Too Hot To Handle Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Too Hot To Handle is back for season 3 and this time, the stakes are even higher!
Our sexy singles are ready for the time of their lives, but staying in the Too Hot villa means sticking to the rules: no kissing, no heavy petting and no sex of any kind, or risk losing out on the $200,000 prize.
Can our wildest ever batch of singles be tamed? Or are they just too hot to handle?
Launches January 19th.


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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Lana entices a new bunch of thirsty flirts with a fake show, "Pleasure Island." Who will avoid temptation and score the biggest prize ever?

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ashleigh abrahams
ashleigh abrahams:
ngl season 2 will always be the best season in my opinion
Everet Su'e
Everet Su'e:
season 2 will always have the hottest cast
Can we all agree Holly and Nathan were annoying af this season with way too many rule breaks and should’ve gotten eliminated?
Nuella Kelsey
Nuella Kelsey:
Beaux was so good that she didn’t want to break any rule🥺👌🏾I love her and Harry
Felix Leung
Felix Leung:
Kinda pissed why Nathan got nominated but not stevan
He really changed and learnt from the process
While Nathan just keep breaking rules and might get rewaded ? Wth
Alex Mbanda
Alex Mbanda:
For the first time I feel like the winners deserved it. Kelz was robbed in Season 1 and Marvin wouldn't have ended up with Melinda if the other girls he tried it with showed interest. Season 3 was fire 🔥
ansh singh
ansh singh:
"I don't want to be doing this with anyone but you" literally says that to everyone after the other
Shaila Thompson
Shaila Thompson:
I need Trixie and Katya react part 3, love when they drag the hot dumb straights!
Obim Austine
Obim Austine:
How can they keep falling for this😂
Catherine Fabro
Catherine Fabro:
Harry and Beaux won and they really deserved it.
Hala El-asmar
Hala El-asmar:
Season 2 will always be my favorite cam and Emily have such a connection and are still together to this day I love their love
For next season can you guys start casting more multicultural people and even moreso for the men especially? I think with the women they do a decent job but I don’t think they ever cast Asian or Latin etc etc and it would be nice to see more diversity
Smiley Official
Smiley Official:
Glad it's bk last season winners were great Emily and Cam are still together ❤
instant entertainment
instant entertainment:
I loved this season just so perfect and the winner were worth it😍 it was just awesome must watch!
Season 2 had some amazing cast and drama, Season 3 wasn't bad but most of them looked similar to Season 1 cast.
arrii bacon
arrii bacon:
Season 2 will always be the best season ever. No one can convince me otherwise
It blows my mind that Izzy and I went to the same school back in the UK.. She’s amazing though, can’t wait to watch it when it premiere on the 16th! 😍
The Gay Agenda
The Gay Agenda:
I love this premise of...Just don't have sex and you could hundreds of thousands of dollars 🙄💸
Major Envyy
Major Envyy:
Season 3 was best, best couples, most drama, most entertaining, cast members trying it out with all sorts of people, etc. Felt this cast got along the most and has most charisma. Overall all seasons were pretty decent, but s3 edges it out for me.
Q.Q Tulips
Q.Q Tulips:
Each season is Fun and unique. Its perfect for All even Abstinent folks, Celebents ,Merried couples , friends ,and Asexuals to have few laughs and agree ...the relationships is better when it is more than physical more meanings more valuable n life and in real relationships more meaningful values added with boundaries...attractive ways r perks.
Nuella Kelsey
Nuella Kelsey:
I very glad Nathan didn’t win😂😭Holly and Nathan really pissed me off like come on
How in tf was Georgia a finalist?!?! She literally should have been kicked out everyone who tried to take her serious she pushed them away and she didn’t change she was like that till the end she literally ended the relationship with Harry at the end cuz she got turned off when he said he wants to take her serious and get in a relationship and last time i checked thats the point of the show so how tf did she grow the most? She just changed the way she rejects relationships she is still a one night stand material this has to be scripted
Yousound Weird
Yousound Weird:
Binge watched the whole season and let me say that:
There is a huge lack of main Charakter energy - kind of all of them were boring charakterwise… the casting screwed up on this season. If you compared it to season 2 the difference is tremendously.
This season was great! Still season 2 is the best one imo
Season 3 should be named Too Much Holly and Nathan. Brianna had so much less screentime. And, I have no freaking clue how Olga and Jackson ended up together. Worst season by far 🙊
Annie C
Annie C:
Am i the only one who wants the sex ban to not happen just to see their true selves and the villa get awkward real fast
Yuno 25
Yuno 25:
I'm excited for this. One of the rare romance TV show that was really interesting to watch
Anuu Gombo
Anuu Gombo:
Loved the ending
Alex Fajardo
Alex Fajardo:
Holly and Nathan can spend over 100k ON JUST THEN TOO and still be on, great season 👍🗑🗑🗑🗑
Frost Bite
Frost Bite:
Unpopular opinion but season 3 is definitely the most entertaining. It's more unhinged than the other two.
Sade Grant
Sade Grant:
Finally i love this show🙌🏾
Damon Hodges Official Page Plus
Damon Hodges Official Page Plus:
I learnt so much from this show...I am so thankful and I love this !!
I need Trixie and Katya react part 3, love when they drag the hot dumb straights!
Yves Tomas
Yves Tomas:
Best season ever. The winning couple is the Best 🤠
Im honestly so happy for this
the way i didn’t finish season 2 because i got annoyed by the cast so much but season 3 looks fun and apparently there romance something i wanna see!
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
Holly & Nathan single handedly deplenished the prize fund from $200k to $0. Yet she still tried to lie saying, "nathan has grown so much." GIRL! He & you went *ONE* episode w/ breaking the rules. 🤨 At that point you're not even looking at who deserves it. You just voted for nathan hoping you'd get a slice of it. Smuh!


So glad Nathan didn't win. Holly & him didnt deserve it.
My favorite thing is that they bring people that live in different countries. Thousands of miles apart, and expect them to create a meaningful relationship. Is trash tv I know but damn at least pick people that live in near by cities. That way if something real does happen, it has a chance of working in the real world.
Drippy Shy
Drippy Shy:
Let’s go one of the best shows on Netflix
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam
[M A R I A] H0T Girl L!ve Cam:
I need Trixie and Katya react part 3, love when they drag the hot dumb straights!
Morten J.
Morten J.:
Counting on Harry, he's the greatest lad of em all
i already know i’m gonna love the “bad boy”😭
wild child
wild child:
The only thing that carries this show is the editing and narration, I laugh a lot lol (and the psychology of the social experiments)
Breonna Brasher
Breonna Brasher:
I was so annoyed with Nathan and Holly keep saying how bad they felt and blah blah each time lol. At the end, I’m stuck between Holly could do better and that they’re perfect for each other.
kamar taylor
kamar taylor:
I can’t even get laid out here. In there, I would do just fine 😀
Bad Morty
Bad Morty:
Best season yet awesome cast
Yayyyy I love this show idc if people think it’s stupid 😂 I like looking at hot people okay and i like to image what I would do if I was on the show
Samay Alvarez
Samay Alvarez:
The "bad boy" was the one who cried to most. Fun cast on Season 3, but Nathan and Holly should have been kicked out of the show.
You guys know three of these people got fined 2k pounds each because they were rude af to flight attendants on British Airways right? Look it up lol. I'll be watching for those three and see how well they act in the show.
Sadinah Rafael
Sadinah Rafael:
Season 2 will always be the best..
I'll watch it though.
śàñťù ś ďàś 🎼
śàñťù ś ďàś 🎼:
Don't get me wrong, this show is trash! But it's the kind of trash you want to keep watching. Everyone is a horrible person, it's fun to watch them 😛❤🔥
Ishika Biswas
Ishika Biswas:
Cam and Emily 🥺❤️miss them
adam alfo
adam alfo:
no one can compared season 1 awkwardness and feel
S _
S _:
Prize funds never matter because all these people just become influencers afterwards. This show doesn’t have anything to do with “love”.
All of the girls look so much better right before bed than after 4hrs of make-up. Wish they new that
Meryl 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
Meryl 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE:
ngl season 2 will always be the best season in my opinion
Oleks B
Oleks B:
Well-known fact: people who watch this show mostly do it in time show 😀
[GABBY]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve
[GABBY]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve:
Finally i love this show
Ranjan Udayashankar
Ranjan Udayashankar:
Spoiler talk: Georgia, Nathan, and Holly all deserved to be eliminated before Jaz.
Samuel Kenyu
Samuel Kenyu:
thanx God the show still
goes on.
Imaan Khan
Imaan Khan:
Best season, hands down
Flawess Grace
Flawess Grace:
They had twice as much cash than any other season yet still hit $0
Breonna Brasher
Breonna Brasher:
Atp this could be the last season and I wouldn’t care. Rather have more Love Is Blind seasons over this show!
Harrybeaux is cutest couple ever lol
And Harry really looks like James Mcavoy lol
Sanil Rover
Sanil Rover:
Netflix renews boring stuffs while canceling the most interesting shows.😒😒
Keep it up netflix👏👏
Tomás :D
Tomás :D:
I hope we have some gay moments lol so funny when they lose money with the same sex and someone else gets mad
Karu Agira
Karu Agira:
I get it this season not so bulky muscular people. Let's just hope for Season 4.
Idk.. the girls in this aren’t really my taste of attractiveness.. they’re pretty and hot but like they’re just so LA alike.. I want girls who are like mature and something that hits like season 2.
Richter WLK
Richter WLK:
Reality shows like this are what keeping society from evolving.
Emphasize "they have not seen Season 2" 3x so viewers believe it.

Reality: Everyone sign non-disclosure agreement and Pretend you haven't seen both seasons or it will be boring if you repeat the same stunts we'll lose viewers.
Brittani Cunningham
Brittani Cunningham:
why they be acting like they don't know what show their on 😂
I don’t like that they’re spoiling the couples in the trailer. I like to be surprised and guess for myself who will vibe
Nathan shouldn't have been nominated after spending all that money. No one should have voted for him, especially since he'd spend the money with Holly who was the most selfish contestant since that Brazilian couple
Mpho Mahlatsi
Mpho Mahlatsi:
I swear if they fix the one black girl with the one black guy again, I'm going to go insane.
I’d only watch this show if Trixie and Katya watched the whole thing
I'm excited!
You can really see the difference in western and asian dating shows. I recently just watched Singles Inferno and it was more down to earth and conservative, rather than this wich is all about sex. I watch both but prefer the asian content.
Marie ray
Marie ray:
I feel like the cast is getting weaker and weaker every season.. season 2 was top notch hottest people 🥲
Renee B
Renee B:
Omg Harry and Beau ❤❤❤ love them!!
I‘m excited :)
Modest Feran
Modest Feran:
why are they surprised?? don't they already know the rules from previous cycles? 💀
Furkan Bozdag
Furkan Bozdag:
It is finally back i watched the second season a couple of months ago not knowing it was already released after that i watched the latino and brailian version they are much better
I never thought the day would come
Princess Tamzie
Princess Tamzie:
ugh, can’t wait
Fardin Kabir Nuhash
Fardin Kabir Nuhash:
I can't wait to see Miss Tracie Martell and Katya Zamolodzikova to drag the [email protected] out of it
Lady Eve & Guy Boiman TM
Lady Eve & Guy Boiman TM:
Now this batch are actually hot people compared to previous seasons 💦
Sneha Sharma
Sneha Sharma:
ngl season 2 has the best cast and was the best season
as an asexual this is the funniest shit ever. TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GO FOLKS
Emmanuel Sandoval
Emmanuel Sandoval:
Isn't it illegal to lie to contestants about the show they are going to be on or something? Don't they sign some kind of contract explaining everything???
Bomber Dug
Bomber Dug:
I can’t believe Harry didn’t like beaux in the beginning. She so stinking cute. I don’t really see the big difference with her and Georgia looks wise.
Lyn Ortiz
Lyn Ortiz:
Although season 2 were hotter contestants, episode one of season 3 made me go take a cig break. About to watch episode 2. Lol.
Induced Perception: Repeat "They have not seen Season 2" 3x in trailer BC are viewers are dumb enough to believe it.

Reality: Everyone sign non-disclosure agreement and Pretend you haven't seen both seasons or it will be boring if you repeat the same stunts we'll lose viewers.

Reality: They're following Season 1 and 2 participants or are within their network.
Rubis Mic
Rubis Mic:
So exciting
John Apple
John Apple:
Most of you commoners really don't understand, that the cast will make x10-x100 more money by breaking rules.

Won't explain myself, if you are smart you will figure it out.
I wish there was more Asian representation on these kinds of shows. I know the UK has less Asian population compared to the US, but I know that there's still a sizeable amount worth being represented as "Hot." It's really funny how caucasians and blacks always intermingle on dating shows, but Asians always have to do their own thing with only Asian casts. Unless the Asians make their own reality show or dating shows, they never get shown on these kinds of content. So much for diversity. 3 Seasons and still no Asian cast? Come on Netflix!
Snoopy niOh
Snoopy niOh:
Let's see how many more seasons we have to go through untill R I P
Nadim Alam
Nadim Alam:
Every season first half of the show is good, then it just goes downhill in the last half of the remaining episodes :(
star the M Msomi
star the M Msomi:
Yesssssss!!!been waitin
Alexandra Theodora
Alexandra Theodora:
nathan and holly can already go home jesus
Abul Hassan
Abul Hassan:
season 1 cast is always be my fvrt