Try harder, Nvidia. RTX 3080 Ti

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The Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti (the GPU literally no one asked for) is finally "here." LMAOOO

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100+ komentarze:

Kyle. I appreciate you. Been watching for 2+ years now without commenting and just thought I should let you know.
Remember when building a pc used to be a fun hobby with parts readily available at reasonable prices.
How to get a Nvidia GPU in 2021: Start your own youtube tech review channel
*Salute to all the 10-series and older cards keeping gamers safe during these evil times.*
Not frustrated at all. Exactly what I need for my new PC. I don't know why, but 3080 cards cost way more than 3080ti right now at some stores in Russia.
So basically 4-10 FPS difference for an extra 400 dollars. Oof.
a person
a person:
nvidia: stacks the high end market with like twelve different cards that are all within 5% performance of each other
meanwhile, us: can't even buy a 1650
Garyagdy Eminov
Garyagdy Eminov:
The pricing is so crazy where live that i've decided to invest in a decent motorcycle rather than buy a new GPU...
Spawn 222
Spawn 222:
I dig this format. Kinda vlogy and immersive
earl raglin
earl raglin:
Nvidia “let’s cut out the middle man and do some scalping ourselves” 😒
Samuel Magi locusts
Samuel Magi locusts:
This is seriously my new favorite way of watching a GPU or CPU review! Please keep doing it this way 🙏
the 3090 has been blessed by shigetora.
“I hate to feel bad about being right, but I do.” That my life a blessing and a curse.
"That's a big dip...that's what my Social Blade profile looks like." Lol
Steven Mannion
Steven Mannion:
Nvidia - cutting out the middle man and doing their own scalping.
nVidia clearly wanted a bit of that scalping action for themselves.
We're talking 100s and 100s of dollars for 3 extra frames lol 😂
Travers Harty
Travers Harty:
Oddly enough, these are in stock and available here in South Africa today waiting for the three people who can afford them to get in there and buy a GPU at the price of almost three PS5's.
Brandon Bajc
Brandon Bajc:
I bought a 3080 ti founders edition at best buy this morning for msrp. I was 8th in line. My best buy had 46 cards. There were 70 ppl in line
Imagine discovering a random 3070 Ti in your mail
"Everything just looks so peaceful getting blown up from a far"

I think Kyle just summed up 2020 and 2021
Yugank Jain
Yugank Jain:
I love these reviews man its just so different that any one out there.. Really appreciate it and pls do more of pc memes reaction ones
Damn I love it.

Would love a 30-series card
Stephen Stout
Stephen Stout:
Nvidia - "Look at me! I am the scalper now!"
It's like Nvidia looked at a price chart instead of a performance chart when they were looking for a gap to fill.
Robert Charles
Robert Charles:
I got my cards at IMINERS,CO and they are great group of people. Cards are cheap, support is insane, shipping is fast and they provide wholesale discount. What can be better?
TheReaper Seel
TheReaper Seel:
7:44 “these must be million dollar homes their made out of wood”
Wood is expensive.
criz nittle
criz nittle:
Mr Hansen. I appreciate you more than anyone else here. Been watching and listening for 8+ years now without commenting and just thought i should inform you.
JS 2K:
Benching with hilarious commentary might be my favorite format now.
the fact that i still watch all these videos all the way through.
10% more performance for 70% more money, lol. This GPU would be DOA if there was no shortage and Nvidia knows it. This is their biggest cash grab yet.
Jag Ferr
Jag Ferr:
Exactly why I’m sticking with AMD
5-10% more performance for 500$ is just utterly absurd.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith:
That one handed usage of a full knife....ooooof. Scaring me with that
Ilmi Nur Hamarta
Ilmi Nur Hamarta:
Never felt really blessed to buy a GPU back in 2019 (just in nick a time before CovitBomb)
Javier Santos
Javier Santos:
OMG, watch 'till the end I actually laughed out loud. Good job, Kyle.
I remember being able to walk into my bestbuy and buy a 1070 for msrp only a couple months after release
Joshua Martin
Joshua Martin:
Me: Oh no! He’s one handing it. He’s gonna drop it.
420.69, we love where your head is at! LUL
I cant wait for another 10 years when this will all be the school computers and arcade games
Jon Lynch
Jon Lynch:
I'm still rocking a 2080 super. I think I'm going AMD next time... pending those are even available by then. :sad_panda:
1st one here….I think!?! I’d kill for a 2060, but gonna have to settle for my 1980s Mattel electronic Football game.
J. Jay
J. Jay:
I'm waiting on some decent games to come out. Remember before all this how the gaming industry was, incomplete games, money grabs - half effort junk games....Sure hope E3 has some instant release surprises.
david wagner
david wagner:
Thank you for an honest review of how unbelievably stupid thIs card is
1:40 you are going to slice your thumb open handling that knife like that
Carlos Fuentes
Carlos Fuentes:
Damn dude you’re looking so good man! What a glow up !! 🔥
Casual Joe
Casual Joe:
I like how all these content creators are just crapping on nvidia for being snake businessmen😂
Much love for the intro <3. This man feels our pain.
Kyle...put that damned camera on a tripod! I know you have one!
N O:
4:14 imagine paying 2000$ and you get that resolution
Yep. Can't wait to not get this one also. At least your being honest. Lol
Manuel Chavez
Manuel Chavez:
Here’s a question I’d really like an answer to. If stock was consistent, which Nvidia 30 series is the best bang for your buck based off price/performance on 1440 and 4K gaming???
4:55 So true! They should make this the official jingle!
I've totally given up on the 3000 series now I'm just waiting for the next gen of gpus
Bea Jay Parker
Bea Jay Parker:
That Molly comment has me dying 😂
Also so true 😏
ZedF F
ZedF F:
"you will never get you unbox one of these in your life". yeah because by the time they dropped in price the 4000 series will be released
1:58 chemists all around the world: I guess titanium is T-I-tanium from now on
The Deadliest
The Deadliest:
Well, thanks for apologizing at least, for all of us literally making ourselves more depressed watching these videos.
Love the vids man, that said-always cut away from you lol
Rahul Sutradhar
Rahul Sutradhar:
The best review video ever 😂❤️
Decided to jump the gun and upgrade and you're telling me I got the worst possible 30 series card? Bruh I'm heated >: (
Really liked this review way more than the typical reviews - kinda refreshing actually
Embiggened Badger
Embiggened Badger:
Good breakdown, but the end of the video is what really nailed it lol.
Jonathan Allbritten
Jonathan Allbritten:
Man I love how the FE looks; so clean :)
Mak er
Mak er:
I love comparing all GPU reviews from all the main Tech Channels see how each reviewer finds the best way to trash this (unmentioned ) manufacturers overpriced GPU !

Steve’s review is the best of the lot. He goes straight to the point, it’s all about the 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

Thanks for all your hard work.

Of course it’s a bit repetitive compared to everyone else’s scores it appears to me that this company builds these GPUs so they have something to do, it’s the same processor just different configurations.

Why would money to be spent advertising on something that no one can buy I just don’t get it
Leonard Smith
Leonard Smith:
Love the execution at the end.. Late night hours always brings out the truth..
TechGamer 2001
TechGamer 2001:
"screw you for everything else" is my favorite word for the day.
Running FL
Running FL:
That video make me remember the epic battle to have my RTX 3090 FE last year, I got it November; research on internet 3 times a day, everyday for 2 months :-)
nvidia released these cards to keep shareholders happy while giving the finger to gamers
Kyle, I love you man, but the way you handled that utility knife had me shivering lol.
I been waiting for this gpu for awhile now and I can't wait to get one. I'm gonna get the Evga version. I do not care how much it costs and if I got one free in the mail I would be a lot more grateful and less bitchy about it.
Watching this is torture. It includes the stack of cards on the bench and table, and even the msi dragon at the wall. i'll go for a bit of intermittent fasting from these channels. Thanks for the memories
Scott Auterson
Scott Auterson:
haha nice! Loved the ending
Kyle being himself and we loving it. F SocialBlade!
Kraven Fox Bodies
Kraven Fox Bodies:
Way things have been going with Video cards , I thought moving to Zen 3 for any video card was best option .
Nelson Lopez
Nelson Lopez:
I really did enjoy this video format. It's like a vlog style of video 📹. Plus a little behind the scenes look. At how the magic is made. Thank you for posting this video 📹..
Sand Wich
Sand Wich:
I just woke up and found out that Kyle had adopt the "Linus before meeting Yvonne" hairstyle.
Cavey Möth
Cavey Möth:
AAAH! So many reviews released at the exact same minute!
Always appreciate a good _Top Gun_ reference.
Richard Klinefelter
Richard Klinefelter:
Readily available in Tokyo! Same with other 3000 series, outside of maybe 3080s...
Poul Haacker
Poul Haacker:
Hey, posting for the algo. Keep having fun with cumputers. You are good at it ;)
Rafael Esparragoza
Rafael Esparragoza:
I've been stuck with boxes of my brand new pc for the last 8 months, what am I waiting for, yeah you guessed it... A freaking video card lmao.
Sweet! I guess I'll buy it in 20 years when it's back in stock
Daniel Dulu
Daniel Dulu:
I'm so happy I got my 1660 Ti last year at higher MRSP, when things were just starting to go north.
I thought this clip was going to end on liveleaks watching Kyle open that box...
Trap Unicorn
Trap Unicorn:
Glad you're doing alright Kyle, hopefully in the near future you might be able to make videos with Paul again? regardless, hope all is well with you, stay up
Lyle really gone all out on his anime look.
Why Though
Why Though:
Day number 133 waiting for a 3070 to come back into stock. Nvidia, "Hey lets make another card during a shortage and send them out for reviews, that way people can drool over them until 2022."
Really digging that 80s montage music!
Kamron Johnson
Kamron Johnson:
It's ok Kyle we know you still gotta get paid. You making these videos and getting paid for them gives me more satisfaction than getting my hopes up for a new card at this point
Welp looks like I'll still be using my 1070 until 3080 gets restocked, which would be never.
Oggy 0608
Oggy 0608:
Bruh, this makes me really appreciate my Radeon Rx 6700xt
Hilarious video. Keep up the great content
Caleb Krauter
Caleb Krauter:
keep doing spreadsheets instead of graphs! Graphs confusing
Jay Tuan
Jay Tuan:
Kyle. Love your videos. Make sure to keep up the good work. I also have a question for ya so I have a thronmax microphone and I would like to use it with my Xbox one s, I have everything hooked up but nothing seems to work, I can hear people but people can’t hear me. Do u have any tips for this ??
David Watkins
David Watkins:
MONTAGE! And montage tune! YES
01001101 01010111
01001101 01010111:
I'll just wait until next year. Im good with the 5950x and a 950 for now.
Krish Babu
Krish Babu:
Can't wait to buy RTX 3080Ti Scalpers Edition for $3,080!
I love your videos! I have been watching you for 5+ years now without commenting just thought I should let you know.
nikoy niq
nikoy niq:
I like this format of showing the benchmark stats. I could get used to it. 👍