"Turn it off!": Kate Winslet reacts to her own singing

Kate Winslet reacts to her own singing, discusses 'dutch ovens' and plays a game of 'Wronguns' with Greg James ahead of her new movie The Mountain Between Us.

This video contains some strong language.

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christine daae
christine daae:
Kate: Turn that damn thing off!

Omg I'm dying. She is a genuine gem.
Kate’s voice is so sweet. She always sounds like she’s telling a story.
katewinslet adore
katewinslet adore:
Things we learn from Kate Winslet films:
-don’t get on a dodgy plane
-don’t get on a dodgy boat
I have learnt well from that woman ❤️❤️❤️
'Name an Olympic sport'
'... Stabbing'
GlowingGrace ASMR
GlowingGrace ASMR:
If you came here for the title: 4:48
She just doesn't age! She looks amazing!
Love her so much. "What If" went to number 1 in Ireland that Christmas 😂
Isla Ross
Isla Ross:
I would love to meet Kate Winslet. She is so kind and funny!!!!! I love her song What If and when she said "turn it off!" I laughed so hard. Love you Kate!!!!! Isla xxxxxooooo 😘❤️💟💝💘💗💖💓💕💞 PS- Thanks for all the likes!!!!!
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
Natalie Zayas-Bazan:
'Was there room on the door?'. 'Yes'. I AM DYING.
The English Tongue
The English Tongue:
Such a beautiful voice! Why is she so embarrassed by it?
That Interviewer Is Hot.
Upuli Jayasinghe
Upuli Jayasinghe:
but that song is soo beautiful ............
Sweeneys Toddler
Sweeneys Toddler:
wa wa wa wait, I never knew that song was by her, it was a huuuge hit in Belgium
Ronald James Diaz
Ronald James Diaz:
she really sound like the google voice woman
Gene Barrientos
Gene Barrientos:
She is so funny!!! I love her
She's got a beautiful singing voice, much better than Emma Watson anyway! When I first heard 'What If', it made me cry, such an amazing song. I wish Kate recorded some more...
Courtny E.
Courtny E.:
My favorite British actress since Sense and Sensibility, Beautiful Creatures, and Titanic.
Rosie Rennie
Rosie Rennie:
"What is an Olympic sport"
She's got a great voice.
Iliana B.
Iliana B.:
Kate Winslet is BADASS. So glad to see her in another action challenging role!
Saasa Hi
Saasa Hi:
She is beautiful i could listen to her voice for ages😊
😂 Lol. Can you imagine? Everywhere you go, you hear a Celine Dion song?
Cindy C
Cindy C:
Kate is always so passionate.
She's such a typical English-mum
Mulli Godingar
Mulli Godingar:
"Turn it off!" I don't get it, what's the problem?
Mai Mohamed
Mai Mohamed:
Love her accent😂😂✋
dawscn aep on Instagram
dawscn aep on Instagram:
She's so cute when she said "Turn it Off!!" 💖💖
I love you Rose Dawson😍💕
Aemita Arazciark
Aemita Arazciark:
She's so authentic when she speaks.. I could listen to her for hours!
At 5:08, "Why are you showing me.. they make my teeth look really white".
Simon Binks
Simon Binks:
Samantha Katch
Samantha Katch:
"Big Booby Creations"
OH MY GOD!!! She is a woman after my own heart!! I love it!! LOL
Mary Chela
Mary Chela:
She is just a natural person a talent of simplicity , kindness, beauty and real talent ..and now a singer Wao she is good and she doesn’t know
Harmani Sampson
Harmani Sampson:
My favourite part: “you know I really do hate you” lol
Mia Treaton
Mia Treaton:
I'm a Kate winslet FAM girl I'm typing on my keyboard of her I love that song but what's weird is she let jack go and the song said what if I had never let you go its a masterpiece
Q: 'Name one of the Beatles.' A: 'Michael' laught so hard, I'm crying.
Witch Rowena
Witch Rowena:
she's so funny
siddarth rao
siddarth rao:
she looks even more beautiful as she ages
Darren Wall
Darren Wall:
She is the greatest actress of her generation..
Nicole Zanin
Nicole Zanin:
Oh god I love her so much, she's so adorable❤❤
Ulyana Semyonkina
Ulyana Semyonkina:
okay the interviewer is great, and hot, too!
Sufina Zamri
Sufina Zamri:
She's hilarious! 😂
Evalina Torres
Evalina Torres:
“Was there room for jack on the door?” I’m rolling 🤣
M Sadjad
M Sadjad:
Omg I remember this song being in a hit. I never knew she sang it!
Alex the Pensmith
Alex the Pensmith:
I loved 'What If'! It was a great single 👍
Katty Dangelor
Katty Dangelor:
She's always as nervous as I noticed when they interview her. And why did she ask to turn off the clip? She sings like an angel
Onyx Corvus
Onyx Corvus:
Greg: Name an Olympic Sport...
Kate: Stabbing...
Ryan James Abbott
Ryan James Abbott:
Gregg is so attractive .. 😍 could listen to him all day.
Rebecca Haley
Rebecca Haley:
Honestly I have loved that song for years. So funny to hear the story behind it and watch her reaction.
Anna Fronda
Anna Fronda:
why be ashamed Kate? it's a wonderful song!!! What If has been on my playlist for years since I first heard it. 😊
Lmfaooo "Oh look mountain goats!! LOOK A MOOSE!!"
Watching this in 2019 ...she answered the question correct!
- a great interview, and 'What If' is a beautiful song, she should be so proud of it and the money it raised for charity.
Laura M10x
Laura M10x:
Hahaha I loved that song!
Edvin Kingston
Edvin Kingston:
Chris Walton
Chris Walton:
i love what if, one of my favourite winter ballads :)
Jess Millieee
Jess Millieee:
I love "what if" ❤️❤️❤️ childhood memoriessss
I loveeeeee her sooo much especially how she talked !!! 😘♥️😍☺️ What a goood accent. I loveee her acccent. Dang, perfect! 👏🏻♥️💕 But I'm still hoping that Leo and Kate are getting married someday. ☺️💕♥️❣️
Michael Billett
Michael Billett:
Kate you should definitely launch a music career she would be great she’s a wonderful singer
Vladimír Petija
Vladimír Petija:
She is very natural :)
Gaya K
Gaya K:
She is so hilarious! You can't not love her.
Kate Winslet has a lovely voice. :D
Steven Wrigley
Steven Wrigley:
What If is actually one of my favourite Christmas songs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ricardo Ferreira
Ricardo Ferreira:
Kate, my favourite actress in the World!!!! Kisses from Portugal, my Queen!
What if is an amazing song :) I love it
Denis Rodrigues Gazeta
Denis Rodrigues Gazeta:
Just Kate Winsley thought her voice terrible. I simply loved!
She sings like a lovely bird!
Ronja Kallioinen
Ronja Kallioinen:
omg she can sing so well 😍
She doesn’t even see her potential! It’s so sad 😖
Witch Rowena
Witch Rowena:
she sings so well besides being beautiful
Wendy Seah
Wendy Seah:
She n Emily Blunt. I love hearing them speak! Must be that Brit accent.
diamond-like precision
diamond-like precision:
"I'll give it a go, and if u think its crap i really dont mind" lol so modest
Dunno why she sounds amazing
Md Nannu
Md Nannu:
I wish you the best of red roses from Bangladesh, because your performance looks so good to me I will be watching Titanic 200 times
Anneken Me
Anneken Me:
I remember really loving 'What If'...
Salomón Sarmiento
Salomón Sarmiento:
hahaha that was so funny, actually, she sings really good and the song is beautiful, I don't know why she feels so ashamed.
"was there room jack on the door" lol
M.K Steel
M.K Steel:
*"Oh! Look there's a moose!"*
Lady, you could have just called Sam Winchester instead of going to the top of a mountain.
Kate Winslet is my perfect woman...utterly stunning. I fell in love with her in the Titanic movie. Kate, marry me! xxx
sinsynth -
sinsynth -:
4:46 for the reaction
Gabby Ferro
Gabby Ferro:
Kate Winslet is the first woman I remember having a (huge) crush on. I must have been 11 when it started and it shows no signs of dying down!
Chesna Sumagaysay
Chesna Sumagaysay:
It's actually 2019 now😂
Josh Liam
Josh Liam:
Watching this for the first time today and hearing her say it was 2019 made for a very surreal moment
paulsonxsarah 22
paulsonxsarah 22:
omg I love Kate winslet I really hope I could meet her one day❤️ and I loved her in titanic she was so beautiful🛥❤️❤️
Steven VanSkyler
Steven VanSkyler:
nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i love what if, she really got a nice singing voice
Jobelyn Yumen
Jobelyn Yumen:
Kate winslet voice is so sweet and soft to my ears when I heard her song "what if " . I love youuu kate .
Poohs Paws
Poohs Paws:
I am actually impressed by this interview. Have seen some bad ones lately, the latest with Hugh Grant. It wasn't Grant's fault, but the interview questions were just terrible. This was a lot of fun to watch.
Esther-Louisa Barnett-Krause
Esther-Louisa Barnett-Krause:
Kate you have a lovely voice don’t be ashamed of it 😀 if she ever got to see this comment
Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u:
It's good to know I'm not the only one who hates my voice or hates seeing myself on video! 😭😭😂😂😂😂
I love her so much she is my favourite actress. My favourite movie she's acted in is Flushed Away where she played the confident Rita Malone. When she was embarrassed by her singing she shouldn't of been, she has a beautiful voice.
Name an Olympic sport... stabbing 😂
Susan Haensel
Susan Haensel:
When I was 11 years old I love this song so much til now
Torsten Wolf
Torsten Wolf:
I don't know what she's got against it. She sounds great 😍
Sam E
Sam E:
The best interview ever😂 love the questions at the end
Watching this in 2019 is weird since 2019 is not wrong
Baka Ne
Baka Ne:
I came here from doing a karaoke of What If at home for my friend's amusement since that's the time we are in as of now and I LOVE YOU KATE is all I got to say
Null Null
Null Null:
Lmao how cringey, they play My Heart Will Go On when Kate’s in the room ?!😳🤣
I’ve had the worst crush on Kate for years. Lovely woman. My favorite Christmas films are The Holliday and Love Actually. She was brilliant in the Holliday.
Malejah Stokes
Malejah Stokes:
Happy birthday kate
Bryan Watt
Bryan Watt:
That song got me through a bad time in my life think it a good song was there room for Jack on the door yes and here me sticking up for her through that 😂😂
Ubaldo A. Rosario
Ubaldo A. Rosario:
I love her she can take any adventure in front of her, there's no deal to big for her.
Amy Warner
Amy Warner:
Kate is the best actress ever n most beautiful and love her song and wish she sing more .

"Name an olympic sport...." "STABBING"