Top 10 Best Kickstarter 2020 Projects That Will Change The Future

The channel is about, top 10, inventions, gadgets, technology, tech, review, lists, and amazing inventions you must see from amazon ,kickstarter and more, you won’t believe that such products exist, those inventions you must have, things that actually exist, and more about technology and smart ideas of creation
you can help and fund those inventions and build a smart world and brighter future
also we review ali express products and gadgets that are the best and must have

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Etee VR:



Monster X:

Wattsugar : Small All-in-one Charger for Apple Products:

Coffe GrinderCup:

Smart Ring:

14 komentarze:

J T C:
Megi is literally just a lamp
Quick YouTube Views
Quick YouTube Views:
I love those future projects, like mine i have videos also for that kind of gadgets. Nice one.
Pille Palle
Pille Palle:
I actually watch commercial on my own, thats how it always should work.
aaron Bets
aaron Bets:
You need the Reduxbuds just to hear around that monsterx thing
Truong camping
Truong camping:
Chriss Re
Chriss Re:
Video Title "Projects That Will Change The Future" ... Project number 1. Floating lamp on a magnet ... Yeahh that's off to a terrible start.
I love my Kickstarter Camera
RayShot: Pocket-Sized 4G Gimbal Smart Camera
How is a floating lamp changing the future like for real?
UPeaches Clyburn
UPeaches Clyburn:
The music was so loud you couldn't hear the specs of monster x
The. C R I N G E
The. C R I N G E:
Don’t go to Kickstarter there is a chance you will be scammed
eduards ragze
eduards ragze:
'bathroom experience' :D:D
Okay all of these things are not must haves. My thoughts on each one with my cynical self today:
Megi- creepy KAL Japanese robot voice will sooth you to sleep. Ugh.
Wattsugar- why does everything need a stupid gimmick name? Play some rock music to remind you chargers are not boring!
Beanq- “productivity is basically coffee.” No! Get to sleep!
Etee- okay can’t say anything bad about it other than not everyone uses VR. I’m a gamer and prefer my old controller and couch anyway.
MonsterX- dude! Fix your music! Bring a big car battery anywhere to charge everything!
Reduxbuds- probably dont work fully to block out all sound.
Shine -“reinventing the bathroom”? Clean your toilet bowl you lazy bum! How often does the toilet break? Just keep an observant eye and learn to fix stuff!
Roomba Razor- whole ad is just proof this guy is a lazy slob. Come on! His wife cleans and he pushes the app button. 🤨
UV lamp- please it doesn’t sterilize an entire room. Wash your hands and clean your home! What’s with cheesey logos?!
Data ring - wear this, tell us all your secrets! Ugh! Seriously! Why do people want to give all their data away or not just enjoy living without watching a graph!
Osama Sallam
Osama Sallam:
music is high more than voice in minute 5:38 and so on Bad Video
Combat Applications Group
Combat Applications Group:
Megi is Gay