Torrential rain batters central China's Zhengzhou City

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Torrential rain has battered Zhengzhou City, central China's Henan Province, since Monday night. Some regions of the city experienced thunderstorms, strong winds and over 100 millimeters of hourly precipitation.

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100+ komentarze:

Crazy, 202 mm of precipitation in one hour...Germany is also having floods but there was 159 mm of precipitation in 24 hours there. This is an unprecedented disaster in Zhengzhou. Stay strong
Berliner Bär
Berliner Bär:
Warm wishes from Germany to everyone affected by this disaster.
thegreatdictator Gunter
thegreatdictator Gunter:
My Chinese friend lives in zhengzhou. The photos he sent me of his home and office being submerged in water was horrifying. Thankfully he is safe and I pray that other Chinese and foreign nationals remain unharmed from this calamity.

Best wishes from s.kor
David Zhabin
David Zhabin:
Love to you from Russia! Stay safe, Stay strong!
This kind of extreme rainstorm may be impossible for everyone to encounter in a lifetime. The heavy rain pours down in a very short period of time, and the precipitation in one day is equivalent to the total precipitation in the past year!!
Rosie M
Rosie M:
I feel so sad for the people here. You're in my prayers.
Never take risk during thunderstorms. Sit it out at a safe place.
Hairy John
Hairy John:
I've never seen flooding like this in my life! Stay safe, folks.
dancejiang888: goodness, that looks terrible, hope this problem will soon pass
Ricky AMIN
Ricky AMIN:
Hope everyone are safe.....stay safe people 🙏🏻❤
uddin islah
uddin islah:
Hope everyone are safe.....stay safe people God bless everyone
Irene Luy
Irene Luy:
All my love..and compassion ..for all the People ....
In these haevy hours....stay strong..
jay jethwa
jay jethwa:
My prayers and good wishes for all my friends and citizens of Zhengzhou city. Stay strong and be safe. Jay Jethwa
sokin jon
sokin jon:
All my love..and compassion ..for all the People .... In these haevy hours....stay strong..
All of those buildings and people who died… moment of silence for them :(
Caramel Pup
Caramel Pup:
Praying that my fellow Chinese people stay safe!
Rex Chen
Rex Chen:
A scientific solution to this perennial problem of floods must be found immediately!!!! This is heartbreaking.
Torben & Thorsten
Torben & Thorsten:
Best wishes to China and stay safe and healthy! We also have floods in Germany at the moment, so it is really relatable... The people who lost their loved once, i wish you a lot of strength throught this time! 🙏
yo sending love from england , im from fuzhou china and hearing neighbours in china go through this hurts , may buddha be with china <3
MbMP Moran
MbMP Moran:
Prayers for China. 中国加油!
Hope everyone at there are safe.... 🙏🙏
Every continent will be hit hard, one form or another, respect nature is the only way to move forward.
Weijin Gao
Weijin Gao:
stay strong China god bless you💪
Khoan Tau
Khoan Tau:
Wish everyone a lot of health thank you very much
Aetius Flavius
Aetius Flavius:
Love from Europe, stay safe!
if we do not treat the environment with more respect, then humanity will not survive on this planet.
Neide Rodrigues
Neide Rodrigues:
É apenas o princípio das dores
Nicolau Poceiro
Nicolau Poceiro:
In view of all those flooding incidents around the world, maybe it is time to think about making infrastructure waterproof.
In Germany for instance the water supply collapsed because all the tubes are buried in the ground. Sometimes water gets contaminated when there are leaks, also a problem in the case of earthquakes.
Then there is electricity, many cables are also buried. Same problem.

Maybe it would make sense to lift all that infrastructure 3m above the ground level. It would also facilitate repairs, no need to dig up the street or sidewalk.

Vehicles should also be constructed in a waterproof way. Especially now with electric cars. They should literally be watertight even if submerged.
Discover China探索中国
Discover China探索中国:
Hope everyone will be safe and sound🙏🏻
Stay strong China🇨🇳
saleem said
saleem said:
Stay strong 郑州
Donna Chu
Donna Chu:
Rodro Zil
Rodro Zil:
This is what happens when delicate balance of nature is ruptured
Su K
Su K:
Stay strong and stay safe. Pray for China and Henan!
Johnny Kazo
Johnny Kazo:
Geostorm.. A jeszcze Pan B.G chce zasłonić słońce jakimś pyłkiem brawo.. Wszytko się odbija..
Rosemary Lima De Carvalho
Rosemary Lima De Carvalho:
Muito triste
Elena Bogoslovskih
Elena Bogoslovskih:
Пусть все невзгоды уйдут , а люди и животные будут живы !!!
xiao rock
xiao rock:
hope everyone safe....
Jack Fr
Jack Fr:
My thoughts and prayers for you people
Donald t Klun jr
Donald t Klun jr:
When I follow my runabouts last location the area floods until it finds the last paths
Stay strong, and let the trolls swept away with the flood.
poly sporin
poly sporin:
probably need to increase size of city storm drains and gullies 5 times. Concrete does not allow for water absorption.
Need to increase infrastructure for water management.
This will happen more in the future. It is not a one time event.
Baa Sheep
Baa Sheep:
Stay home stay safe
sonofa vietnamveteran
sonofa vietnamveteran:
very sad. sending prayers of kindness and empathy from new zealand to the people of china.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
Prayers for China. 中国加油!
Short Life Long Travel
Short Life Long Travel:
Global warming & Climate change is REAL. It's heartbreaking to see so many disasters unfolding across the globe at the same time. Our prayers with all the people affected, Om Shanti.
July 2021 is certainly the month for catastrophic flooding internationally!
Nobody Anon
Nobody Anon:
❤️🇵🇹❤️Força China❣️
Matthew Ketelhut
Matthew Ketelhut:
Hope everyone will recover.
BTS Instagram
BTS Instagram:
China always helps Nepal during the Melamchi flood.. sending vaccines and all. Now their people were suffering from a flood I can only pray for them to stay safe and strong🇳🇵❣❣
Princess  chanel
Princess chanel:
Stay safe china from indonesia🇮🇩❤🇨🇳
dang Shorty
dang Shorty:
Stay safe everyone
Prisoner Zero
Prisoner Zero:
So a year or 2 ago, we got hit by a lot of Tropical activity here on the East Coast, and many hinted that China or the Pentagon was trying to control the Weather.
My thoughts are that every time they turn on the Cern Super Collider, we get double rainbows and hurricane and odd weather events
Yoke Sim Tan
Yoke Sim Tan:
Stay safe everyone Take good care God loves n bless CHINA 🙏🙏🙏
BIG Five Talk Show
BIG Five Talk Show:
All will pass,may GOD protect u...❤️❤️🙏🙏🇳🇦
Tina Xu
Tina Xu:
Hope everyone are safe!
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly:
Monsoon season is rough
Wang Paochen
Wang Paochen:
One typhoon has missed Japan this past weekend but another is on the way n will hit Okinawa island. Will check to see which direction it will move to!
Oh my Lord...please pray for those people.
Stay strong!!! Be safe
Solemi Kashung
Solemi Kashung:
Evry1 be safe, God bless Y'all
Asley Tan
Asley Tan:
God bless china 😍 😍 😍
D F:
I feel sorry for the babies and animals!
José Albino Santos Nogueira
José Albino Santos Nogueira:
I'm 65. When I was a kid I feared a Nuclear war between the USSR and the USA because it meant the end of the world as we know it. Recently climate change was added to the list. For the last 18 months we have been facing a terrible Pandemic which has turned the world upside down. I expected to live my last years on Earth in a peaceful retirement with my wife, my son (with his wife and my grand kids) and my dogs in my small country house with a vegetable garden. Not anymore. That's the Human legacy for you: after a couple of thousand years of domination we've managed to destroy Life. And we call ourselves the only intelligent and conscious species around...
Ricky AMIN
Ricky AMIN:
What kind of scooter is that guy riding wow it really can travel in the flooding 😳
kareem khan
kareem khan:
The cost of hurting mother nature. May Allah help the needy and guide us to protect the mother nature 🤲
Rosemary Lima De Carvalho
Rosemary Lima De Carvalho:
Quem pode conter a natureza só Deus
RonnyLee My heart can't stop loving you girl
RonnyLee My heart can't stop loving you girl:
Soorya Sankar
Soorya Sankar:
Even if there is heavy rain chinese sewage systems are so well developed ,
China will easily get through this
Love from india ❤❤❤🥺
Prayers for ZhengZhou City🙏
arelis quintero
arelis quintero:
Puede que empezemos a darnos cuenta que el abusivo consumismo nos ha llevando a una grave contaminación y por lo tanto al desorden en el clima... Puede, pero la verdad es que no lo creo, mañana ya estarán abarrotados los centros comerciales de compradores, que les llenan los bolsillos a los grandes empresarios del mundo...
*★*Cosmic Creations*☆*
*★*Cosmic Creations*☆*:
What is going on lately. major floods are happening in many countries. it’s like the earth is going through a major cleanse or shift. If it was global warning we would get this flooding much more often in many counties each year so I don’t think it’s that. This is something happening suddenly now rather than global warming being the cause. I’ve never seen so many reports of flooding.
Fatty McBastard
Fatty McBastard:
When my city's flooding, I don't go anywhere without my bike helmet with bunny ears.
Y Tian
Y Tian:
Mind Set
Mind Set:
Since 10 years, most of the climat experts warn the humanity about exactly what is happening now. And this kind of event will happen more frequently, everywhere and stronger. And for sure we will not change our way of life in order to preserve our consuming society. My advise : pray and learn how to swing.
make sure always have a backpack of water food to help others and your own family from floods to snow whatever comes im always try tobe preapared maybe get a inflatable rubberduck raft they sell for pools so if u need it because the waters get to high have it and the kids will not be as frightened rescue crews wont miss a gaint inflatable ducky .
Hong Hong
Hong Hong:
I am sad they keep having bad luck flooding.
OMG Our Uni City is floating ...😕
Kit Arvin
Kit Arvin:
The current flooding situation across Europe, China and other countries is due to the transit of Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn from July 14 to 27.
УРА! Мир очистится!
Lucio Zvayt
Lucio Zvayt:
I feel like someone is behind all this.
Wang Paochen
Wang Paochen:
Just check that Typhoon No 6 has hit Okinawa today at 1600 hr n is moving in the direction of Shanghai n heading inland, it will hit Shanghai on 24/7 at abt 0900 hrs. Pse be careful to all who are in Shanghai n the outskirts, much rain will pour in those regions.
Tweety Onn
Tweety Onn:
so sad 😔 Yea Allah bless them 🤲😭
Tanja Groen
Tanja Groen:
We have it in Holland too and Belgium and Germany 😥😓 🙏this is bad . My prayers go out to the people and all the animals too 🙏😥
SR Wagner
SR Wagner:
anglo saxon
anglo saxon:
Its crazy to see them with 100km/h winds almost drawning and still the bloody mask on!!!
Denise Carpenter
Denise Carpenter:
Just wow
rajnbull ◑͜͡◐
rajnbull ◑͜͡◐:
did I read that correctly China received 32 in of rain in 1 hour?
johny dangerous
johny dangerous:
Still got his hat on respect .
Nayan Khatri
Nayan Khatri:
God bless everyone
Online Sales Consultant
Online Sales Consultant: i watch here it was massive! Hope they are ok. Oh God!
Sarita gomes da silva
Sarita gomes da silva:
Deve ter estourado a tal represa... !!!
Fallout 5 Nexus
Fallout 5 Nexus:
Parts of Africa have not had rain in 3 years its a sad situation.
Johnny 5
Johnny 5:
Could use some of that rain in Oregon right now.
Коля Яненко
Коля Яненко:
Земля плачет от мусора и химии, а страдают простые люди! Господи помоги
Агата Кристи
Агата Кристи:
китайцы молодцы, им море по колено
Benny Blanco
Benny Blanco:
0:11 I find it hard to believe that people can bicycle in that much water, and even if they could, why would they want to?