Top 10 Craziest Things J.K. Rowling Has Revealed About Harry Potter

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It may be more than a decade since the release of Deathly Hallows, but the Wizarding World is still very much alive. For this list, we're focusing on things J.K. has said herself rather than events that took place in The Cursed Child. She’s revealed that James Sirius Potter and Teddy Lupin's Hogwarts Houses, there are eleven wizarding schools worldwide, what she really thinks about Snape, and that she (kind of) regrets Putting Ron and Hermione Together!

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_Snape is actually a single mother_
Xenomorph Biologist - XX121
Xenomorph Biologist - XX121:

JK Rowling: *It iS nEvEr SpEcIfIeD tHaT HarRy PoTtEr iS MaLe*
Sadie Stranks
Sadie Stranks:
In book 3 it says hermione is white. She’s also white in all of the book covers.

I have no problem with a black hermione but you can’t say that you never said that when you did
Steven Barry
Steven Barry:
J.K. Rowling these days be like:
Ginny had intense relationship with Nagini
Snape and Voldemort are actually transgenders
Ron was actually asian
Dumbledore and Grindleward are actually sisters
Harry's real name is actually Holly
Hermione is actually a bisexual black woman
Sirius real name is actually White
Draco owns a gay bar
Neville was actually an elf

Edit: Prison Mike was Sirius cellmate
Stuart Ward
Stuart Ward:
J.K Rowling's the only author I know of that's managed to fan-fiction her own work
Whether she says she's black or white, Emma Watson will always be the true Hermione Granger in my heart.
Sax and Relax
Sax and Relax:
why does Snape hate herbology?

Because his Lilly died
Jenny Gardiner
Jenny Gardiner:
no one:

jk rowling: the sorting hat was into bdsm
saddest dinosaur
saddest dinosaur:
No one:

J.K. Rowling: Dobby shot xxxtentacion
Mary Jasper
Mary Jasper:
rowling: luna and neville fangirled over k-pop all throughout the sixth book
No one:
J. K. Rowling: You, the reader, was actually in an intense sexual relationship with Dobby
Unicorn love unicorns DL
Unicorn love unicorns DL:

JK Rowling: Ron is actually a butterfly that’s why he hates spiders
No one:

Jk rowling: Hermione is black and dumbledore is gay.
Bjorn Ironside
Bjorn Ironside:
“Ginny and Luna are actually gay and they’d often sneak off to the room of requirements together and it turned into their secret bdsm dungeon”
- J.K. Rowling
Somewhere in 2020
Too Sweet
Too Sweet:
Her next tweet will be Happy Potter was just a dream of Harry nothing happened for real
L A N A:
ALTERNATE TITLE: *Top 10 Things J.K. Rowling has made up about Harry Potter to be inclusive and diverse.*

JK ROWLING: Voldemort is a test tube baby
Liv ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Liv ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ:
I support Black Hermione but she WAS specified as white
Sadie Stranks
Sadie Stranks:
Ron and hermione were fantastic together IN THE BOOKS the movies ruined Rons character so badly I can understand why someone wouldn’t ship them if they never read the books
JK Rowling has created a masterpiece and ruins it bit by bit for the fans. Dumbledore's sexual orientation is irrelevant to the plot and unnecessary to be meantioned. He is a great wizard and that's all we need to know. All the characters have very detailed description in the book and if Hermione had an African background we would know. Suddenly Ron and Hermione weren't good together. Well JK Rowling you made us love this couple so shh. Don't even get me started on the whole cursed child thing...Rowling if you want your franchise to flourish for generations don't ruin it for the sake of publicity.
Next tweet:
Harry woke up in the cupboard under the stairs, and it was all a dream.
Abhilasha Rodrigo
Abhilasha Rodrigo:
Rowling: Is a strong supporter of the LGBTQI+ community'.
Also Rowling: tweets inappropriately about trans women.
Jessica Emery
Jessica Emery:
No one:
JK Rowling: *Hagrid secretly hooked up with Dobby*
Sabrina Miller
Sabrina Miller:
"Hermione was in a wheelchair the whole time."
Yung Cerel
Yung Cerel:
Harry Potter reveals that snape, the reader, is dating jk Rowling
Aidan Wong
Aidan Wong:
JK Rowling needs to stop! She is ruing the masterpiece she built for publicity!
"She kind if regrets romione."
A lot of us, shaking: yo yo you d d d dont t t m EAN that
Fire Bird
Fire Bird:
Okay, dropping the “Voldemort” “T” now is just stupid. She had literally all this time to reveal it to them
Lily Kamsteeg
Lily Kamsteeg:
I'm not against having a black Hermione but in the deathly hallows they said that the cut on her neck from Bellatrix stood out from her pale skin
Harry Potter was a wonderful series which made my childhood a lot magical, but all this extra unnecessary information Rowling is giving out now is just spoiling her own work. I dont want to know what happened with their kids, not interested in crimes of Grindelwald (tbh the fantastic beast series is very boring), not interested in knowing the sexual orientation and skin colour of any characters. For me Harry Potter ended at the seventh book itself. Now dont ruin our good memories Rowling !
"Spellbooks alone are very expensive." As a college student, I can relate.
Franco Pesce
Franco Pesce:
All of us: Dumbledore asked calmly

JKR: *Dumbledore ask gayfully*
Sadie Stranks
Sadie Stranks:
It would’ve been cool if Harry became a professional quidditch player. I feel like that would’ve made him very happy.
Rifat Jahan
Rifat Jahan:
You know, I feel like JK thinks that she can make up things about the wizarding world just because she's written the series. Yes, I know this sentence seems kinda crazy, but everyone knows that Hermione is white. I have no problem with black people, if that's what u think, but JK Rowling wrote about Hermione's "pale skin" and also her "white skin" multiple times throughout the series, so saying that she never made any reference to her skin colour in novel is just bs. And pale and white skin can show that a character is afraid, but it also proves that Hermione Granger is WHITE. JK can't make everything up just so people think she's a really great person (which she naturally is, I'm sure). She can't rewrite what has been written. To have written so many wonderful books, I would have expected her to actually have given some thought into what information she gives us on the wonderful world that she created. And I'm not overreacting, guys, I just don't like when people lie (or do anything alike).

I guess it's my zodiac sign's fault.....
spicy apple juice
spicy apple juice:
Jk Rowling: The readers are gay
Momo Yaoyorozu
Momo Yaoyorozu:
"if harry potter taught us anything it that no one deserves to live in a closet" omg that is beautiful
Jam Good
Jam Good:
i think ron and hermoine were great together. proves that couples are a mirror of each other. got a bit of a hang with it when fortunately he adopted some of hermoine's clever thinking and hermoine on he's clumsyness at times. ✌✌✌😊😊
Livy DiJoseph
Livy DiJoseph:
Stop hating on hufflepuffs you guys, their common room is right next to the kitchens so in many ways it’s the best house.
Harry and Tom Riddle were descendants of Ignotus and Cadmus Peverell respectively. Hence they were distant blood relatives.

J.K Rowling: Harry is actually baby just dreaming what his future is going to ve
Notorious K.A.J
Notorious K.A.J:

J.K Rowling: Peter Pettigrew was actually a femenist transgender furry
Mayor Jendral Soeharto
Mayor Jendral Soeharto:
Nobody :

JK Rowling : Hogwarts is actually Gay Brothel
Rory Manley
Rory Manley:

J.K Rowling: *VoLdEmOrT wAs AcTuAlLy BlAcK*
Rosa Parada
Rosa Parada:
No one:

Literally no one at all:

Jk Rowling: Neville longbottom was transgender
Navaneeth Sujesh
Navaneeth Sujesh:
I actually like gay Dumbledore but black Hermione's going too far, as the illustrations clearly show white hermione
J.K Rowling changing characters is literallly me deciding on what to eat
"no he died to clear his conscious"
"you... you do realize she wrote the books right?"

didn't know if anyone else had seen that gem
The Rendell Puppets
The Rendell Puppets:
The new minster of magic

Random Person
Random Person:
But she said Emma Watson was "The perfect Hermione."
You should’ve mentioned that Draco had a crush on Hermione, it’s true he actually did
Katy Gardiner
Katy Gardiner:
everyone one: Yay dobbys free

Jk. Rowling: No one said Dobby was free

Me: Wtf biotch you said he was!!

Still love her books tho
J.K. Rowling: Hermione's race was never specified

Me: Lies!
Absolutely no one:

J.K. Rowling: Snape is actually black! XD
aries _27
aries _27:
But the Hermoine we know is white!!! 😯😯
I was so sad when I found out I was gay from her twitter. Also I’m black
Snape is like my favorite character. He was such a brave person! And sometimes I imagine if he would have been a father figure to Harry if he'd been sorted into Slytherin. Snape just didn't like Gryffindor.... And the fact that the son of the woman he loved looked like his childhood bully and only had her eyes( which by the way were supposed to be green!)
Bumbleli Playz
Bumbleli Playz:
Well Tonks was a Hufflepuff
So it’s not too much of a surprise if teddy becomes Hufflepuff
Joe Dugdale
Joe Dugdale:
Interviewer: After all this time?
JK Rowling: Always.
No one:

Jk Rowling: RoN wEaSLy waS cAuGHT MaSTeRBaTiNG bY hiS mOthER 8 timES

I've never understood why anyone was shocked by the revelation that Dumbledore was gay. Book 7 makes it pretty explicit that he was gay for Grindlewald without actually coming out and saying it. When that interview made headlines I was like "Is it such a slow news day that stating something obvious is suddenly headline news?"
Anna English
Anna English:
I have a huge crush on Ron Weasley. Aggghhhh😏😍✨💐💞
Natalie Ho
Natalie Ho:
Snape loves a woman. The woman loves his bully. He still loves the woman. The woman now hates him for joining the dark side. He betrays his lord for the woman. He watched his lord kill the woman. He has to take care of the woman's son with his bully. OF COURSE HE'S BITTER.
And now Dumbledore and Grindelwald had intense sexual relations...oh, how low we have fallen
Corvus Weasly
Corvus Weasly:
Harry: how dare you stand where he stand
Snap:Dumbledore stood everywhere in this school what do you want me to do float
Chance Will
Chance Will:
Dumbledore being gay was actually mentioned in a book. I dont know if it was from the main series, or one of the short stories she wrote, but somewhere his relationship with Grindelwald is mentioned briefly
The Infinity Doggo
The Infinity Doggo:
Ron is a vegetable
Alex Nelo
Alex Nelo:
Let's pretend Cursed Child never happened.
Y'll know at this point I trust intellectual fans more than Rowling herself
"I am the chosen one."

*smek with book*
Tiffany Hsu
Tiffany Hsu:
No one, absolutely no one:

Marc Preston
Marc Preston:
As much as I love the books and I'm thankful that JK wrote them, she literally just makes things up to try and stay relevant and be seen as "all-inclusive"

It honestly never even crossed my mind whether Dumbledore was straight or gay.
Eric DiMemmo
Eric DiMemmo:
Why was it shocking that Teddy Lupin was a Hufflepuff? Tonks was.
Ghazaleh Aghamiri
Ghazaleh Aghamiri:
I don't want to sound uninterested or's just that I don't think this much afterthought is really needed. I mean we have seven big, detailed book accompanied with eight films. We know many many things about characters. Important, effective things that really make difference. I really don't see the point in revealing mundane things everyday, like....Ikd.... Dumbledore being gay.... I mean how does it matter if a one hundred something granddad type man, who is dead, was gay or not if it's no use to us except that it puts HP among all books with LGBT community. I don't want to ramble much more but this is really hopeless, we're not supposed to know every little detail from wizarding world. Even after all these years HP fanfiction is already in chaos without this p.s kind of informations, their writers mind is creative as it is, some ideas are way better fit in cannon than some of pottermore things
I just hope it wouldn't reach the point that it spoil HP for us🤔🤔🤔
Lillian Le
Lillian Le:
"I told a reader once that dumbledore was gay and I thought she was almost going to slap me." wtf guys
Saif Ahmed
Saif Ahmed:
There is a german Wizarding school called "Stroheim".
They use very much Muggel technologies, because they think german science is the worlds finest.
This is also a difference between the british and german magic rules.
In the UK you are not allowed to have magically transformed muggel technology.
Bella T
Bella T:
4:18 me: fred?.... but then I remembered. rip.
Damian Falton
Damian Falton:
I think we could differentiate things that Rowling may really have thought when writing her story (Dumbledore being gay, for instance, to me, doesn't feel forced and feels rather fitting, and I don't think it's a problem to announce it, as it's her character and it also makes sense in the story) and things that seem only brought up to please woke fans and be political, but which don't bring any dimension to the character. Like, if a character is black or white, it doesn't matter as such, but it should remain the same black or white character from the start. If a character is revealed to be gay, and of it's compatible with the story, that may be rather interesting as it's an element of his personality. As long as not everyone turns out to be gay for no reason lol. In the facts, LGBT individuals represent a minority among people. That minority is far from null and so there are obviously other LGBT students at Hogwarts. But it doesn't mean that every other main character has to be for the sake of it. And, as a White author, the fact Rowling has come with way more white characters seems just normal to me. It doesn't make her a racist. A Black author would probably choose way more black characters. You don't have to "prove" that you're not racist by varying the skin colors just for the sake of it, and even more after the story is done.
Random Person
Random Person:
Spoiler for those who haven't read the Cursed Child

Albus Serverus Potter got sorted into Slytherin
Kamran Qureshi
Kamran Qureshi:
god Rowling had everything fame riches

And Now She Turning Everything Gay.
Jessica Emery
Jessica Emery:
Dumbledore isn’t the Headmaster for nothing you know
Sweet Mintz
Sweet Mintz:
I really cannot accept it
1) Dumbledore not gay😑😑
2) Hermione not black(I'm not resist.I'm also black person😅😅)
3) What's wrong with relationship between Ron and Hermione?I think there's no problem.I really love their chemistry.😍😍
4) There's no need to get shocked about Teddy Lupin got sorted into Hufflepuff.Her mother was Hufflepuff 😒😒.I think Hufflepuff not bad.There have Cedric Diggory,Tonk and Newt(Main character in Fantastic beasts)

This is not hate comment.This is just my opinion.😘😘
Mico E
Mico E:
Jk Rowling: Dumbledore line "you shall not pass" was passed on Gandalf
Jeremy M.
Jeremy M.:
Y'all know also that Seamus and Dean were meant to be together too, right? 🤢
Random_ Trash
Random_ Trash:
Are there any gay students at Hogwarts?

Me: Deamus
TheInvincible H
TheInvincible H:
Harry is actually a transgender pansexual
Bee Song
Bee Song:
I think defeating one of the greatest dark wizards of all time would count as the final project for graduation.
The cover of the 3rd book shows that hermione picture
Kristian Kostadinov
Kristian Kostadinov:
I've always called him VoldeMOR without T
emanuelle cornelisse
emanuelle cornelisse:
I don’t dislike black Hermoine but I grew up with a white Hermione so it was a bit strange..
creepy pasta
creepy pasta:
7:15 Well at least I know that before I became a member in the harry potter fandom I pronounced vodemort's name right "voldemor" 😂😂😂👌👌
6:08 well actually you did
Opal Wolf
Opal Wolf:
One of my friends said something that made everyone else’s minds explode because they apparently had never thought of this: Snape is either a bad guy who did good things or a good guy who did bad things, take your pick
*DeaTHLy hALLoWs WaS RelEasEd EigHt YeArs aGo*

Not “more than a decade”
cristina khatiwada
cristina khatiwada:
is it just me who is wondering about how hermoine completed her 7th year with out RON and harry potter??
Anaghaa Rao
Anaghaa Rao:
Who's here after JKR's transphobic tweet?

only me?
Alpha Vex Studios
Alpha Vex Studios:
"they would go through therapy in the future"

yah think
Brian Jacobs
Brian Jacobs:
I really like how this channel covers this in an unbiased way
Ashley Larocque
Ashley Larocque:
The first time I realized Snape could be a good guy was in the third movie when he stood infront of the trio to protect them against Lupin in his werewolf form
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Kingsley Shacklebolt:
J.K: Guess which of the characters was gay... ¡¡ALL OF THEM!!