Tony Blair condemns US withdrawal from Afghanistan

The former UK prime minister says the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan means 'our friends are now anxious and those people opposed to us feel heartened by it'.
In addition to his filmed statement, Blair, who ordered British troops to join the US-led invasion, said in a lengthy essay published on his website, that the hasty withdrawal had been 'tragic, dangerous [and] unnecessary'

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Guardian News
Guardian News:
Tony Blair condemns ‘tragic, dangerous’ US withdrawal from Afghanistan ►
Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker:
Absolutely criminal. How on earth is this man still walking free, let alone be given a platform to speak on morality and war. Absolute James Blunt.
Ricardo Smythe
Ricardo Smythe:
This is like asking thief what he thinks about a robbery
The Gunslinger
The Gunslinger:
"Removing Saddam Hussein will be a blessing for Iraq." Tony Blair, that aged just as well as Nevile Chamberlain. Saying "Peace in our time." In 1938.
Marshall Maware
Marshall Maware:
Does he really think it's morally correct for him to speak about this? Surely his trolling
WTH are we even giving this war criminal any screen time. 😡
House People
House People:
When Bill Hicks talked about how we always seem to let the demons run amok, this is exactly the type of sociopathic narcissist full of their own self importance he meant..
Tony Blair taking the moral high ground? I assume this is satire.
* Bear
* Bear:
Come on Tony, why don’t you send your sons to Afghanistan to stop the Taliban. You don’t have a problem sending everyone else’ s sons.
Icarus Flying
Icarus Flying:
Got to admit, he’s got some balls speaking publicly on this with his public image...
eric lovelace
eric lovelace:
Amazing isn't it! Julian Assange sits in a prison cell with no release date whilst Tony Bliar is free to tour the TV studios at his leisure.
MT tv
MT tv:
what's really tragic is that this monster isn't in a prison
The vast fortune that you have made Blair, will never buy back your soul.
stevie bee
stevie bee:
Tony Blair should be in maximum security prison for his crimes.
Someone should ask Tony how much Defense industry stocks he holds.
Phil Luckwell
Phil Luckwell:
Why don’t they ask him where the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ are? Honestly. They’ve had long enough now.
Aubrey Springett
Aubrey Springett:
Why do we give this man air time!
Glynn _Shady
Glynn _Shady:
Asking Tony Blair to comment on this situation is like asking Harold Shipman for advice on caring for the elderly.
Stephanie Homer
Stephanie Homer:
Margret Thatcher said about Afghanistan when USSR invaded " we learnt our lesson , Soviets will also learn it soon " .. he didn't read history.. going to Afghanistan was the bad thing
kevin McDonagh
kevin McDonagh:
Unbelievable that the Guardian would give air time to this lying warmonger, the blood still dripping from his hands
Who rattled his cage and told him he's still relevant?
Charles Walls
Charles Walls:
'our friends are now anxious and those people opposed to us feel heartened by it'

Almost like you should never have invaded these places in the first place?
Committing war crimes and illegal invasions made him a millionaire
Martin Dillon
Martin Dillon:
"let's mobilise and go back into Helmand" a deranged psychopath
Voluntarist Way
Voluntarist Way:
Is the Western tax payer just doomed to pay for this disaster eternally? We had 20 years, does he want another 20? This man belongs in a prison cell not on camera.
kevin bennington
kevin bennington:
Has He just emerged from the gutter where He belongs, why ? give Him any voice, He is dripping in blood
I'm not usually one for bad language but what a massive see you next Tuesday this guy really is.
Mike James
Mike James:
The fact that this guy is allowed on the news should tell you everything you need to know about how broken the media is.
F H:
I am confused why on Earth he would be interviewed on this subject and why anyone cares about his opinion.
Amina Sule
Amina Sule:
The smell of sulphur is strong with this one.
Auntie Dote
Auntie Dote:
I always check for Blair's opinion on anything. This gives me a clear indication that the opposite is true !
Mark Tasker Lyng farm
Mark Tasker Lyng farm:
This all from a man who ought to've been hanged for War crimes.
Paul Round
Paul Round:
Blair has some front coming out of the shadows again to preach to everyone about something like this.
Bartholomew Siroky
Bartholomew Siroky:
How can the Guardian justify having this war criminal on their show and giving him a voice? He should be tried in court for crimes against humanity.
Greg Romford
Greg Romford:
There's a look of pure evil about that one if you ask me…
S A Socolovsky
S A Socolovsky:
He's probably afraid someone will point the finger to him, as being partially responsible of the disaster that's going on in Afghanistan today. So he decided to speak and accuse first.
Why do they keep wheeling out this war criminal ? He should be behind bars not a tv camera .
Altered Carbon
Altered Carbon:
Why isn't this man on trial for war crimes?
Jamil Mo
Jamil Mo:
Says Tony Blair.. 😂😂😂 I’m not sure how many people actually listen to him anymore, just a waste of your time now
Nick Williams
Nick Williams:
This guy should be in prison. WAR CRIMINAL
He looks haunted.... Perhaps its David Kelly calling from beyond the grave, telling him that it's only a matter of time...
nelson 100
nelson 100:
Tony Blair needs to get back in his box and stay there.
charlie peebles
charlie peebles:
Well he knows better than most what the invasion of Afghanistan was oil about.
Smash School
Smash School:
It's weird when you want to laugh about war. But that's what I feel when I watch this guy being interviewed on the best thing to do about the war he started
"your friends should have confidence, your enemies should always be worried" - tony blair 2021

isnt that cold war era thinking? isnt this guy working in china? your friends should have confidence and your enemies should want to be your friends. integrity.
It's a deeply disturbing time when you find yourself agreeing with anything Tony Blair says.
Why does anyone still give this man the air time ?
m vl
m vl:
Giving yet another platform to one of the worlds great warlords. Mr. Blair has more blood on his hands than most youtubers will care to imagine. How come he hasn’t been brought to justice?
Fatma Shah
Fatma Shah:
The finest thing he honestly mentioned was "in our own Intrest".Exactly EU or West have no interest in the regional peace, instead they do everything for the sake of their own Intrest. Moreover, we must not forget his own time what he did.
Why even put him on? How exactly can his opinion be valued on anything? And by whom?
Tfw it's entirely your fault but it's been so long that you can shift the blame.
Steve Graham
Steve Graham:
Great words from the best prime minister the UK has ever had
jules baker
jules baker:
This guy couldn't fight his way out of a damp brown paper bag.
Lynda Farrell
Lynda Farrell:
.He should know what is going on as he took us to war quick enough.
Michael Ward
Michael Ward:
I already knew leaving Afghanistan was the right thing, but if i had any doubt, knowing Blair was against would convince me it was the right thing.
So disappointing that this 'news' channel resorts to this level of despicable behaviour.
Chico Msd
Chico Msd:
Taking care of his paymasters they pushed him out there
Bella Bella
Bella Bella:
Why is he been given the platform to speak on this mess he started and not challenge him?? The audacity of this guy speaking publicly
Willie Thompson
Willie Thompson:
The Economist wrote (paraphrase) many years ago (perhaps the 1970s) .... when the British left Africa they plowed it up for gold, destroyed their cruel, cruel gods and put nothing else in their place.... Tony Blair's incomparable arrogance in criticizing the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is insidiously insane. Willie Thompson Emeritus of Sociology, City College of San Francisco
RIGHT HERE. This guy! That’s who you’re all agreeing with currently. Someone needs to summon the ghost of Tony Benn to remind you all that
We 👏 need 👏 to 👏 leave 👏
Marius Don
Marius Don:
Why they want just USA UK Canada ...when are a lot of safety countries in the world's? If I really want to run for my life I chose even India 🤷‍♂️....But they target just few countries!
Paul Minns
Paul Minns:
This man has got to be one of the most revolting on the planet
suvignan pothuraju
suvignan pothuraju:
I wish Tony Blair is still prime Minister, he is one of the most competent leaders and I take his opinion.
Big Boys Fun
Big Boys Fun:
Wow, I am so glad that we have Tony Blair to point out the obvious to us, what would we do without him? oh, that's right prosper.
yru afredo
yru afredo:
The guardian really enjoys giving airtime to this killer of 1 million civilians.
Sir Desmond swayne
Sir Desmond swayne:
You should be in prison tony
Kanda 2021
Kanda 2021:
Sometime I am so proud to be from a community that is so rich and blessed, that they don't need to invade others, steal their lands, genocide and enslave their population and pillage their mineral ressources in order to survive or to feel great
Christina Massey-Stucki
Christina Massey-Stucki:
He’s got a nerve appearing publicly, especially on this topic! 😡
Custos Secretus
Custos Secretus:
As someone who lied to send our troops into an unjust and illegal war, a Middle East peace envoy who failed at his job. Tony Blair is the last person we should be listening to.
George England
George England:
He got us in there in the first place, LOL why haven't they arrested him yet?
If I've learnt anything it's that if Tony Blair says something is wrong, it's definitely the right decision
Reverend Jim Spanner
Reverend Jim Spanner:
It's getting to the point in time when we the people need to put a end to all these criminal politicians.
The Guardian and Tony Blair are prime examples of what's wrong with England.
Land Hopper
Land Hopper:
Trotted out by the Guardian or the BBC relentlessly. Didn’t you get the memo? This bloke is the root cause of most of the damage!
Richard Froud
Richard Froud:
This man is as low as it goes. Just ask him what really happened to Dr David Kelly. Blair was responsible.
Leon Poulton
Leon Poulton:
The only thing I want to hear coming out of Tony Blairs mouth on this matter is to say SORRY for the part that he played in creating this mess!!! 🤬
Jodie Price
Jodie Price:
This criminal should be serving life in jail for Iraq alone.
Beechgoose 1
Beechgoose 1:
"Maggie went to war, we should go, too!"
She went for different reasons mate, oh, and by the way, it was pakistan that was/is where they at.
Mel1 1
Mel1 1:
Blair is not a welcomed man he just infuriates the English people!
Saif Yousif
Saif Yousif:
Everything you said Tony is right, except that it comes from you
M New
M New:
The dark side is strong with this one
Greg Jones
Greg Jones:
I'm sick to the back teath of hearing this man condemned by parrots. Tell me precisely what he did that was so reprehensible. I have not heard even a quarter of a compelling argument that justifies the hostility present on this platform directed towards him.
Curlew -
Curlew -:
So he still ‘knows it all’.
I don’t know how he dare show himself in public!
Just a question, what happened to ‘the weapons of mass destruction’?
Sonia Baker
Sonia Baker:
Best speech he's ever given!
Michael Gibbons
Michael Gibbons:
Yea Tony I am sure we all believe you you, since when did you feel sorry for the people in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Tony Blair is treated poorly by history. He’s absolutely right.
Paul Stanesby
Paul Stanesby:
The only time we should hear from Tony Blair is when he is answering charges of war crimes at The Hague.
Void Kid
Void Kid:
Listen to him, this man knows how to ruin a country completely, rather than the recoverable mess they left Afghanistan in.
Tina C
Tina C:
"Your friends should have confidence, and your foes should always be worried." 👏🙌👍💛⭐✨💥💯🎯
no rest for the wicked
no rest for the wicked:
Tony Blair looks like the devil
Phil Wright
Phil Wright:
I remember thinking this guy was gonna change the world.. which he did.. but not in the way I expected or wanted.
He smiles too much when he thinks about the tragic events befalling others. Very EVIL man.
Marc Perrett
Marc Perrett:
i just cant help thinking that all those regional towns and city capitals in afghan that just gave up with no resistance at all gave their whole country over to the taliban,,youve got to fight for your place in this world,,BUT thats easy to say when youve not lived in a constant state of war for 40 years i suppose
Cede Nullis
Cede Nullis:
This man has no shame, he is under the misguided view he was/is a statesman. He is nothing more than a second rate solicitor who lies professionally, or as he once was quoted as say “reconstructs the facts” He should stand trial for war crimes.
He's a great man, Tony is. Just ask him.
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan:
guilt has scared this mans face. You can see the strain of forever defending his crime has taken its toll, his soul must be dead inside.
So focused on terrorist groups actions as America withdraws from Afghan, when you can’t even deal with one royal who terrorizes underage women all over the world. Convenient. And that early withdrawal from Hong Kong is coming along really well.
Khaliji Farousha
Khaliji Farousha:
When is The Guardian going to report on the millions TB has lost through dealings with UAE companies due to no coalition forces now illegally being in Afghanistan
Free Peace Sweet.
Free Peace Sweet.:
Trillions of taxpayers dollars spent and for what?
Wouldn't that money have been better spent on improving the quality and security of U.S. cities?
Was only ever about keeping money flowing to the arms and construction companies.
Sean Jones
Sean Jones:
If he feels so strongly about it, he can always campaign to have jolly old England foot the bill and lead the charge!