U23 Highlights | Manchester United 3-0 Arsenal | The Academy

See all the highlights from Leigh Sports Village as goals from Harvey Neville, Joe Hugill and Shola Shoretire gave Manchester United Under-23s a 3-0 win over Arsenal.

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Muzi Mocah
Muzi Mocah:
I think I will be watching u23 more than the first team now.
Matthew smith
Matthew smith:
Shor-ay-ti-reh or Shoretire. Either way the kid is class.
Jamie .And His Ego
Jamie .And His Ego:
Be honest, who else was pronouncing Shoretire as Shaw-tyre until they heard it in commentary?
C Woods
C Woods:
That Arsenal keeper channeling his inner de gea, making worldie saves one minute, then making basic mistakes the next
Eyobed Yhedogo
Eyobed Yhedogo:
If only the main team performed like this
We've got our own Sancho and Haaland right here at the academy, Diallo and Hugill🔥💯
Oyegoke has been studying David Luiz.
One4 ALL
One4 ALL:
Too stressful watching the 1st team play. Thankfully watching the U23 helps with having to de-stress.
Bai Rashid
Bai Rashid:
Atleast the u23s played as if they cared! And more urgency in their play, more intent with the pass, incisive runs. Unlike the 1st team.
selembe selembe
selembe selembe:
Hope Shoretire can build his body or else we will see another Angel Gomes
Nino Manci
Nino Manci:
Exciting! Class of 21 anyone?
Ayush Shinoj
Ayush Shinoj:
future stars all primed and ready to go !
Ian Lau
Ian Lau:
hugill looks like vardy
This team should play the first team to see who deserves
Damang Shuwa Diengdoh
Damang Shuwa Diengdoh:
Shola needs a Premier League debut along with Amad
Score 70
Score 70:
Joe Hugil looks like Bamford
Andrew Richardson
Andrew Richardson:
Please let diallo make his debut
Ankush Malhotra
Ankush Malhotra:
Hugill....promote the lad to first team. About time!
Ahmad Jiyaad17
Ahmad Jiyaad17:
I'd rather watch the United academy match than the senior United match
Ismaail Nuthoo
Ismaail Nuthoo:
Switch them to first team and they will show you how to win against Everton and West Brom
esp8266 project
esp8266 project:
They hit the woodwork so many times!!!
Ian Deeley
Ian Deeley:
Great Win! These Players Deserve To Have A 1st Team Place!
You need to get to the first team for commentators to get your name right.
Elif Göz
Elif Göz:
Yes lads!;
Vishnu Zoro
Vishnu Zoro:
Our young lads looking promising for the future
Man 2 Man
Man 2 Man:
Arsenal GK was amazing, result don reflect his perfomance
คนเมือง เชียงใหม่
คนเมือง เชียงใหม่:
We’re going to have another “Gary Neville” soon
3:39 is that Ole?
Ayush Shinoj
Ayush Shinoj:
what ole's gonna be showing the lads tonight !
Luan Gashi
Luan Gashi:
Even in the youth teams we get loads of penalties 😂
iGF99 #MUFC:
Love watching Arsenal get destroyed 😄
Vishakan s.k
Vishakan s.k:
future looks bright
G. S
G. S:
atleast pemain arsenal ada progresnya, salam jastokkk!! 😂
Akhil Jasrotia
Akhil Jasrotia:
92 vibes , pure happiness :3
Rafsan Tahir
Rafsan Tahir:
Please cut your hair mejbri 🙏🏻
Ozibran chanel
Ozibran chanel:
The better 0f future united. Brav0👍
Southern Mancs Podcast
Southern Mancs Podcast:
Ryan 224
Ryan 224:
The future of United is bright
Srivatshan Right
Srivatshan Right:
Arsenal Cb getting red cards as always
well done lil' nev. better finishing skills than daddy hahaha
Innasoul Φ Music Φ
Innasoul Φ Music Φ:
Seen this before
سلمان الحنيان
سلمان الحنيان:
Under 23?? 🤨🤨
Tee Adé
Tee Adé:
Ayy they finally pronounced Shola's name fairly correct
Jarrod Collins
Jarrod Collins:
u23 vs first team? Trial match?
R S:
Never been more excited for our u23 then now.
gabril titto wardhana
gabril titto wardhana:
why young united always win?
Bùi Quang Huy
Bùi Quang Huy:
Má thủ môn :)) quả khó thì cản phá như thần quả dễ thì lại vào :))))
Alex G
Alex G:
Arsenal keeper saves every hard/decent shot and let in all the easy ones
Koleosho Huzain
Koleosho Huzain:
Sho ray tee reh
Steve Mellor
Steve Mellor:
Great win reds .
Michael Vrabel
Michael Vrabel:
a night to forget for the aresenal keeper .
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah:
Ayo get this manager for the first team
Adam Hidayatullah
Adam Hidayatullah:
Kipernya Arsenal sama kek alisson
Kurogane Hime
Kurogane Hime:
Neville is d next Neville ...
Brainiac 1209
Brainiac 1209:
When our u23 perform much better than our senior team
john Mcgee
john Mcgee:
Joe Hugil looks like a young Ian Rush. Literally
Zachary Hunter
Zachary Hunter:
I just watched both the under 18's and the under 23's miss their penalties. interesting
Roronoa zoro
Roronoa zoro:
1.17 no 3 looked exactly like young pirlo
Mejri, pls show Maguire how to win penalty.
These lads should replace the team 1, they score more goals
Zuhayr Chaudry
Zuhayr Chaudry:
Where is Amad
Hope he gets to play in the Europa league tie v Real Sociedad
Ho My Anh
Ho My Anh:
0:12 Hannibal man you got to go to the barber, look at the dirt hanging on your trim!!!!
Sadie Roberts
Sadie Roberts:
danny Ashton
danny Ashton:
Maybe it’s time to bring a U23 CB up for a game? Maguire works well when he isn’t with lindelof
Tanay Shah
Tanay Shah:
From 3:00 pogba to rashy rashy laying it off for shaw shaw cross to cavani/Bruno goalllllllll
Oz Goredema
Oz Goredema:
How come Amad Diallo didn't play?
Alby pes
Alby pes:
That number 9 should come for martial
Irsyad Nauval Fauzan
Irsyad Nauval Fauzan:
tim senior apa kabar???
Shoretire has the style of R9.
Courtney Hunter
Courtney Hunter:
United hit the post 4 times in this game. Thats crazy
ole the wally
ole the wally:
This Arsenal gk is trash 😂 😂

Tbf he made some decent saves
Denny Vecal
Denny Vecal:
Morning brother and sister am united fans from indonesia,.. My channel Denny Vecal
Michael Dodds
Michael Dodds:
Maybe Ole should put the U23's into the first team and bench the rest of them?
Surya Antara
Surya Antara:
Try these boys (Mejbri, Amad & Shola) for the first team🔥
Olanrewaju Siwoku
Olanrewaju Siwoku:
Phil Neville's son is class
Gobenaz Remruata
Gobenaz Remruata:
Man Utd class of 92... Now Man Utd class of 22...
Alva Matt
Alva Matt:
Pengen gabung manchester united gimana caranya😁
Uncle Wong
Uncle Wong:
Gary Neville scores !
Texas rattlesnake
Texas rattlesnake:
Shore tire Nasty lookalike
Haziq Arman
Haziq Arman:
ngl shoretie looks like sancho stg
Geng Srisurat
Geng Srisurat:
Shoretire should play for first team
Don't care if that's how he wants it pronounced the way the commentary say his name makes my ears bleed just call him sure-tyre easier all round 🤣
Yoga Aji
Yoga Aji:
Team work better than 1st tim
Einstein Ray
Einstein Ray:
U23 is more entertaining than main team
gerald everingham
gerald everingham:
i know the law but that red is harsh
Thomas Benjamin
Thomas Benjamin:
Would've done a better job against West Brom than the first team. Literally
За вратаря Арсенала обидно. В очко два пустить. Хотя все серьезные потащил.
Dunia Bola Manchester United
Dunia Bola Manchester United:
Is the bast
Olanrewaju Siwoku
Olanrewaju Siwoku:
Who knows Shoretire is only 16
Katie Gransden
Katie Gransden:
Forget the 1st team these wonder kids would play better
Nikhil Sai
Nikhil Sai:
Shoretire was flames this game!
Bajang Channel
Bajang Channel:
Until the first team fix up I will be an U23s Supporter 👍
عبد الله السلمي
عبد الله السلمي:
مدري ليه مافي عرب والله حرام قاعد لوحدي
Kurogane Hime
Kurogane Hime:
Neville is d next Neville
Whatever, I'm not gonna be happy till we buy Haaland. Our attack is solved then. Just Haaland plssss
Johan Abdullah
Johan Abdullah:
I see one or two players play better than the useless Martial.. what on earth he's still playing here
gerald everingham
gerald everingham:
they just got better as the season has gone on,some tough games coming up though.
Joutarou Kuujou ✔
Joutarou Kuujou ✔:
where is diallo?