Tyson Fury reacts to Usyk vs. Joshua: “I will beat both of them. The Gypsy King is here to stay!"

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John Deignan
John Deignan:
Joshua saying he can’t be a 12 round boxer cause he’s a bigger heavyweight than Tyson, Ali, Liston isn’t the best excuse considering Fury is heavier than Joshua but has better cardio/can throw more volume in a 12 round fight.
Fury wipes the floor with both of them let's be honest
Dududu Dududu
Dududu Dududu:
Congrats to fury for his world record of 290 retirement in 2 weeks 🔥
PJ Rivera
PJ Rivera:
Judging by how early joshua was able to hurt usyk to the body and catch him with lopping shots as he angled off fury stands a great chance at beating usyk. Fury’s insane pace can break joshua so fury can beat both guys with the right gameplan.

Usyk is a monster though, ain’t no break in him he’s as game as they come.
Excellent that he said this. Now go fight Usyk, mate. I want to see that fight.
Raiden MK
Raiden MK:
AJs Mental Breakdown after the fight was some weird shit
London's Finest
London's Finest:
Fury giving me a stroke from laughter as per usual 😂😂😂
TJ Masemola
TJ Masemola:
The fact that he could beat them both is actually insane
People forget before fury was this knockout power puncher he would literally outbox his opponents
The power punches Joshua landed Usyk,one of those from wilder it's lights out for Usyk,one of those land on joshua same thing
Wilder may not be as good of a boxer than Joshua or Usyk but he's definitely much tougher
I would love to see Usyk vs Fury, but Fury vs AJ would be such a wash. Fury is a different kind of beast
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice:
AJ thought he could beat Tyson lmfao 🤣
Red Death
Red Death:
"I'm retired"
One week later
"The gypsy king is here to stay"
Glazebury Warrior
Glazebury Warrior:
Yes Tyson, the gypsy king is back, the unbeaton champion of heavyweight boxing 🙌 👑
We need Tyson Fury in a pirates of the Caribbean movie
david johnson
david johnson:
Love you fury, what a legend. 👍
Jerrie Okiki
Jerrie Okiki:
Waow!! Tyson Fury can fight!!! I get goosebumps whenever I hear his voice. He's the Man!!!
Brumlife Brum
Brumlife Brum:
The funny thing is fury actually would annihilate both of them on the same night 🤣🤣🤣
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Whatch Whatch
Whatch Whatch:
I think if the check book comes out?
Fury will definitely fight usyk
Joshua did his best but Usyk is just too skilled and neutralized his power. The only thing Fury has going for him over Usyk in that fight is his size; but of course, I see many casuals are discrediting Usyk. It should be a good one regardless, Fury’s last fight wasn’t too impressive either, and Usyk is his best match.
To be fair. This fight showed that Fury will beat Usyk. Usyk is insanely good though
Hahaha I hope he comes back... Fury vs Usyk amazing fight
Righteous Savage
Righteous Savage:
Fury is still the champ of the heavyweight division to me, can't wait for him and Usyk.
seizon sha
seizon sha:
The truth is it was an amazing technical fight by Usyk. Tyson's last fight against wilder was a slugfest with some boxing. Although it's very very hard for Usyk to beat Fury I will be rooting for him.
Boss Boyy
Boss Boyy:
He is unretired for the 100 time...😂
A.C Milan
A.C Milan:
like i said years ago and ever since usyk beat aj tyson is on a leauge of his own none of this guys really stand a chance but my god has it been hard to be a tyson fan over the past year or so and especially since his BS retirement
Fathorse69 Fatty
Fathorse69 Fatty:
Good to see encouraging words NOT when someones at their lowest Tyson, you of all people should know better mate
Ctrl Delete
Ctrl Delete:
After AJ's speech it is now confirmed the world is indeed upside down.
B Blue01
B Blue01:
I love fury but typical he does this I guess now we will see who win out of him and uysk got respect him for stepping up to heavyweight and taking the belt from AJ and defending them belts respect to AJ for being the first one to step up to uysk out of him and fury I just cant help but be annoyed by fury's fake retirement and vacating the ring magazine belt but this is boxing nowadays so we just have to watch and see what happens next i respect anyone who gets in the ring and puts it all on the line onwards and upwards I guess 🥊
Truth. . . . Fury, Wilder, Ruiz and even Ortiz bring excitement to the ring. Ah man, bring me back to Iron Mike, Holyfield, Bowe, and even Lenox.
Fury deserves to be the first four belt undisputed heavyweight champ, please let the boxing cartel do the right thing for once and make this fight
Huw Evans
Huw Evans:
Facts. He sparks them both on the same night. That was like a sparring match. Snooze fest. 😴 Knew he was trolling the media with the retired stuff.
WHARTON Arseino:
Look at Tyson Fury gloating he's laughing out so loud in his mind at Joshua loosing again to Usyk
PREsh Cee
PREsh Cee:
AJ's problem is that he can't fight SHORTER opponents.

All his short opponents gave him hard time. Takam, Povetkin, etc.

He's used to fighting tall/taller opponents. #Facts
Martin Carroll
Martin Carroll:
Will be Tysons hardest fight I think !
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez:
Fury is the man.. Gotta give it to him!
Gracie C
Gracie C:
Fury is back from few minutes of retirement,,, he’s going for Usyk ,, game on man ,,will see who’s the real beast then !!!
Your motivation
Your motivation:
He is soo drunk here😂 legend
Who would have guessed it fury coming out of retirement lol
Snoopy The Dog
Snoopy The Dog:
Yep tyson knows Usyk is a big challenge
You've got to admit, the gypsy king is right... that fight was as boring as shite. Forgotten most of it already. Except AJ's rant 😂
Cheoito ChaGon
Cheoito ChaGon:
Honestly when a fighter retires and immediately starts calling out other fighters it makes me not take them serious
x RonSKii SpeeD
x RonSKii SpeeD:
Damn! If only Fury wasn't officially retired. 😞
User Name
User Name:
Fury is retired and he’s still the best boxer on the planet lmao
Big Smokeweiler
Big Smokeweiler:
I actually think he could beat them both in the same night u know!!! 😂 😂 😂 💀
Leonard Davies
Leonard Davies:
Come on Tyson lad just one more just one more fight... Destroy Usyk and then just walk away. Please please please, after usyk there is literally nothing absolutely nothing left to beat, go on my son! A win against usyk will give you the legacy of the greatest of all time 👍🏻
That’s funny because fury didn’t say AJ vs USYK first fight was shite 🤣 He was just waiting to see who won the rematch so he could fight the winner.If he thinks USYK is shite then he’s took to many hard shots from Wilder 🤣
Fury is too good for AJ and hes too big for Usyk,he would beat both of them
I was expecting this tomorrow morning but we got it a little early 😂
shazeb ahmed
shazeb ahmed:
Facts from the real champ
It really wasn't that good, I mean aj is so damn stiff like wtf. He doesn't things weirdly like an amateur the way he turns around the sloppiness of his shots. He just doesn't even look good in there. Usyk is good but he's gun shy due to AJ power he fan fight much better then he shows against AJ. He is just being careful but Tyson fury is correct they both didn't look that great and yeah I believe he would stomp either one of them lol.
Bat Rastard
Bat Rastard:
I'm absolutaly ecstatic furys gonna become the undisputed heavyweight. First time in over 20 years.
Love Usyk, but Fury is just tooooo dayum good PLUS his size is way too much for Usyk to overcome!!
The problem with AJ he has too much muscle. He should of dropped another 5kg of muscle and worked more on endurance and strength
Dedallion's brother
Dedallion's brother:
Fury knocks jhosua out but he will have hard time with usyk especially considering how slow he's becoming
Allan Rodriguez
Allan Rodriguez:
😂 I ain’t gonna lie Fury gonna be undisputed
-Outlaw Chicano-
-Outlaw Chicano-:
I mean I would love to see that fight but how many times is he retired? 🤣🤣
Casara Ortiz
Casara Ortiz:
The king for sure!!!
Abdullah K
Abdullah K:
He's right ✅️
Tom French
Tom French:
Closer fight this time well played to AJ but Tyson will absolutely batter Usyk, once the Saudia's pay him enough to come out of 'retirement'.
S M:
I was all down and then came to this 😂😂😂😂
james clark
james clark:
I do believe he could fight one after another in the same night . Victorious over both!
Strange Machines
Strange Machines:
It’s actually funny how he would beat them both on the same night
After this I think it’s fair to say that if fury wasn’t here wilder would clearly be the best heavyweight on the planet and he’s clearly the second best
Adam Wallace
Adam Wallace:
He’s right. Joshua was never worthy of belts
Holy Kafir
Holy Kafir:
I would like Usyk to get rid of all of these egomaniacs. He got rid of Joshua, I hope he’ll do the same with Fury next.
AJ Dwyer
AJ Dwyer:
Usyk should fight Deontay Wilder
"Worst heavyweight title fight" haha stop I think that one goes to you vs klitchzko keep running from the undisputed fight dosser😂
Marcus Baker
Marcus Baker:
Made my absolute day this.
Dan Hunter
Dan Hunter:
Shame Tyson Fury had to act like a total clown. Tyson has done so much to improve as a human being and as fighter but he let himself down big time with these comments. Why disrespect two fellow warriors? Besides, while Fury would start a clear favourite against both men, I could certainly see Usyk out working him and AJ icing him if he wasn't 100%
Eugene Fr
Eugene Fr:
Tyson "Sh!tmouth" Fury. The worst and most boring heavy-weight title fight was actually Fury-Klitchko fight. This one (Usyk-AJ) was pretty good fight.
Pedro Gama
Pedro Gama:
The REALITY is that Joshua had a HUGE....HUGE....Height and Reach advantage over Usyk....if he cant beat Usyk, how the F% he would ever beat Tyson Fury or even Deontay Wylder ?!?...he managed to be almost KNOCKED THE F OUT with Andy Ruiz who is HALF his Size and Reach ?!?...the HYPE is OVER....sorry
shazeb ahmed
shazeb ahmed:
All the suckers who paid for that shit fight I told my friend exactly what was going to happen, usyk was going to outbox aj from start to finish
AJ would’ve had 0% chance on beating Tyson Fury. He would’ve got absolutely mauled to bits by Tyson F.
We all know, Boxing back in the day was boxing... Boxing today is like watching paint dry to be honest... Really is... I still think Tyson Fury would knock both of them out..
Marky Sparky
Marky Sparky:
Typical Tyson Fury 😂😂😂😂
Wilder would do the same to both
South London Gooner
South London Gooner:
His back 😂😂😂
Malrvin Mason
Malrvin Mason:
fury a different type of animal, he got skills and power! i'm ready for that undisputed
Make the fight happen then. We're all waiting. Joshua hardly touched him and he had his chance but he bottled taking a punch to land a punch. You need a Wilder to land a few and see what Usyk is made of.
The Command Tent
The Command Tent:
Fury classy as ever
Master T World
Master T World:
Fury is the Man !!
The Kickboxing Community
The Kickboxing Community:
How can you not love this, Tyson trolling everyone and getting away with it
Tyson could fight them both in the same night and would still win 🤣🤣🤣
me myself and i
me myself and i:
Hahahaha cmon fury we need you back.. LET US BE ENTERTAINED for one last time... Retire with all the belts then the already beaten can fight for your scraps 😂😅 Git up the Gypsy King Lad
Congrats to usyk much respect but.... BUT.... Tyson Is the true heavyweight champ of the world. So to be considered the best you got to go against the best. Usyk / Fury has to happen
O-M A-R:
usyk Not an underestimated opponent
Sparky Bojangles
Sparky Bojangles:
Fury's not a liar. I'm sure he beats both of them and I'm an usyk fan for life.
someone has to beat Wilder then we have a real contender
Fury aint even trolling here. Wilder could beat them both let alone fury.
Cory Seaward
Cory Seaward:
Give usyk credit. Dude has a lot on his mind. Family and friends fighting for their lives. This dude shows up after the worst camp, being the biggest he has ever been.

Unfortunately Fury's 18ft long arms will keep usyk at bay with jabs. I guess Usyk can always call on Klitz to spar, learn to work around the jab.
Usman Hassan
Usman Hassan:
Fury is just to good for them and wilder is second best
please come back Tyson
Forever KingSteez
Forever KingSteez:
Been saying this for the longest fury usyk is the fight!!!
SSQ_ Skullz
SSQ_ Skullz:
Obviously, the British would react like that after Joshua lost the titles to Ukraine's Usyk
Designing the enemy
Designing the enemy:
Look how easy he made Whyte look. Usyk nor AJ could make Whyte look like an amateur. I get people get tired of Tyson but I mean logically he's the bad matchup for Usyk, not the other way around. Wilder I think would give Usyk problems.
Amber Arc
Amber Arc:
May God protect Fury. I love him. He always speaking the truth.
Undeniably fury can beat them both
Andile A-Mab
Andile A-Mab:
Honestly I think Fury talks too much but I absolutely agree with him here. He can beat both of them in the same night
Usyk had more fights with top 10 boxers than fury , except wilder , chisora and maybe white tyson hasnt beat anyone devet no offence to tyson but klitscho was allready 40 and you still braggin about it , instead of sitting on the couch just go out there and fight usyk
Fury just get this fight with Usyk done and dusted.... Then retire and thats that.... Usuk does not stand a chance Furys reach and size is just too big, he will just get picked off and probably knocked out..