Tottenham Vs LASK Linz [MATCH PREVIEW]

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JL1080 H
JL1080 H:
We shouldn’t play any good first team players but I’m excited for Vinícius and bale
Michael Scales
Michael Scales:
A clean sheet would be very welcome.
Jay Greenham
Jay Greenham:
Vinicius hat-trick....let's go!
Imagine the scenes if Carlos vincius score on his debut and Gareth bale scores a hat trick.
I would be so happy but cry the same time.🙏❤️
Joshua Park
Joshua Park:
@wearetottenham tv I think it would be great if you could include which channels will be streaming the matches in the UK and the US
Robert Lahrman
Robert Lahrman:
Hey I’ve seen the hate going around on twitter. Just wanted to let y’all know I love this channel and I look forward to watching the updates everyday. Haters are going to hate and are just jealous spurs are looking better than each one of their teams. Cheers and go spurs.
Josh Wiggan
Josh Wiggan:
Aurier Sanchez Toby Davies
Winks Sissoko
Bale Dele Moura
Alex Fishbane
Alex Fishbane:
Great preview, keep up the good work!
HFS ripcity
HFS ripcity:
433 just posted your post game reaction on Instagram
Satvik Sehgal
Satvik Sehgal:
433 posted your reaction
Stephen Gower
Stephen Gower:
Lets play those that played poorly on Sunday Winks Sissoko Sanchez AURIER & tell them that's why they are playing
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
wouldnt of lost that lead other day if there hadnt of been an international break
Martin Spier
Martin Spier:
Please keep those captions up for a few seconds rather than swiping them away the moment my eyes have focused on them.
60FPSOrion ll
60FPSOrion ll:
I hope we will start to play 3 cb’s and have wingbacks
You two Chuckle Brothers got memed all over the Internet yesterday hahahahahaha 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
zanir ebrahim
zanir ebrahim:
Doherty is probably laughing his head off watching the clowns in the defence!
John Healy
John Healy:
Bale is not match fit Play play play
james handolias
james handolias:
All I want from this game, is a clean sheet
Brian Tendai Junior Mbanje
Brian Tendai Junior Mbanje:
I think it's high time we play a 3-4-3
Is Gio back and do u think he will play
Where can you watch the game?
4 nil against Lask,
Burnley Monday 1 nil loss...just a feeling
C'mon #COYS
Edgar Tsinanga
Edgar Tsinanga:
Shaylan Lakhraj
Shaylan Lakhraj:
Sherwood gave Harry Kane his first premier league start for tottenham not Poch
Oliver Casson
Oliver Casson:
Play bale and Vinicius get their match fitness up
Ian Pereira
Ian Pereira:
We'll top the group and win the competition. YIDZ.
I think that it would be really useful to have another aerial threat similar to Llorente for target play and set-piece goal threat. For when we're chasing from behind and just killing off the last 10 min.
Lo celso? Could he play this game?
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog
KillerRabit OfCaerbannog:
Marc Walker
Marc Walker:
Whats up with Rodon?
Matthew McLaughlin
Matthew McLaughlin:
Can you guys do a video on the European super league? Think it’s be interesting to hear a spurs perspective. We’re probably the favourites out of the top 6 to miss out, wondering what your thoughts are :)
Mark shaz
Mark shaz:
Man Utd beat them 5-0 so I'm expecting 6 or 7 nil
Leighton Evelyn
Leighton Evelyn:
We should win very easy , but key is to get no injuries
nope it was under sherwood
ernest kaligna
ernest kaligna:
We will win 4-0
hd videos
hd videos:
Carlos vinicius is class player
Gareth AU
Gareth AU:
Wait wasn't Carter vickers a part of the 25 man squad?
Caden James
Caden James:
Lask is a good team but I believe we will win
Michael Fadahunsi
Michael Fadahunsi:
I wish spurs defense can play the way Sevilla defense played vs Chelsea. They were composed, calm, tackled at the right moment and didn't give away needless freekick.That's the kind of defense that we need at Spurs right now.
i feel like it will be Son Moura Lamela front three and CvJr and Bale will come in as subs
Kc Link
Kc Link:
15-0 at least.
My squad for Thursday:


Doherty Sanchez Toby Davies

Winks. Sissoko

Bale. Lucas. Dele


Who agrees?
Andy Kyriakides
Andy Kyriakides:
For those on this thread that think LASK is some sort of pub team , and think Spurs can win easy with " not their good players " , do some research first , LASK beat Sporting Lisbon away 4-1 to qualify for the league stage .
ATM Zahirul Alam
ATM Zahirul Alam:
We wiped the floor in the qualifiers?! Wat r u on about? We almost got knocked out in our very 1st qualifier if not for the ref...and Ndombele saves us in the 2nd... Results wise we r still an average team...we need to start getting wins in the bag and in big margins seeing that even 3 goal leads arent enough
Vincent Webster
Vincent Webster:
Do not need to play kane on Thursday
durka durr
durka durr:
Cirkin and Harvey White would be nice to see as subs if not starting. Davies could play a bit of the game at centre back if he starts at left bcak while one central defender comes off
ernest kaligna
ernest kaligna:
We will win all our group games. There is no excuse for the players we have.
Connor Chana
Connor Chana:
Frist like and comment
martin sheridan
martin sheridan:
If dier doesn't play Monday we will have problems.
Marlon De Jonge
Marlon De Jonge:
Not hearing Rodon name
It’s my birthday today 🎁
The reason why SON was replaced against Westerham is because he started this game. If SON is not a starter, SON must transfer.
star 1
star 1:
harry winks=world best player
Josh Kaufman
Josh Kaufman:
. . Hart
Doherty Sanchez Toby Davies
Winks. Lo ceslo
Bale. Lamela. Lucas
1bang DAN
1bang DAN:
Is it only me that wants Troy parrott and Clarke to play in these kinda matches, all these other teams has shown there youths Arsenal( martinelli, saka, saliba) Chelsea (zouma, James, CHO, Abraham) Man Utd( greenwood, tuanzebe, rashford) city ( foden, delap, garcia) Liverpool ( Jones, TTA, Elliot) we only have tanganga
Patu H
Patu H:
Doherty DS Toby Davies
Winks Sissoko
Bale Dele Lucas
alex sibanda
alex sibanda:
Hart, Doherty, Sanchez, Rodon Davies
Winks, Dele, Sissoko
Bale, Carlos, Lamela
Then we hv Kane, Son ,Lucas , will be on standby. Kane and Son shd only be used if things become too bad otherwise they need to be rested for Monday vs Burnley who are physical
Matt. Sanchez. Rodon. Davies.
Winks. Ndombele. Sisosko
Bale. Vini. Lucas.
Bench. Kane. Son. Aurier. Regulion. Hojbjerg. Steven. Lloris/Lamela
The Realist
The Realist:
Hart, Doherty, Toby, Sanchez, Davies,, Sissoko, Lo Celso (if fit) Lamela, Dele, Lucus, Vinicius. These players would be most likely to start, Lloris, Aurier, Reguilon, Ndombele, Son, Kane, Bale on the bench incase things get awkward.
Sham Khan
Sham Khan:
My line up prediction hart Doherty regulion rodon Sanchez hoijberg alli ndombele vinicios bale lamela or Moura
Sydney Duke
Sydney Duke:
Would be nice to win a home game, and LASK are terrible.
Honestly feel Gazzaniga is superior to Joe Hart. If Joe Hart does not get his standards comparable to pre-Pep Guardiola days, he cannot be starting games for me. We certainly don't need him to have clown moments and lower our level further.
Joshua Shalla
Joshua Shalla:
Dort Eric D Joe Roden Davis

Sisoko Winks Ndombel

Lemela Calors Steven
Quaid Williams
Quaid Williams:
Predictions for Thursday. Lamela to score. Hart to concede from a distance banger. 2 pens to happen in the game. Drama in Europa.
cato macro
cato macro:
Hang on a minute ,they play in the Austrian league and only came 4th
Well Spurs only came 6th last season and as far as this season goes ,Spurs have played Everton, Newcastle and West Ham at home and have amassed 2 points .
👑 👑 👑 😠😠Furlough Harry Winks on 20% wages. Worst Tottenham player ever, ‼️ ‼️ ‼️