UFC 248: Zhang Weili & Joanna Jedrzejczyk Octagon Interviews

Zhang Weili defended her UFC strawweight title against Joanna Jedzejczyk at UFC 248 via split decision on Saturday night and improved to 21-1 in a wildly entertaining instant classic.

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"Get it together bro"

That might be the most Joe Rogan quote I've ever heard
When your head finally fits your ego 😁😁
Max Asher
Max Asher:
Joe asked him to get together bro. His voice upgraded. I fell off the chair.
flathead warrior
flathead warrior:
It's been three months and I still think about this fight
Jack Frost
Jack Frost:
"You look great", meanwhile poor Joanna will have to yell "Don't shoot I am human!" while being at Polish airport.
D.F. Möller
D.F. Möller:
She turned that other girl into another species.
She fought like she killed the coronavirus.
Ari Bari
Ari Bari:
Joe Rogan:“Get it together bro”
Translator: turns into French Joe Rogan
Yordan Pardo
Yordan Pardo:
“Don’t worry hun, you look great” is right up there with “no hun, that dress does not make you look fat.”
Basil Masters
Basil Masters:
"Get it together bro" literally.... Lit a fire in his ass ! That changed his voice to a chinese rock band member! 😂😂
Joanna: " This is not even my final form"
Minju Kim
Minju Kim:
"We need to be a role model for the children. That's why we are champions and not just someone violent."

Trell 434
Trell 434:
y’all laugh at her head but don’t have half the heart she has to get in the octagon and square off 💯 #Respect for Both fighters
First Massage
First Massage:
When you get hit so hard your head airbags deployed.
Joanna “Martian Manhunter” Jedrzejczyk
Ido Apriatno
Ido Apriatno:
After fight look like
Zhang : 😑
Joana : 👽
Calvin Hobbes
Calvin Hobbes:
Zhang "The Mulan" WeiLi speaks in English like Jackie Chan and she fights like Jackie Chan too...Brutal acrobatic fighting style...
W T:
Freaking Joe Rogan😂😂”Don’t worry you look great “😂😂
Vinh Vo
Vinh Vo:
That translator was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in the UFC I was dying
Michael Tovar
Michael Tovar:
Joanna “take me to your leader”
Boxing Physique
Boxing Physique:
3:46 translator turns into joe rogan lol
didnt even know it was possible for a forehead to get that swollen
André Domingos
André Domingos:
That translator going full Joe Rogan it's just ridiculous.. My God
F F:
When I saw Weili cried, I couldn't hold my tears as well. What a great fight, well desired Champ!

“It took us so much effort trying to get here to fight this time. Because of the coronavirus situation in my country, We had to travel through different countries so we can land here. Since the coronavirus has become an global issue, i sincerely hope we can stand in solidarity and fight this fight together. “

“I was not sure I would win today, so I fought with everything I had. Each and every fighter in this octagon cage ought be respected as an warrior. That’s why I wouldn’t talk much trash. It’s about mutual respect between fighters on this great platform, and more importantly, about setting a better example for kids, the next generation. we are fighters, competitors, and winners, not some spiteful tyrant.”
Joanna looked like Timmy from South Park by the end of the fight. 😂
Johana smashed and humbled.
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez:
They need to add zhang on ufc 3 so i can start dropping people!
H C:
The only fight in the ufc that brought me to tears of happiness
Wei li actually said

“It has been not easy for me to come here and fight. There is a plague in my home country. I have had to travel through several countries to come here. I hope my country prevail soon. But now it’s not just about Chinese anymore. It’s about the human kind. I hope we can work together, and prevail against the virus. “
One of the greatest fights i have ever seen.
Oualid Ashery
Oualid Ashery:
Zhang Weili is so human, this is incredible !
I'm huge fan of her skill and person !
Hope we still see her for a long time !!!
Kong Estrella
Kong Estrella:
Now Joanna should show us how to wear a mask with her face after the fight 😂
Rogan saying “get it together bro” really lit a fire under that guys ass lol the voice change was epic
MrRed Hat
MrRed Hat:
1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000x Better than Adesanya vs Romero.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
5:03 "You look great" We just know that's a lie Joe..
Tew Double
Tew Double:
Damn she look like dude who played elephant man👀🙏💯
This is THE best fight of MMA!!!! Amazing fight!!!!
Keeper of The blade
Keeper of The blade:
Damn she hit her so hard she turned into Quasimodo!
Translation of Weili's answer.

1:17 Thank you everybody. It wasn't easy to come to the event this time, because of the tragedy happening in my country. I was able to come here through traveling many countries, and it was hard. I hope my country can get get through this tragedy quickly, however this has become not just an chinese issue, but a world issue. I hope everyone can work hard together to successfully overcome this.
2:51 Actually I wasn't sure if I won, but I did everything I could to win this fight. I am very happy that I won. I also think that everyone in this octagon deserves respect. I don't want trashtalking to be a part of the octagon. In this ring we are all warriors and we should respect each other. We need to be a role model for the children. That's why we are champions and not just someone violent.
Roe Jogan
Roe Jogan:
Dude this fight was so cool
I'm so proud of Zhang Weili! Also props to Joanna, great warriors!
Lou Cipher
Lou Cipher:
*when you finally release the real Chinese fighters*
Dottie Dottie
Dottie Dottie:
😁BEST MATCH EVER!!! I've never heard commentators say "Oh my goodness. " soooooo many times in one match 🤣🤣🤣
Alvin Liu
Alvin Liu:
“Everyone in this cage are warriors. We must respect each other, but not insult each other. We are champions, not tyrants” ——zhang weili
Fernanda Cupertino
Fernanda Cupertino:
Poderosa, talentosa, linda!! parabéns, Zhang!! merecido!!
3:45 The interpreter sounds like cookie monster lol 😂
E&A Hardware & Cabinets
E&A Hardware & Cabinets:
She's good in making an Alien look
Andrew Suh
Andrew Suh:
All I heard was ET want to go home
Weili's translator even put on a better performance than Adesanya and Romero...
Arman Taghehchian
Arman Taghehchian:
The fight was so good, it felt like I was watching Kengan/Baki
Joe Rogan: "Tell me about the fight"
Zhang: "China is handling the Coronavirus"
Hamong Hawj
Hamong Hawj:
Rewatching this fight and catching the exact same feelings. Win or lose, the fans won with a great performance from both fighters!
jason black
jason black:
She just made joanna a freakin abomination
Translation of Weili interview goes like this:
1:20 Weili: Thank you everybody. The road to this fight wasn't easy. Due to the coronavirus outbreak I had to travel many countries to be able to reach the United States. My country China is enduring its greatest challenge with the virus. And now the virus is not only Chinas challenge, but also the World. I hope that we as Human Beings and as a World can Unite and fight this virus together.

2:50 Weili: I don't know if I could have done anything else to make it a more decisive match, but I do know I have given it my all to win the fight. I am very glad I did get the win. But I think everyone who steps in this octagon deserves the respect whether you lose or not. I don't like to trash talk anyone in the octagon, doesn't matter you win or lose. Everyone in this octagon is a true Warrior and we should set that example for all, as the Champions we are.
Cute and Funny Earthlings
Cute and Funny Earthlings:
Joe is really giving the Klingons a run for their money.
Joey Zed
Joey Zed:
A real fighter, and her personality is really inspiring!
c m
c m:
Morphed Joanna to an alien!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHHAHHA LMFAO!! She caught the REAL Corona VIRUS!! ahhahahhhahahhahhahhahha....
Soviet Bear
Soviet Bear:
Watching this even made me emotional not just best woman's fight but one of the best fights in the ufc all together amazing on both sides
Beruk Wubeshet
Beruk Wubeshet:
Joanna’s post fight interview:
*tries to cover her forehead
Joe: “Don’t worry about it, you look great”

Also Joe during the fight: “Joanna looks like Frankenstein right now”
Kacper Plata
Kacper Plata:
Best Fight ever See in my life Wow
Sexy Dudeuk
Sexy Dudeuk:
This division is probaly one of the most competitive in the ufc right now. Jedrzejczyk, Zheng, andrade, namajunas etc.
Paolo Guerrero
Paolo Guerrero:
One of the most epic MMA fights I've ever watched! Respect to both!
John Ooi
John Ooi:
Wow both r warriors.. congratulations to the 2 champion
Fiji Fi
Fiji Fi:
More accurate (literal) translation:
Thank you everyone. I came a long way to get here. The coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing in my country. I had to go through multiple countries to get here (because of the travel ban). So it's been hard. I hope my country can get through the coronavirus pandemic. I think the pandemic is not just about China now, it's about all mankind. I hope that everyone can work together to fight the coronavirus.
I honestly didn't know if I can win this fight, but I was trying my best. I am very happy about the result. I think everyone deserves respect in the octagon. I don't like trash-talking in the octagon, we are all fighters, we need to respect each other and set an example for kids. we are champions, not "tyrants"
Anja Watercolor
Anja Watercolor:
Im glad this is in recommendation. SOOO SATISFYING!!!!!!
Liz Ernst
Liz Ernst:
Holy shite, that was the best fight I have ever seen! Respect for both amazing fighters!
I feel sorry for Joanna 😔
Anyways they put up a good fight 💪🏼
One of the best female fight ever 🔥👍🏼
Scott L
Scott L:
I don’t even watch mma but that was an amazing fight
Gonietube NYC
Gonietube NYC:
Dude Joanna looks like a different human she needs to get to a hospital ASAP !!!
Mev Rymshon
Mev Rymshon:
Zhang literally beat the ego out of Joanna. 🤣🤣🤣
Woow, Amazing ! What a nice fight. Both are very strong and for me winners.
Alex Marshall
Alex Marshall:
best woman’s fight ever .
You can see how emotional the translator become after weili's words!
draw it
draw it:
I thought either Romero or Adesanya were gonna put each other to sleep but they put me to sleep.
Giorgi Bezhashvili
Giorgi Bezhashvili:
''You look great'' ahaha really? she was covering her head with flag lmao xD
Robert Piekacz
Robert Piekacz:
"don't worry, you looks really good" :)
The lessons here is don’t block punches with forehead.
Cristina Morales
Cristina Morales:
3:25 Im soo excited ... im so excited... starts to forget what she said...and starts to say what optimus prime said in a movie or something. Lol
C Michael
C Michael:
Zhang Weili (张伟丽): “It hasn’t been easy for me to come fight here since my home country is currently suffering from the plague. I have flown through several different countries in order to come here to fight, it has been very difficult. I hope my country can overcome the plague soon, yet this plague not only has to do with China now, I reckon it has become a a responsibility for the entire human race. I wish everyone can work hand in hand to fight against and overcome the plague.”
“Honestly, I was not sure if I could win this fight, but I gave my very best. I am very happy to win the fight. I believe everyone here in the Octagon are supposed to be treated with respect. I don’t want to trash talk in the octagon, I reckon we are fighters on this stage, we all need to respect each other. We ought to set good examples for the children, therefore, I believe we are champions (Guan Jun), not tyrants(Bao Jun).”
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer:
Best and cleanest fight i have ever seen. Salute to both the fighters but I love zhang 😍
Erj Figueroa
Erj Figueroa:
"You look great he said....
" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yogie Alqudy
Yogie Alqudy:
I'm aware of that Indonesia.🇲🇨
Pang Jeffry
Pang Jeffry:
Both are great fighters. Congrats to Zhang 💪
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!:
Damn she got turned into a monster and didn’t even win 😭shiiiiiit that migraine tomorrow is going to be insane
Mark K
Mark K:
Joanna "My 'ed was a ballewn" Jedrzejczyk
Alex ander
Alex ander:
Hedy Wang
Hedy Wang:
I almost cried when ZhangWeili said that she wanna be a role model for kids and all the fighters deserve respect then the translator’s like “I forgot what you just said” BRUH Moment ruined
Vitamin D
Vitamin D:
Joe sayin she looks great after calling her "Frankenstein Forehead"...smh. We love you JJ
Translation for Zhang’s second speech: “I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to win this fight, but I tried my best during the fight. I am very thrilled that I won this fight. I think inside this octagon, everyone deserves respect. I really don’t like to do trash talk inside the octagon, I believe that in UFC we are all martial artists, we need to respect each other and act as positive role models for the younger generations, so that I believe we are all champions and not tyrants.”
Roberto Saravia
Roberto Saravia:
Amazing fight! Praise Weili for calling out people to respect each other.
Don’t watch highlight videos. Download it. This was the best fight of the year, for both men and women. Respect to both fighters.
Karen XO
Karen XO:
wow this video is still trending 11 in SG !! everyone likes Zhang too much 😀
Hyrum Ortiz
Hyrum Ortiz:
"Showing off is the fool's idea of glory." Bruce Lee
That's what you get JJ hahaha
Sean O Malley Best UFC Fighter OfAllTime
Sean O Malley Best UFC Fighter OfAllTime:
“Don’t worry about it Joanna you look great” - Top 3 lies ever told
OH Rio
OH Rio:
purple swallow
purple swallow:
i was watching this at a bar and had to look away like five times it was so brutal oooof
Benjamin Cai
Benjamin Cai:
For those who thought Joanna won, you have to beat the champ to be the champ! A close fight is not enough to dethrone!