Travis Barker - Drum Skills 2018

Travis Barker back in action! Exclusive drum skill video directly from his own Instagram! Maybe you'll not find these videos in another channel. But here, i'll give you his best skill ever!


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DNLGL Drums:
New track!:
When you give your kid brother an unplugged controller
Lucifer C
Lucifer C:
That dude behind Travis kept up beat for beat. Impressive.
Matthew Giles
Matthew Giles:
Can we appreciate the lefty behind him
Be Water89
Be Water89:
So Travis is being controlled remotely. Now we know the truth.
the gamer asmr
the gamer asmr:
Man, this guy is just amazing! Travis was also pretty cool too.
Thomas Gardner
Thomas Gardner:
joe rogan brought me here
Caprise Adams
Caprise Adams:
I'm a guitarist. Watching a great guitarist makes me feel something emotional. Watching a good drummer gives me chills and makes me feel primitive. The way a beat and a rhythm can make a person come alive is incredible. This man's got it.
Can we all take a min to give this man props like a Motha playing all his bass w left foot cause rights in a cast!!!! That’s hella dope!! At :30
Quiz Guru
Quiz Guru:
I'm perfectly convinced we have questions around this issue.
0:29 I need a hype man like that in my life
Jjjjake Argon
Jjjjake Argon:
Andrzej Drupka
Andrzej Drupka:
Was that Feldy from goldfinger he played with ? 😁
Dixon Butts
Dixon Butts:
Just imagine him chopping veggies. Legendary
Jason Wawryk
Jason Wawryk:
a truly special man
Bring back Buddy Rich and Cosy Powell....😉😊
Hes so hype and animated when he drums. hes makes it look twice as cool.
Trevor Parsons
Trevor Parsons:
I love that one of his feet is in boot and he’s adapting
Anton Lapin
Anton Lapin:
3:17 где взять этот трек ?)
Travis Barker much respect goes out to you. Ive seen him working with so amny of my favorite artists recently like lil aaron paris and more. This man has perfected his talent
1:28 this deleted scene from American History X is crazy
Kenny Begeske
Kenny Begeske:
Make more famous stars and straps T-Shirts and Shorts designs for men
What I think I look like in the car😂
Hannah Gessa
Hannah Gessa:
an effing legend on the drums
Muhammad Vikran
Muhammad Vikran:
"Travis don't need metronome
Metronome that need travis"
jabal makutsa
jabal makutsa:
this guy is awesome
I know that intro music from somewhere else. What is it? I know I’ve heard it somewhere else before.
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!:
Me and travis have something in common. We both made valid decisions that Flying isnt safe
Lost my shit when Feldy came on lmfao
This is LSV, welcome to another video here on channel fireb... oh.
Kenny Junior
Kenny Junior:
Dude in the background kills me
Mario Moreno Drums
Mario Moreno Drums:
3:52 😱 that marching snare duo was awesome, I didn’t know Travis plays traditional grip too. You guys have some Impressive skills.
Bravo 👏
Michael Garces
Michael Garces:
Que agradable escuchar este tipo de música...👍🏽
cudgy ja
cudgy ja:
Oh my God! You broke the system
James Wilson
James Wilson:
Catcher: calls changeup
Astros dugout:
Syahidah Farh
Syahidah Farh:
is it john feldy who played air drum behind travis?
Conger Scott
Conger Scott:
Man dude you absolutely kick ass, could watch you play for hours 👍.
Gray Vincent
Gray Vincent:
Dominator, the former drummer of Dark funeral will educate you.
Manncye Sanjuanitarfp
Manncye Sanjuanitarfp:
"Travis don't need metronome
Metronome that need travis"
Was that Feldy from goldfinger he played with ? 😁
Kenny Junior
Kenny Junior:
Why dude walking around with a vacuum cleaner on his back?
Never got into Blink or Travis for that matter, but the guy deserves my respect for implementing his style into newer styles of music. And being able to hang with Ralph for that matter. Nice.
satria pujanggo
satria pujanggo:
dude's pedaling with his left leg, damnn
Gallagher A
Gallagher A:
0:37 was he playing live with his left foot?
Sterling O’Toole
Sterling O’Toole:
Dude, you were in the front row for Nirvana Unplugged! Lucky bastard! Nice toque bro!
Dominic St-Pierre
Dominic St-Pierre:
Nelson B. Win
Nelson B. Win:
What's that song in the background in the second video?
猫 【公式】
猫 【公式】:
0:31 song?
Ariel Alicea
Ariel Alicea:
He would be fucking amazing at double bass with that left foot
I'd get so bored if everything I played was fast
Stefanie M.
Stefanie M.:
joe blow
joe blow:
He is a freak of nature. That was incredible
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez:
He's gotta be wearing ladies out
Lato A
Lato A:
If I could play half as good as Travis I'm str8 with that
Alexander B.
Alexander B.:
What are the last two songs? Does anyone know? Thanks 😊 🙏.
Gregg Purdy
Gregg Purdy:
GOAT. Do you do Quinceañera’s?
david jordan
david jordan:
Wow! First scene looks like the time when he broke his foot in half and had to tour with his left foot only
James Taylor
James Taylor:
First one sounds like he's playing Rockband the video game drums.
Crystal Fleetwood
Crystal Fleetwood:
Fml I want lessons too
John Dalton Logan
John Dalton Logan:
Travis is a legend.
marek mekota
marek mekota:
What the drummer 0:37 next to Travis ?
Anyone know the name of the second song?
Roei Chen
Roei Chen:
Allan Gunawan
Allan Gunawan:
Oh my god
Unrulyx PoPe
Unrulyx PoPe:
Nice 💯
Tingly Tones
Tingly Tones:
I feel like Travis teleports to any place when he's needed for drums.
Sahil Wanikar
Sahil Wanikar:
His leg is broken in 2nd vdo...
Seza Sarki
Seza Sarki:
I’m both impressed and exhausted after watching that.
joshua alejandro
joshua alejandro:
name of the second video??
Robert Hudspeth
Robert Hudspeth:
dope af
Danny Fletcher
Danny Fletcher:
I love video gonna miss ol perk....
Gregory St. Louis
Gregory St. Louis:
what's the second song he was playing to?
Aditya L L
Aditya L L:
00:36 what's the title of the song?
FaceKidNoise 1
FaceKidNoise 1:
Fall Risk TV
Fall Risk TV:
Wait, is that guy left handed??!!!!
Andrew D
Andrew D:
Imagine if the aliens are watching this. What are they thinking?
Chris Fallon
Chris Fallon:
The song thats starts @ .30 is Blink -182 Cynical....
benji alesana
benji alesana:
Energi wow
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine:
imagine being barkers neighbor
lil odeth
lil odeth:
lol the extra die hard rocker
Oscar Invader
Oscar Invader:
0:31 What is the name of this song??? Pliss
Michael Godfrey
Michael Godfrey:
Travis did a gig with Goldfinger??that would have been amazing to see!
Natey McBatey
Natey McBatey:
Tfw the tech making fun of you is more entertaining
ade adeajah
ade adeajah:
3:51 is my favorite part... pure skill
Sabes la de wonderwall??
The best
Volt jimmy
Volt jimmy:
I remember watching this guy perform at wreslemania 31
gareth foster
gareth foster:
That guy at beginning behind travis was awsome he was keepin up with every beat.. v impressive. ... travis just kills it.....
Opee G
Opee G:
What is song @6:00
sum dood
sum dood:
So neighbors... am I right?
Jesse Misemer
Jesse Misemer:
A master!!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know the name of the concert or performance at 2:52?
Travis Barker absolutely destroyed people with drumming facts!
George Primm
George Primm:
I think him and Delta Empire know each other😉😉😉
Long live Travis!
Az cardinalds23
Az cardinalds23:
Wow I’m now inspired to play the drums
Sr.Neyttan McCall
Sr.Neyttan McCall:
monster $$$$$$$
Yeshua A_
Yeshua A_:
anyone knows the track at 06:02 please???
Bro what is the first song named it sounded so good
Lena Adam
Lena Adam:
JP "Rook" Cappelletty brought me here. Don't know anything about drumming, but they both sound insane! Go check hin out, no one should sleep on that dope guy!