TOTTENHAM 0-1 EVERTON | Premier League Watchalong LIVE STREAM

TOTTENHAM vs EVERTON | Premier League LIVE Watchalong
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28 komentarze:

1:55:30 Everton goal⚽️⚽️
James Hughes
James Hughes:
As an everton fan it's great to see the club getting in the players we need at good prices. looks like allan and doucoure cost us 42-45m for both of them and james cost between a free and 12m. The idea we got a completely different core of a team for 57m when teams are paying that for a keeper. Best buys by everton have been the director of football marcel brands and carlo the two working together is pure magic.
Channel Stars
Channel Stars:
1:27:27 Unlucky George 😂😂😂😂😂
Most importantly the ju owners will still make a profit this year and if youre against levy&lewis youre an anti semite right boys?!
Oi vey 🇬🇷🇮🇱
King Cantona
King Cantona:
The celebration of Bergwijn coming on like a goal being scored was great aha
Juveboy1 1
Juveboy1 1:
Dead club
Kasey Chana
Kasey Chana:
We are finished boring football.
Agera RXX
Agera RXX:
Haha Tottenham lost 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Lassie Maven
Lassie Maven:
New PL. New overlays. Same old Spuds. Cyprus (and Norf London) is Gooner Red.
Rant Radio
Rant Radio:
Winks gotta go, and I swear, this is Dele's last season to show me Exactly what it is he does other than pop up with the odd good goals.
Bacon kingz
Bacon kingz:
Champions league final to relegation battle.
Scott P
Scott P:
Terrible performance
Tbh I didn’t see that coming
Jose gonna break couple of his records at our club first one is his first game defeat ever and the second is gonna be his first club without a trophy, why alli was subbed I never no when winks was awful
Ive been a spurs fan for a year but Im not sure if I chose my real club and dont feel like being a fan...after that loss against everton in the first game of the prem...convince me please to still be a spurs fan
Blood Dragon
Blood Dragon:
I think its pathetic that our fans are acting like the scum from East London that wear Red because we lost 1 game, Everton Played Really well and are a top 6 side and we underestimated them not to mention we have massive fixture congestion between now and the international break especially if we advance through the UEL playoffs and EFL Cup, our best bet for points before the international brake now will be Newcastle at home on the 27th and maybe if we are super lucky a draw at st marys
Hojbjerg will be a flop
Oliver Casson
Oliver Casson:
It’s the players their to lazy would rather play the 23’s at least they would have fighting spirit
Vicky Cunningham
Vicky Cunningham:
2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋
Mikey Tucker412
Mikey Tucker412:
Hi George
Biff Grimes.
Biff Grimes.:
Clearly still no game plan that doesn't involve trying to get the ball to Kane ,who when well marked looks isolated Same old same old NO plan B and for our players to look tired , beggars belief one game in.
sean duffy
sean duffy:
So poor
Richard John McCain
Richard John McCain:
Miss purple
Miss purple:
easy answer : creative midfielder + back-up striker + defender + Reguilon+ bale otherwise forget it
raj singh
raj singh:
Geeza... We have no hope... Passing sideways.... Wtf... How are spurs going to win this season.... Judging by todays game... Jose will be the firs sacked if they don't pull up their Fxxxing socks... Such a hard and frustrating watch.
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff:
Maybe Tottenham will be good enough to end 10th, but I see that Wolves Leicester Leeds Crystal palace and Sheffield are better, but you’ll never know and you will surprise everyone and finish 8!
Casey Atsyor
Casey Atsyor:
😂😂 London is red 🔴⚪
New season same 💩
HAHAHAHAHA this Spurs team is bang average and you deluded mugs couldn't see it coming! Jose is sinking Spurs into an early grave
New Season. Same Tottenham 😂😂😂😂😂😂