Top 10 Black Friday Tech Deals 2020 🤑

The Tech Deals are INSANE on Black Friday 2020! Here are the Top 10 Tech Deals I found on the products you care about!
🚨$100 OFF New MacBook Pro M1:
🚨$100 OFF MacBook Air M1:
🚨 $200 MacBook Air (non-M1 model):
🚨$360 OFF Microsoft Surface Pro 7 12.3”:

🚨20000mah Anker Portable Charger:
🚨Latest Echo Dot + 6 mo's of Amazon Music:
🚨Facebook Portal Mini:
🚨Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G:
🚨Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones:
🚨Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones:
🚨$179 HP Chromebook:
🚨$300 OFF LG 55" CX Series OLED:
🚨Sony X800H 65 Inch TV:

🚨GE Smart Switch:
🚨Google Nest Cam Indoor:
🚨$280 Off Shark Self-Emptying Robo Vac:
🚨New Apple Watch Series 6:

🚨PS5 Console: (Stock is ALLEGEDLY going live at 9pm EST Tonight)
🚨Secret Amazon Free $10 Coupon: (Only some people qualify, I didn’t, but you might!!)

**These are affiliate links. If you buy something through this link I may get a small share of the sale

These are the best black friday tech deals of 2020! These top tech deals are the best black friday 2020 deals STILL in stock. They're a mix of amazon black friday 2020 deals and just general black friday 2020 tech deals. These Tech Deals Black Friday are some of the coolest and newest tech like apple macbooks and apple watch!

Black Friday deals are always some of my favorites like the Black Friday 2020 deals on laptops and the 2020 black friday deals on tech deals and best tech deals. These Amazon Black Friday 2020 deals are amazing, i really hope you like them!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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The Deal Guy
The Deal Guy:
ITS BLACK FRIDAY BABY!!! 🔥🔥🔥 I love being here and making sure you're getting the best deals possible today! If you enjoy these videos please like my video as it helps me in the YouTube algorithm 🙂Check all the deals now because they're selling out so quick 😫
Ashley R.
Ashley R.:
Made it!!! How is he still standing lol. These have been amazing videos though.
Captain Dadpool
Captain Dadpool:
Hardest working man on youtube today
CC 3KidsL8ter
CC 3KidsL8ter:
Thanks for the text updates! You're the best! Somebody give this man a raise for working overtime during the holidays 👐
Mr T
Mr T:
"Alexa spy on my household please" Alexa: Don't worry I got you covered.
Robert Gonzales
Robert Gonzales:
thank you! get some sleep we need you for cyber monday
For those who plan to get the new MacBooks with the M1 chip, make sure you get the 16GB of RAM. You cannot upgrade the Ram due to it being directly integrated into the system. Just an FYI. Happy Holidays!
Richard Allen
Richard Allen:
Matt is usually hyper, and adds levity to his great videos. Now this T/Giving is even better than usual, the stores have altered their rationale to Black Friday. However this has caused Matt to go wild. I am even thankful that he has achieved over 1M subscribers, he is so personable, he deserves it.
Keep up the awesome work Matt, take a well deserved rest after Cyber Monday! 🥳
Janet Lesley
Janet Lesley:
Oh lord just keep them coming. You get a deal we all get a deal.😂
Thank you for the deals,Matt. Have a blessed day my friend..
manu razo
manu razo:
Got a question , I really want the 5th gen Apple Watch and don’t know if I should get it now or wait till cyber Monday
No bueno for the 9:00 EST PS5 drop 😭
You are going to need a long nap! Thank you for all the hard work and tireless hours you put in to save us $$. I appreciate your dedication.
Jojo Uche
Jojo Uche:
This guy needs to rest 😭
Anup Behera
Anup Behera:
Man your energy level is beyond words. Keep up the good work! 🙂
Moi Moi
Moi Moi:
We luv us some bubble tea, too! Do you make your own or have a favorite place you frequent?
This poor guy is going deeper and deeper into madness!!
Many amazing deals.
Bob Palmer
Bob Palmer:
Thanks for the tip even though they never put them up yet. Hopefully soon. Keep at it!
Thank you for the videos, and as always, Bye Bye.
Leslie Vernon
Leslie Vernon:
Bro we love you and these videos are 🔥 but get some sleep 😴 we care about you! ❤️
Helen Pernicone
Helen Pernicone:
First to comment
wanda clemons
wanda clemons:
How on earth do you get sooo much energy please share 😊👏
Collen Ellsworth
Collen Ellsworth:
Thank you for being the best source for Deals all year long but especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!
You look like you've been busy as hell today. Finding all these deals for us... you are awesome!
Low Lectin Living
Low Lectin Living:
Thanks Matt, I got two Amazon fire 10 tablets for $80 each. Can't wait for Cyber Monday.
Best Buy has the Lenovo Ideapad 3 15" laptop with the intel core 3 8GB memory and 256GB SSD for only $299
Lenita Crueger
Lenita Crueger:
Yes, get comphy!
colo Ombia
colo Ombia:
Hook me up with a MacBook 😭👍 need it for college !
Great content Matt 🔥
Casey Cohen
Casey Cohen:
Hey great videos , I'm looking for kitchen cabinets any sales you find would be great. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Mary Brien
Mary Brien:
COOL,thanks for sharing this, I order the same product from three weeks ago, delivery by DHL,wonderful quality !!!
DM Ledger
DM Ledger:
You’re great Matt!!! Thanks!
Rob P
Rob P:
How many pitchers of coffee ☕️ have you gone through? 😂. Keep up great work 👌🏾
Robert B
Robert B:
Matt, you are doing an excellent job, my favorite subscribed channel.
Got the light switch and the powerbank. THANKS! 😉
Hey Matt, anything on the Apple Watch SE? I’m trying to pick one up for my girlfriend as a Christmas gift!
Kat 99
Kat 99:
Ur amazing! New subbie here!
Landen Snyder
Landen Snyder:
can you find a great deal on the nintendo switch lite please?
Ryan Dickerson
Ryan Dickerson:
How are you posting so much? Love all the videos! Thanks so much for all these deals, but hopefully because Black Friday is over, you’ll be able to get some good sleep! You are awesome!!!!
Cindy Williams
Cindy Williams:
Thanks for all of your hard work! 👍
with you bro. Hang in there!!!
Patricia Ramírez
Patricia Ramírez:
Do you have any inside info on deals for the cricut? 🤞🏼
sophia m
sophia m:
Wow respect the grind thank you for all your vids
Russ The Ruler
Russ The Ruler:
Thanks again!!!
this good video (i bet this will get a response from the deal guy)
We appreciate you!

I'm hoping some 16gb ram gaming laptops go on sale for cyber Monday. Fingers crossed!
silvana yunda
silvana yunda:
Hi! Where can I find a PS5?
Corey Michael Tate
Corey Michael Tate:
Michael Lasnoski
Michael Lasnoski:
Great videos! Double check your mic. Your last the videos have been really quiet. I’ve had to crank my tv volume so high so I can hear it, normally your videos have really intense sound which is nice. I can keep my tv down lower.
Corey Michael Tate
Corey Michael Tate:
It’s also out of stock or something. Check it out. It saying something like coming soon🤔
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu:
Try hunt for a AirPods Pro deal? Below 199, I missed the 169 from Walmart and Amazon
Tammy Sargent
Tammy Sargent:
Well you definitely do not look tired, only excited as you normally are for GREAT deals! Would you know of any gift card deals or promotions?
Thanks Matt
Tammy S.
SweetCaroline 75
SweetCaroline 75:
Dyson Airwrap Please!!!
Any good smart plug deals?
Ice Donut
Ice Donut:
can you make a video for stuff to get for your gf?
Love your content!! Do u think Galaxy Buds Plus will go further down in price?
Can't wait to get the ps4😁
Jennifer Purtill
Jennifer Purtill:
I’ve watched several of your videos the last few days, not just for the deals but mostly because I’m so impressed!! I think you’re amazing! How do you DO all this?? Thanks for all your hard work! Just subscribed!
Stephanie Young
Stephanie Young:
What’s your thoughts on the spectre 50’ you mentioned it in one video but do you think it’s good or worth the time and effort?
r c
r c:
Any deals for samsung ear buds live that you've seen?
Casey Whitmore
Casey Whitmore:
Mac the deal guy sweet videos I like watching them
flashy YT
flashy YT:
john gangi
john gangi:
Also I haven’t seen you on channel 2 in the morning lately are you still working there or are you fully on YouTube now?
Randy Fox
Randy Fox:
I'm looking for a good deal on the hll2395dw , brother laser printer??
Hsuan-Yueh Peng
Hsuan-Yueh Peng:
you look like you haven't slept for ages... rest up when you can please and thank you for your efforts!
LG CX OLED 65” TV Deal would be awesome!
Elijah Coley
Elijah Coley:
Get some sleep man 😂
Dude we appreciate you, but take a break!!!!
13ioHazard 13
13ioHazard 13:
Man you have to take care of yourself 🙏
Slinky BanDinky
Slinky BanDinky:
Sennheiser open back 599 hd SE for $99 right now on lightning deal on amazon
Robin Snl
Robin Snl:
I'm trying to find a air fryer should I wait until cyber Monday?
Autry Hernandez
Autry Hernandez:
Oneplus 7 or 8 pro please?
Elizabeth Babilonia
Elizabeth Babilonia:
I enjoy your enthusiasm and energy.
im looking for ram or a sdd or hdd deal cyber monday
Angela Lacap
Angela Lacap:
I bought the HP chromebook from Target for 119 ! or 134 with tax
Raiden -
Raiden -:
Gaming monitors compatible with new consoles please!
Gerwald Elli
Gerwald Elli:
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manu razo
manu razo:
Is that Apple Watch promo at the end with cellular capabilities ..? I really want an Apple Watch
Nathan Guteras
Nathan Guteras:
great savings
So early it still says No Views
No amazon didn’t have it on sale .. :(
mike ceren
mike ceren:
Love your Videos..
Any idea when that 65 inch hisense from Best Buy will be available? I waited up until midnight only to be disappointed. I thought it would be Saturday.
Gregory Warth
Gregory Warth:
Apple Pencil Gen 2 and 11 inch iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Cover
Scorpion 007
Scorpion 007:
Love your videos. You same me so much money.
Puchito Ramirez
Puchito Ramirez:
Your videos are the Best 😁
Where is the best place to see all the special deals? Here? FB page?
amar em
amar em:
Any deals for external hard drives?
Joan Elkins
Joan Elkins:
YOU are awesome!!!
Patrick Longo
Patrick Longo:
Looking Keep up the deal finding!
Elizabeth Sprinz
Elizabeth Sprinz:
Need a new desktop.
Finn Suratt
Finn Suratt:
Jabra elite 85h?
Joey Groezinger
Joey Groezinger:
I'm looking for the best deal on the new Mac mini with the apple M1 chip I see B&H has $60 off is that the best deal I will get or should I wait for cyber Monday? Or does another retailer have a better deal?
Brandi Reimers
Brandi Reimers:
It's to quite, have my speakers all the way up.
Love you 😘 hope I can get a PlayStation 5 tonight
Nisarg MODI
Nisarg MODI:
Which time left for the sale?
gabrielle upton
gabrielle upton:
I love you!! Please tell us, why do these people have such limited stock when it comes to things like PS5??!
Karin Ross
Karin Ross:
Kindle Paperwhites have a good Black Friday deal! I missed my chance on Prime Day and my old PW was getting old. Traded in my old + black Friday deal = AMAZING price