TOP 10 Tips for Beginner Boulderers

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Ryan C
Ryan C:
I carry my groceries with bent arms for the gains
What grade do I need to be climbing at before it's acceptable to take my shirt off?
Seth Butcher
Seth Butcher:
On tip #3: You shouldn't rely on your skeleton like he said. Yes, you should have your arms straight, but not completely straight. If you don't engage your biceps, you'll be tearing the ligaments in your elbow. On the same note, engage your shoulders and high back to relieve ligament stress in your shoulders as well as engage your core balance.
Friend Of ilāh
Friend Of ilāh:
Just did my first bouldering session and it was awesome! Hands are red raw and my energy is SAPPED! But loved every minute of it! Will definitely be back!!
I really like how fast paced those tips were. Thank you for the effort put into this video.
Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox:
2:20 Tip 4.5 - Climb down at least part-way. The instantaneous forces on your joints and your back from even a controlled fall are much higher than from any other aspect of the sport and this is the commonest time for injuries to occur.
Berenice Lopez
Berenice Lopez:
This video just make me wanna go up and climb right now!! I'm a total newbie on this enjoyable experience so thank you guys// definitely I'm not quitting this !!! Saludos desde Ecuador
Nicholas Shoffner
Nicholas Shoffner:
First time getting rickrolled in a rock climbing video. I'm 100% certain it will help me send harder climbs.
Might be worth adding to tip #9, size isn't just about the length of the shoe. The volume of the toe-box and the fit of the heel are also very different from shoe to shoe and climber to climber. If a pro-climber uses some particular shoe, that shoe is probably great; but it might still be a terrible shoe for your foot.
My brain: I can do this

My fingers: Am I a joke to you?
Simon Hartl
Simon Hartl:
Started climbing in November. I was always a very sport lazy person. But with the help of two experienced climbers (and friends), I pulled myself through the first few times. And now I am the one who is pushing them to go climbing. Also started bouldering yesterday for a bit, because Noone was there with me, to do top rope. Really enjoyed the freedom of not having a rope.

Your tipps are great and you guys are fun to watch. Thanks
Josiah Hughes
Josiah Hughes:
Sweet! I’m a new climber and I’m loving the sport. The only thing I’ve been doing wrong is bending my arms and trying to muscle my way up the wall too much. Thanks guys!
Tyler Roop
Tyler Roop:
You should do a intermediate/advanced tips too!
Amber Pandya
Amber Pandya:
I love your videos! I just started climbing 1 month ago, and I swear watching your videos makes me think smarter when I'm trying to complete a problem. Thanks for the dope content!
Thank you guys this was really helpful , I’m starting of rock climbing for the first time in college and I’m struggling . But tonight I finally got to top and I have to remember to “climb on “.
Linda Dochnenko
Linda Dochnenko:
Just started bouldering a few weeks ago at my new local centre love it and this video has gave me some really helpful information thank you 😊
jo chen
jo chen:
Really good teacher! After watched this video, my 4th climbing was totally different experience and I’m enjoying rock climbing now!
Ellie Culver
Ellie Culver:
Thank you guys! I go climbing with my brother who are 4 and 8 years older than me and I am constantly trying to do better than them. Since they are lots older and stronger than me it is hard but this will hopefully help.
Lora *-*
Lora *-*:
I went to my first bouldering session, yesterday. I was high up until I realized that I had to push myself off the wall and jump. I didn't like that part :)) So I practiced jumping, I didn't go high. I also moved sideways, instead of going up. I need to be more flexible, and work on my upper strength.
Daniel Fitzgerald
Daniel Fitzgerald:
Thanks guys, went climbing for the second time yesterday and I think I’m hooked. Certainly had a big smile even when I fell off
Raquel Nicolau
Raquel Nicolau:
you guys are awesome! I'm new to climbing and I'm loving every second of it. I can't believe it took me so long to try it out! Thanks for the great tips! Keep up the good work!!
Started climbing today, it makes me happy to know that I already do some of these. A question though real quick. When I was half way up the wall I was climbing I found spots where I could mainly use my legs for support and give my arms/fingers (and my lungs =P) a break while looking up and planning where to go next. Is this recommended or is it usually a bad idea?
valeria g
valeria g:
I usually dont feel the best after “10 tips for…” videos but this one was actually helpful especially for a beginner! And both of y’all’s personalities really helped😊
The tip to climb with straight arms and 'hanging off your skeleton' always makes me cringe, as I see beginners taking that advice and never bending their arms! Yes, when stable and resting on a hold you should keep a straight arm (there are other situations like when deadpointing), but when moving between holds you need to keep your shoulders and supporting muscles engaged and where appropriate keep a slight bend in your arm otherwise you will get injured! I have seen this way too often in beginner climbers.
Keith Kerns
Keith Kerns:
Absolutely excellent! Thank you! Balanced, thorough, informative, delightful. Great energy!
I’m such a sensory avoider, especially when it comes to my finger tips/palms. I would love to get into rock climbing but I’m nervous my sensory needs will get in the way 😭 seeing them with the chalk made me so anxious, it’s as if I could feel it myself on my palms and made me freak out already
Ashley True
Ashley True:
I’m very into fitness and want to learn this next!! Especially for emergencies when I start driving.
Really good video guys! I'd love more tips videos, advanced as well - maybe break down some hard climbs?
L K:
Good tips. I might have missed or overlooked it, but another good tip is consistency. For beginners try to climb 2-3 days a week with a day rest in between to recover. Also from a physiotherapist point of view. Take 2,5-4 minutes rest between hard climbs to recover energy. Eat carbs before climbing and some in between longer sessions. Eat as fast as possible after your training (especially proteins), this helps to revover your energy and muscles and reduce muscle pain immensely the days after.
Michelle Hedstrom
Michelle Hedstrom:
As a beginner climber, this video was great!! Thanks for the tips!
i wish tip number six was the first one to be mentioned! i've been climbing for like a year now and i still consider myself a beginner. thanks for the good tips!
Not only have I just learned how to become a better boulderer, but I also learned how to carry my groceries into my house from the car more efficiently. Thank you.
Jacob Gremillion
Jacob Gremillion:
Nice videos guys, thanks for the tips. Especially the skip training and just climb for a beginners tip.
Ashley Alvarez
Ashley Alvarez:
You guys are great; I'm a beginner and learned a lot from your video. Thanks!!
Bendy Dolls
Bendy Dolls:
Loving the info 👏🏽👏🏽
I'm gonna get into this hobby as soon as I can☺️
Next time i go im going to try the straight arm thing. Im finding slopers on v2s alot harder because with v1s I would flash almost every climb because of easy jugs
I've only climbed twice so far, this video was super insightful, thanks!
Local Alligator
Local Alligator:
Im starting tommorow. I did wall climbing for around 4 years but it became really REALLY boring. I could do the walls blindfolded. Im excited asf bc we did bouldering with school for a project day
Tea Climbing
Tea Climbing:
Climbing on straight arms is a good tip, but it's important to engage your shoulders to avoid injuries long term.
Tried bouldering for the first time and got up to yellow but couldn’t finish single one. Shits addicting and will definitely help improve my deadlift grip strenght
Some weird thing
Some weird thing:
I’ve been getting into bouldering lately and found this very helpful
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson:
Moving to London in 2 months. This channel is the reason I'll be taking out a membership at The Arch! Right by my work too. Keep up the great work
Mauricio Hermoza
Mauricio Hermoza:
Just started climbing. Only gone twice but I can do most v2/v3s. But damn climbing with your arms straight is a damn good tip over been so tired after 2 hours of climbing
Karina Telles
Karina Telles:
Went rock climbing for the first time. Definitely could of used these tips today. Tomorrow my arms will be achy! I made the mistake of using so much upper body strength. Now i know it’s all on the toes and legs.
I`m now climbing since 8 years and youtube just recommended this vid to me so i just watched it to see what you two guys got for beginner tips. I can totally agree on all you guys said and as im doing training for some kids as we`ll i`ll try think of you`re vid the next training cause from my opinion you start taking stuff as something usuall when you get better and then totally forget about others that arent as good as you doing excactly these mistakes....

At all very good vid guys
Dania Izzah
Dania Izzah:
you guys are so cute 😂😂 and thank you for the helpful information! I went bouldering with my friend once and the experience made me want to continue on with this sport! Hope i can get better very sooon ❤
you guys are so simple,clever and technical . Really well done
As a new climber one of the biggest issues i have is reading routes, where my hands need to go so there on the right hold for the next move
Disha Joshi
Disha Joshi:
Thank you! I love that! The best training for climbing is climbing! 💛
Caroline Rose Forsberg
Caroline Rose Forsberg:
This was incredibly helpful, thank you! 😇
my weakness is relying on climbing with straight arms. so i always climb with bent arms to increase my strength and it has made me a better climber
Freedom Of Motion
Freedom Of Motion:
Has to be said Tip 4 whilst super helpful is also a fun one to disregard. I always try not to plan my route, it's fun to go wrong and have to correct it and still complete the climb. I'm only on 6a+ 6b level mind.
Taylor Horne
Taylor Horne:
This is one of the most vibrant climbing channels on youtube. So glad I just stumbled upon you guys. Thanks for sharing the smiles :-)
Could you guys go more in depth into how to pick the right pair of shoes and how to go about knowing if the fit and style is good for you? I feel like there's a lot of fairly new climbers that still use rentals and could use their own pair.
Water Goblin
Water Goblin:
Great video! Starting climbing once a week a couple of months ago and always want to improve.

I really need tips on how not to swear when I fall off! I'm climbing, and I slip on a hold and it's just "Ah, f**k!" as I swing on the rope, or drop onto the floor or "Sh*t sh*t sh*t" as I feel myself slipping or struggling
James West
James West:
I love tip 8. Very few people understand how important the law of specificity is when it comes to exercise. Mimicking activities with general exercises is never as good as the activity it is mimicking.
Burnt Marvmallow
Burnt Marvmallow:
Thanks for that, I've been climbing a while and no one has actually told me to use toes.
Thomas Whyte
Thomas Whyte:
I started going bouldering regularly just before lockdown and has been the only thing keeping me sane during all of Covid!! I would recommend anyone to give it a go as it's a very social and fun exercise. Within the short time too my physical appearance has drastically improved, I feel stronger and more agile. I go three times a week and considering I don't worry about what I eat or drink my body has become lean and I've lost a significant amount of body fat. Great place to meet new people too? My tip would be to look after your hands, moisturise and file down your callouses. And buy tape! Happy climbing. :)
Been wanting to start climbing since a kid, finally met up some people who do it and I'm going for the first time tomorrow!
The shopping bag example was very helpful! I could understand right away. Thanks for sharing great tips!!
Amna Nawaz
Amna Nawaz:
Thank you! I loved your tips. I'm a beginner and sometimes it's intimidating to watch videos that are pompous
thank you!! this is very helpful, there aren't a lot of beginner climbing vids out there
i love that the video has a 5 sec intro. getting straight to the point
I can't read routes at all. It's like trying to read Arabic. I think I've got climbing dyslexia
Jacob's Handyman Tree Service LLC
Jacob's Handyman Tree Service LLC:
That's was actually amazing! Just about to start myself for the first time ever... I think I'm gonna love it! 🤣
Dinlee Pound
Dinlee Pound:
Guys, I love your video! I am gonna try bouldering the first time, and I am so inspired by your film!
I was able to confirm the basics again. Thank you!
Lorenzo Rodriguez
Lorenzo Rodriguez:
"Variety is the spice of life" best life and bouldering lesson ever
Rachel Nanshija
Rachel Nanshija:
please do one of these for various levels of climbing. intermediates, advanced, that sort of thing. This video is great for those that are just starting out, but I didn't learn anything new from this. I've been climbing consistently for 3 months, and climb at a V3-4 level. I know how to do a lot of technical moves like toe/heel hooks, drop knees, flags, and using my hips, so a video on those things also might not be very helpful (unless you did a deep dive on the intricacies of the moves). So a video that addressed intermediate climbers but isn't an overview of technical moves would be super helpful.
gary peacock
gary peacock:
I went to Manor House Climbing Centre for the first time yesterday and it was the best experience I have had in years. Easily the most fun, challenging and rewarding activity I ever tried. Its not for elite professionals or gym freaks although being a lighter body type is an advantage.
Really liked this! As a beginner I have 5 other tips that are important that you didn’t cover fully but really help me to remember and practice. If you do a follow up could be worth having these covered?

Think about your falls and control them to land safely.

While planning out your route, if you see someone about to start a route which crosses the potential route of someone already on the wall, let them know. They have probably engaged without planning their way through the problem.

If you see someone walking under a climber on the wall, warn them of the danger, it can be easy to miss someone already high up the wall.

When climbing don’t be afraid to take advantage of both volumes and walls for your feet, it can be easy to forget to do this if you are concentrating on only using holds for feet. It is of great advantage with some problems, with others it can be impossible if you don’t use them.

When climbing statically, think about your body position and balance. It can sometimes vastly improve your management of the route by extending your leg for stability or to move your centre of mass to more easily each holds.

Those are some tips I have been given that I have found invaluable.

Cheers chaps
robb y
robb y:
Great tips and video! Thank you for the work 👍
Very nice video :) did know some of these, but learned some new things! Thanks :D
Yellow H
Yellow H:
So great to know those tips for beginner like us!
Stephen Cloyd
Stephen Cloyd:
Thank you gentleman! What an uplifting and informative video! Appreciate you
Joos Habraken
Joos Habraken:
concise, fun and fresh! perfect vid!
Omg. This is the best video. They're so happy and helpful. Also the ending is the best part. You guys are great! Thanks so much!
Austin Campbell
Austin Campbell:
Just got into it, go to Latitude in Virginia Beach with a friend, great hobby to have can build strength you didn’t know was possible, difficultly goes in order of rainbow with black at end, I’m up to yellow after a little over the week, but moving into the pinch holds and less use of grab holds
Moritz Wegge
Moritz Wegge:
Nice vid guys! Such strong hapiness and chilled vibes!
Diliana Hummingbird
Diliana Hummingbird:
This is THE BEST video!!! SOooo much fun watching, and super duper useful info ! Thanks guys <3
Anarchy of 2118
Anarchy of 2118:
First day of rock climbing twisted my ankle so glad I found this video
Eli, PhD
Eli, PhD:
thanks for the tips! i just started and felt as if my forearms were going to fall off!
Climbing to High V's
Climbing to High V's:
Love this, great advice. Thank you!
Bar Borer
Bar Borer:
That is one wholesome video, put a smile on my face.
Joe Hadley
Joe Hadley:
Fair play lads, great video and had me amped up to go try bouldering
Don't use too much chalk? A tear just formed in Magnus Midtbø's eye.
Robert Emhof
Robert Emhof:
You guys should make another one of these, it's super successful. I share it with every new cult member. <3
Lucas Alves Franco
Lucas Alves Franco:
Great tips guys, waiting for more tips
C E C B:
Thanks for the tips. This was very helpful!
Art Dealer
Art Dealer:
This is such a positive video, I don't even feel nervous anymore :-)
My issue isnt so much climbing I mean that I'm okay with it and getting stronger but my issue is falling. I get scared and dont wanna fall and when I do I fall wrong cause I'm scared. Any tips?
Haha it’s so true! I rmb the 1st time my cousin took me to the climbing sight, he said lvl 0 was totally doable and told me to just give it a try then boom I did :)) But after a while I think I’m stuck at lvl 0. I tried lvl 1 but never succeed 😢
Sophie Clark
Sophie Clark:
Hahaha this was super fun to watch. You guys did great and taught it in a super fun way. Super cute
Vanesa Pizarro
Vanesa Pizarro:
Guys thanks for this video! It put a smile on my face! Congrats 👏🏻
MT 5'16
MT 5'16":
I had a professional fitter try to convince me I could and should cram my size 14 feet into a size 12 shoe (bc it was the biggest size he carried. I was in so much pain just from the fitting I knew there was no way in hell I could wear them for a full day of climbing. Go with what feels right, not what someone tells you is right.
Mika Kuitunen
Mika Kuitunen:
I will wholeheartedly agree with getting properly fitting climbing shoes. The first pair I bought (beginning if this year) were way too small because not enough selection where I'm from, and the pain would discourage me from climbing. Visited London this fall (and climbed at The Arch, yay!) and got some fitting shoes, they've made climbing so much more enjoyable which means I climb more.
New follower here. I really like the style of your vids, like the music in between and you guys attitude. Pleasure to watch :)
Very helpful and informative!
Kathy Tr
Kathy Tr:
1. use ur tosies. toes lets u pivot n reach further by tiptoeing. standing on mid sole will make ya slip
2. use ur legs. their ur biggest muscles. don't just use ur hands to push, push with ur legs!
3. climb with straight arms, u can hang like a sloth xD bent arms= fatigue
4. read ur route. take time to plan so its easier for u to figure which place to put ur hand next
5. don't use too much chalk. can lose traction
6. dnt be afraid to fall n fail! persistence is key
7. climb with many ppl, u will learn techniques from short ppl n tall ppl n static/dynamic ppl.
8. dnt need to train. just climb.
9. invest in well fitted shoes.
10. have funnnnnnnn. best climbers have a big smile on their face xD
I've recently started. I don't have any chalk or appropriate footwear. I do everything wrong. I don't follow the right lines, I lift myself up with my arms mainly due to having very poor grip with my trainers, I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm very sore after wards.
But it's FUN!