Top 19 Things to do in Innsbruck, Austria (Tirol) // Shot on Fujifilm X-A7

Innsbruck is a beautiful city set below towering snow-capped mountains. There are plenty of things to do in Innsbruck. For more information, visit my detailed Innsbruck travel guide here

From taking the funicular to the Top of Innsbruck to exploring the sparkling Swarovski Crystal World. Come with me as I show you the best things to do in Innsbruck all year round!

I shot this video using the brand new Fujifilm X-A7 camera. I’m a huge fan of Fujifilm in general and this video will show you why the X-A7 is a great choice if you’re considering stepping up your photography game. It's compact, easy to use, shoots in 4K and has an awesome high-speed function to capture epic slow-motion sequences

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Planning a trip to Innsbruck? Here are the top 19 things to do in Innsbruck, Austria

1. Climb the Stadtturm
2. See the Goldenes Dachl
3. Visit the Hofkirche
4. Cross the Innbrücke
5. See St. Anne’s Column
6. Take the Funicular to Hungerburg
7. Go to “the Top of Innsbruck”
8. Stop at the Restaurant at Seegrube
9. Museum of Tyrolean Regional Heritage
10. Ferdinandeum Tyrolean State Museum
11. Speak the Local Language
12. Visit the Tirol Panorama
13. Walk the Panoramaweg Bergisel
14. Visit the Bergisel Ski Jump
15. See the Triumphal Arch
16. Visit Swarovski Kristallwelten
17. Visit Ambras Castle
18. Have a Bite to Eat at 360° Cafe
19. Visit Hofburg Imperial Palace

A big thank you and shout out to Carly from Austrian Adaptation for providing local Tyrolean translations. Check out her Instagram and website here

BONUS: I've included some useful German travel phrases for you to learn and use in Austria. Get my full and FREE German travel phrase guide here

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The Intrepid Guide
The Intrepid Guide:
Got a question about Innsbruck or the Fujifilm X-A7? Ask me in the comments below.
Michelle's Mantra
Michelle's Mantra:
Love all the live shots - absolutely stunning.. that’s a lot of ground you covered too, didn’t realise there was so much to see in Innsbruck!
Lisa // Fjords & Beaches
Lisa // Fjords & Beaches:
Officially adding all of these to my list, what an amazing place 😍 And that gorilla pod looks so handy!
Margaret Peterson
Margaret Peterson:
Oh wow! The standard of this video is definitely of the highest quality I have ever seen. You have certainly captured every stunning detail with an extremely keen eye. This camera does a truly outstanding job. I absolutely enjoyed the tour of all these breathtaking scenes and magical moments with you as my guide. Thank you so much.
len gorfine
len gorfine:
What a wonderful presentation by you in showcasing much of what Innsbruck has to offer.Breathtaking scenery and architectural buildings.Your commentary and knowledge and eye for detail in capturing such amazing Video.( Fujifilm X-A7 used in the right hands takes such high quality Video and Photos. Thank you .
Alvin P.
Alvin P.:
I miss Innsbruck. I worked with MED-EL before which is based there in Innsbruck. I was given a chance to visit the place and everything was magnificent. Unfortunately, I was not able to visit all the places that you showed but if given a chance, I will use your video as a guide! Danke!
Stephen Black
Stephen Black:
This place is a heaven. ❤️
Larch - The Silver Nomad
Larch - The Silver Nomad:
Great video and I love how smooth the Fujifilm X-A7 camera is. Innsbruck is now definitely on my list of places to visit.
Beautiful video. My wife and I visited the city in December 2017 on our honeymoon. Wonderful memories of the christmas markets (and gluhwein), seeing the christmas music played from the balcony of the Goldenes Dachl, heading up to the Nordkette and seeing outlying villages like Igls.
Really enjoyed the video,
Inspired to travel innsbruck this autumn,
❤ from india
The Beach House Basel
The Beach House Basel:
thx so much for a great video and especially for the camera information, really appreciated that. well done!!
Robert Sickler
Robert Sickler:
I love your European heritage!!!
George Oha
George Oha:
I had a very short visit. Though it was very business like. I spent 3 nights at Hilton Innsbruck and 1 night at Hilton Budapest, Hungary. Been looking forward for a holidays though. Can you make arrangements ?
Cameron Luv
Cameron Luv:
Thank you for the video tour. Now I have to make Innsbruck a stop in my Austria tour.
Robert Tjoeng
Robert Tjoeng:
Thank yoy for sharing this beautifull video. I had been there in 90's and I certainly want to visit again next year 2022 after corona time is ended.
Vikash Sharma
Vikash Sharma:
Lovely video. Going next week to Innsbruck.
Mariam Chong
Mariam Chong:
Ich liebe Österreich 💓
Entropy Bentwhistle
Entropy Bentwhistle:
Excellent and informative travel vid with beautiful photography. Like watching the diametric opposite of Logan Paul.
shravan mehra
shravan mehra:
More Scandinavia videos pls
fabian ploner
fabian ploner:
Hometown 🙌🏻❤️
M. Daniel Davie
M. Daniel Davie:
Great video
René Roehrs
René Roehrs:
Your video is beautiful. Your are so nice!!! Thank you.
I am From Innsbruck Austria 🇦🇹👍
Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson:
Thanks for the video. What time of year did you visit?
Mariam Chong
Mariam Chong:
You're amazing, 😍
Irene Baggetto
Irene Baggetto:
thank u! I took some notes on google maps
bogs sgob
bogs sgob:
Is it really spelled as TYROL and not TIROL??
Yakup Öndeş
Yakup Öndeş:
Tatiany Pontes
Tatiany Pontes:
Hi. Please. How many days did you spend it there? To be able to visit all the venues? Thanks for the video. :)) i am going to visit Innesbruck tomorrow. 😍
Durangos pelo mundo!!!!
Durangos pelo mundo!!!!:
Partha Chalise
Partha Chalise:
How likely is a student to find a parttime with German A2 in Innsbruck?
Achievers Academy by Khushi Afzal
Achievers Academy by Khushi Afzal:
How's weather of Innsbruck in summer
Ali 62
Ali 62:
Ich glaube hier leben mehr Italiener als Italien Italiener Bürger hat......
Jesus? #LuftanzaKingOfPrussia?