Top Finishes: Conor McGregor

Watch a collection of the former featherweight and lightweight champion's top finishes in his career so far. Conor McGregor returns to the UFC Octagon at UFC 246 on January 18 against Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone.

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100+ komentarze:

Jackaroo MMA
Jackaroo MMA:
I can’t believe they gave us a whole fight to watch at the end
Zack Jones
Zack Jones:
Conor’s striking has always been impressive and fun to watch. Hope his retirement isn’t official and we get to see more of it
Jonjo Grannell
Jonjo Grannell:
McGregor loses 2 fights and everyone forgets everything he has achieved, ufc fans have a short memory
Οδυσσεας Θεοδοσιου
Οδυσσεας Θεοδοσιου:
In every clip McGregor has a different hairstyle
McGregor looked like a side character in Gta when he first got into the ufc
Mad Cat
Mad Cat:
The best thing about first-round wins is less damage, hospital visits, weeks of recovery, and same pay.
People hate on him but look what he did to Alvarez,porier,hollaway,mendes,cerrone
McGregor wanting to shake his hand but the guy leaves him hanging
Now I understand why McGregor is such a prick against his adversaries
Brandon Woodson
Brandon Woodson:
Mcgregor looks like a different person without his signature beard
I love how conor started off as kind of like a default character with bald head and no tatts then literally evolved to an iconic man with hairstyle and tattoo haha
joe brooks
joe brooks:
It’s funny how haters act like Conor’s the only one in UFC history to be submitted lmao. Really clinging to anything they can huh
Reconcile C
Reconcile C:
Love or hate idgaf he's a game changer and will go down in history for giving Ufc it's biggest spike in history respect Conor 🙏✊
He's got those lean, effective the "Dying Gaul" Celtic warrior muscles and very good reach.
Jiří Mikši
Jiří Mikši:
Conor McGregor looks like Baldur from "God Of War"
Ethan Gross
Ethan Gross:
This is more like his history of hairstyles.
M D:
His ground game might not be the best, he might not have the greatest stamina, he can lack motivation so he has long lay offs between fights. But when he’s on full form my god is his striking something special.
D B:
“Alvarez getting to loose, getting better in this round”
“Until that”
“He’s done, he’s done”
Batuhan Aydın
Batuhan Aydın:
yo guys, mcgregor has the best training ive ever seen

lets goo
Bubba Shaw
Bubba Shaw:
And just like that Aldos career was over.
"Alvarez getting better in this round"

Alvarez: gets KO'ed
Danis Apta Rizki Hidayat
Danis Apta Rizki Hidayat:
2:27 looks like his mining something
0:11 you can tell Conor was waiting for that right hand from Alvarez.
Yoshi Weißleder
Yoshi Weißleder:
He looks like a complete different person without a beard. 😂👌
Фаиг Керимов
Фаиг Керимов:
Habib and Mg Gregor finish😂
Jeremy Stephens should've been on here too
Damian Picalau
Damian Picalau:
The Guy in Rocky: i have never seen a fighter so concerned about his hair before...
McGregor: Hold my proper twelve
Jack Mac
Jack Mac:
It doesn't get any cleaner than that ladies and gentlemen
Amine Zitouni - أمين زيتوني
Amine Zitouni - أمين زيتوني:
Khabib ❤️
Tiber Zeek
Tiber Zeek:
2:20 "Lovely left knee to the ribs"...😂
People forget how much of a monster Conor really is .. he’s had some amazing moments in the octagon and I’m glad to see him back ...I expect fireworks on Saturday night
Sven van der Veen
Sven van der Veen:
6:40 cleanest left hand I’ve seen
Alvarez getting loose.
Getting better in this round.😂😂😂boy was he wrong!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Irish Man
Irish Man:
3:27 someone didnt want their tayto's anymore
Cameron Matlock
Cameron Matlock:
Best finish from Conor is when he destroyed Cowboy
Gergely H
Gergely H:
The most impressing to me is the first one, he didn't even flinch by Alvarez's punch touching his nose like he knew the exact length of that punch. This is like some next level anime shit.
Grim Golum
Grim Golum:
Imagine being so bad at the ground if you've been submited by Conor Mcgregor
Sesh gremlin420
Sesh gremlin420:
Conor please come out of retirement and fight masvidal I NEEEEED to see that fight.
Abdillah Akbar
Abdillah Akbar:
7:49 me before touching frying pan in gas stove lol 😅
I just like how expressionless he was when he ran to jump on the cage in that last clip. It looked like he was filming for Baywatch.
Ronald Rodriguez
Ronald Rodriguez:
Not saying they are on the same level, GSP hooked me to UFC. He retired and I took a vacation. McGregor brought me back as a fan of the sport.
Gila Kamchira
Gila Kamchira:
The first one the referee already knew he was about to knock him out
Sgr Gaming 2m
Sgr Gaming 2m:
"When life have 100 reason to cry than life give you 1000 reason to smile. "😇😇😍😍💕💕
Watching this after knowing McGregor vs Pacquaio
The most important thing I learned from this clip is that you can put ads on their butts. Very outside the box
Chris Clark
Chris Clark:
"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!"
D 1 ᛉ
D 1 ᛉ:
“He slept him”
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson:
Wonder why they took out Florian’s amazing “THIS IS WHY EVERYONES BEEN TALKING ABOUT CONOR MCGREGOR”! Call, it was so hype 1:10
Noah Carver
Noah Carver:
"I lost to Mcgregor."
"By submission. "
Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea:
Damn, he looks so good in those little shorts.
2:38 not intelligently defending himself 😂
Jeffrey Wu
Jeffrey Wu:
Conor mcgregor without his beard is like a lion without his mane.
Junior Mansonge
Junior Mansonge:
The precision, power and timing is beautiful ‼✊😎 💪🏻😆
Irvin Salazar
Irvin Salazar:
He gets away with alot of back of the head shots...
Franky Suarez
Franky Suarez:
"Lovely left knee to the ribs" such a douch ha? 😂😂😂
Hughes Jazz
Hughes Jazz:
0:26 - All I can hear is the GTA 5 sound when you are dead/wasted.
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy:
Me:Who tf is that bald-OH my goodness is that Gregor
Imagine having just one unavenged loss in the UFC and everyone starts forgetting how good he is and predicting he will lose against pretty much everyone. Casuals.
robert gavric
robert gavric:
Buakaw in standing fight would beat McGregor
Cormac Mac Aongusa
Cormac Mac Aongusa:
2:15 in the corner there's Jack Hermansson. How times have changed
Josué Gonçalves
Josué Gonçalves:
Hill could be submited by the worst fighter on ground ever
butter mycupps
butter mycupps:
Might be my favorite finish of all time. I'll never get tired of watching him finish eddie.
tat an
tat an:
Conor McGregor - it sounds proud! Hello from Russia!
4:30 Everyone: Remember when you said that about Houston Alexander? Stop overhyping fighters Joe.

One year later:
Everyone: WTF? Conor is the best lightweight in UFC history!!!1!1
Domokos Piller
Domokos Piller:
He was always sort of similar to butterbean in my eyes because both just murder their opponents
40 second knockout against cowboy that’s why he’s one of the best
Robert K
Robert K:
2:40 McGregor without beard looks so strange 😅
Samuel Cho
Samuel Cho:
7:49 Wait what happened. . .
He is a muscular viking leprechaun
No Gregor no UFC 😂 even my mom started watching UFC coz of Gregor 🤘comeon the fact is that lots of people watch' UFC becoz u hate Gregor or u either love gregor afterall it's for him
Wonky Gustav
Wonky Gustav:
Wow mcgregor you’re so primitive give him a medal lol
Big Empty
Big Empty:
Imagine getting submitted to mcgregor
Green Shrek 2000
Green Shrek 2000:
Left Conor as Thor's Hammer!
Nocauteou o Aldo mas tomou uma bem segura tbm kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Whether you hate him or not, he is truly gifted fighter in this time.
Roadrunner Roadrunner
Roadrunner Roadrunner:
That combo on alverez is one of my favorite mma moments and im not even a huge connor fan, shit was god like.
Moshe Araújo
Moshe Araújo:
Algumas lutas me parecem estranhas. Sei lá né

Alguns socos nem chegam a pegar e o cara cai, o adversário dele se rende antes de começar a apanhar .

Sei não hem!
Arsomoru Maitoyame
Arsomoru Maitoyame:
i dedicate this laundry sheet i found to angel face. smells so good

clint brunke
clint brunke:
I remember the bar I was at pretty much exploded when conor slept aldo , the place went absolutely fucking nuts.
jamie brown
jamie brown:
One of the most talented and entertaining fighters ever
The Notorious
Richard Torres
Richard Torres:
You are the best mister Mc Gregor!!! ...... Richard the French 🇨🇵
Mark Fox
Mark Fox:
Commentator jinxed eddie 😂
And just think about this started at 145 then moved to 155 then 170
Me : sees McGregor without beard
~~~~~~~does not recognize|~~~~~~
Soon Forgot
Soon Forgot:
I like McGregor in the octagon. Outside of it i don't really care to pay attention to.
Limerick's Finest
Limerick's Finest:
None of em can take a punch like that old guy Conor hit in Dublin 😂
Xứ Nghệ
Xứ Nghệ:
I like his way of fighting, he's very calm 🇻🇳
Ade Aikaz
Ade Aikaz:
Khabib nurmagomedov 💪💪💪
Zawsitt Aung
Zawsitt Aung:
Outstanding Performance ❤️
Green General
Green General:
Damn...Cerrone just got added.
No terceiro tko, ele deu duas joelhadas irregular, o adversário estava com 3 apoios, o juiz deveria ter intervido
Your Big Head Cousin
Your Big Head Cousin:
Saw the Aldo fight live on pay per view and while it was exciting and i had a sense that Id witnessed MMA history I hadn't had chance to finish my nachos or get a buzz going
ghaju rahul
ghaju rahul:
More over conor with his hair styles over the years!! 😉
jared herrmann
jared herrmann:
How long the ref waits till he calls it is a little questionable sometimes
despite being a jerk, the precision, power, and timing of this dude are incredible!
IL Roam
IL Roam:
Idk why but I laughed
I love the overhead shot when he knocks out Mendes. Such a dope punch.
I like his Russell Crowe (Gladiator) walk as he approaches his opponents.
Trèdœ Wès7
Trèdœ Wès7:
Damn his left is so dangerous, every shot he hit his opponents with; they got cracked and eventually finished 😂
I agree with Chael when he said “The Conor who fought Eddie is the greatest talent I’ve ever seen”.
Chance Kilcrease
Chance Kilcrease:
Watching the Aldo fight live on pay per view was insane.