Tribute to Tamara Łempicka: Adam Aston sings tango "Tamara", 1933

Adam Aston & Orkiestra Syrena Rekord, dyr. Henryk Wars - Tamara - tango z rewii "Wiosna i miłość" teatru Hollywood (from theatre "Hollywood" revue "Spring and Love") (Muz.: Z.Lewandowski / Tekst: Z. Maciejowski) Syrena-Electro 1933 (Polish)

NOTE: I dedicate this haunting tango to the memory of Polish painter, Tamara Łempicka (nee Maria Górska) - one of the most fascinating European artists of the 20th century. Her works - together with paintings of Andre Lhote or Maurice Denis were fundamental for the development of art deco style in visual arts. Born in Warsaw in 1898 to a wealthy Polish family Górski (her father was the law advisor for international bankers making business with the Russian tycoons, and her mother's sister was a wife of the representative of Credits Lyonnais in Tzarist Russia) she spent her childhood and youth in Moscow and in St. Petersburgh, where she enjoyed the last years of the blitz and glamour of the upper class life in dying Russian empire. Married in age of 17 to a Polish aristocrat, Tadeusz Łempicki she experienced the atrocities of early stages of the bolshevik revolution, before she managed to flee, together with her whole family, to Finland and farther via Danemark, to France (her husband, who was arrested by the communist Cheka secret police joined them two years later). In Paris, living still on relatively high standard she started studying arts in the renowned school de la Grande Chaumiere. Soon, her paintings drew attention of her professor Andre Lhote who arranged for Łempicka her debut in the Salon d'Autumne. Later, she exhibited in the snobistic Bottega di Poesia in Milan - an event which thanks to the personal involvement of Gabriele d'Annunzio - who was one of the most "fashionable" writers of the era and personal friend of Benito Mussolini -opened to her avenue to international fame. In the end of the1920s and trough early 1930s, Tamara Łempicka was probably one of the most expensive portraitist of the European aristocracy and French artists - she portrayed members of Italian, Greek, German and Russian royal families, counts and marquises, American millionaires (e.g. members of the Bush family) or artists such as Jean Cocteau, Andre Gide, Suzy Solidor. Her personal life, alas, did not make up to her professional success: her beloved husband Tadeusz could not find place for himself in her world of the "beautiful people" of the jazz age in Paris, so - more and more jealous about her numerous romances with men and women - he finally left her for the Polish pharmaceutical heiress, Irena Spiess and moved to Warsaw. Tamara's desperate travels to the Polish capital city and attempts to save her marriage, failed. Tormented by attacks of depression, hypochondria and fear of changes of the artistic trends in Europe - from art deco towards the abstract painting, which she simply did not understand - she married the Hungarian-Jewish baron Kuffner with whom (and with almost the whole of her and her husband's fortunes) she left for America in the very last moments before WW2. Having settled first in Hollywood, then - via New York - in Houston, she finally chose Cuernavaca in Mexico as her harbour for last decades of life. Almost forgotten by the world, she however was at the end given a wonderful chance of witnessing the recurrence of interest about her art, when in 1970, Alain Blondel - French student of arts and group of his artist friends, who gathered around Galerie Luxembourg in Paris - arranged for her a great exhibition and a triumphant Come Back of Tamara Lempicka to galleries, museums and art auctions, where prices of her paintings started to drive quickly up to millions of dollars and people like Madonna or Jack Nicholson quarelled whose private collection of her works is better and more representative for Lempicka's genius (Madonna hunted for the earlier paintings while Nicholson concentrated on collecting later works of the Polish artist, when Lempicka exparimented with the abstract painting).

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Yfrum Nevets
Yfrum Nevets:
Fabulous music,  beautiful language and equally powerful paintings by Tamara Lempicka. Thanks for the post.
Przecudne tango,piękne słowa piosenki. Można by słuchać go w nieskończoność.
Ольга Максимова
Ольга Максимова:
Красивое танго,спасибо!
Muy bello el tango, las pinturas e imágenes de Tamara, hermosas y turbadoras
Hello Grzegorz - this Tango is absolutely breathtaking! The artwork of Tamara de Lempicka is - in my opinion - just as breathtaking - in every way! This upload - the music and the artwork - is your trademark - super beautiful! Thanks and have a great weekend!!!
John Kailua
John Kailua:
Thank you for another superlative piece mixing musical and visual art from pre-war Poland!
@XxXEMOBOYx Aston zawsze i wszędzie będzie dla mnie najwspanialszym wykonawcą tang i ballad jakiego Polska miała w swej historii :-))
Oliver K.
Oliver K.:
przepiękne tango !:) Słyszałem je w wielu wersjach , ja posiadam akurat Popławskiego, jednak ciężko stwierdzić czyje wykonanie jest najlepsze :) Pozdrawiam !
What a lovely tribute :-)
Irena-Grazyna Koch
Irena-Grazyna Koch:
Ida K
Ida K:
o Boże, moja mama to śpiewała, ładne tango i szkoda,ż nie ma dansingów...
@tango3721 Lana, I agree, this tango is just wonderful! I have somewhere the sheet music to it with a photograph of Fogg on the front (I wanted to insert it into my clip but I simply can't find it among all these books in my library). I heard once this tango sung by Fogg, but Aston's interpretation is million times more heartbreaking and it really has all the features of the ultimate perfection in the style called by historians "the Polish tango phenomenon".
Trombonology Erstwhile
Trombonology Erstwhile:
A beautiful minor-keyed (which now seems highly appropriate) salute to one of my favorite artists, the great Lempicka. She was, and remains, the ultimate in Art Deco. ... Of course, it's quite apparent that you like her, too.
@CardozoJuanCarlos It's sad as all great art is. Great art always watches it's perfect reflection in a mirror of banality, therefore it is sad. And, ofcourse Aston adds a lot of melancholy with his beautiful voice. Thank you :-))
Jerzy Zdąbłasz
Jerzy Zdąbłasz:
kilka miłych chwil i mogę zatopić się we wspomnieniach....
I love this song so much
Vieux Disques
Vieux Disques:
@240252 And she was very popular in Paris: I have seen many articles about her work in fashion magazines, but also about her, where she posed for fashion photos.
A great woman. A perfect art! The best representative of Art Deco style, I think! And also, a great song ;-)
Claudio Hernández Rojas
Claudio Hernández Rojas:
Dzięki Panie Grzegorzu! Dla mnie: uczta duchowa, uwielbiam Łempicką a tu takie perełki i świetna informacja a do tego to tango !! Wspaniałe video!!
You are great !!!
Anna J.
Anna J.:
ckliwe...ale jakie romantyczne to tango...
Sergei / Sergio Vinogradov
Sergei / Sergio Vinogradov:
Tango " Tamara",1933,Polonia .
Dibujos de Tadeusz Lempsky.
Es muy lindo tango antño .
Anna Janocha
Anna Janocha:
moja mama też śpiewała tę piosenkę....miło znowu ją usłyszeć....
Vintage Grzegorz: Aston and Tamara! Painting of woman in green shawl, ca. 0.51 is especially enticing. The melody sounds familiar: is there another Aston tango with a different name? Or did you frequently play this melody for me in Byd.?
@Trombonology I love her absolute and never-surrending attribution to the great tradition of the figural painting, with her ultimate masters and teachers: Pontormo and Ingres in a front line. She experimented with abstractive painting but truly she hated it. She also detested impressionists calling their paintings a dirt smeared across canvas (instead of "dirt" she used some more accurate term,though she hated swearing). With such views, naturally she had many enemies among her contemporaries.
Oliver, miałbym ogromną prośbę o przesłanie na maila tej Twojej wersji tanga ( Janusza Popławskiego ), bo niestety nigdzie nie mogę tego namierzyć, a szukam ju,z od roku. Pozdrawiam serdecznie! Olek. Mój mail: [email protected]
Mario de Lucia
Mario de Lucia:
un sogno ...
@Pamudder Yes, Łempicka indeed is a pride of Poland! Although she painted her best works in Paris, then she emigrated to America, yet she always emphasised her Polish identity. She even designed the women-officer uniforms for the Polish emigree army! What a pity, her project has never been accepted by officials and nobody even imagines how it looked like :-))
@MrMischa137 Thank you :-))
@barbcard The painiting you mention is a bit less known than the others, yet I agree, it belongs to Tamara's absolute masterworks. It is rarely reproduced, I did not see it in the Mexico City exhibition, either. It muust be a part of someone's private collection. I hope, I won't be sued for putting it in here :(( As for the song - well, I would be surprised had not I played it for you in Byd.! Is there a tune in the world that better matches our favorite wines?
@munecojim Yes, she was a genius. And all that happened in a short period of 15 years of her life in Paris: more less, between 1923-39. She never came back to that perfection in her later works, in America.
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser:
heel mooi bedankt johanna,
танго «Тамара», посвящённое женщине по имени Тамара Лемпикa - одна из наиболее выдающихся  европейских художниц 20 века. Ее работы имеют основополагающее значение в развитии изобразительного искусства в стиле Aрт Dеко.
 Тамара Лемпикa (Мария Гурвич - Горскaя) Родилась в Польше (по другим данным - в России, в  Москве) в 1898 г. Отец, Борис Гурвич - Горский (Borys Gurwicz-Górski ) был известным адвокатом на службе у иностранных банкиров, сотрудничавших с русскими магнатами. Юношеские годы она провела в Москве и Петербурге,  в семье тётки - сестры матери, муж которой был представителем французского банка Credits Lyonnais в царской России.
Умерла в Мексике, в 1980 г. 
Итак, танго «Тамара» из  ревю «Весна и Любовь», поставленного в театре «Голливуд».  Играет оркестр Сирена-Рекорд, п/y Хенрика Варса. Музыка З. Левандовского на стихи З. Мациевского (Z.Lewandowski,  Z. Maciejowski ), 1933 г.
Поёт Адам Астон 
i learned something, interesting
@genia106 Genia, is it you at 2:40?