Tristan Thompson APOLOGIZES to Khloe Kardashian After Admitting He Fathered a Third Baby

Tristan Thompson posted a lengthy message to his Instagram story on Monday, apologizing to his ex, Khloe Kardashian, after admitting to fathering a third child. Following the NBA star’s post, the Good American founder’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, posted a message of his own on Facebook, saying Khloe is a ‘good person’ who ‘deserves the world.’

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You can’t love someone and continue to hurt them 🤷🏻‍♀️
Keras world
Keras world:
What did she expect? She lost him the same way she got him…
Bernice Almonte
Bernice Almonte:
So funny how people will tell you all the things you don’t deserve but never give you what you do.
Petrea Jakobsen
Petrea Jakobsen:
Im still waiting for Tristan Thomson to apologize to Jordyn Woods.
Hmmm. I feel for her, cheating is crushing and can even be traumatic. But didn't she get the man the same way? Sleeping with him when he was with another woman pregnant with his child?

Don't get me wrong, Tristan is the worst in this situation for sure, don't know how any other woman with brains could ever take him seriously after all this. But when it comes to Khloe - sympathy to her but I cannot find place in my soul to truly pity her.
michelle gordon
michelle gordon:
This man is known more for cheating than being a NBA player smh 🤦‍♀️
Chey Anne
Chey Anne:
I still won’t forget how Khloe’s family and friends basically pushed Tristan back onto Khloe after the Jordyn Woods scandal. I’m giving Khloe the benefit of the doubt here because she was blinded by her emotions with him ( stuff that a-lot of women go through) but your friends and family are supposed to look out for you in areas that you are too blinded to see pass since they aren’t in the same position as you and have that third eye open. But no, they were going out publicly with him and giving Khloe the gifts that he would send as surprises. Khloe did not have a good support system in leaving that man.
ttc dream of baby vanessa
ttc dream of baby vanessa:
I don’t feel bad for her at all She knew what she was getting herself into
Richelle Graham
Richelle Graham:
She's no different to any other girl he used, but khloe does come from more money and power than the other girls and he knows that.
Woman Of Love❤️ ❤️
Woman Of Love❤️ ❤️:
He should apologise to the mother of his first son too. He did same thing to her with Khloe.
How does this surprise her or anyone? He was cheating on the first woman he had a child with. Now he did it again. He is only sorry that he got caught. This whole because he is a pro sports player he is allowed to get a pass for being a jurk.
Symphony Taylor
Symphony Taylor:
*He is such a narcissist!!! And she doesn’t realize her worth! I wish she would just stop dealing with him, this can also affect her daughters future when it’s her time to start dating* 😕
karen ndoro
karen ndoro:
They are not married,and that is for a reason,he doesn't want commitments.At this point you are just running after a man that clearly doesnt care about you and he knows that,he knows you are desperate and lonely so he enjoys playing with your emotions.She even fought with another woman over a baby daddy,not husband.It was pathetic but hey to each their own.
Jane Low
Jane Low:
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on Khloe. He’s literally never gonna change omg move on Khloe
Lisa S
Lisa S:
Tristan: I apologize Khloe. Now let's go make another baby.
Khloe: Sure, I thought you'd never ask.
But nobody- including the media, said nothing when this happened to Jordan Craig 🤨

Chloe is a hypocrite; She took Tristan from Jordan when Jordan was pregnant now she’s painted as a victim. Please.
Not to mention her attempting character assassination on Jordyn Woods.
Nneka Owens
Nneka Owens:
This is not about Khloe!! Tristan needs help mentally. He’s avoiding a deep pain. Get help Tristan! Get help for your kids so your sons can see an honorable man. And your daughter will not think this is representation of a good man. I
Alicia Velasco
Alicia Velasco:
Where’s his Social Media apology directly to Jordan Craig & Maralee? He only cares to be on the Kar-Jenners good side because of all their money and so called power! He’s such a low life..not even a good basketball player 🤣
michele k
michele k:
Khloe stole him from another women. How you get them is how you lose him. Its called karma and it remembers addresses
John Moon
John Moon:
Unfortunately the famous saying still holds true to this day. You lose him how you got him
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia:
Decieve her once, shame on you. Deceive her 7 or eight times, shame on her....😬😬😬😬
What goes around comes around Khloe
Khloe’ has had 6 different looks in the past 10 years. Tristan, has cheated on everyone of them. 👀
Raven 2002
Raven 2002:
Khloe has had it the hardest out of all of her sister's. Her self esteem is really shattered. When she would do photoshoots the photographer would tell her to stand behind her pretty sister's to hide how she looked. Then her family pressured her to loose weight because they told her that she was ruining their brand. I think she's scared that no one else will want her accept Tristan. Even though he cheated on her he is still around and probably makes her feel loved behind closed doors.
Hello Hart
Hello Hart:
He will do it again. Tristian gets a lot of benefits when he associates with a Kardashian that's why he's apologizing. He has no respect for her for real.
Nicholas Garrick
Nicholas Garrick:
When someone shows you who they are you believe them. He's proven time ,and time again!
Heather P
Heather P:
"Utmost respect and love"??? Actions speak louder than words!
Lady Jay Mac
Lady Jay Mac:
This is about the 5th time I've had to suffer the secondhand embarrassment from something Khloe's boyfriend (or husband!) has done and she just doesnt give a damn at all. She will probably use this as ammunition to get him to have another baby with her. Why would she want to keep giving him offspring when he treats her like this.
Easy Peasy
Easy Peasy:
She was hoping she would have a second child with him making the world think he’s a family man! He’s a serial baby maker and why is she surprised that’s exactly how she snatched him from Jordan!
Michelle Iturbide
Michelle Iturbide:
He's never going to change and I hope that Khloe is not stupid to take him back again!
Lisa Fulton
Lisa Fulton:
He should be apologizing to Jordyn Craig when he was running around with Khloe'! He is just disgusting! And....he kissed Jordyn Woods. They act like they slept together. I get so tired of that narrative people keep talking about. That one kiss she went off about and now her head is down because he truly embarrassed her! Might I add that Jordyn Craig has ALWAYS remained classy throughout all of it!
"I have the utmost respect and love for you" but cheats on her multiple times, fathers children outside of the relationship. Hmmm is words don't match his actions. Can you say narcissist? As much as Tristan is a dumpster of a human being. Khloe need to exercise some self love and boundaries like Teflon.
Lilian Paredes
Lilian Paredes:
A man that is capable of cheating on you while you are pregnant says a lot about the type of man he is.
This is not a surprise for anyone, it was just a matter of time.
Don’t feel bad for Khloe, she is an adult and knew him very well.
Once a cheater always a cheater
Meanwhile Kylie is out there pregnant with a second child in a non defined relationship. I can’t believe that people this rich would settle for such a ratchet mess. Here are they wealthy but begging for love
MackVelar Bently
MackVelar Bently:
He needs to make an Public apology to Maralee Nichols the way he treated her in public
And Jordan Craig
They deserve each other. Maybe now she can actually find a man of her own, she needed this lesson.
Alice Gauteng
Alice Gauteng:
I don't feel sorry for Khloe because she did the same thing to Tristan's ex. It's called karma. She can look on the bright side, she always wanted a sibling for her daughter True, well there he is!
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie:
She needs to get some self esteem and move on. He has 3 kids with 3 different women. He is not going to be faithful to anyone. He is a player.
Justin G
Justin G:
KhoIe: ‘Isn’t that crazy’
Fans: No. Not at all
Kris: Yes 🤑💰🤑💰🤑
Maria Florencia LPZ
Maria Florencia LPZ:
My actions have not lined up with the way I view you? 🤦🏻‍♀️ He's talking as if he's been dating her for one month. To all people out there please teach your children to detect narcissistic behavior like this and to drop this kind of relationships as soon as they can. Toxic people don't change!!!
Khloe to tristan: I want sibblings for true
Tristan: you got it🤣
Shay Alexander
Shay Alexander:
What is his definition of respect?
I hope now Khloé and True are moving on and starting a happy new life….she deserves a man who treats her like the queen she is. ❤️
She knew how he was and still stayed. He knew how she was and knew he could do it. I only feel bad for the children.
Laura Catha
Laura Catha:
My heart literally breaks for Khloe. Some people are so good at manipulation. I hope Khloe, finds someone who treats her the way she deserves to be treated.
Lisa Kay
Lisa Kay:
Well, she did want True to have siblings.
Anna Garcia
Anna Garcia:
I wonder how much khloe will cringe when True meets her new sibling that she has been throwing out to the universe "True needs a sibling, I don't want her to be an only child" . Betch she has a brother about the same age you don't acknoweledge!
Cristina Brazil
Cristina Brazil:
I hope she gives up on someone who hurt her so much!
rachel flores
rachel flores:
Tell me he DID NOT RIGHT that statement with out telling m he didn’t right that statement 🤣 this tops off the humiliation towards
Sophie Hurley
Sophie Hurley:
This is his what 3rd time being ''sorry''?😂 khloe needs to break up with him and move on already
Mary Medina
Mary Medina:
Once a cheater always a cheater move on
Maria ch
Maria ch:
Second hand embaressement for koko
My prayers for the 3 kids
Cinn Kiss
Cinn Kiss:
At this point he should just be sorry to his kids and we all know the Kardashians I just baby mamas just move along
Fepi Nikaise
Fepi Nikaise:
He should apologize to all his baby mama's
Black Tears Matter -- Tristan apologized to the two white women he publicly humiliated, but has said nothing to the two Black women that he lied and cheated on--Jordan Craig and Jordan Woods. Tristan cheated on his pregnant girlfriend with Khloe, and they flaunted photos of themselves together, which sent her to bedrest. It must've been heartwrenching to endure that. Yet, Tristan, Khloe, or the media has said nothing. Why? Because the tears of Black women do not matter to them. The real MVP is Jordan Craig who has taken the trauma with so much grace, maturity, and forgiveness. SHE, not Khloe Kardashian, did nothing to deserve the treatment she has gotten from Tristan.
Flipflap flupp
Flipflap flupp:
And thats the guy, they trashed Jordyn Woods 🤦🏼‍♀️
James K
James K:
Anyone who believes those are truly his words are naive, he probably had an assistant or someone in his agency write that "apology", just goes to show you how cowardice he was to admit the truth AFTER it was confirmed he fathered another child with another woman, yet society and gullible people will think it was a honorable act
Yea that apology? It was all “oops, I just vomited in my mouth a little” worthy. He’s got “the utmost respect and love “ for her, does he? I see
Lovenaturenaturally bu
Lovenaturenaturally bu:
He was cheating on another woman when Chloe slept with him....Karma!
Vera Rain Austen
Vera Rain Austen:
There are 3 constants in this world: 1) death 2) taxes 3) Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian
Patsy Patrick
Patsy Patrick:
Teach your children,"TRUTH."
Teganmxx1995 M1995
Teganmxx1995 M1995:
I just hope that the child doesnt suffer because of tristens actions ☹
Sara Lynn
Sara Lynn:
Where’s the apology for the female who just had his child? Im sure he put her through a ton of stress while she was pregnant just because she wouldn’t go through with the abortion he wanted her to have.
Lyna Beena
Lyna Beena:
There's a huge difference between fear and respect honey, that man does not respect her.
Black sheep
Black sheep:
Khloe acts like she’s a great person who is forgiving to Tristan the first time.. now he cheated on her third time ( that he’s caught); this is an unhealthy example for her daughter. Her stupidity tells her daughter that is the norm. I hate cancel culture but this guy needs to be canceled and be off of that show.. but then Chris and her families do not have morals ; they love the drama and the ratings.
Like Tony Gaskins says... “Girl, He Don’t Want You!”
Janira Santiago
Janira Santiago:
All he needs to do is apologize as usual and she will run back to him in a few months. Sorry but this will continue to happen as long as she continues permitting it. A person that truly regrets their actions will not continue doing it but it is a habit for him. This is just another he has knocked up. I can only imagine all the other woman he has slept with Klhoe has no clue about. This guy must not even use protection when he sleeps around.
E T:
What goes around, comes around...Oops...
He's following in the footsteps of Nick Cannon...
LOVE PEACE #unique
LOVE PEACE #unique:
His diagnosis is narcissistic, and because she don’t care what the world 🌎 say she will come back with him, I’m a proud of you Khloe👏🏽
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily:
This man is Maury show material! Next paternity reveal has to be on Maury!
Vivian Unger
Vivian Unger:
I think Tristan only pretends to care about Khloe because he's after her money and fame. He probably pays her nothing for True & he wants to keep it that way. Who knows how many children he'll end up with and have to support..... And his past behavior towards Maralee and his innocent new baby has been vile.
Ppeach Dj
Ppeach Dj:
Khloe did the same with lamar. Stick with him through whatnot. I think she needs to learn her lesson and please let men respect you
AD Hughie
AD Hughie:
You owe Jordyn a public apology sir 🗣🗣🗣
She doesn't respect her self, why would he respect her?
Evelyn Noguera
Evelyn Noguera:
…….Khloe and Lamar would have beautiful children . And Lamar is a grown man, and that is something Tristen knows nothing about.
That apology Tristen did not write , he just read it . His mother probably wrote it for him.
Chantelle gattrell
Chantelle gattrell:
Omg stop with the Kardashians. She had him cheat on his pregnant spouse to be with Koko. But the Kardashians have the right to bash Jordon woods and probably now the new baby momma. Kardashians look at me look at me.
Lol this guy is treating her exactly as he sees her, himself and their relationship
He will keep doing this over and over again he will always apologize for doing it , He should just stayed single and do what he wants with out hurting any one and Khloe need to move on he will not change for no one he is the way he is
A true , proven Narcissist.
Run Khole, Run‼️
Kamaka Alameda
Kamaka Alameda:
She’s so beautiful as well as well rounded and genuine kind woman. This man has issues. I feel for her. This type of thing can damage a woman’s psychology. As someone who is the product of an affair I feel also for this child. I just hope her daughter can maintain and have relationships with her half siblings as this is important.
viki Kat
viki Kat:
When Khloe found out that he cheated with Kyle friend.

Khloe said that he doesn't respect and loves me.
If he did he would not have cheated.

Don't take him back!
GM Films Production & Broadway Bug Production
GM Films Production & Broadway Bug Production:
What about the mother of his oldest son????
Hayley Morgan
Hayley Morgan:
Stop blasting others for your man's dirt.

Everyone deserves to have love and someone who will treat them right, but people have to understand if your willing to stay in a situation then you have to take it.. I understand you want to make it right for your child/children but make sure they are not put in a situation that is going to affect them.
It's not teaching the children anything but to accept the situation that your partner brings to you, being negative issues.

It's sad, as not to be rude, it's not that important to others and this sometimes is a apart of life, but if a situation is not right for you and seems to happen again and again, try to move from this negative situation. We all deserve better then this.. it's sad to be alone sometimes, but have the time to grow by yourself .C.

No offense, but I have not really seem any of the k- clan be by themselves for a while to sort out what they are doing and taking time to build their mind.. Apart from Courtney..
So please people do not get offended, but they their business is on show... 🤷🏾🤦🏾
Terie Williams
Terie Williams:
She’ll take him back in…5, 4, 3, 2…
Bella Sand
Bella Sand:
Utmost respect? And he repeatedly cheat on!
Utmost respect and love??? He certainly has a warped understanding of what love is. There’s surely no respect. There’s so many judgements that could be made but 🤐.
He makes me loose any hope I have on men.
Ashley Sims
Ashley Sims:
He's a narcissist and he can't stop his behaviour 🤷
Renée Flamand
Renée Flamand:
The type of traumatic rollercoaster of a ride, on which Tristan took Kholé, causes tremendous emotional cycles of everything from euphoria to horror. Khloé deserves compassion, and not to be called names. She’s a victim, I believe, of what screams narcissistic personality disorder; I’m just not sure she’s aware. Once you realize and accept that a person is dysfunctional in this way, you realize they don’t change, won’t change, don’t want to change, as they think they’re entitled to behave in any way they desire, as those desires switch. They’ll do so without apology, guilt, remorse, or conscience. Once you see, and know, then you can begin to move on, because you know there is no hope for change. Until the time that she gets there, ON HER OWN, she will have said hope, and may indeed entertain the thought of revisiting the possibility of her and him. This journey is hers. We all have our unique path. There is a lot going on here, and no one can just snap her out of it by telling her. Seems easy like that, but it isn’t. I hope she sees soon, and then she can…well…..abandon all hope and move forward.
Now True has 2 brothers. Khloé should be happy.
J Walka
J Walka:
Khole really got on those extensions 😆
Does that guy have even 1 braincell in his head, he is in the beginning of his thirties and already has multiple families he has isn't going to erase the pain of having a deadbeat father, too bad he doesn't care about the kids or anyone at all really
Nicholas garrick
Nicholas garrick:
" when you do cloonery ,the clown comes back to bite".
He left another woman for u n u thinking he ain't gonna do the same thing to yew ? Welp what comes from u goes right back at u doe I do feel her 🙍🏾‍♀️
mary betts
mary betts:
Im so over this crap everyone else should be to it's called life lessons I don't care what money you have or what you look like if a person has cheating in them those things don't matter and having his child wont make him stay or a difference cut the cord and move on
OMG! Khloe, just LET HIM GO FOREVER ‼️‼️
Mrs. Sixx
Mrs. Sixx:
Actions speak louder than words!
Jo Ou
Jo Ou:
He shoulda just given her the link for 'Save Your Tears.' I can understand people wanting to be The Weeknd's alter ego in his music videos. We all want to say ' . . you deserve someone better' and mean it and come across as this heroic dude. Don't think this 'attempt' was successful, though. Thompson wants both chicks, the kids, and more.
sexy mae
sexy mae:
What did she expects he did to the woman he had before Khloe Kardashian don't disappoint sis
i need a t shirt that says "I want a sibling for True".