Tsvetana Pironkova vs Serena Williams Preview | Best shots at US Open 2020

As Tsvetana Pironkova and Serena Williams prepare to go head to head in the quarterfinals of the US Open 2020, we take a look at some of their best shots from the tournament so far!

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38 komentarze:

MsNandi Marie
MsNandi Marie:
May the best mom win. Nice to see them play.
Oliver Diamante
Oliver Diamante:
Battle of the moms! And then she will meet azarenka in the semis also a mom!
Sonia West-kapufi
Sonia West-kapufi:
Come on Serena champ
Michelle Isabell
Michelle Isabell:
Continue on Serena....one match at a time......💯💯💯
Pull through Queen Serena!!!!
Senthil Tp
Senthil Tp:
39 ... Unstoppable Force
Elisha Mustafa
Elisha Mustafa:
Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️
diane Finn
diane Finn:
Well done Queen Serena I salute u way to all best for 24 yes u can smiles
Orlando M.
Orlando M.:
Hope the girl wins..
Arabion knights
Arabion knights:
Can someone educate me is this the quarter or semi finals??
Also is Osaka headed to the semi finals. She appears to be in her zone.
Jeffrey Kaufmann
Jeffrey Kaufmann:
Serena: Time on court 554 minutes
Azarenka: 447 minutes.
Ibrahim Mahmood
Ibrahim Mahmood:
That serena fire,dat serena focus,dat serena 24 slam is what am smiling
Mohamed Mansouri
Mohamed Mansouri:
Williams awill destroy that slice forehand
Dale Francis
Dale Francis:
Serena is a superwoman 👏
longinus galaxy
longinus galaxy:
Team Serena. Win that 24.
David da silva ferreira
David da silva ferreira:
Wow... after all these years, she still has it. Congratulations Serena Williams.
Muhamad Alfrian
Muhamad Alfrian:
Serena will become the winner 👆
Jerry Marquez
Jerry Marquez:
Serina is gonna win.
The head to head is 4-0 in favour of Serena. However, with Serena's age and recent propensity to get tight in matches, this could be quite a battle. There's then a potential semi with Azarenka and potential final against Osaka. That's a tough draw.
The Nostalgia World
The Nostalgia World:
Ангел Николов
Ангел Николов:
Pironkova wins in 3. Remember this
Jeremy M
Jeremy M:
Let’s go Serena 🔥🔥❤️
Retired & Restless
Retired & Restless:
The commentators during this match are nauseating. Lets see how many excuses they can come up with for Serena.
Hristo Todorov
Hristo Todorov:
Pironkova the besttttttt
Anantapuramu News
Anantapuramu News:
I think Serena and Muggurza are great servers. And this woman beaten Muguruza who was in form. Muguruza was AO finalist and she almost won it.

If we see Muguruza vs Pirinikiva match, Muguruza served 5 aces and her serving stats are not bad. But Pirinikova Serving stats are great. And again even when Muguruza was serving well still Pirinikova created 11 breaking opportunities.

If we see other matches played by Purinikova, she was not serving as great she was against Muguruza. May be that is because Muguruza was not fit for the match.

But the number of break point opportunities she was creating are huge. Certainly she can put pressure on Serena's serve. Sakkari created break point opportunities, Solane Stephens could create 5 break point opportunities. But very few were getting converted by them. Especially since the last two matches. Her two opponents created 12 Break opportunities and could only convert them only 3 of them.

Pirinikova hit only two double faults in the entire tournament. And both of them came in the last and long match. That's a crazy thing in Women's Tennis at Grand Slam level. Serena hit 13 double faults. Surprisingly Serena played total of 6 sets in her last two matches and still she double faulted only 5 times. On avg less than one double fault per set. In the first and second round games she only played total of 4 sets and still she went for 8 double faults. It looks like she is too cautious in long and tough matches and she is careless about seamingly weak opponents.

It will be a very very interesting match now.
I love how everyone already have Serena count out of this tournament! She’s Serena Williams
Witaminka B12
Witaminka B12:
Please Goddess Tsveti, shower her with your sexiness! <3
Osaka will win the title anyway, terrifying level of play
common sense
common sense:
Watching the downfall of serena williams "flattening the curve"
Hari Slavov
Hari Slavov:
Go Tcvetelina
Светлозар Неделчев
Светлозар Неделчев:
Tsveti will win that match :)
Ramil Tumaque
Ramil Tumaque:
Pironkova will win tonight.. goodluck
Jerry Parker
Jerry Parker:
The poor woman didn't have a chance against Sasquatch! 😒
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice:
Serena is gonna lose 6-0, 6-0
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
I feel bad for Pironkova. There’s no ways she’s beating Serena. She should’ve just left Cornet win instead. I’m sure I’ll be cringing during the whole match
Aarón Arguelles
Aarón Arguelles:
I was rooting for Pironkova. I hope Williams loses on the next round or better yet in the finals.
If Serena loses today in the quarterfinals she deserves it, I like Serena but I have never seen a moody person with so much drama all the time, you know you are coming out to play other professional female players and they are ready to pounce on you, if Serena didn’t want to play this tournament you shouldn’t have committed to the event, just drama and no foot work no shots staying in, from now she should just stick to motherhood. Unless I eat my words today.