Turkish court rules Istanbul's Hagia Sophia can revert to a mosque | DW News

Turkey's highest administrative court has issued a ruling that paves the way for the government to convert Istanbul's Hagia Sophia from a museum back into a mosque. The ruling annulled a 1934 government decree that turned the UNESCO Word Heritage Site, and Istanbul's most iconic landmark, into a museum. But Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pushed to restore its status as a mosque. He said that international pressure to keep it a museum was a violation of Turkey's national sovereignty. The Russian Orthodox Church has called the move unacceptable.

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100+ komentarze:

The Gman
The Gman:
"The measure of a man is what he does with power" -Plato

Understand it as you may...
Kenchin Llacer
Kenchin Llacer:
"Secular" lol.
Imtiyaz Shaikh
Imtiyaz Shaikh:
Coming soon of khilafat e usmaniya
Hafiz Rajab tayyab urdgan zindabad
crazy mac
crazy mac:
This reporter looks like the man from “Just for laugh gags “
Guess they’ll be kneeling and bowing down infront of the icon of jesus and mary lol.
Kausik JPN
Kausik JPN:
And western countries allowing to build mosques unchecked in their countries with all those Saudi fundings?...western countries never learn and keep on stabbing their toe.
cnn and bbc will not even report this
Tugume Gilbert
Tugume Gilbert:
Islam is funny!
The Cathedral was built long before Islam/ Mohammed; but I wonder why on Islam/ Mohammed being born than he starts claiming one of the iconic churches
yasmine mine
yasmine mine:
اللهم أعِزّ الإسلام و المسلمين🤲🏽💜
Generic Guy
Generic Guy:
This is what happens when islam is in majority
gaurav sarraf
gaurav sarraf:
True face exposed
Well, I am sure the people will completely forget about the inflation.
İlker Acar
İlker Acar:
Talk about how Spain converted mosques into churches too.
Why turn it into a mosque when you have one next door
Elizabeth Sommers
Elizabeth Sommers:
Hagia Sofia is a Greek orthodox church in Constantinople!!!!!!
Trotsky or Bust
Trotsky or Bust:
Imagine if Israel turned the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa Mosque into the 3rd Temple?
That earthquake you felt was Attaturk spinning in his grave.
Stefan Radulovic
Stefan Radulovic:
Disrespectful to Orthodox church.
I write comments and a minute later it's deleted
Well this is what you get DW when you support a wannabe sultan
James Ginn
James Ginn:
Incredible that it was built 5 centuries before the great cathedrals of Europe.
Sean Pond
Sean Pond:
Well, there goes the neighborhood.
Evan Jn plat ae
Evan Jn plat ae:
who do not agree 100% of the average European countries, especially Greece. and most of them are hypocrites in the name of goodness but rottenness is upon them. as if the suffering of their Palestine is like blind but with buildings they seem sympathetic ... 😂😂😂😂😂
gadiskampung gadis
gadiskampung gadis:
Abdul Wasey
Abdul Wasey:
Is the history graph a sad parabola? I feel like after the coronavirus, human civilization will be moving back to the middle ages...
With 1500 of its lawyers in prison it is clear that Turkey is quite simply a banana republic.
MYStRiyes !
MYStRiyes !:
Pradeep babu
Pradeep babu:
LOL turkey doesn't have it's own script for its language till 1918..they seriously need some lessons on heritage..
Syed Abdul Basit
Syed Abdul Basit:
الحمد الله علي نعمة اسلام 😍
João Susano
João Susano:
The can't build anything themselves, so they take it from the others. If anything, my opinion towards Islam has decreased significantly.
For a time it was a mosque, a synagogue and a church. Many buildings have hosted many religions in past centuries, this might be a solution, we could learn from the past.
All religions share a strong sense of fraternity and care for others, this is the time to show that in practice, we could see how god religious groups can be.
Soundwave Superior
Soundwave Superior:
Like as if courts even mean anything now a days.
This is the equivalent of turning St. Peter's Basilica into a mosque. It is like the Vatican for the Orthodox church. So what are they going to do? Destroy the art? Plaster over the mosaics? It was a church much longer than it was a mosque.
Ömer Erol
Ömer Erol:
Let the keyboard war begins....
Ali Hasan
Ali Hasan:
Inclusive to all religions, or exclusive to only one religion which is Atheism(liberalism)?
Abdillah Family Channel
Abdillah Family Channel:
I am Indonesian, happy at one side, but how to say sorry to others.
Masjid in Spain, China, and so many parts of the world also vanished, but no one cares.
Mixed hard feeling...
Deniz Julian Metinoğlu T.
Deniz Julian Metinoğlu T.:
02:36 Freudscher Versprecher
mustafa akkoçlar
mustafa akkoçlar:
0:48 mate thats antalya, not istanbul :D
" revert to a mosque" ..... revert........REVERT? that's some strange choice of words you're using there
Γωγώ Β.
Γωγώ Β.:
Πας μη Έλλην βάρβαρος.
Fpv Baba
Fpv Baba:
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Lonely:
Allahu Akbarr☝🏻
Hello Corp
Hello Corp:
"What will happen to all those mosaics of Jesus inside Hagia Sophia?" What happened to them the first time it was converted into a mosque Karen? Seems that you're not fit for journalism at all.
yeasin arafat
yeasin arafat:
United States Of Turan
United States Of Turan:
D̷a̷r̷k̷ ̷ K̷i̷t̷t̷y̷ツ
D̷a̷r̷k̷ ̷ K̷i̷t̷t̷y̷ツ:
anang agus
anang agus:
Alhamdulillah, Allahu kabar......
Kripa Dass
Kripa Dass:
I really appreciate it🤣🤣🤣
hello man
hello man:
And now let's add arabic language in the turkish education system, mandatory, same as english and latin alphabet.
Connecting Ppl
Connecting Ppl:
Here the question is different - why in the 21st century bang your forehead on the floor like rams under the supervision of shepherds?
هاجر العجارمة J.N.M
هاجر العجارمة J.N.M:
Wow wow 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🇯🇴💛🇹🇷 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 رجب طيب اردوغان ابدع الله يحميه وويوفقو الله يقويه على اعدائه انشالله
the best memes in the world
the best memes in the world:
the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror bought it and converted it into a mosque and paid the full price for the Orthodox monks in the aftermath of the conquest of Istanbul this is what wikipedia says
Dapur Umi Fatmah
Dapur Umi Fatmah:
Γωγώ Β.
Γωγώ Β.:
My name is Leyla and I like to tralala...
Čõpén. Hãgūë
Čõpén. Hãgūë:
Allah Akbar
now ISRAEL should also revert al aqsa into the solomons temple.
free fire mods
free fire mods:
I am agree with Turkey ❤
çatlayın gevurlar
Norhanim Nordin
Norhanim Nordin:
Alhamdulillah..all praises to Allah Subhana Wa Taala
Evan Jn plat ae
Evan Jn plat ae:
who do not agree 100% of the average European countries, especially Greece.
Nono Zebra
Nono Zebra:
Alhumdulillah,,, it's time
Mirza Sadekh Baig
Mirza Sadekh Baig:
İnşaAllah Camii de Aksa'da daha kolay olacak.
FO cast
FO cast:
Intentionally antagonizing all neighbours.
abhranta panigrahi
abhranta panigrahi:
Wow... It sounds so much like ayodha ram mandir in india.
Malik Abdullah
Malik Abdullah:
Ellis C
Ellis C:
Chris Schaller
Chris Schaller:
Kind of ironic that the mosque is named after a Greek Orthodox Saint
Shah Talha
Shah Talha:
Greg Miga
Greg Miga:
And yet, there's a bigger, better, newer mosque basically across the street?
Abdulkadir Eröz
Abdulkadir Eröz:
Gr8 news
Isaak Smith
Isaak Smith:
The right has returned to its companions. Hate from hatred is more loved than loved. If you want to wipe my comment, nothing will change
Asma Ahmed
Asma Ahmed:
Allahu Akbar
Nadeem Nawaz
Nadeem Nawaz:
Irdugaan we love you
Shaik Mustafa
Shaik Mustafa:
Report the Jerusalem as well...please ? Or is UNESCO too weak to call it out ?
Γωγώ Β.
Γωγώ Β.:
Παλι με χρόνους με καιρούς παλι δικη μας θα είναι..
albin alappat
albin alappat:
This is injustice
M H A:
الله اكبر
Jeeshan Shaikh
Jeeshan Shaikh:
Light York
Light York:
This finally proves that it’s very important for any religious group or ethnic group or linguistic group to maintain it’s numerical superiority in a country to preserve ones culture and property.
Forget about Sophia Hagia, you merely have chance to perform a Salah in there.
Why you are so serious about turning masque to church or turning church to masque.
If you are a masque, then everywhere you be is the masjid.
If you are a temple, them everywhere you be is the dignity.
If you are a church, then everywhere you be is the song and smile.
Alexander Portnoff
Alexander Portnoff:
Low level politics from a low level politician still in power due to low level voters.
azhar beig
azhar beig:
Impressive ruling
Salah Soltani
Salah Soltani:
Good move
Hello Corp
Hello Corp:
It used to be a Church, and then it became the Pentagon of its era. Then the Turks conquered it and it was converted into a mosque.
Nada B
Nada B:
The Israeli occupation transformed the Red Mosque in Safed, which was founded by Al-Zahir Baybars in 1276, into an electoral headquarters and a meeting place for artists, then a clothing store, and today it became a "wedding hall and bar", without regard to its religious sanctity or its historical value. Anybody talked about that ?
Ataturk's legacy being destroyed by islamism
Emi Oxa
Emi Oxa:
Fyodor Dostoyevski
Fyodor Dostoyevski:
Greeks destroyed a lot of Ottoman mosques, and the rest used as stables, cinemas and car parks. You cannot say that they are disrespectful to Turks.!
Khurram Shahzad
Khurram Shahzad:
Nice tlp
Celto Roma
Celto Roma:
May the wrath of God unleash on Turkey. Shame on the West and Russia.
Naufal Siregar
Naufal Siregar:
Masya Allah
iqbal justice
iqbal justice:
mohabbat ali
mohabbat ali:
busy boy
busy boy:
a political decision masquerade as a religious decision without even bodering what the citizen think.A referendum would have been appropiated.
Too many skeletons in mr. Erdorgan cabinet.To get some votes he will even sell it.
Nanihnuraisyah Domi
Nanihnuraisyah Domi:
Indonesia ❤ Turkey
Mohd Noh Majid
Mohd Noh Majid:
♥ 🌷 ♥ 🌷
Abid Khan
Abid Khan: