U23 Highlights | Manchester United 3-0 Arsenal | The Academy

See all the highlights from Leigh Sports Village as goals from Harvey Neville, Joe Hugill and Shola Shoretire gave Manchester United Under-23s a 3-0 win over Arsenal.

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Jamie .And His Ego
Jamie .And His Ego:
Be honest, who else was pronouncing Shoretire as Shaw-tyre until they heard it in commentary?
Muzi Mocah
Muzi Mocah:
I think I will be watching u23 more than the first team now.
C Woods
C Woods:
That Arsenal keeper channeling his inner de gea, making worldie saves one minute, then making basic mistakes the next
Matthew smith
Matthew smith:
Shor-ay-ti-reh or Shoretire. Either way the kid is class.
Eyobed Yhedogo
Eyobed Yhedogo:
If only the main team performed like this
We've got our own Sancho and Haaland right here at the academy, Diallo and Hugill🔥💯
Oyegoke has been studying David Luiz.
Bai Rashid
Bai Rashid:
Atleast the u23s played as if they cared! And more urgency in their play, more intent with the pass, incisive runs. Unlike the 1st team.
selembe selembe
selembe selembe:
Hope Shoretire can build his body or else we will see another Angel Gomes
One4 ALL
One4 ALL:
Too stressful watching the 1st team play. Thankfully watching the U23 helps with having to de-stress.
Ayush Shinoj
Ayush Shinoj:
future stars all primed and ready to go !
Luan Gashi
Luan Gashi:
Even in the youth teams we get loads of penalties 😂
This team should play the first team to see who deserves
Ankush Malhotra
Ankush Malhotra:
Hugill....promote the lad to first team. About time!
Ahmad Jiyaad17
Ahmad Jiyaad17:
I'd rather watch the United academy match than the senior United match
Shola needs a Premier League debut along with Amad
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson:
Please let diallo make his debut
esp8266 project
esp8266 project:
They hit the woodwork so many times!!!
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley:
Great Win! These Players Deserve To Have A 1st Team Place!
Ismaail Nuthoo
Ismaail Nuthoo:
Switch them to first team and they will show you how to win against Everton and West Brom
Brainiac 1209
Brainiac 1209:
When our u23 perform much better than our senior team
Mejri, pls show Maguire how to win penalty.
คนเมือง เชียงใหม่
คนเมือง เชียงใหม่:
We’re going to have another “Gary Neville” soon
Srivatshan Right
Srivatshan Right:
Arsenal Cb getting red cards as always
BeamTheRed #MUFC
BeamTheRed #MUFC:
Love watching Arsenal get destroyed 😄
danny Ashton
danny Ashton:
Maybe it’s time to bring a U23 CB up for a game? Maguire works well when he isn’t with lindelof
Nino Manci
Nino Manci:
Exciting! Class of 21 anyone?
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man:
Arsenal GK was amazing, result don reflect his perfomance
Michael Vrabel
Michael Vrabel:
a night to forget for the aresenal keeper .
E Rashio
E Rashio:
we have enough under 18s and under 23s to make a lethal senior team....LooL!
john Mcgee
john Mcgee:
Joe Hugil looks like a young Ian Rush. Literally
The future of United is bright
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah:
From 3:00 pogba to rashy rashy laying it off for shaw shaw cross to cavani/Bruno goalllllllll
Michael Dodds
Michael Dodds:
Maybe Ole should put the U23's into the first team and bench the rest of them?
Ayush Shinoj
Ayush Shinoj:
what ole's gonna be showing the lads tonight !
Courtney Hunter
Courtney Hunter:
United hit the post 4 times in this game. Thats crazy
R S:
Never been more excited for our u23 then now.
Alex G
Alex G:
Arsenal keeper saves every hard/decent shot and let in all the easy ones
bramakumbara channel
bramakumbara channel:
The better 0f future united. Brav0👍
Tee Adé
Tee Adé:
Ayy they finally pronounced Shola's name fairly correct
Ayo get this manager for the first team
Shoretire has the style of R9.
well done lil' nev. better finishing skills than daddy hahaha
Vishnu Zoro
Vishnu Zoro:
Our young lads looking promising for the future
Man United Podcast Southern Mancs
Man United Podcast Southern Mancs:
These lads should replace the team 1, they score more goals
fhz clan
fhz clan:
At lest man u has a positive future
Zuhayr Chaudry
Zuhayr Chaudry:
Where is Amad
Hope he gets to play in the Europa league tie v Real Sociedad
Akhil Jasrotia
Akhil Jasrotia:
92 vibes , pure happiness :3
Great win reds .
G. S
G. S:
atleast pemain arsenal ada progresnya, salam jastokkk!! 😂
Oz Goredema
Oz Goredema:
How come Amad Diallo didn't play?
Elif Göz
Elif Göz:
Yes lads!;
Bùi Quang Huy
Bùi Quang Huy:
Má thủ môn :)) quả khó thì cản phá như thần quả dễ thì lại vào :))))
B simms
B simms:
Shotier plays for all the teams from the main team- Under 23 - Under 18! What a lad we have at Manchester United.... What a gem.
B simms
B simms:
This boy is inform. Shotire, Hannibal, Hugill, Hernandez should all play in one of the up coming games. I think they deserve a chance to prove their ability.
Olanrewaju Siwoku
Olanrewaju Siwoku:
Phil Neville's son is class
Gobenaz Remruata
Gobenaz Remruata:
Man Utd class of 92... Now Man Utd class of 22...
John Holton
John Holton:
I think we have a brilliant under 23’s. The most expensive in the world. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Vishakan s.k
Vishakan s.k:
future looks bright
Arsenal goal learning from leno
Roshan Sharma
Roshan Sharma:
We have so much talents in academic but still wants to buy. Need our players back T. Chong A.Pereira and more
Geng Srisurat
Geng Srisurat:
Shoretire should play for first team
Thomas Benjamin
Thomas Benjamin:
Would've done a better job against West Brom than the first team. Literally
Paneer Biriyani
Paneer Biriyani:
You need to get to the first team for commentators to get your name right.
Adam Hidayatullah
Adam Hidayatullah:
Kipernya Arsenal sama kek alisson
United will -probably- beat you
United will -probably- beat you:
This Arsenal gk is trash 😂 😂

Tbf he made some decent saves
Einstein Ray
Einstein Ray:
U23 is more entertaining than main team
Neville is d next Neville ...
Nikhil Sai
Nikhil Sai:
Shoretire was flames this game!
Katie Gransden
Katie Gransden:
Forget the 1st team these wonder kids would play better
Thanachai Sansukniran
Thanachai Sansukniran:
Hanzo Hasashi
Hanzo Hasashi:
Gary Neville scores !
Ian Lau
Ian Lau:
hugill looks like vardy
За вратаря Арсенала обидно. В очко два пустить. Хотя все серьезные потащил.
Alva Matt
Alva Matt:
Pengen gabung manchester united gimana caranya😁
Alby pes
Alby pes:
That number 9 should come for martial
amanjot singh
amanjot singh:
Our first team plays such dead football man it sucks to watch them play. U23 U18 is more fun.
Koleosho Huzain
Koleosho Huzain:
Sho ray tee reh
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:
Alison has a step-brother playing for Arsenal.
Hmem Yasin
Hmem Yasin:
Bravo hanabal
gerald everingham
gerald everingham:
they just got better as the season has gone on,some tough games coming up though.
عبد الله السلمي
عبد الله السلمي:
مدري ليه مافي عرب والله حرام قاعد لوحدي
Irsyad Nauval Fauzan
Irsyad Nauval Fauzan:
tim senior apa kabar???
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
Try these boys (Mejbri, Amad & Shola) for the first team🔥
Connor Axon
Connor Axon:
Get hanibal into the first team
The Daily Reed Sport
The Daily Reed Sport:
Don't care if that's how he wants it pronounced the way the commentary say his name makes my ears bleed just call him sure-tyre easier all round 🤣
Joe Joe
Joe Joe:
They play better football than our senior utd team sigh
gabril titto wardhana
gabril titto wardhana:
why young united always win?
The Heldert
The Heldert:
We need a striker like hugill in the main team
He's a poacher a clinical finisher
Score 70
Score 70:
Joe Hugil looks like Bamford
Until the first team fix up I will be an U23s Supporter 👍
irfan q
irfan q:
defence better than the first team
Johan Abdullah
Johan Abdullah:
I see one or two players play better than the useless Martial.. what on earth he's still playing here
Smith Six
Smith Six:
Amad should debut for main team
Jarrod Collins
Jarrod Collins:
u23 vs first team? Trial match?
Saint Wretched
Saint Wretched:
What if there's a rule change that says hitting the post equals scoring 2 goals? It's defo much harder ain't it? It'll make the game so much more fun
Black Hole
Black Hole:
Anyone saying our u23s would do better than our first team need their heads checked. Not to put our young lads down but they would get eaten alive at PL level.
Neville is d next Neville
Tiks Wanderer
Tiks Wanderer:
Ty from aftv would have been here