Tommy Dorfman Reintroduces Herself As A Trans Woman!

13 Reasons Why star Tommy Dorfman just reintroduced herself as a trans woman and publicly discussed her transition for the first time in a new interview. Watch the latest Clevver News Feed:

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#TommyDorfman #TransIsBeautiful #LGBTQ+

88 komentarze:

the fact that she is keeping her name feels so powerful and beautiful to me
Kathleen M. Higgins
Kathleen M. Higgins:
Pioneering is vital to comfortable acceptance of one another. Thank you free light lady!!!
SHE IS GORGEOUS!! so proud 💗
Wishing her a happy life ahead. 🌈
Jennifer Perrin
Jennifer Perrin:
Congratulations to her I’m so happy for her
She looks soo beautiful! And powerful 🙌
Elisabete Gomes
Elisabete Gomes:
She looks beautiful thoo ❤️😌
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil:
If she has an apple, she has a banana
Angel Yampier
Angel Yampier:
I am so proud of her! She is a great actress, that is something no one can deny! Hopefully people understand that if she is trying to live her life, the people miss gendering her wont get a cent out of her pocket and or the happiness she is experiencing.
Dopest Beats
Dopest Beats:
Sheeeeee is soooooo beautiful
CDHA Ware:
Great for you Tommy!
Lol. I thought that was rumor Willis
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez:
How gorgeous‼️
Nhi Le
Nhi Le:
🥰she’s a stunning woman
Aliyah Eubanks
Aliyah Eubanks:
Alot of ppl don't agree with trans and that doesn't mean they hate u or don't respect u it just means ppl can have difference of opinion on matters as such just like any other issue in the world. I for one will never understand cause u are indeed still a man who's a woman or a woman who's a man it's just life. Don't attack anyone cause u think they jealous ppl don't have to accept it just like they don't gotta accept coffee is good ❤️have a good day comments
RahmaMusic 73
RahmaMusic 73:
Love her sm!
Jaxster MUE
Jaxster MUE:
Omg she’s Gorgeous 🥰
Hookah 99
Hookah 99:
“Not necessarily reflected in a gay man” I guess Tommy looking for bisexual men then lol
Much love to her ! But idk why for a second I thought that was Brie Larson in the thumbnail!
kim evans
kim evans:
Maria buck
Maria buck:
Im so proud of her
Andres Castillo
Andres Castillo:
She is absolutely stunning and honestly we congratulate her!!!
My question to all the people who say “he’s still a man”
Does it pay your bills? Does it solve your life problems? Does it make you rich? Does it provide you peace? I just genuinely wanna know the reason trumpies & bigots do this like what do they get out of it?
Lord Mask
Lord Mask:
What a GAF!!!!!!!!!
Spin Artist
Spin Artist:
Yessss ma'am!!!!
Abell Seyfu
Abell Seyfu:
One can only try to understand an equal, judgement occurs from a pedestal🎈
Gabby B
Gabby B:
0:35 she is way too athletic to pass.
louise guindan
louise guindan:
I don't if that just me but Tommy kinda look like Brooklyn Hyetes🤔
Andrea F
Andrea F:
she’s glowing omg
Molly Fanton
Molly Fanton:
She’s beautiful. And I love that she’s keeping her name. Tommy is a great female name.
Good on her!
Hookah 99
Hookah 99:
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee:
Tommy is a male and always will be.
Sky Ashe
Sky Ashe:
so yall just gonna leave the transphobic comments up
Menthol Illinois
Sadie Styles
Sadie Styles:
Good for her. I went threw the same thing “gay man” to Trans woman and it’s hard and beautiful but people don’t tend to get it. They want to say very homophobic things and put us in boxes that we just can’t be in. Good for HER!!!
Andre Battad
Andre Battad:
Just don't force medical practitioners to acknowledge you as a woman when it comes to treatment please... We know trans are super proud of getting a sex change and being brave and all... But you won't get any better when you have complications or accidents.. You can do what ever you like, join pageants, Olympics and other stuff just know the cost or the consequences of it, I remember Spain and New Zealand, I wonder what happened
Bernice Marie
Bernice Marie:
She. Is. Stunning! ☺️☺️ I’m so proud of her!
Still a man.
Jon N.
Jon N.:
Dude, He, Him, Man
My True Crime Library
My True Crime Library:
she’s an icon periodtttt 💅✨🤍
KC Cooper
KC Cooper:
She’s looks so beautiful, keep doing you tommy
Lori Longoria
Lori Longoria:
She looks so much like Rumer Willis.. demis Moore’s and Bruce Willis daughter
Chanty Ledesma
Chanty Ledesma:
You can change your name to tammy which is a female version of tommy
Dove Goddess
Dove Goddess:
I remember seeing Tommy as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race...didn't Tommy say they dated Violet Chacki in high school? 👀
christi land
christi land:
She's married!? I had no idea
Hal 9000
Hal 9000:
Sapphire Sunday
Sapphire Sunday:
Let just hope Hollywood doesn’t start to push her only to ride her new gender train
JaNh Voiceyourthoughts
JaNh Voiceyourthoughts:
Gorgeous woman !
Adalyn Can’t Draw
Adalyn Can’t Draw:
I'm so proud of her ❤️
Matthew Ray
Matthew Ray:
Ppl be respectful challenge
Archit Dutta
Archit Dutta:
Ok but why does she look like Molly Ringwald? Or is it just me -
Anyway, congrats on coming out ❤️
Science 99
Science 99:
Literally no one
Literally no one:
Ewww 🤢
Jonathan Myles
Jonathan Myles:
She looks just like Rumour Willis? Or is it just me...
Tommy?!...shouldn't the "o" become an "a"??? thing that will never be is "Mommy"!
Kenzie Aarons
Kenzie Aarons:
I thought that was Millie Bobby brown for a quick second 💀💀💀
Nour hilal
Nour hilal:
So happy for her when I saw her insta post a few hours ago. And so happy she felt comfortable and happy to share it with her fans!!❤️❤️
Lost Mymarble
Lost Mymarble:
I'm a woman, I don't take pictures of myself... glorified myself.... I don't care for makeup. I wear makeup to hide some of the scars from past surgery. Those dresses are for men, because I don't wear a dress.
Nana 1
Nana 1:
Wow she's beautiful!!! ❤❤❤
lime piper
lime piper:
Still a man.
So now the once gay couple are now just your normal heterosexual couple.
Sebastian G. MSFB
Sebastian G. MSFB:
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
She look like rumer willis.
Wasey Maqsood
Wasey Maqsood:
this is sad
shreya raman
shreya raman:
she looks so beautiful and powerful!!!!!
Cat nag
Cat nag:
Good for her, I hope she loves lives her life more comfortably
Yaaassss girllll
She gives me SOPHIE vibes
كورا لاين
كورا لاين:
Abu putin Al-Moskowi
Abu putin Al-Moskowi:
Krista Jones
Krista Jones:
If he doesn't not have XX.. then you know what science says.. 🙄..
Johnny Hammersticks
Johnny Hammersticks:
Isn't this just confirming that only men can be transwomen? What was Tommy up until now?
There is just so much WRONG with this. First off, this is MISINFORMATION...he is not a woman...he is a man who desperately wants to be perceived as a woman...but that does not make him a woman. Secondly, roles playing women, should go to real women, not men who identify as female...just like we say gay roles should go to gay people, not straight people playing a gay role...this is the same concept. It's like, there is no CONSISTENCY with these types of minute gay people want gay roles being played by gay people, but then they are fine with a transwoman playing a real woman...MAKE IT MAKE SENSE...this is not consistency...this is trying to gain an advantage and have it every which way as long as it benefits them. I just ask that people PRAY for this young he needs a lot of prayer and pray for people who push this type of MISINFORMATION unto our children...this type of agenda will continue to do irreparable damage to our kids. FORGIVE THEM for they know not what they do.
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello:
Anyone who thinks this is normal behaviour needs to get themselves checked too…
its him not her
Me We Squirrel
Me We Squirrel:
cj handley
cj handley:
I have been inspired. I am officially coming out as a taco.
Charmbracelet era 2003
Charmbracelet era 2003:
A j Saunders
A j Saunders:
Isn’t this a man?
Kal Queen
Kal Queen:
Angel VanZant
Angel VanZant:
Wow so pretty
Livia Goodman
Livia Goodman:
Sumair Shirazi
Sumair Shirazi:
Bruh he still looks like a man.
Looks like a man