U18 Highlights | Manchester United 4-2 Manchester City | The Academy

See all the highlights from the Aon Training Complex as young Reds striker Charlie McNeill hit four goals against his former club to help our Under-18s claim a 4-2 derby victory over Manchester City on Saturday morning.

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The Spiral Mech
The Spiral Mech:
This Mcniel kid could be world class
Lil Nig19
Lil Nig19:
What a lad scoring and celebrating against city🔴
Charlie belongs in the U23s lol. Him, Hugill, Diallo, Shoretire and Hannibal could do some serious damage.
Thabo sililo
Thabo sililo:
Enjoy watching the U23s more than lindelof and Maguire.
Rohan Khanna
Rohan Khanna:
Respect for city for letting us score ggmu
Fair play to city for giving United a goal..... And their best striker!
Imaan Effendi
Imaan Effendi:
Mcneil scoring all 4 what a wonder kid
JamZ gaming
JamZ gaming:
What many don't realise is Mcneil played for our youth team before he went to City.
I know who killed JFK
I know who killed JFK:
Fair play from Man City. But The city is RED! ❤🔴
Zachary Hunter
Zachary Hunter:
3:58 Excellent sportsmanship
McNeil, Hugill, Hannibal, Diallo; the glory days aren't that far out now, lads, stay strong 'til then.
The Aprisakti
The Aprisakti:
I didn't expect city could do this fair play. Big respect!
Artyum Kobets
Artyum Kobets:
Respect to Man City but our city is red
Jayboy 2x
Jayboy 2x:
This is going to be me in three years
Minecraft Villager
Minecraft Villager:
The city is red 🔴
Abhiz G09
Abhiz G09:
Man City under 18s gained my respect!! It was absolutely brilliant from McNiel
kas fc
kas fc:
Charlie Mcneill, remember the name
Jameel Far
Jameel Far:
3:59 when you go in control setting's and change the computer opponent's to player 2 in fifa😂😂😂
jaylanz van girrach
jaylanz van girrach:
Oh yeah let's go academy United i been waiting for this game for so long and we have the best youngsters in England I must say 🙌 future looks very bright 🌞
Nasra J
Nasra J:
1:41 who peeped the lad in the background screaming puta madre 🤣🤣
wlkdu rudnf
wlkdu rudnf:
This man is underdeveloped
Ryan Parish
Ryan Parish:
No respect for city letting us score at all!!! They shouldn’t of scored in the first place 😂
FK Playz
FK Playz:
That mc Neil lad will play for utd properly one day
nvn 0711
nvn 0711:
Man City first goal is so confusing 🤔
Salman Khan
Salman Khan:
We were all waiting for this one........
Like how they decided to do a full replay, of Mcneil being allowed to walk it in
Titomi Olofin
Titomi Olofin:
when you message someone on fifa to help you do an objective
Manchester will always be ❤
Steven Platt
Steven Platt:
Go on mcneil glad u chose to play for England aswell I no u could of chose Scotland or Ireland but made up for u keep it up lad
Donát Csete
Donát Csete:
It's fantastic!
Fire Drake
Fire Drake:
That City striker not only had the lack of respect to take a ball that had been thrown back to us by his teammate and put it in the net, but he then had the audacity to complain about the fact his teammates let us go up the other end from kick off and get our 2 goal lead back.

What a disgraceful young man. Deserves to feel ashamed of himself. Humiliated.
Shayan Tariq
Shayan Tariq:
Did I hear "puta madre" at 1:45 or anyone else too?
unboundeath official
unboundeath official:
McNeil 🔥🔥🔥
RTC Remixer
RTC Remixer:
Great fair play by City 😇❤
Josh Guelmino
Josh Guelmino:
Great Role model the City coach who shouted "puta madre" when they conceded the penalty at 1:40
Arga Wibisono
Arga Wibisono:
He choose red over blue 🔥
hafizh arifin
hafizh arifin:
Mcneil just love united the city hahaha
zero bito
zero bito:
McNeil, remember that
Zachary Hunter
Zachary Hunter:
3:23 😂
Musical Busiann Boy
Musical Busiann Boy:
The Manchester main man♥️
So at that age he has already played for city and utd
Josh Chabala Endure
Josh Chabala Endure:
I really respect that from man city 4:09
Southern Mancs Podcast
Southern Mancs Podcast:
McNeil 👏
Just wow
His name is
Ch4rlie Mcneil
Mirza Tube
Mirza Tube:
Respect 👍
Anoosh Victor
Anoosh Victor:
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley:
Well Done Lads! Up The Reds!
would’ve strangled that city player who scored
Quang Vinh Bùi
Quang Vinh Bùi:
3:55 so dirty!
J M:
Could need some first team time the goal scorer hey
Muhammad Radhitya
Muhammad Radhitya:
Lmao even in PL2, FA really introduces poor refereeing since they're kids
Imaan Effendi
Imaan Effendi:
Amazing talent shoretire and Hannibal r unreal
Shaikat Bhuia
Shaikat Bhuia:
1:41 bruh spaniards wildin
panggih S
panggih S:
Artonaut G
Artonaut G:
Future r Bright!
Haziq Hadif
Haziq Hadif:
If we get to europa league next season, I want to see Mcniel and Amad
Tegar ervika putra
Tegar ervika putra:
Katie Gransden
Katie Gransden:
🔴🔴🔴 some players for the future
Iwan Jinx
Iwan Jinx:
That city #11 is gonna be something
Brian Wagner
Brian Wagner:
Hope the future 1st team turn out like this result..
Never ever idolized Anthony Martial where you want to be in your career! a talent with lackluster work rate and effort. Man United wasted 36 million pound
Minhaj Cr7
Minhaj Cr7:
Pls i wnt to play with man united team my age 17
Noisy Neighbour
Noisy Neighbour:
McNeil is unreal
Raffi Kurniansyah
Raffi Kurniansyah:
For all Manchunian, Your revenge for the Manchester City senior team has been avenged here
มงคล มณีพร้าว
มงคล มณีพร้าว:
Faisal Allham
Faisal Allham:
3.30 lol moment
Game Dancek
Game Dancek:
CTR Angler99
CTR Angler99:
Ali Jawad
Ali Jawad:
Pretty sure I heard some Spanish after city conceded the first penalty
All the social medias showing mcneill celebration but noone shows man city team spirit for mcneill’s third goal 👍
Bboy brandy
Bboy brandy:
I enjoy watching women,U23,18 than the first team
David Husabø Eide
David Husabø Eide:
Respect for city
Aromal Tintu
Aromal Tintu:
Respect for City..
Minhaj Cr7
Minhaj Cr7:
Pls select me
Hamma Elyes
Hamma Elyes:
Start Bailly
Jery Garciá
Jery Garciá:
Wanted to see jurado in senior team..
Great job United!
Brad rossouw
Brad rossouw:
respesct for city
One4 ALL
One4 ALL:
Trying to seek solace on here and U23's after 1st team squad woes...
Zirboiha 98
Zirboiha 98:
Very very fair play 😍
Reza Aziezy
Reza Aziezy:
Please play amad diallo in the senior team 🙏🙏😭😭😭😭🙏
kamara vlogs
kamara vlogs:
Manchester united ❤️
nuryanto channel85
nuryanto channel85:
mu mantap
Francis Lee
Francis Lee:
Please rem0ve martial for McNeil...
Richard Fallon
Richard Fallon:
Drop martial and give that 9 a start
Austin Stratton
Austin Stratton:
City gave us Charlie.. thanks.
Nur Yasin
Nur Yasin:
Emang bener-bener TAI itu bocah
Which World
Which World:
should we change all players of main team to all young players just like young team of sir alex in the past?
Top Football
Top Football:
Daniel Katz
Daniel Katz:
divya dhananjayan
divya dhananjayan:
Gg man utd
Nwakaji Franklin Abi
Nwakaji Franklin Abi:
M waisting my football talent in my local town... Come get me and let's win
Jaddan Idzni
Jaddan Idzni:
Farok Hanif
Farok Hanif:
Let's goooooooooooooo9oooooooooooooo
What a team of United u18🤩🤩🤩
Soham Mookherjee
Soham Mookherjee:
Manchester United should stop competing in the Premier League and only play U-23s, U-18s etc. cause we only win against the Big 6 at such levels..
Respect to all of the City players except the one trash person who has never heard of the concept of fair play
What happen here?
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor:
I'll take a win over City anytime. You'd think City would know what to expect from McNeil, but it still didn't help in closing him down. The penalty looked a bit dodgy, but who cares?