Tom Hardy Breaks The Silence About His Darkest Period |⭐ OSSA

Tom Hardy has a life full of great movies and unexpected opportunities. Yes, just remember Tom Hardy Bane role in the Dark Knight. Here in this video, we talk about the British actor life path that brought him to the top of Hollywood.

Have you seen Tom Hardy impression by Leonardo DiCaprio? Did you know that Tom Hardy has Leonardo DiCaprio tattoo? Here in our video we also talk about Tom Hardy Peaky Bliners role, Tom Hardy Bane voice (how he worked on it, seriously?), Tom Hardy Voice, Legend, Venom, Capone and of course about Tom hardy best scenes, bloopers and funny scenes!

This man is always in great shape! Yes, Tom Hardy workout surprised all of the fans of his movies and luckily Tom Hardy interview told us a lot about that and his lifestyle.

Watch our video for this and many more!

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95 komentarze:

ilza maria
ilza maria:
I adore his lips.
I watched Peaky Blinders without realising he was in it. This guy slip into a character so well it's impossible to find Tom Hardy. He was playing the character Solomon Alfie.
He goes by Tom so not to create confusion with him and Ed Hardy.
He combines roughness and sensitivity that’s what’s so very special about him
"Tom Hardy breaks the silence" *summarizes old clips and quotes that have been around for years*
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith:
He's easy on the eyes.
Paul Bismuth
Paul Bismuth:
Tom Hardy is my favorite actor. (Alongside Cillian Murphy and to some extent Christian Bale.)
club house
club house:
Tom Hardy is extraordinary, he transformed himself physically mentally in any character that he played. Love you Tom. ❤️
Leonie Streatfield
Leonie Streatfield:
So Tom Hardy has done things that has made him sound bad,but this gorgeous guy is human,.
Janice Brown
Janice Brown:
Tom Oh Tom please don’t do the American thing to your beautifully imperfect teeth. All you Hardy fans need to watch Stuart A Life Backwards. An early Hardy film based on true story.
minustaco42 zero
minustaco42 zero:
I love the fact that he turned his life around. His story gives me hope to fix my life so yes Tom you have helped me in my insane life.
Laura Moreno
Laura Moreno:
Love him so much, love all his movies. He is such a great actor.. Its a bonus his freaking gorgeous!! 😬😂❤
He's gorgeous i don't see anyone else in these scenes bc I'm always looking at Tom Hardy. Yum.
Kathy Lyndsey
Kathy Lyndsey:
He should play Marlon Brando if they ever do a biopic.
3:49 (don't know what film that is but there is an unintended, yet uncanny essence there).
Chris Lair
Chris Lair:
I'm really surprised I did not know this with this big of a fan of his as I am. I have just never looked into his past life but thank you for making a video on its makes me like him better I'm a recovering heroin addict with 7 years And if that Sexy talented British pastored smoked crack all most of the point of death may be I will find love too lol. But I am a straight man and I'd rock his world lol
Trafford Langton
Trafford Langton:
Didn’t talk about peaky blinder role
Tom needs to play Arthur Morgan.
He really inspired me in many ways......🔥🔥
Ashley Moon
Ashley Moon:
Oh my, I just love him.
no offence, i watched the video with sound on mute. Tom's a marvel.
Kim Lan Tran
Kim Lan Tran:
You confused max and woody, they are two differents dogs with two differents stories...
Sudstah Gaming
Sudstah Gaming:
I do the brand ed hardy! makes most sense and it was big in his early years and still big in the irish underworld, and so basically tom hardy doesn't act in his roles lol
right ok alfie stop your pitty party we have business to do.
Ashley Moon
Ashley Moon:
I'm madly in love with Tom. Best actor ever. Love legend. ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Frances Lunceford
Frances Lunceford:
We have the greatest prilvge too have watch a awesome Actor.and with out a doubt will go down in history one of the greatest actor of all time.
lisa bados
lisa bados:
Awesome job some great fun facts.
Loved the quotes!
john taylor
john taylor:
Charlotte Mcmichael
Charlotte Mcmichael:
Mr. Tom Hardy Much respect!!!
Dawn Leyva
Dawn Leyva:
Love Tom, he is an amazing actor!
Asap Windows
Asap Windows:
This is all old news
Fiona Matthews
Fiona Matthews:
This has nothing to do with the thumbnail 🤥
Julie Bone
Julie Bone:
Also don't blame him for preferring dogs
Don't stop giving us videos like this it inspires me on how to make my channel
Md. Ali Zafir
Md. Ali Zafir:
10:05, Yeah
disposition for appreciation
disposition for appreciation:
Damn, the background music is too loud bro! That's annoying >:(
Melle De Groote
Melle De Groote:
He choose his middle name cus Tom hardy is just easy to say and sounds cool
April Risch
April Risch:
God. He is a gift to women
He didnt want people to know that Edward Tom Hardy is actually Riktofens son
First one here to like it and view the video!!
Fuck youtube Fuck google
Fuck youtube Fuck google:
0:06 That is not, how you hold brasses..
Sara S s
Sara S s:
I use my middle name , I have liked 4 names Inc surname I thought we could use any part of it
Michael Ross
Michael Ross:
Tom Hardy is the best not to mention he's a good looking guy.
okan k
okan k:
You have titled your video upload as if Tom Hardy recently gave personal interview as such. Next time try to be little bit more honest with your work. This video is nothing but put collage of bit and pieces found on the web apart from the obvious bio and some without any double checked hard actual facts or references.
Medina Rae
Medina Rae:
So he didn’t actually change his name , just used his middle name like a lot of us do.
Taylar Shae
Taylar Shae:
Jesus he’s so beautiful 😅
Julie Bone
Julie Bone:
Are you jealous. Privileged in a private school. You don't know much about the stuff that goes on in those places.
Pinky Hilfet
Pinky Hilfet:
Dat boy be Foine.💓
Roger Fournier
Roger Fournier:
Tom Hardy is a terrific actor, very versatile with going to British dialect to Brooklyn accent. Tom is truly a gifted actor.
Thin Blue Line
Thin Blue Line:
I go by my middle name. what's the big deal?
Sebő Zimonyi
Sebő Zimonyi:
Oh wow big secret

Tom Hardy's real name is THOMAS!!!

What a mistery!
Angela Matlock
Angela Matlock:
Hes gorgeous the.original bad boy
Possibly because Ed is short for Edward, so he could get mixed up with artist Ed Hardy?? X
Lisa O. Davis
Lisa O. Davis:
"The Hardy Boys" his father wrote the series. I am always addicted to addicts , I hope that Tom doesn't die from addiction. I did. I am addicted to addicts! Tom is a guy like me.
Scott Bailey
Scott Bailey:
He didn't break the silence, you did
Krs 50
Krs 50:
What was the name of the movie in that last clip you guys showed if Tom hardy rubbing his lips?
Candi Mero
Candi Mero:
The music is ANNOYING 😖
Deano D
Deano D:
ed hardy tattooosssss
Keyser Soze
Keyser Soze:
Yes. It's all true.
I love Tom, period!
Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska
Hristina Trajkovska Trajkovska:
He is so cute and funny person. I adore him.
Evelyn Tarawa
Evelyn Tarawa:
Tom Hardy full stop
Handsome 😍
His lips 💋
I'm not sick just love sick 💋
Leah Springate
Leah Springate:
I feel like this shouldn’t be his business
Charmie Stone
Charmie Stone:
Fab actor one of my favourites
Anastasia Sakova
Anastasia Sakova:
Wil de Gans
Wil de Gans:
The background music is really annoying
chruzhe 16
chruzhe 16:
Amy Conway
Amy Conway:
Man of his word. RESPECT
nothing else to say ✌
Baloo The pibble
Baloo The pibble:
He didn’t want to be confused for Ed Hardy.
Corey Levi
Corey Levi:
.... Because nobody outside of New Jersey wants to be in any way associated with Ed Hardy
Dee_braveheart Jacques
Dee_braveheart Jacques:
I fell in love with Tom in Lawless. 😌❤️👌🏾
Viviana Miranda
Viviana Miranda:
The Don
The Don:
He woke up with a pipe full in his hand??? Not a crackhead then!!
Artem Snabaytis
Artem Snabaytis:
The background music is annoying.
Skap 101
Skap 101:
Modern day Brando. Go ahead and debate me on it.
Klesk Quake
Klesk Quake:
Ciao scusa i toni cmq bboohh... Non so chi è e manco la voglio conoscere..
Isis Bisogno
Isis Bisogno:
Tom Hardy melts my heart 💘
annie jones
annie jones:
. In a room naked with another naked man and a cat🙀🙄
duncan kent
duncan kent:
Please this Tom Hardy knows nothing about addiction and struggles for fxxk sake he tried crack once and maybe had a few too many strong vodkas he couldn't handle but please I see right thourgh this video...addiction piss myself laughing the privilege of having wealthy parents and well you know...addiction lol....
Mu Jin
Mu Jin:
I’ll send a hooky to collect the fees you owe me...
Maria E. Labbe
Maria E. Labbe:
He’s absolutely beautiful. 😉
Miss. Conduct808
Miss. Conduct808:
Loved him in Lawless!❤🤩
Shia knocked him out, that was unexpected
elizabeth cartagena
elizabeth cartagena:
Tom Hardy and Shia Leboufe are my absolute favorite celebrity crushes 😍
Nolan Schultz
Nolan Schultz:
If he kept his first name it could be abbreviated to Ed. Then he'd be Ed Hardy, a trademarked brand name at the time.
Guhanas Public Broadcasting Service
Guhanas Public Broadcasting Service:
Why he change his name? Because ed hardy already existed!
Jackaboi 0527
Jackaboi 0527:
Mu Jin
Mu Jin:
Does Jasmine have Leo’s papers too?
Tracy Stingley
Tracy Stingley:
Anything Tom Hardy...I'm here for it!!
codzy dee
codzy dee:
tom is a great actor and is likeable christian bale is a great actor an unlikeable.........big difference these actors like bale wanna remember its the people that put em were they are toms gonna be around for years cause hes a likeable person christian....aaahhh........we,l see
Jawan Al-draiwish
Jawan Al-draiwish:
let’s just skip Tom for a bit and comment on the fact that Alex is so beautiful 😭
Mi amor imposibleee😪😪
TakaBrown G.
TakaBrown G.:
First of all this dude is a girl like others 1000 actors and when they are ready for start filming they get a new life like making them look like a warrior men..but behind this new look is a little girl....they are a very good actors but they go by hand with LUCI..R....and that is not very nice......
Tonya Thomas
Tonya Thomas:
He should take some of his earnings and get some braces. He is a good actor for sure.
عالم ليديا lydiaworld
عالم ليديا lydiaworld:
Ohhh he was gay i used to like him but now i don't like him.