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Watch the Top 10 moments of Serena Williams at Roland Garros.

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6 komentarze:

Andrew Mawhinney
Andrew Mawhinney:
A legend 👑 great highlights over the years 💯
davide b92
davide b92:
Great video Eurosport!! 💪🏾💯🤩
forza cmo
forza cmo:
She was at her absolute best in 2013.
Marianbadea Badea
Marianbadea Badea:
Loaiale alalia lămâia
Witaminka B12
Witaminka B12:
It's ancient highlights though. This is not Serena Williams from the last 5 seasons, she loses to players outside top 60 now and her sis is world no. 102.
Let’s get real....Serena Williams has no chance of winning another Grand Slam the speed she is moving around the court in those clips to the present day...she still manages to get to a lot of balls but she’s sloth like between shots...the energy just isn’t there and frankly she’s much bigger than she was in her best days...fine for normal people but not for top class tennis players....
There is no doubt we are near the end of an era in the careers of many of the top players and it’s impressive how great sport science in terms of diet and physio etc. keeps the older players going for so long, but hey...enough is enough...take a leaf out of the books of Borg and Sampras.