TOP 10 NEW BALANCE Sneakers for 2020

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Today we're checking out the Top 10 New Balance Sneakers that have released in 2020 so far! The New Balance shoes on this list are all lifestyle sneakers and a lot of them are collaborations. Check out the full Top 10 list to find out what New Balance Sneakers made the cut!

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100+ komentarze:

Konnor Chen
Konnor Chen:
Seth really putting me on some NB, but Kawhi signing with the brand was really an amazing thing for the company and turned a lot of heads
Angel Luis
Angel Luis:
As a dude who’s rocked with NB for 2 decades, I love that they’re finally starting to get the hype they deserve. BUT with hype comes ridiculous resell 😩
T L:
Wtaps is pronounced “double” taps. Not doubleyoutaps. Just FYI.
I feel like Seth is gonna make me buy my first pair of NB.
Anyone debating on getting NB shoes, don't sleep on them. Definitely underrated.
Adam Kaissi
Adam Kaissi:
What I respect about Seth is he doesn’t only go for hype he looks for what he likes not what others think been a fan of seth for so long subbed with notifications a long time ago also following his IG and athcary.Seth a dope dude
etaN siweL
etaN siweL:
New balance is the best quality shoe that you can get for retail
Hey Seth, love the video, could you do a review on any Walmart or whatever fake yeezy? Would appreciate it 👍
WTAPS is pronounced "DOUBLE-TAPS"
I need the Joe FreshGoods but they’re like 1k 😞
Benjamin Smith Jr.
Benjamin Smith Jr.:
The 992 is definitely my favorite too
Matthew Guzzardi
Matthew Guzzardi:
The Tokyo design studio Rc 1300 look 🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥
Matthew Guzzardi
Matthew Guzzardi:
For the NB Bodega X Racer All Terrain, does anybody see the AJ 4 bit of plastic shaped like a triangle on the side?
Finally some NB content .. great to see this seth!
josh kruger
josh kruger:
Oh boy I was waiting for this. Great vid as usual Seth!
Mitchell Grotte
Mitchell Grotte:
WTAPS is pronounced “Double Taps”, it’s a reference to the military technique of firing twice or “double tapping”.
WTaps - Double taps. Reggie causal from the casual japan talks about this brand a lot
Alan Golden
Alan Golden:
I love how you also care about other lesser brands rather than going for the hype
Matthew Guzzardi
Matthew Guzzardi:
I need to cop the Joe Fresh goods...

They look amazing but a bit too expensive!
What you said in the first 8 seconds of the video is exactly how I'm feeling. NEW BALANCE got me into sneakers this year lol NB out of all brands lol. Now I'm a sneaker head I guess 😂
I really liked the Casablanca collaboration, unfortunately there release was an absolute shambles and loaded OOS, botters feasted.
John Dunlap
John Dunlap:
Great list! I also have a newfound appreciation for NB. Their simple, classic stuff like the Grey 992 is so underappreciated in the sneaker community.
Goopie G
Goopie G:
Seths gunna bring up the joe fresh goods collab at least 6 more times this year
Gotta give an honorable mention to the super limited New Balance 801’s that just dropped by the Apartment Tokyo with an all Gore-Tex upper.
Missing the Levi's x NB 1300
Wyatt W
Wyatt W:
“hahaAAAahah” - A Fun Guy (Kawhi Leonard)
I never thought I would live to see the day people are rocking New Balances
Kim Hunt
Kim Hunt:
Wow. Love that shirt!
Just started getting into NB this past month with the 992. Comfort and quality imo is best by far! Dad show ftw!
How to pronounce WTAP (Double Taps)
Randall Schoverling
Randall Schoverling:
I want the 327 “pride” colors!
Jae K
Jae K:
w)taps = double taps.. such a legendary brand in this game
Zyzzus Christ
Zyzzus Christ:
Damn. This is like the 3rd shop tagr ad I watched today.

New balance are dope af right now
It’s “double taps.” But thanks for all these NB videos. Us NB fans don’t get much love on YouTube.
Zachary McDonough
Zachary McDonough:
New Balance has always been about high quality, but these resell prices and the retail are a bit much.
The first one is amazing but only if it was a different color,all of them are really nice tho😀😃
Brian Alvarado
Brian Alvarado:
Yes bro been wating for this vid
Brendon Wong
Brendon Wong:
@Seth, WTAPS is pronounced as Double Taps
etaN siweL
etaN siweL:
Bodega is easily my number one and the classic 990 is second it can’t be beat
day 6 of asking Seth to do a review on the Nike Air VaporMax Plus
Soft Serve
Soft Serve:
Lots of love for undercover cop dad shoes!
All love to see all of these underutilized nb models in the collab spectrum at least
Max who Loves Jesus
Max who Loves Jesus:
Hey y’all 😃☀️
Jesus Christ loves you all ❤️❤️❤️
Blessings to y’all! ❤️🙏🏽🙌🏽
Hope everyone having a great day! :)
J D:
Theres a lot of cool NB ): its so underrated
You should check out New Balance YCMC Big Checks No Stress 🔥🔥🔥
Sure Why not
Sure Why not:
I got into NB's last year and they are just one of the best shoes period especially the 990v4/v5 and the 993. I want a pair of the 993's so bad.
Red Hood 5155
Red Hood 5155:
That shirt 🔥
Robin Buck
Robin Buck:
What about the 990 v5 in grey!!!
Matthew Guzzardi
Matthew Guzzardi:
Those Kith 992's look like a fire dad shoe!
I was subbed since 20K good video like always your videos they are creative and good
* GY3 *
* GY3 *:
Good list but the Kith 998 Spring 2 are 🔥🔥🔥
Sam Elliott
Sam Elliott:
should be called the 'top 10 NB 992 of 2020' lol, also, a really useful video would be if you explained the new balance naming system, it's so confusing
I need a pair of 992s they’re soo nice
Rosh Mauro Diaz
Rosh Mauro Diaz:
Seth, I hope you can make a video on the best grey new balance silhouettes
Analise Nauman
Analise Nauman:
Dang now I like new balance now I’m more obsessed with sneakers
Raven Bonanza
Raven Bonanza:
New Balance: brand loyalty for me!
it's just "double taps"
Brian Nguyen
Brian Nguyen:
Wish I could buy a pair of 992s but I’m happy with my pair of 993s and 990s.
Tbh I only wear them & the All Terrain UltraBoost Newbies feel great on my feet
Tu Tran
Tu Tran:
Not a collab, just extremely limited but the New Balance M1300JP is my best NB cop this year. The Horween Leather and the OG packaging and shoe bag sets it off
T-Man TheGreat
T-Man TheGreat:
These videos are soooo good and helpful! Thanks!!!😄😄
Aaron Frasa
Aaron Frasa:
Day 58 commenting until Seth reviews the air Jordan 1 Dior
Iyan Carmona
Iyan Carmona:
Yes NB shoes is one of the best. I have 4 NB pair shoes.
another home run man! 👟🔥 @NBFowler
Owen George
Owen George:
Day 3 of saying we need a closet tour
EnVision Vlog
EnVision Vlog:
Are you a mushroom? ‘Cause you’re a fun guy! •ba dum boom sis”
Wilson Tavares
Wilson Tavares:
the 997 persian rug colllab with end clothing from las year was fire
alex konstad
alex konstad:
missed out on those WTAPs, real nice.
Allen Harder
Allen Harder:
Finally got on the new balance train jeez
James Bartlett
James Bartlett:
Kinda hyped for the upcoming jjjjound 992s
R Snr
R Snr:
The irony of making a list of lifestyle shoes that can be worn everyday is that you for sure have too many shoes to ever really wear a pair everyday.
Jason muhleman
Jason muhleman:
I got the 990 5s and the 574s. While I might wear Jordan's for a date, I usually defer to nb just for everyday
super strudel
super strudel:
Wtaps is pronounced double-taps in Japan
David Reyes
David Reyes:
Just bought my first pair of NBs. They really are under rated
Kesavan Chetty
Kesavan Chetty:
Levi’s 1300! Best NB by far this year.
That LJ Guy
That LJ Guy:
Gotta shout out my new balance 530's in white and my 990v5 in grey.
WTAPS is pronounced Double Taps -- to make it easier for the Japanese to pronounce "double-U," they generally omit the U from pronunciation.
I feel like 827 thisisneverthat and 995v5 havens should've deserved an honorable mention
Back then I always thought these sneakers were kinda dad shoes but some of these are lowkey drippy might reconsider and buy some
how many same old new balance videos are you gonna make bruh? this is like the 3rd one in a row with the same nb content in it.
astral plane crash
astral plane crash:
How the hell did you leave out the 1300JP?
Dexter Woo
Dexter Woo:
The upcoming jjjjound joints will definitely be in the top 10
J Bettis
J Bettis:
owned the 827 Florida Gator version. Great reflectivity and speed laces.
Towering Horse20
Towering Horse20:
Buy 574’s they’re awesome
dabaseballguy1 dragon
dabaseballguy1 dragon:
New balance is basically a more affordable virsion of the triple s
Wtaps is actually pronounced double-taps
Imo the 998 Kith spring 2 tops all of these but the two Japanese ones were fire.
992 grey or tan sneaker of the year for me
Jesus Lara
Jesus Lara:
Where can I cop releases for new balance?
Clifford Hamilton IV
Clifford Hamilton IV:
Been copping a shit load of NB this year for personal mad comfy and well priced
He couldn't wait to make this. He probably has 20 new NB shoes saved on Shoptagr right now lol
Yo Seth, have u checked out the New Balance 850? I got em on sale & was pleasantly surprised with the quality/comfort for a shoe w/ a $99 price tag
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima:
Totally agree with the number one
Etimfon Bassey
Etimfon Bassey:
Hi Seth I just got a pair of new balance 574 split sail. Its the first pair of sneakers I have ever gotten for myself and it was based on your recommendation seth. They even gave me a 10% discount for being a student only $64
It’s justマニー
It’s justマニー:
How do you get Newbalance shoe releases because the sight never has a calendar to what is to drop?
Karl Adriano
Karl Adriano:
Where the 990v5 ALD collab at??
Harlee Clark
Harlee Clark:
New Balance smashed the collabs this year, I've got a pair of the Casablanca 327 in Orange. Quality is unreal ! Copped the ALD 827 with Yellow accents as well.
Andriyawan Sasmita
Andriyawan Sasmita:
That's great you love NBs. You should review more Diadoras or Karhus. By the way 997S hybrids are cool too, especialy the collab with Kith and United Arrows & Sons
out of the 992s i think the grey cw is the best no question. the joe fresh goods is really overhyped imo its looks more like a bacon strip than a heart
NoCrease Lucas
NoCrease Lucas:
I love my white ALD 827s- can’t wait to bust em out post ROnA