TOP 25 GOALS Antoine Griezmann en LaLiga Santander

TOP 25 GOALS Antoine Griezmann en LaLiga Santander:

25.- SD Eibar vs Atlético de Madrid 2014/2015
24.- Atlético de Madrid vs Valencia CF 2018/2019
23.- Atlético de Madrid vs CD Leganés 2017/2018
22.- RC Celta vs Real Sociedad 2013/2014

21.- Valencia CF vs Atlético de Madrid 2015/2016
20.- Getafe CF vs Real Sociedad 2010/2011
19.- Atlético de Madrid vs CD Leganés 2017/2018
18.- Granada CF vs Atlético de Madrid 2015/2016
17.- Atlético de Madrid vs Levante UD 2017/2018
16.- Real Sociedad vs Elche CF 2013/2014
15.- Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid 2015/2016
14.- Real Valladolid vs Real Sociedad 2012/2013
13.- Atlético de Madrid vs Real Sporting 2016/2017
12.- Real Racing Club vs Real Sociedad 2010/2011
11.- Sevilla FC vs Atlético de Madrid 2018/2019
10.- Atlético de Madrid vs RC Celta 2017/2018
9.- Atlético de Madrid vs Athletic Club 2015/2016
8.- RC Deportivo vs Atlético de Madrid 2016/2017
7.- Real Sociedad vs Atlético de Madrid 2015/2016
6.- Athletic Club vs Atlético de Madrid 2016/2017
5.- CD Leganés vs Atlético de Madrid 2018/2019
4.- Sevilla FC vs Atlético de Madrid 2017/2018
3.- RC Deportivo vs Atlético de Madrid 2014/2015
2.- Real Sporting vs Atlético de Madrid 2015/2016
1.- Real Sociedad vs Real Valladolid 2012/2013

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100+ komentarze:

Muh Qasrun
Muh Qasrun:
In Messi-Alba style 4:58
Felipe - Griezmann. How good he was at 2015-2016
Pablo Espinosa
Pablo Espinosa:
Solo hay que darse cuenta donde juega Griezman Esa es la posición real de esa bestia de jugador
3Viveking ##
3Viveking ##:
When Griezmann play right side of the pitch his shooting and scoring is amazing.
Barca keep playing him in left side that's why he is not at peak
Griezmann is a very interesting player, very unique profile which makes him one of the best in recent years.

Good header of the ball for a player of his height even better than some of the players way taller than him.

Very good finisher and can score with both feet, he's also a set piece threat. He's also creative and in his last two seasons at Atleti he carried the scoring and creating burden.

Team player and very willing to put in a shift in defence, very rare to find attackers willing to track back and help out defensively in their own box.

The only place he came short was maybe during the big games, in 2016 during the CL final he missed a penalty which could have changed the course of the game and maybe lead Atleti to their first CL. The Euros final he wasn't clinical too and missed a number of chances. Not a very big weakness in my opinion.

In summary, he's the perfect attacker for a Simeone/Mourinho-like systems.
Betty Fontes
Betty Fontes:
GRIEZMANN es un crack. El Barça tiene estrellas increíbles sólo tienen que aprovecharlas y que brillen en su mejor posición. Ya es tarea de entrenadores y dirección.
Kiereek mackenze
Kiereek mackenze:
Griezman is such World Class talent, in the case with Barcelona it's just the case of right player wrong time and wrong coach
Jishnu praveen
Jishnu praveen:
Greizman fan like
Nicolò Bellinvia
Nicolò Bellinvia:
Where is the freekicks vs celta and sevilla? Or the gol vs real betis with Barcellona, or the chip gol vs Maiorca and rayo vallecano with barca and atleti?
Legend of Nibbaheem
Legend of Nibbaheem:
One of the most underrated player of our generation
YRG Chandon
YRG Chandon:
I wish Griezmann comes back to Atleti but I know that'll never happen...🥺
World Class Goals
Berk Nigdeli
Berk Nigdeli:
What an underrated player. He’s easily one of the best football players in the world right now. This clip alone proves how great of a football player he truly is yet people think he’s decent at best. He can do it all. Period.
Milagros M. Santamaría
Milagros M. Santamaría:
Griezmann es un magnífico jugador, su salida del Atlético de Madrid me entristeció. Estoy feliz y agradecida por los momentos maravillosos que dejó❤️
Cristian and Luis YT
Cristian and Luis YT:
Grande Antonie Griezmann!
Èl ñino bv
Èl ñino bv:
I miss him 😔😔😔⚪️🔴
que pesaos con los anuncios
Sebastián Gutiérrez
Sebastián Gutiérrez:
12:15 que control tan increíble 🤯🤯🤯
Thomas Paulson
Thomas Paulson:
Heading ability is awesome barca is not utillizing it
Muy bueno...un jugador bastante completo (velocidad, disparo, desmarque y trabajador en defensa). Celebré todos sus goles y le deseé lo mejor cuando se fue. Un placer haberle tendido en mi equipo.
Jonathan Gamez zamudio
Jonathan Gamez zamudio:
my favorite player
Abbas ._10
Abbas ._10:
One of the best attackers of this era 👍👍
Anmol Singh Gurjar
Anmol Singh Gurjar:
Who remembers his goal in Barca-Betis game earlier in this La liga season...thats was one of the best
Little Benjamin
Little Benjamin:
I don’t necessarily agree with the list but a great reminder of how incredibly blessed, unique and talented this kid is. Almost shed some tears. Good old days. Love you grizou
Mati BS
Mati BS:
Que bien jugaba en el Atlético...

Ahora no juega mal, pero le falta esa chispa que tenía en el Atleti, desearía que vuelva al club de Madrid (ojo, para que luego no vengan a decir que soy del Atléti, soy del Barça, pero me duele ver cómo Bartomeu le jodió la carrera trayendolo)
Rubén Alcojor
Rubén Alcojor:
The good players are good at every part of the pitch, that's why Griezmann has scored 14 goals at his first season at FC Barcelona not playing at his natural position
G A:
Grizi is the best😍
He is really a good player and a world class player , and i am 100%sure he will come back to his best form
The reason is even not being a confident player in current situation , he is trying his best and in wrong position he scored at least 10-13 goals and 4-5 assists which clearly states that when he will be a confident player he will mock his Critics
Because normally when players loose their confidence or they loose their best form , they not able to play but he is still doing , for both his National team and Club ...
Come back Grizzuu
(from India ) a fan of yours since 2015 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Shristi Bhattarai
Shristi Bhattarai:
This is why he is the antoine griezmann ❤️❤️❤️
Markus Zwerger
Markus Zwerger:
I'm a Barca fan, yet I miss Griezmann playing for Atletico... I wish him all the best at Barca
juan sebastian plaza
juan sebastian plaza:
4:55 el mismo gol q hizo Messi en el último minuto en Bernabéu
Cesar Gimenez
Cesar Gimenez:
Como quiero ver esos goles en el Barça 😥😥
Abhijeet Saraswat
Abhijeet Saraswat:
One of the best player ....Gizziiiii🕺😍🤩
Christian Rømer
Christian Rømer:
Him and Torres Were a really good duo
Adam Maroc
Adam Maroc:
لاعب اسطوري, c'est un grand joueure je suis très fière
Richard Shaju
Richard Shaju:
Love u griezmann🤩😘😍🤩😘🤩😘
Alejandro Hurtado
Alejandro Hurtado:
Que partidazo que hizo hace poco Barça vs Villarreal esa Vaselina estuvo hermosa
Griezmann ‼️🔥🤙🏾❤️
A complete attacker. Scores goals, good in the air, good in the box, good at set pieces can beat players and can be playmaker. Very unique player. Not sure which position he truly plays/best specific role but he has to be on the pitch regardless.
Param Budhadev
Param Budhadev:
That was a confidant Griezmann
Now he's less confidant!
User Unknown
User Unknown:
Uruguay is proud of you, Antoine.
Josue Valera
Josue Valera:
Grande griezmman Eres un crack
كرم عباس
كرم عباس:
Griezmann is my favorite player 😍💗
Reiner Braun
Reiner Braun:
Griezmann era uno de mis jugadores favoritos hasta que se fue al Barcelona
Ricardo Martín Alvarez
Ricardo Martín Alvarez:
Que bueno era en el atléti 🙁🙁🙁
Moustafa Sumareh
Moustafa Sumareh:
El FCB son unos cracks rompiendo las carreras de jugadores TOPS
Nicolas Ayala
Nicolas Ayala:
Grande Griezmann !!!!
Extraño esos tiempos en el Atleti
I think now the best goal he has scored in LaLiga is the chip vs Villareal
Supa Knight
Supa Knight:
His freekicks are delightful to watch ❤️😍
👑 Griezmann 🇫🇷
Moe Tempah
Moe Tempah:
Its good to see Griezmann got his groove back cause he is on 🔥
Heston McCabe
Heston McCabe:
Team Grizi 🕺🤙🏼
Parth Chauhan
Parth Chauhan:
If he finished like this at Barca this season, he would have 10 goals at least
nikolai j
nikolai j:
What a star...baller from long time
El tipo es un crack, ya va encontrar otra vez su nivel en el Barça
vaya temazo de fondo no se si ver el top o ponerme un par de rayas y ponerme a bailar xDDDDD
Football Republic
Football Republic:
I don't know Spanish. But the Spanish commentary is so nice to hear💥
Love from Bangladesh🇧🇩
purushtottam tandon
purushtottam tandon:
Acrobatic and charasmatic goalscorer
Who is here after his beautiful perfomance vs granada?😂
Kilmer Ordoñez
Kilmer Ordoñez:
El #15 me recordó al gol de Messi en el último minuto vs Madrid
Kilmer Ordoñez
Kilmer Ordoñez:
Lo mejor está por venir
Tremendous player
He is an incredible player and one of the best so far , he has always been an enthusiastic and intense player , he deserves the best but the problem in fcb is that they play him in the left side that s why he is not scoring many goals . He is the best
Alexinho_jr10 Alex
Alexinho_jr10 Alex:
El ultimo gol es una autentica belleza
Rodrigo Ruiz Reyes
Rodrigo Ruiz Reyes:
Griezmann en Barcelona: Creo q me haré de madera ahora 😂😂😂😂 y eso q soy culé
Jose Fuenmayor
Jose Fuenmayor:
El koeman hece tiene que poner a jugar a griezman en su posicion porque yo quiero ver a este griezman en el barsa
kd mona
kd mona:
Joakin Franco Ayuque
Joakin Franco Ayuque:
like si tu jugador favorito es griezmann
Pablo Girard
Pablo Girard:
Griezmann 🤩 atletico legend ❤️🌟
Germán Alonso
Germán Alonso:
2:30 Grande Griezmann enseñando la Ikurriña al facherío de Getafe jajajajajaja
Willian Guimaraes
Willian Guimaraes:
Griezmann Joga Demais Agora Só Falta Jogar Futebol No Barcelona
Grizi é espetacular
tv namir pl videos nancassa
tv namir pl videos nancassa:
👑Meu Ídolo😍⚽🔥🔥
Angel Acosta
Angel Acosta:
Ese wey metió muchos goles en real sociedad gracias a vela
Adi Zegman
Adi Zegman:
12:13 aí vemos realmente um golaço da peiga
luis Lindo
luis Lindo:
El mejor 7 de la Liga !!!
prathveesk kamath
prathveesk kamath:
نوح عبد الحسين
نوح عبد الحسين:
العربي يحط لايك
Animatrix Fc
Animatrix Fc:
Melhor dupla griezamn e Filipe Luís
Cesar Ubillus Pacheco
Cesar Ubillus Pacheco:
el gol de la doble pared que hace + el disparo de lejos para mi es el mejor gol de todos
El Extraño Mundo De Franco
El Extraño Mundo De Franco:
Que golazo el primero, el pase es genial, milimétrico.
Me hizo acordar esa vez el pase de Román a Martín. Los hinchas de Boca sabrán 😉
Denzil Dyer
Denzil Dyer:
6:40 🕺🏼🕺🏼😂
Pedro GTU
Pedro GTU:
Soy del Atlético y lo hecho mucho de menos
WarriorS Clika 744
WarriorS Clika 744:
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali:
He should go back Atetico Griezman and Felix 🔥⚽️
Deniz Yankol
Deniz Yankol:
Griezmann is my favorite player
FanisX #7
FanisX #7:
no.6: fantastic knuckleball
no.3: look how he moves forward tight to the offside line seeing the defender at the other end covering him and then how he executes the keeper.. brilliant
no.1: fair and square.. controlling and executing difficulty was much high on this.. so it deserved to be the best goal..
Danish Amri
Danish Amri:
what agoal by griezmann....... Ilove it
Falta uno que le metió al madrid y diego lopez en el bernabeu de vaselina
griezmann vs leverkursen?
Alvaro Alonso de Velasco
Alvaro Alonso de Velasco:
12.08 jajajaja la reacción de Saúl
10:02 A ese partido fui yo, y menudo golazo de Griezmann.
Mohammed Adli
Mohammed Adli:
Why does FIFA 20 give him only 3 week foot he deserves better
Turbinado Gamer
Turbinado Gamer:
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Koeman is starting to bring Griezmann to his “second prime”
tom petit
tom petit:
What a player.......
Rodrigo Ramirez
Rodrigo Ramirez:
El estado de la cancha del eibar parece la del todo poderoso Firpo de mi pais xd
Ander Alcaide Morillas
Ander Alcaide Morillas:
Ojalá vuelva a Donosti algún día...
Debarshi Roy
Debarshi Roy:
There are two griezmanns. The Old Griezmann we admired and the other Griezmann who plays at Barca

I miss the old one !😔😔🥺