Tommy Lee, Motley Crue Star, Horrifies Fans By Crazy Posting To Instagram From His Bathroom

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Lmao that shit was funny as hell.
Definitely not horrifying. I found it quite impressive. It will forever remain in my gallery <3
Spie Glass
Spie Glass:
Thank god someone is talking about this
Marathon Girl27
Marathon Girl27:
That Photo still lives on Twitter 😝
Àdrienne Marie Rozario
Àdrienne Marie Rozario:
He was saluting the camera! 🙃
Worlds Sickest Media
Worlds Sickest Media:
This is awesome when stuff like this comes across my feed. It's under a minute long so I don't have to waste a bunch of time before hitting "Do not recommend".
Julie Beaners
Julie Beaners:
I would not say I was all.
Carrie Necas
Carrie Necas:
Damn....I missed it