Top 20 Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn the top 20 best Microsoft Teams tips and tricks.

👋 Resources called out in this video:
- Microsoft Whiteboard in-depth tutorial:
- Tasks in Teams in-depth tutorial:
- Shifts in Teams in-depth tutorial:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction to Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks
0:14 Spotlight video
1:25 Don't allow attendees to unmute
2:00 Manage permissions and set who can present
2:32 Download attendance list
2:57 Whiteboard
3:53 Personalize video background
5:30 Transcribe meeting
6:56 CTRL + Shift + M shortcut to toggle mute
7:40 Order of hand raises
8:31 Live captions
9:07 Insert a quick poll
10:42 Save messages
11:48 Pin messages
12:28 Create rich text messages & announcements
13:41 Shortcut keys
14:19 Show or Hide Teams and Channels
15:28 Post to a team via email
16:11 Apps
17:15 Dark mode
17:48 Filter activity to @ mentions

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hadassah arandia
hadassah arandia:
i like how youtube recommended this after my teacher announced that were using MS teams (yesterday)
Consider my mind BLOWN!!! I am an EA that has worked in C-Suites and retired 2 years ago. The last international company I was working for was just implementing Teams so it was not as dynamic as it is now. What an incredible tool! I certainly hope my former colleagues have received training for all these amazing tips.
K. C
K. C:
Wow! I just was saying that I needed a video on this!
Tyler Stanczak
Tyler Stanczak:
I needed this. Super helpful tips. Thanks Kevin! :)
Mariam Tabatadze
Mariam Tabatadze:
Thank you so much! <3
A Patterson
A Patterson:
Kevin, we teachers are truly indebted to you. You have no idea how much you help us. I tell all of my colleagues about your channel.
Kingsway 101
Kingsway 101:
Perfect for all my online classes I have during corona now
Frederik Van Crombrugge
Frederik Van Crombrugge:
Every day a video with quality content... best informative channel on YT.
I've already learned a lot from your videos, thanks! You're doing a great job!
Jill Clement
Jill Clement:
Just wanted to let you know that your channel is awesome. I work for a very large organization and we have a dedicated team that supports MS Teams, but I find your videos to be more helpful than most of the training they’ve put out. Keep up the great work!
Lauri Robinson
Lauri Robinson:
Love the ability to post a message to a Channel from Outlook email. Especially since we get the full selection of highlight colors, etc. from Mail which we don't get if we post directly in the Channel's Posts area. Woohoo! Thank you for this.
G H:
Been working hard on my teams knowledge. Only 2 new bits of info for me here! Great video
pAtAZ de león
pAtAZ de león:
OMG I love this guys channel and this video, now I know what I'm gonna do when my French teacher doesn't keep quiet HAHAH
Roy Evans
Roy Evans:
omg thx sm
Billy Hill
Billy Hill:
omg, this is actually the best video I have seen this year, thanks for sharing Kevin!
civil documents
civil documents:
Thanks Kevin, it's really helpful to control the meeting with students
Great video! I’ve so many tips that I’m going to use in Teams
Thank you again!! Extremely informative. Thorough, step by step information.
Asha Erler
Asha Erler:
Thanks for the close caption! I love everything that adds accessibility!
Lenka Novotná
Lenka Novotná:
This was just great! Thanks so much for sharing the tips!!!
Greg Dennler
Greg Dennler:
My team of 20, in 4 different countries, all watched this video together on MS Teams :)
Thank you! Will check out more
great material Kevin. You made my another day useful by sharing these tips!👌
Great set of tips! Can you do one on searching in Teams for files, chats, etc.
Uttam Shukla
Uttam Shukla:
One useful feature in a meeting is.. the names of people who are speaking appears in bold font in the participant list.. this comes handy when someone with noisy background forgets to mute .. you can scroll through the list and look at bold names to identify the lines with audio coming in and mute if needed. (You can also look at mute icon... but sometimes people may be using mute function from their headset or external audio device instead of using mute function of Teams, and muting them in Teams may cause confusion as they may not be able to unmute as they expected to later). It will be very useful if Teams could sort the participant list according to last speaking so that we can always see the latest speaking (or noisy lines) people names on top.
Jennifer Robbins
Jennifer Robbins:
Awesome. I am a huge Teams nerd so I love all these tips & tricks to help our team work better!
Philippa Coldham
Philippa Coldham:
I love these videos! They are so helpful. I'm hoping there will be one on Top Tips and Tricks for SharePoint :)
Izabel Barros
Izabel Barros:
It would be great to figure out how to divide people in teams and bring them back to a call... tried many tips, but always cumbersome...
L. Sharp
L. Sharp:
How do you delete a chat? Love your videos. Its so helpful!
Francisco R
Francisco R:
Fantastic content! Thanks as usual!
Hoosier Fan
Hoosier Fan:
Great stuff!
I will definitely try and incorporate some of these and try to help mev get organized
MS TEAMS PLEASE make it possible to identify which participants in a meeting mute others. Just as there can be a notification in files to see who has edited a file that isn't view only, there can be a notification that states that John has muted Jane real time. It is A MAJOR INCONVENIENCE to have to go to meeting options every time to change who can present / mute etc. This setting should be readily available when one is scheduling one's classes for the entire week. TEAMS SHOULD BE MORE USER FRIENDLY. We a paying you A LOT of MONEY!
Gilbert Olivier
Gilbert Olivier:
Tag is nice to use, it a other tip for me. Nice video
Deb Frederick
Deb Frederick:
great stuff!
Norma Cadwell
Norma Cadwell:
I am learning so much from you!!!!
Don Ackerman
Don Ackerman:
This is a fabulous summary of features. Solid help! Thank you!
Erik Steiner
Erik Steiner:
Great video!! How about an in-meeting timer?
When will you talk to us about the new break out rooms for Teams?
Thanks Kevin. I always appreciate your work and ideas, I’m always learning. Of course v neck t shirts are the way to go!
Lydia Lewis
Lydia Lewis:
Thank you sooooo much for updating us on these new features it was really helpful.
Lakshman Valasala
Lakshman Valasala:
14:20 seeing Hyderbad Flagship. Looks amazing to see Indian place from a foreigner. Anyway, I am from Hyderabad.
Tati.Ashok kumar
Tati.Ashok kumar:
Stupendous. Loved it
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis:
Do we know when the ability to superimpose my camera image on top of a presentation (or other screenshare) will arrive?
M.A Tejesh _war
M.A Tejesh _war:
4th big fan of you sir love your videos a lot👍👍
Sobia Makhdoom
Sobia Makhdoom:
It's really helpful. Being a KI on Teams for the last 9 months, I think I found it quite late. Though some features are not working on our version, I was really excited about the attendee's list and transcript, I do not have access to them.
Anirban Pal
Anirban Pal:
Hey Kevin, I'm a big fan of your video tutorials. They are beautifully made and very crisp. I was wondering if you could make a video on some of the best 3rd party apps within teams especially related to education and student assessment. It would be a big help, thanks.
Fady Barsoum
Fady Barsoum:
The transcript is a record of what was written in the chat during the meeting, correct? Not what was "said" verbally/orally. Can the Captions be recorded and downloaded? If yes, this can be super helpful for recording meeting minutes!
Shoua Fakhouri
Shoua Fakhouri:
Thank you Kevin, this presentation is useful.
Love your Microsoft Teams Tips & Tricks!
Ramachandran Km
Ramachandran Km:
Super helpful tips!
Audio device settings in Teams - Increase the volume so I can hear better.
Dries Van der Colff
Dries Van der Colff:
Thanks Kevin, excellent video as always
Michi Rakete
Michi Rakete:
great job mate!
Malin Vinblad
Malin Vinblad:
Thank You for a good lesson in Teams. I really needed that 👍🏻
Shweta Sengupta
Shweta Sengupta:
How to save an entire conversation in Teams?
Mudra Tapase
Mudra Tapase:
I've simply learned a lot from your videos, thanks !
I think that MS teams is a app for online classes.
I feel like Zoom is just for meetings, but teams has assignments, grades... Teams is just more of a school, and Zoom for meetings
Bij Pattni
Bij Pattni:
Very useful tips - am trying to get my team at work to use Teams more and these tips will definitely make life easier for them
adinda rifany
adinda rifany:
Hi Kevin, great video, thanks!!!
Claudio Ballon
Claudio Ballon:
Great video, thanks Kevin
William Reamer
William Reamer:
Awesome tutorial Kevin! As always, you rocked it! Now that we are using Teams at home, this is timely, thanks!
Marius Levin
Marius Levin:
Quality content. A very useful video. 👍
في هنا اي أحد عربي دخل الفيديو 😭😭😭😭
Mike Grady
Mike Grady:
Kevin, have you done a presentation on how to use Teams for customer meetings and interactions?
Greg Messler
Greg Messler:
Great tips Kevin! Thank you! Would be cool if you could add a task from a teams message. Kind of like flagging an email.
great video - shame there's no meet now option for IOS devices! would perfect teams
Da First Lady
Da First Lady:
AMAZING! thank you!
Vatsala Sawanak
Vatsala Sawanak:
Awesome as always👍🏻
But I also have a request, can you please make a video telling about different IT fields. It will be somewhere helpful for IT aspirants also. Please do the needful if possible.
Love from India
Mission Computers
Mission Computers:
Awesome Tips Kevin! I’ve recommended all these tips to my clients except for the transcripts, thanks.
Mustafa Mert TANOĞLU - Test Channel
Mustafa Mert TANOĞLU - Test Channel:
I need more functionality to accept kevstrat3 guest, hahahaha! Create longer videos with Microsoft Teams named topic, Kevin. I trust you, be improved and cool.
Evangeline Ten
Evangeline Ten:
Many thanks Kevin. Very useful tips 👌
Tushar Desai
Tushar Desai:
Thank you sir. You gave me a very good information about the Teams which I didn't know. Thank you
Kevin your videos are giving me joy
Jeanne Aislinn
Jeanne Aislinn:
Your video is very helpful and informative. And I liked the way you presented the tips and tricks for MSTeams, easy to remember and very user friendly, especially for someone like me who's just a beginner. Thanks! Great job, Kevin!
Chaanad Gaming
Chaanad Gaming:
I used to save messages and it appear in a saved chats - where i edit and add some explanation there. I also pinned the saved messages. But apparently after the update I think, it was gone. I have checked in my Saved, it was also gone. But the saved messages still can be accessed thru mobile.

I need back my saved messages chats. All important notes i did update there :|
Raiden Verge
Raiden Verge:
i love your content man!!! has helped me a lot for my youtube channel
Tanuja Singh
Tanuja Singh:
Great video Kevin but can you make a video on templates in teams
Sarenda Flanigan
Sarenda Flanigan:
Thanks so much!
Claudia Houwers
Claudia Houwers:
Excellent video!
Love answered my question about the order of who raised hand first... thank you
Carla Isela Ortiz de la Rosa
Carla Isela Ortiz de la Rosa:
Soooo good! Thank you for the tips
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Sally Hart:
Soooo helpful! thanks
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Janet Pelliccio:
Great stuff! Thank you!!
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Jaqueline Galicia Chantes:
It's very clear to understand. I love it!
thanks Kevin brother, i use this for my online classes
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Gero Kle:
Great stuff! Thank you very much and all the best to you!
Lisa VanAlstine
Lisa VanAlstine:
yeah, spolight explained, TY!
Thank you. Great video!!
Thimira Lamahewage
Thimira Lamahewage:
Now MS Stream is not longer auto uploading. Can you check on that transcript thing and let us know the new way. Than reuploading content.
We just had some Teams Training yesterday as we are early adopters in our organisation. Not everything is available to us yet as they are rolling things out in stages but there are pretty cool features. A good one I picked up was how powerful typing / in the search bar at the top of teams is and also how to quickly send a message to multiple people that you contact regularly.
kamal alatiq
kamal alatiq:
Many thanks for your efforts.
Aaron Bryan
Aaron Bryan:
Very helpful, information conveyed crystal clear, thx Kevin
Mulan - Study Chinese with me
Mulan - Study Chinese with me:
Hi Kevin, just wondering if you have done a video about creating training/demo video for mobile devices. Your videos are awesome like always!! 👍
Riaan Thiart
Riaan Thiart:
Thanks Kevin. Do you plan to cover the new Microsoft Lists app?
April Webb
April Webb:
Great video - thank you!
Marahaini Mahamood
Marahaini Mahamood:
Very helpful video. Thanks Kevin!
Nadine Langis
Nadine Langis:
This was really helpful I hope to see other tricks and tips on how to get in and out.
Paige Holmes
Paige Holmes:
Another Great Video! Can you load polls ahead of time in meetings that you have scheduled?
Suzanne Combs Brown Kairos Culture
Suzanne Combs Brown Kairos Culture:
Good advice and easy to follow. Thanks for the tips!
May Briggs
May Briggs:
Vey value added video, fantastic
Marie France Fourrier
Marie France Fourrier:
great video thanks