Tragic Details About Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood seems to have it all: money, fame, and a cinematic legacy that would make any actor or director jealous. But it turns out that even the former Man with No Name hasn't led a life free of stress and hardships. From his time growing up during the Great Depression to his complicated family life, Eastwood has plenty of regrets to go along with his successes—and we're not just talking about his choice to star alongside an orangutan in Any Which Way You Can. Here are some of the tragic details about Clint Eastwood's life.

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Grew up in the Depression | 0:00
Scary experience in the Army | 0:49

Early career rejections | 1:23
Dealt with anxiety early on | 2:13
Losing his Dad was traumatic | 3:01
A misunderstood man | 3:55
Notorious for having multiple affairs | 4:50
Witnessed tragedy while filming | 5:40
Crazy family life | 6:47
Attacked for his political views | 7:41
He's been called a control freak | 8:37

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