhhhhhhhhh ahhhh ahh
June Domine
June Domine:
Have fun in Prison Tommy boy. God is in control not you. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Zach Cloutier
Zach Cloutier:
Tom Hanks is my all time favorite actor he's so mellow and he's so compassionate. I don't care what others say about him!! I'm ignoring what others say about him!
Top Data
Top Data:
I hope every1 watching this comment also is saved from covid 19. Blessed monday 🙂
Lejon Brames
Lejon Brames:
What do you want to bet all these stars who have been arrested or "committed suicide" will continue to appear in movies for years to come due to deepfake technology.
wise johnny
wise johnny:
Wow....God bless both of you
Gays stole the Rainbow
Gays stole the Rainbow:
Tom Hanks looks like he never even had covid😱. Tom friends look after him😷
Amy Morrison
Amy Morrison:
Give it up. No new deadly Virus exists. Common Cold Test. Total Deaths Count same.
Gaurav SINGH
Gaurav SINGH:
My fav actor liked him in forest gump.....
Tariq Siddiqui
Tariq Siddiqui:
Awesome actor
Forest gump cast away
All these rumors were going around that Tom Hanks was missing..... now we have proof he is alive!!
Willie M
Willie M:
No references to current dates & current events. The assumption is that this was recorded over 4 July weekend. But no reference to that. This is an old video.