Tori Spelling Grew Up in a 56,000-Square-Foot Mansion

Actor and author Tori Spelling joins Jeff and Shane to discuss the enormous house in which she spent her teen years, and her mother's creepy doll collection that eventually resided in a doll museum before being sold off.

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Eddie G
Eddie G:
I worked on the original 90210 set more than a few times back in the day. Some of the actors were NOT friendly, or pleasant. Tori was always very warm, friendly, and nice to be around. She also had the wealthiest upbringing of them all (by far), and yet probably the kindest of the group. Her father built the house because he was afraid to fly, and wanted to create a large “world” around him, so he’d rarely have to leave! It’s a BEAUTIFUL house, large yes, but quite spectacular. The haters typing from their tiny one bedroom apartments of course don’t know Tori, and are quite pathetic.
Dear Modi
Dear Modi:
I like Tori. She comes across as honest and kind.
Gunnar Eðvarðsson
Gunnar Eðvarðsson:
only 14 bedrooms? yet 27 bathrooms? I always find it weird that there are more bathrooms than bedrooms in a home but that seems to be the norm in the US.
Diane Johnson
Diane Johnson:
Well if I had money like Candy, I would give money freely to my daughter that’s for sure,she’s never going to spend it all
Custom creation cards by Sarah
Custom creation cards by Sarah:
I would of loved to see what Jeff could of done with that large manor he toured on his show. He would of made it beautiful.
Joel Evans
Joel Evans:
Don't forget the 17,000 square foot attic at the Manor. Tori is used to an extravagant lifestyle. I think we all would be but it seems she never adjusted or now she has to the real world. I watched Selling Spelling Manor and that house was gigantic. Watching all the movers pack up the house was overwhelming. Candy had her staff help but I'd need Xanax to get through it. I would've just stayed and not moved. Seeing everything out of it, it did look cold. It was too big but I loved the staircase.
Charlene Mytrunec
Charlene Mytrunec:
Tori didn't grow up in the Manor, the build was finished when she was 17 years old.
Christy P Stew
Christy P Stew:
I can't imagine living in a house and it's so gigantic that I only visit a portion of it. 🙄
Theresa Thompson
Theresa Thompson:
Love Torrey, more convo with Torrey Please!
Lori A
Lori A:
Its so silly. I don't even go into all the rooms in my house. There's no point in having a home like that for four people. Its like, get a humongous mansion, buy endless amounts of scrap, hire 20 people for staff to vacuum and dust rooms no-one ever sees.
Sandra Shevey
Sandra Shevey:
Aaron Spelling was HUGE..also very nice. Many of the moguls used to have weekend brunches. They were generous with Christmas presents. They adopted people,mentored them, took you under their wing . Rich Jewry made better films, was more philanthropic, had a higher level of culture (outside the films) than many other ethnic groups. Sad to say the `Jewish ` moment has long since passed in the USA. But I have to say, I was there in the Sixties and was dating a boy from a family that dated back to the origins of the studio system. Eddie Small was his uncle, and he was related to Disney in some way. His grandpa was Disney`s casting director. The Good Ole Days!
Karen Lamb
Karen Lamb:
Omg! My mom and I collected Madame Alexander dolls too! I had some I could play with and around 50 that were on display that I had to dust once a week, lol!
Jan Jay
Jan Jay:
Memories!!! My Mom gave me Madame Alexander dolls, I remember Puddin' and Renoir! ❤️
Intuitive di
Intuitive di:
Always loved Tori. She is bright, funny and real.
Michele KT
Michele KT:
I always liked Tori Spelling! But man, her mom must have had to wear roller skates to get around that house!
Gabe L
Gabe L:
Love Tori ❤️
mo brown
mo brown:
I think I ever only saw 5 is the most iconic line yo
Jennifer Jahns
Jennifer Jahns:
omg, I haven't seen Jeff in years. I love you! Is there more to this interview somewhere? Seems like there should be.
Gryphyn Alvàréz
Gryphyn Alvàréz:
Jeff, always a shit stirrer! Lmao
Intuitive di
Intuitive di:
Loving those breakfast bar chairs. Woozer
S Hunter
S Hunter:
Tori was already grown when the mansion was finished so she definitely didn’t grow up there.
She may have spent time there as an adult or lived there as an adult but not growing up.
What’s creepy is only four family members living in 56,500 square feet of rooms.
Lalal Lange
Lalal Lange:
Omg.. this was great.
Steven Guatemoc
Steven Guatemoc:
Wow I am so in ❤ with Tori Spelling! 😍 📱📱📱
I wonder what the light bill looks like yikes !!
Steven Guatemoc
Steven Guatemoc:
Love 💘 me some Tori still gorgeous!😍🥰
Isn't Tori currently still living in one of Candy's rental homes? LOL

5:27 Tori has been well compensated by her Mom. Candy has been paying her monthly living expenses for YEARS!
Mary Mchugh
Mary Mchugh:
She didn’t move in until she was 17. It took years to build. 7?I think.. per a documentary I saw. Didn’t grow up in it much.
I like Tori. Her dad worked to make a nice life for the whole family. I'm sure he'd want his kids and grandkids to be comfortable and taken care of. There's plenty to go around. Why does Candy get all the money all the time?
K Bloom
K Bloom:
And, we all see how that turned out.....
Gregory M
Gregory M:
Look at Jeff trying to diminish Tori’s childhood by talking about a 90,000 SF house instead of the 56,000 SF house she grew up in. Get off it Jeff!
“What is a huge kitchen?” 🙄
Hans Moore
Hans Moore:
Tori Spelling is a very nice, creative and wonderful actress. I enjoy all of her films, show, and videos.
Thomas Bruns
Thomas Bruns:
Where can you watch the full interviews
L H:
We miss watching Jeff on tv sooooo much!!!
We soooo want him back!!!😕
Please, someone, make it happen🙂
These homes are built for people to live in as if it’s an Asylum and never have to leave. Britney Spears house reminds me of that same style. #Freebritney
I ❤️ Tori Spelling !
Saw her in this movie TRICK 🎥 way back when I'm 58 now. She's so cool 😎
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis:
My very first job was FAO SCHWARTZ on 5th Avenue in Manhattan so I know about Madame Alexander beautiful collectible porcelain dolls.
Her mother pays a lot of her bills.
Dorothy from Oz
Dorothy from Oz:
When she said my mother has a impeccable taste, I actually started laughing.
Patrice O'Neal beat that
What’s the point of having a guest , if you don’t allow her to talk ?
Who cares about your stories , Mr. host ?
Lissette’s Bloom
Lissette’s Bloom:
Why is he complaining it’s not his house.
Gunnar Eðvarðsson
Gunnar Eðvarðsson:
This is like having a hotel by yourself. That's not something I would want. I worked in hotels, I wouldn't want to live in one.
Diane Johnson
Diane Johnson:
Charlene I don’t need to to research on Candy , I don’t give a dam what she does, I said if it was me I would freely give to my daughter
marilyn kozlow
marilyn kozlow:
Her mother came from money if she grew up with Madam Alexander dolls.
Where can we hear the rest of the interview?
Tori Spell8ng did not grow up in the Spelling Manor, she was 17 years old when the house finally was done, so she didn’t live there that long...
And real life people are homeless
A 56,000 sqft mansion would serve well for a homeless shelter.
Lori A
Lori A:
It gets old. Literally every interview she has done they ask about the house and the gift wrapping room. It isn't that big of a deal already.
Mireille Occean
Mireille Occean:
I love you Tori Spelling
I love tori
judy mcfadden
judy mcfadden:
I think i like Tory. She is interesting.
Tamara Mulford
Tamara Mulford:
Feel sorry for you because you were raised by narcissists was i u tube vidoes on narcissists your life will make sense sorry you lack a real relationship with your mother ...move on you have a beautiful family you dont need your mom .... un
Philip Bambarger
Philip Bambarger:
first world problems, a waste of an interview
Lori C
Lori C:
Omg Jeff - so annoying.
J Kinzel
J Kinzel:
Geez.. What a waste of space
Helen Morris
Helen Morris:
Does anyone really believe this is the real Tory?
Rainy M
Rainy M:
why is she even relevant??
So ridiculous to have a home that large. People are starving in the world. Get real.
Pennster K
Pennster K:
What is this? the lip injection channel?
Lots of plastic surgery going on at that table
Ruth Nagarya
Ruth Nagarya:
People have a lot to say about Tori but they don't consider that her mother never earned the money for that mansion, her husband did, and when he died the entire amount she made on selling the mansion she had a highrise house built on top of a tall building that has a pool and everything else, then she also bought a New York apartment so, really WHO is the MORE spoiled her mother or Tori???? It's the way their life was. Tori couldn't help hat she was born into opulence..
Jeff Lewis is so toxic
Annalicia Spannaus
Annalicia Spannaus:
She looks old now
Jazzy Florida
Jazzy Florida:
Still talking about this #white privilege woman. Who cares