Tyron Woodley Top 5 Finishes

Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley puts his belt on the line again when he faces Kamaru Usman at UFC 235 on March 2. Take a look back at Woodley's top 5 finishes in the UFC.

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100+ komentarze:

PP Toronto
PP Toronto:
I’m enjoying these highlights while I wait for Jake Paul to get slept.
Damn! This ain’t no Ben Askren striking, bout to be lit
The Peoples Watchman
The Peoples Watchman:
This is the Tyron we need to come out against Paul...
sam apple
sam apple:
If this guy loses to Jake Paul I’m never admitting that I was an MMA fan ever again.....

EDIT: Can’t believe I stayed up til 4am to watch two guys hugging for 8 rounds.

EDIT2: I never thought I’d say this but I actually enjoyed YouTube v TikTok. #justiceforgib
I'll give Jake his credit on this one, Tyron knows how to punch. Without doubt this'll be a proper test... Now let's hope Tyron absolutely batters the annoying prick 😁
Kuan J
Kuan J:
There is noooo way Woodley is gonna lose vs Jake. If he somehow does lose I'll eat a cigarette.
Lamas Rule
Lamas Rule:
If Tyron wins..im playing his songs at my funeral.
Papa Kambo
Papa Kambo:
My condolences to the Paul family.
Damien Patrick
Damien Patrick:
Crazy how he catches guys on the way down with that second shot before they hit the floor.
Who else can’t wait for Jake to be humbled by Woodly?
Jake's gonna shit bricks when he sees Tyron's physique at weight in.
The funny thing is Tyron ain’t even a striker, he’s known for his wrestling, but the man got power. Jake is fucked tbh.
Mr.GanjaMan 420
Mr.GanjaMan 420:
I’m staying up till this woodly v Paul fight happens,

Gonna need a lot of red bulls for this
Nick Recker
Nick Recker:
Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley. Now that is something I would actually pay to see.
No way jake is taking a right hook from woodley and not getting kod
Alex Casillas
Alex Casillas:
Jake paul lucky there ain't no ground and pound. His food would be going through a straw.
The Texan
The Texan:
If Tyron can find that same fluid movement, Jake Paul won't stand a chance.
Ray Chand
Ray Chand:
he was such a fucking killer man, that till fight was the last time was saw that
Joe M
Joe M:
Jake Paul fighting his first opponent who actually knows how to punch
The mma community loves him for having put koscheck to sleep, now he’ll be a hero when he puts the youtuber to sleep
Joe Shake
Joe Shake:
The fact y’all think jake going to win is crazy😂😂
Watermelon Water Moccasin
Watermelon Water Moccasin:
He's gonna go at Jake just like 1:07, and Jake's not gonna know what to do, never had that much pressure on him
Ryan Lapp
Ryan Lapp:
Trust me jakes gonna win. Jake would never take a fight he knows he can’t win
Jude Fz
Jude Fz:
We need to see this type of Woodley during the jake paul fight its super necessary..
G collectibles
G collectibles:
If u beat jake, i will listen to your mixtape
Jake Paul’s watching this thinking “he can’t do this to me because the ref will break it up if it goes to the ground....I’ll be fine”
That Koscheck knockout is my favourite MMA knockout ever. It’s just so clean and perfect
The views will double now that he’s fighting jake 😂
Shemz Love
Shemz Love:
People telling me this mans a wrestler but them hands don’t lie
I might start taking Jake a little more seriously if he actually has a fight and it isn't a fishy k.o. I'll still hate him, but Woodley might actually show us something.
Plastic Moon
Plastic Moon:
Why would Jake accept this fight?!
Oh well 🤷🏿‍♂️
Finley Johnson
Finley Johnson:
I hope there is a Woodley vs jake paul fight in the future, then he can get revenge for bens loss.
I guess my hope is reality now lol
Win Dit
Win Dit:
Please Tyron, don't let them buy you.
Put an end to this.
2:39.......... And thats jakes ego down the drain on August 28
Kalle Pikku
Kalle Pikku:
1:13 LMAO that jiu-jitsu fighter pulling guard on Woodley. Poor guy thinks this is ibjjf. 😅
Jake Paul's only opponent that can actually throw a punch
Yair Sasson Art
Yair Sasson Art:
Man is an absolute beast!
DJ Rassu
DJ Rassu:
People who don't watch UFC don't know this, but tyron has had a huge decline, so he's not the same fighter Right now, but he will probably still smack jake with ez.
Smokey Retro
Smokey Retro:
If it was this Tyron Jake wouldn’t have even took the fight
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim:
Jake is DEAD now LOL. Huge respect to him for accepting the fight tho
1:29 Tyron is literally flying while boxing him😀
Jake has now officially entered the danger zone against woodley. Might not be the best striker, but once he lands its night night
Louie Baltazar
Louie Baltazar:
The Woodley algorithm begins
3:01 tyron needs to do that to jake
Ryan Schweitzer
Ryan Schweitzer:
You know someone is old and past their prime when most of their highlights are wearing sponsored trunks lol.

Sorry Tyron, had to do it to you.
AVFC 9289
AVFC 9289:
“Darren Till not that tapping type...there’s the tap”
now that the fight is on were wondering if he can beat jake
saints fan
saints fan:
Jake has never dealt with anyone who uses faints he has never dealt with that kind of power or precision he has never in his life fought someone who took over a division
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail:
June 1st, you’re here to see if TWOOD is our savior from Jake Paul
Don't be shocked when Tyron takes a dive against Jake Paul... Man just wants that easy payday
Joe Jones
Joe Jones:
Seeing josh koscheck getting dropped is so satisfying
Shantha kumar
Shantha kumar:
YouTube and it's algorithm, damn.
Jake Pinkerton
Jake Pinkerton:
Darren Till not the tapping type makes me laugh every time 😂
Garrett Johnson
Garrett Johnson:
When you can feel the punch through the screen, well that’s how you know.
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed:
Should of been ksi then Jake having a bout with actual good fighters.
Red Yayhole
Red Yayhole:
GSP beat the ego out of Josh Koschek. Woodley made sure it never flared up again.
Under rated. Dude ran thru some legit killers. All his last loses were with monsters. Covington, Usman, Burns andbI forgot who else.
Can we take a moment and appreciate how thicc Woodley is
Can't wait to see Jake knock this foo out second round
2:39 That’s how you properly do a squad!!! Wow!!!!
2:40 that catch and counter will be the shot that puts jake out 💤 💤
spillzz 123
spillzz 123:
God bless stay safe ✝️🙏✝️🙏
connor colquhou
connor colquhou:
This is in the algorithm now.
Jake wouldn’t stand a chance against the Woodley in this video. I just hope he’s the same
Fitness For Life 365
Fitness For Life 365:
Tyron Woodley punching power is incredible, how did Wonderboy survive?
Ethan M
Ethan M:
Anyone else here after Paul v. Woodley was announce? 😂🙋‍♂️ Woodley just needs to land his massive right hand and its lights out for Paul. C'mon Woodley your days of letting us down are over!
Adolph Hitler
Adolph Hitler:
Jake paul wouldn't last a round if he fought this version of Tyrone Woodley
Døozie J ASMR
Døozie J ASMR:
Jake... All I can say is this is gonna be funny🤣
Nestoras Alvertos
Nestoras Alvertos:
Jake's face: Note that down, note that down
Modern Day Presence
Modern Day Presence:
@2:28 I was worried about his patience in the ocTagon but, I can tell bro def had a lot of scraps before he was pro. I can see the boxer In him. 😬😬 combine that with his punching power. 😩😩if that right over hand connect it might be night night 😂😂
2:30 Enough said! Let’s go Woodley
Ugh and they’ve announced him fighting Jake Paul yesterday. I wish he could knock him out the same way he did to Robbie Lawler.

No offense to Robbie...
XxTerraGangXx Gaming
XxTerraGangXx Gaming:
Funny how I got recommended this when the fight is close
Ambitous Resolve
Ambitous Resolve:
The first knockout was hilarious 😂😂😂
And THIS is why Jake refuses to fight and MMA fighter in an MMA fight. He would leave more bloody then he has ever been
camera man go scared for a second at the first one 😂
Dennis Paulson
Dennis Paulson:
Do you reckon Jake Paul actually watched these videos before agreeing to the fight😂😂😂 Looks like a Youtuber is about to go night-night😁
Sway Fitness
Sway Fitness:
POV: You're watching this to see how he would do against Jake Paul.

Update: Who y'all got?
Cole Cooper
Cole Cooper:
When you get hit so hard that you can't even lay down.
J B:
I came here to see if Tyron is capable of knocking out Jake Paul. I have no further question Youtube, Jake will go to sleep in the first round.
T_L — 441
T_L — 441:
I’m glad to see Jake Paul fighting a real professional. If he manages to win this then I will call him a good fighter
Tbh if Jake wins against this beast, I might give him some respect
Daniel Lea
Daniel Lea:
I really hope he doesn't care about the payday and uses mma in the ring and makes jake cry
Leo Williams
Leo Williams:
I would pay to see him fight one of those YouTube kids
Nataly D
Nataly D:
Let’s pray this Tyron shows up against that little brat.
TS0 Mercxi
TS0 Mercxi:
If jake gets hit bro🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
Universal Barber
Universal Barber:
we need jake pauls friend who was talking shit to woodley to have a sit down and watch this.....
D. H
D. H:
If you want to see who is the best fighter Woodley or Paul you need to do a MMA match only there we can see who is the best
If jake knocks Woodley out his fights are rigged 😂
ali reza
ali reza:
jake has some balls man
Thomas Maler
Thomas Maler:
Sleep well Jake ...
Tomás Gomes
Tomás Gomes:
Everyone watching this to see what could happen to Logan's Little Brother xD
Raj Janyani
Raj Janyani:
Pov: you're here to see how jake will get knocked out
Brenton Bassett
Brenton Bassett:
Enter into battle without our sense of "fear"... and you can be immortal
Hinami kaneki
Hinami kaneki:
Crazy how good he was in his Prime
brad markland
brad markland:
Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to call himself out for a fight.
Mohamed Mansouri
Mohamed Mansouri:
4:15 i though dana gives jones a match
UKDrillManic ☑
UKDrillManic ☑:
finally a worthy opponent for jake if jake backs out now that's just shows he is genuinely scared
Oh he High High
Oh he High High:
Damn if woodenly looses to Paul I’m going into hiding bro