Trident Throwing with Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa and Jimmy play an Aquaman-inspired game, throwing full-sized tridents at a target.

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Trident Throwing with Jason Momoa


100+ komentarze:

I love Jason's personality he seems so fun to be around
sophia Kigera
sophia Kigera:
Imagine a movie with Jason ,Dwayne the rock and Chris hemsworth
It’s so funny how Jimmy seems genuinely nervous around Jason😂I think that episode of Water Wars scarred him forever😂
Jason Peng
Jason Peng:
Jason seriously reminds me of a Greek god.
That one friend that's SUPER aggressive but you gotta love him
Charlie Lucas
Charlie Lucas:
“25 for below the belt...the jewels of the sea.”

I died! 🤣😂
Is he just walking around barefoot... because he can?
For some reason, I think that Aquaman is the Thor version of DC.. Who's with me?
Testosterone has Jason Momoa in its system.
Anthony Kalnins
Anthony Kalnins:
This has got to be the coolest job hands down. Imagine coming to work knowing you are going to throw tridents with Aquaman and then knowing you are going to keep doing amazing things like that every day for years! Living a rush! Jimmy is such a talented and versatile host as well. Love watching these videos. 💛 They cheer me up when life gets down and I feel that's exactly what we need right now in this country.
alana rodinson
alana rodinson:
Why does he even have bodyguards lmfao😅
Leslie Hughes
Leslie Hughes:
I like how Jason Momoa walks around with such bravados but with such a great sense of humor.
Alejandra González
Alejandra González:
Jason is a tank in the outside but he is a man child in the inside
Liv G
Liv G:
Jason lifted jimmy at the end like a teddy bear. Lmao
bana fareeq
bana fareeq:
“ ALRIGHT I’LL KNOCK” i- died-💀
yandrid z
yandrid z:
I love Jason’s energy😂
Sam Montanez
Sam Montanez:
Jason looks like a really cool guy to hang around with. He’s awesome
He's like a giant great dane puppy who just wants to play and doesn't know his own strength....he just wants to play, but also he could kill you
jason momoa looks like he speaks in norse god dialect on the daily
Bluesquirrel 12
Bluesquirrel 12:
You can see the fear in jimmy's eyes when he gets picked up
7 years olds be like, “ThAtS THe GuY FrOm Fortnite”
Julio Loyola
Julio Loyola:
Or it's just me or Jason looks like the best friend we all need in life 🤣🤣🤣
Cory Anthony
Cory Anthony:
Jason Mamoa proves that Tomahawk and Trident throwing should be in the Olympics
Everyone needs a friend like Jason. Just such a kind human all around.
Holly Gerig
Holly Gerig:
He’s crazy I love it 😂
Nzn Zmnnz
Nzn Zmnnz:
I like how all the girls started to cheer when he took off his shirt LOL
Raashid Tak
Raashid Tak:
Jason is the kind of friend that makes you dive off a cliff with him.
Barbara Davis
Barbara Davis:
That was funny. I loved him in Stargate Atlantis. Hes awesome
Yakobus Jonathan
Yakobus Jonathan:
Superman : No
Batman : No
Joker : yes
Wonder Woman : Yes
Aquaman. : Absolutely yes
Amelia Czura
Amelia Czura:
0:13 the best part of the video, jimmy is genuinely scared of jadson hahahah
Tasaddaq Hasnain
Tasaddaq Hasnain:
Jason is the dirty version of Thor
Marlon A
Marlon A:
“You better knock before you come to my house” best quote of 2018
maame kaay
maame kaay:
There is nothing like boring moments when you are with Jason Momoa 😂😂😂😂😂
Fernando Almeida
Fernando Almeida:
I love the way how the guests behave on Jim program, so natural!! haha
Jason momoa is perfect for a live action god of war
Who else thought that he would throw the trident in one hand ?
Cem Dönmez
Cem Dönmez:
Jason's energy is amazing he changes the entire show
Angery Angery
Angery Angery:
Jason Mamoa seems like the type of guy you can be as crazy as a child with but also have serious talks.
Jason is the hugest kid and it’s adorable 😂👏🏼
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter:
The whole time Jason was circling Jimmy I expected to hear him snarl like a big cat lol. He looked like a lion about to get its prey.
King Emris
King Emris:
Love how he moves around Jimmy Fallon dominating him lol
David Scheidler
David Scheidler:
God, Jason has a very intimidating presence
Lol. Jason is so goofy 😂
Jason is living it😂
Jason is cool , looks good, amazing ,funny and good soul!:)
Sanjay Bhattacharya
Sanjay Bhattacharya:
Jason Momoa is one of the persons who express a positive and fun vibe everywhere they go. That's the most likable thing.
Anthony Garrido
Anthony Garrido:
i love the energy jason has,he such a cool dude very down to earth too.
Effie Leon
Effie Leon:
Such an awesome actor. Also he could be the best candidate to play the beast in a future movie or something, it suits him very well.
Jason Momoa is definitely unique. Half bear that could crush you, half teddy bear that you want to hug
Marcy Wolters
Marcy Wolters:
Very funny man. Reminds me of my oldest son. Cracks me up.
Soso Drake
Soso Drake:
Jason Memoa's king of the sea but acting like he's a grizzly bear
Jason Mamoa is the definition of alpha male, but isnt a douche about it, hes just awesome
Hydra Hunter
Hydra Hunter:
Thank god they didn’t kill Nemo
pamela garrafa jara
pamela garrafa jara:
Fantastico, pienso que Jason es un tipo que irradia tanta energia, Alegria y te hace sentir comodo de immediato.... Me encanta es meravigliosooooooo.
I love Jason………he’s Just Cool! lol
He's born to play Aquaman. As RDJ is for Ironman.
Texas Guy
Texas Guy:
The Rock and Jason need a movie together! Tango & Cash!
Cynthia B
Cynthia B:
Coolest dude ever. Jason. Jimmy is fun. I don’t discount him like so many.
Kip Howland
Kip Howland:
I love how awkward everything is after Jimmy misses his first thow
Katia Gravy
Katia Gravy:
JASON meu lindo, meu herói, amo você, amo Aquamam, aqui no Brasil adoramos seu filme e Jason você viu? Nosso ouro na canoagem das Olimpíadas o Izaquias Queirós fez teu gesto do Aquamam kkkkkk achei o máximo, amamos você, tô ansiosa pra ver a continuação 😍😚
Mark Scicluna
Mark Scicluna:
imagine a movie with jason, the rock, robert downey jr, chris hemsworth, will smith and jason statham
Kaye Sha
Kaye Sha:
I love these games with Jason and Jimmy. Jason hypes up the game. He could be playing chess with Jimmy and I would still be on the edge of my seat lol
David Scheidler
David Scheidler:
God's, he's very intimidating ! I get chills !
Nathan Wharton
Nathan Wharton:
he looks more like a Greek god than aqua man he is a legit giant
I like how he's real hype I love to hang out wit him
Iza Zalifah
Iza Zalifah:
Jason Momoa:Trident throwing?

Did you mean fork throwing?
Bro Dude
Bro Dude:
So we gonna ignore the fact that the musician thought Jason was gonna give him a hand clap and then was left hanging 😂😂
Jadeilson Rodrigues
Jadeilson Rodrigues:
Não importa nada o Aquaman sempre será Kaldogro =)
Guru Prasad
Guru Prasad:
Jason having body guards is like Senior Programmer having hello world program
Other actor touches Fallon: Don't touch me dude!
Jason lift him up and shakes: One more time!
Jason is married to Lisa Bonet, his childhood crush. He wins.
He makes a mess everywhere he goes and I love it
Jason had a chance to say: "THIS, IS, ATLANTIS" and aim for the body
Lorens Lrs
Lorens Lrs:
Imagine A movie with Jason Momoa, Ian Somerhalder, Dwayne the Rock, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavil and Jason Statham

Just Wowwwww!
Arianna Bandera
Arianna Bandera:
Jimmy is like me in every life situation
Still remember him from Stargate Atlantis. The man hasn't aged since.
Chaotic Toaster
Chaotic Toaster:
When Jason threw the second trident, I was half expecting it to go straight through the target and maybe the wall behind it.
"Knock before you could to my house!" Yeah cause he's got the blaster equivalent of a magnum .44, the Sword of Crom, a Dothroki sword, and now the Trident of Atlan; and he knows how to use all of them. Plus, that's just what I know of.
Tayla Youngblood
Tayla Youngblood:
Jason Momoa looks terrifying but is so much fun!!!
Shah Kabir
Shah Kabir:
2:07 is the manliest grunt I’ve heard in my life.
As Drax would say “This is a MAN”
himanshu thakur
himanshu thakur:
This man is living every moment of his life
2:00 I love how he do a little haka before throwing and after it. Truly legend
Vortex creations
Vortex creations:
I think there’s no other better person to play aqua men then Jason momoa
Brian Lee • 83 years ago
Brian Lee • 83 years ago:
Just imagine if Jimmy accidentally threw the other way and hits the audience.
Hanoch Augustin
Hanoch Augustin:
I remember how Jimmy got slapped with water last time...😂
Jack Hickey
Jack Hickey:
When he turns around and sticks his young out, I laughed so hard
I love Jason personally
He is just so dreamy 😍
He'll always be Khal Drogo to me!
“...15 points for the head, 10 for the body...”
Jimmy, we’re looking at a 100 point body.
Anna S
Anna S:
I swear if Jason doesn't get sexiest man alive award im gonna sue.
Sam Montanez
Sam Montanez:
I would love to see Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth together
Zer0 As_Number
Zer0 As_Number:
Jason Momoa is a legend!!
Patricia Rodriguez
Patricia Rodriguez:
For a minute there I thought he was gonna throw around Jimmy 😂😂🤣
Samantha Koval
Samantha Koval:
He's nuts and we all love it.
Lucia Roda1375
Lucia Roda1375:
Jimmy said Jason was the winner but they tied...
Golden Pepsi
Golden Pepsi:
Jason would be perfect for a Haka dance 😂
who doesn't love Jason Momoa
Syahrul Ridzuan
Syahrul Ridzuan:
Great man, great dad. Hes a lovely guy
Dr. Arjun Menon
Dr. Arjun Menon:
You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about.